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Developing the Leader Within You
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Few of us are natural-born leaders, according to John C. Maxwell, author of Developing the Leader Within You. Fortunately though, "the traits that are the raw material of leadership can be acquired," he promises. "Link them up with desire and nothing can keep you from becoming a leader. This book will supply the leadership principles. You must supply the desire." True to his words, Maxwell offers a detailed and inspiring primer on becoming a leader. Even the Table of Contents reads like a motivational poster.

Maxwell (The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader), who is the founder of INJOY, a Christian-based leadership program, debunks the myth that strong leaders must have big egos and spend all their time harnessing personal power. Instead, he elevates leadership to a spiritual act of service: "The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership." Maxwell relies on real-life anecdotes, short paragraphs, charts, and numerous lists to make his wisdom accessible. As a result, his writing often seems simplistic, with a self-help tone. Nonetheless, in teaching readers how to bring out the best in themselves as well as others, Maxwell offers a worthwhile life lesson that extends far beyond the workplace. --Gail Hudson

In this repackaged bestseller John Maxwell examines the differences between leadership styles, outlines principles for inspiring, motivating, and influencing others. These principles can be used in any organization to foster integrity and self-discipline and bring a positive change.

Developing the Leader Within You also allows readers to examine how to be effective in the highest calling of leadership by understanding the five characteristics that set "leader managers" apart from "run-of-the-mill managers."

In this John Maxwell classic, he shows readers how to develop the vision, value, influence, and motivation required of successful leaders.

Customer Reviews:

  • I used this book to train my leaders.
    I think that this is one of the best books around in really getting to the basics of Leadership and not just Management. I am the COO for a 50 person company and I have 4 branch managers that I oversee who are newer to management. I bought them all this book and we went through it in discussions over a 7 month period and I felt it was VERY helpful.

    I recommend it!...more info
  • book lover!
    The book was in great condition and arrived super fast. I would order from this seller again and again! The contents in the book are great!...more info
  • Insight at a legible level
    I have found John Maxwells work to provide a great deal of useful thoughts, hints, and guidance, and all done without needing a masters degree in linguistics to decipher his language. He provides a good base for moving ones self into a thought process like a leader, with plenty of usable applications and steps. Very useable, and very inspiring. Something I am sure that will help everyone....more info
  • Outstanding--Makes One Come Alive
    when I realized that I was in the most important leadership position of all--a husband and a father--this book came alive! I began to outline many of the quotes and examples which spoke to me. I have put many to practice. Years later, my 17 year old began to read the book. She, too, spontaneously began to outline quotes and examples. Now my 15 year old is reading it... It's been one of the best, practically motivational books on leadership we've read. ...more info
  • Becoming an Inspiration
    John C. Maxwell's book, Developing the Leader Within You, will no doubt become a classic. Maxwell's approaches to leadership are easy to understand and put into daily practice. This book is the starting-gate for any person desiring to lead and is also essential for the well-seasoned leader because of the concrete principles.

    We hear so much about the dog-eat-dog world and it is refreshing to be reminded that we are called to become something greater. This book will alter your mindset, challenge your faith, and prod you to serve others while building a strong team....more info
  • Great Leadership Book
    This is a fantastic Leadership book for people at any stage of experience and development. Maxwell really puts a nice wrapper around these tried and true concepts. He also does a great job of keeping the reader engaged with thoughtful stories from a wide range of sources....more info
  • A great book for beginners in Leadership
    Written by Lynnette Haygood because I was unable to list review under my own account. I found John Maxwell's book "Developing the Leader Within You" a very helpful tool for anyone interested in developing personal leadership skills or trying to bring out the leaders in their employees. Being new to the studying of leadership roles I found Maxwell's concept of everything rises and falls on leadership to be extremely true. I personally feel that this book is going to be a great tool in my future success in the business world. I have always considered myself to be a leader, in every position that I have been in I have always been considered a "go to" person, but always struggled with obtaining that management position. I am currently struggling with the next step in my career as a college student that has years of experience in the same field with the same position. Throughout my reading of Maxwell's book I started to learn valuable lesson in the difference between leaders and managers. I have been able to evaluate more clearly the types of managers that I have had, and have came to the conclusion that I have not had many leaders in my life who have been able to assist me with growing my own leadership abilities. I really enjoyed the way that Maxwell was able to clearly relate his knowledge and experience to real life situations that allowed me to grasp his concepts much easier. I especially could relate to the analogy that he gave in regards to the Sandhill cranes and their distinct leadership qualities and how they rotate leadership, and choose leaders who are able to handle the turbulence and how they all support the leader by honking in affirmation. After reading this book I am particularly excited to take my turn as the leader instead of constantly "honking in affirmation". Great book!...more info
  • Excellent Resource
    Developing the Leader within you is a fabulous resource for anyone who is serious about becoming the best they can be. A practical guide, the book gives you step-by-step mentoring in how to pull the best out of yourself and maximize your latent abilities. Unlike a sport in which people are limited by natural talent, Maxwell shows how anyone can develop into a leader of merit, character, and substance. It is a great read and a book that you should review over and over again. Excellent!...more info
  • Leader
    This book makes you think the way we should each day. eye opener and enlightening....more info
  • good content; slightly marred
    Maxwell is a very prolific and reputable author of leadership and management material. Like his other books, and those of similar authors, it contains nothing new or earth shattering, but is a worthwhile read as a reminder. There are the requisite chapters on integrity, priorities, attitude, vision, development, etc. Maxwell included a chapter on "Self Discipline", which doesn't always make it into leadership books.

    The book is roughly 200 pages with a lot of white space and is a relatively quick read. While the content is good, chapters tend to blend together. Maxwell relies heavily on anecdotes which tend to get old after a while. True case studies would work better. As it is, with the numerous anecdotes, type spacing, formatting, overuse of headers and excess white space, one feels the author tried to stretch out the material in order to warrant a hardcover. Also, the editing was weak as there were blatant grammar errors which caused frequent double-takes.

    This book is as good as any for a manager to periodically read and reflect on, but there's not a whole lot of original thinking.
    ...more info
  • I felt that this was an outstanding book!
    Review for John C. Maxwell book titled "Developing the Leader Within You"

    I felt that this was an outstanding book; it has touched me in so many ways. The book has helped me notice what I have been doing wrong and what I need to develop.

    This book has taught me various things, such as what it means to be an effective leader and ways to improve my leadership skills. I would definitely recommend this book to my family, friends, and co-workers.

    Maxwell's definition of leadership is the ability to acquire followers. These followers will aid you in achieving your goals. People will follow if the leader has a positive attitude and provides them with the right atmosphere.

    The question Maxwell answers for you is, "How can one acquire loyal followers?" He presents strategies, principles, and ideas in which one can implement to the people at their organization to become an effective leader with loyal followers. Trying to get employees to follow your ideas can be a difficult task, but Maxwell's ideas will aid you in this task.

    Your dreams can and will come true one day. Maxwell explains that all you need is a vision to work towards. Then you need to implement goals, strategies, and followers to help you along your journey.

    Being an average leader is easy, but being an effective and efficient leader involves hard work and practice. Some leaders can be born, but in my opinion great leaders need to be taught how to become great leaders and Maxwell will help you to become a great leader.

    I believe that this book will benefit all the leaders of today and tomorrow. Maxwell is an excellent author and teacher. I encourage you to read this book today and become the great leader you have dreamt of becoming tomorrow.
    ...more info
  • Timeless message locked inside an older technology
    The leadership principles from John Maxwell are timeless and always work to bring greater insight and rapid change for people who want to rise to a new level of leading others. I wore out my cassette tape player listening to Dr. Maxwell's leadership resources, (at least :15 minutes a day for years), because I realized they were so practical and useful to 'move to the front of the line' as a stronger leader in my personal and professional life. If you want to grow stronger as a leader, John Maxwell can take you there faster than you ever thought possible. Listening to John personally coach you, (he always does his own audio presentations), with enthusiasm and power in his voice will encourage, equip and empower you to achieve greater success. ...more info
  • Developing Agent
    I have used this book many times to help new and existing leaders to realize new skills and gaps in their current approach. I would strongly suggest using this book as a center piece to further discussions if you are a leader. If you're new to leadership, I would strongly recommend you use this book to enter into conversations with your mentor or leader to strengthen your leadership skills.
    As a leadership coach, this is a great tool. Get it! Read it! Re-read it every year!...more info
  • An Excellent Analysis on the Importance of Leadership
    To be perfectly honest, reading this book was a very uncertain (perhaps wild) choice for me. When assigned to read a book for a class based on fundamentals of leadership and/or small group communication, I chose this book on the website because it was the one that might be the most relatable and interesting to me as a college student. Theoretically, I could have opened it to discover a piece of literature wrapped in boredom and unsubstantiated generalizations regarding leadership.

    Thankfully, the book is a delight to read. It is a surprisingly captivating piece of non-fiction literature. Many books of this type that I have read in the past have offered broad generalizations, along with no stories, facts, or examples to back them up. However, this book is a completely different story. The author, John C. Maxwell, uses loads of wonderful quotes, stories, and lists to generate evidence for his very specific beliefs and claims concerning the hierarchy of leadership.

    The book also does an excellent job chronicling the various characteristics of leadership. The reader will easily be able to interpret the message that Maxwell tries repeatedly to project within the book: Leadership is a key attribute of any group. Without it, change, which is fundamental to the continued success and/or existence of any small group or society, will be hampered. Therefore, every individual should strive to meet the demands and needs of a group by gaining the many traits of leadership discussed within this book.

    Overall, the book is easy to follow and has a review section at the end of each chapter, which proved to be a valuable tool when used for further comprehension of the subject matter. According to the book, there is even an on-line leadership skills assessment survey. Unfortunately, an error message continually popped up on my computer's screen when trying to access the link, and when I tried to load the home page, it repeatedly made my computer freeze. After three or four failed attempts, I gave up on this endeavor. Perhaps other readers will be more successful in this endeavor.

    In conclusion, Developing the Leader Within You is a great introduction to the concept of leadership. The book is very well laid out, and Maxwell does a superb job of relaying the basics of leadership so that a wide variety of readers can understand and benefit from what he is saying. It provided me with much insight into just how important leadership is in terms of succeeding in our society today. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand more about the principles of leadership on an organizational and personal level.
    ...more info
  • Developing The Leader Within You
    Excellent Book. Big Maxwell fan. Bought copies for staff to review and discuss. Full of insightful topics on leadership. A must read....more info
  • Developing the Leader Within You
    This is a wonderful book with plenty of "Nuggets" for anyone in a leadership position to take. It has made an immediate impact in my life. As a result of this book I am more deliberate with every action I take....more info
  • Developing the Leader Within You
    If you are a Christian, you will love this book. Maxwell appeals to the spiritual side of you, calling you to lead by bringing out the best in others. I found this book to be inspirational. I suggest you read it with Optimal Thinking: How To Be Your Best Self which shows you HOW TO bring out the best in others and lead them with a realistic optimal vision. After I read this book and Optimal Thinking, I gave all my employees a copy of Optimal Thinking and it paid off. Believe me, this combination is optimal....more info
  • Great
    This is a Great book , many insightful and useful ideas. This book was deliverd by the seller on time and in Great condition. Thanks!...more info
  • For beginners
    You will not be wasting your time by reading Developing The Leader Within You. If you are new to the field of leadership, this is a nice introduction. If you are an experienced leader, the book will remind you of some basic principles that you might be neglecting. It does not delve deeply into any one area, and it does not really break new ground. The quotes are selectively footnoted and many of the anecdotes are apocryphal. Maxwell is given to cute turns of phrase that he hopes will be interpreted as words of wisdom (e.g., "People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care."). All in all, this is a fine basic introduction, but I was hoping for more. This should not be the only leadership book you read....more info
  • I gave it a star for each time I listened to it. 3x's
    This book is a three. I gave it a star for each time I listened to it. (three times)
    I liked the concept of "planned neglect" of one thing when working on a different "more important" growth area.
    I also liked the example of the eagle and obstacles: Obstacles for an eagle to overcome and fly with greater ease and speed is the air. Yet if the air were withdrawn and the eagle were made to attempt to fly in a vacuum, it wouldn't be possible. The very element that offers resistance to flying (air) is at the same time a condition that makes the flight a possibility. A necessary evil.
    I see lots of overlap in the overall message Maxwell delivers and Zig Ziglar's body of work (which he does give due credit). The end of the book and the topic on dealing with people unfortunately isn't done as well as Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence Others"
    The other thing I couldn't get my mind around was the many lists presented throughout. There are just too many to remember and not enough storytelling to cement the points already made.

    Rating: Good Enough to listen to, but maybe borrow it or get it used.
    ...more info
  • The first book every influencer should ever read
    This book was life changing for me and my career. I read this title over 10 years ago. I soon read all of John Maxwells books and was a memeber of his tape club and attended several confereces. If you want to read his best book this is it. It is fun to read yet very thought provoking. I have had many conversations with incredible leaders who have used the principles in this book. Maxwell can come off as simple with his approach to leadership and that would be true because it is not profound to understand but to do is the hard part. Leadership is influence to influence you have to relate and Maxell does a superb job helping the reader do that. He accomplishes that by using illustrations and concepts that we can relate too. Read this book no matter what your role in life and influence is but do not read it alone talk it over with others and see what shakes out....more info
  • Teacher & Engineer
    This book is my first present to everybody I see them as the potential leader.
    ...more info