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"If you rest, you rust!" Denise Austin warns, and then she makes sure we neither rest nor rust with this high-intensity, aerobic kickboxing workout. "I want to see those muscles, yeah!" she calls out. "You've got 'em, use 'em!" This video starts with experienced kickboxers demonstrating the moves that will be used. Then it powers into two different, high-energy, 20-minute workouts. Austin calls the first workout "beginning." It's easier than the second, yes, and it may be basic as far as kickboxing goes, but it's anything but wimpy. If you're new to exercise or overweight, the many high-impact moves (lots of jumping rope and jumping jacks) might not be appropriate for you, and no one shows modifications. If the first workout is enough for you, you get a relaxing stretch and can stop the video. If it's not, continue with the "drills" workout (or you can start here once you've mastered the basics--Austin starts with a second warm-up). This segment builds on the moves you've learned, with more challenging combinations. If you're not an Austin fan, you may find her incessant talking annoying. Get past that, and this is great aerobic conditioning, muscle strengthening, and fun besides. --Joan Price

Customer Reviews:

  • Love it!
    This is a great 45 minute workout! Love it! I would highly recommend this video. I have really noticed a big difference in the strength in my legs. Can't say enough about it, I was at a sort of stand still - ya know bored with the usual same thing every day workout. Then I incorporated this into my weekly workouts and wow! It really helped me combat the monotony in my workout routine!...more info
  • Denise has done it again,what a great workout video!
    I have been working out with Denise's videos for the last 6 months, Kickboxing is another of her exercise videos that helps me see results and challenges my workouts. I am still at the first stage, but when I am finished, I know that I have had a tremendous workout and feel great. If I can follow the kickboxing steps anyone else can. They're easy to follow....more info
  • Good Workout
    I enjoy this tape. The variety is good and you work up a good sweat. The impact and choreography isn't too hard to follow. Great for the beginner and intermediate as well as advanced. The only drawback for me was Denise Austin's voice. Gosh! She talks too much and her voice tone is just down right irritating sometimes. If not for that, I would have given it 5 stars....more info
  • Results!
    Maybe I just have really high tolerance of supposed annoying people, but I LOVE Denise Austin. Her chants such as "You can do it!" and "Its worth it!" are fun to listen to and create a positive enviroment. This tape, although its hard and makes my calfs burn, is the one that gets me results fast! Within two sessions, I notice a difference. Ive tried the gym, Ive tried dancing at home, Ive tried running and somehow I always resort back to this tape. This one and her Fat Blasting Yoga DVD are incredible. Her cueing isnt the best, but its easy to catch on. I love Denise Austin, she's the only fitness instructor that I like listening to and watching. And Ive got great abs thanks to her!...more info
  • Not her best work.......
    Well, this video was very drabby to me. It's kinda gray and black and there's not much vibrance to it. Denise can be inspiring at times but on this video she was mostly annoying with her, "yes, punch it, yes, come on, yes, that's it". If you close your eyes to this video, at times you may think your watching a "different" type of video. It was a bit over the top with her remarks. I do not think this is a begginer video at all. The back up work out people behind her looked rather clumbsey and asleep, missing que's and moving the wrong way, or off beat. Some of them even looked like begginers. I give it 3 stars because although it did get my heart pumping at times, it was not worth more then 3 dollars....more info
  • Typical Denise--annoying, but a great workout
    I bought this after I had been working out 4-5 times a week for about 6 months. I had a 6-month old baby and needed something quick and effective. I have done Denise's videos for about 10 years now, and she hasn't changed. She is one of the most annoying people ever, and if I met her in person, I wouldn't know whether to hug her or punch her, due to her incessant babbling and ridiculous phrases "Burn that Butter!!!"
    But as usual, she delivers a great workout--upbeat, no wasted time. People who are looking for a serious kickboxing tutorial should probably look elsewhere, but if you just want an intense, quick, cardio workout with a bit of toning, this is the tape.

    Be aware, though, that it was next to impossible for me to do this in front of my husband--he couldn't stop laughing at Denise's silly chatter. You will need to do this when you're alone unless you want to be distracted--anyone hearing this tape without working out to it will be annoyed....more info

  • You can do better...
    As far as Denise Austin is concerned, this is probably the worst tape by her that I've come across (and I've tried quite a few of them!) She's quite obnoxious here, more so than she usually is, and is constantly shouting annoyingly lame phrases like "if you rest, you rust!" or "if you don't squeeze it (your [...]) no one else will!". Plus, the tape just screams cheesiness, b/c they start the workout using the "rocky" theme song. I literally winced when I first heard it, thinking "you've got to be kidding me..."

    This workout isn't the best either. It's not very well-queued and her background exercisers (there's too many of them in that small boxing ring they're working out in!) are a bit annoying. One of them - this guy - is a bit distracting as his moves vary a little from Denise...he puts in this extra *umf*, like he's trying to show her up or something.

    There are 2 twenty minute workouts in this tape, and neither of them are particularly challenging if you're an intermediate...perhaps if you're a beginner, you'll find this challenging for a bit, but after a few goes I think you'll be bored with it.

    Ok, so I've spent quite a bit of time bashing this tape - it's not that horrible. For the money actually, it's not a bad buy at all if you're just starting out. However, if you're looking for more of a challenge (or perhaps a less perky instructor and less cheesiness) you might want to try Kathy Smith's kickboxing workout with Keli Roberts and Keith Cooke. I'm not terribly fond of Kathy as she shouts a lot, but her DVD is much better than this tape, and runs a bit longer....more info
    Who ever said this is a SNL spoof is dead on! I thought I was the only one who thought that! Denise Austin is the most annoying person on earth! SAVE YOUR MONEY!...more info
  • Is this the missing Intermediate Tae-Bo tape?
    I am a fitness video junkie so I have lots of tapes, even several kickboxing tapes that you would think would be all the same, but they aren't. Although I find Denise Austin kind of annoying, I own a lot of her tapes because she does give me a good workout. When I bought this tape I also bought Tae-bo Basic and Tae-bo Advanced. While I enjoy Tae-bo Basic, and it really works my muscles, I feel that Power Kickboxing gives me a better aerobic workout. There are two workouts on this tape. I thought the first one, which is called "Skills" would be very easy since I did Tae-bo several weeks before I started this. Boy, was I surprise to discover it wasn't really that easy and it worked my body in a completely different way. After I got good at both "Skills" and Tae-bo Basic I decided to move up to the next level. I did Tae-bo Advanced first. There is a HUGE jump in skill levels between the basic and advanced tape. I couldn't keep up at all and actually twisted my knee. After I recovered, I went back to Denise and tried "Drills." This was just perfect for me. It was just hard enough that I felt challenged, but I could still get through it. So, while I still enjoy Tae-Bo Basic and consider it a good toning and sculping workout, I prefer Power Kickboxing for it's challenging but do-able aerobic effects. And you get used to all that perkiness eventually....more info
  • Out of shape?
    This is great for anyone with any kind of kickboxing experience. It is easy to follow and leaves you feeling great in the end. The music is kind of lame but it is great for someone starting to get in shape or looking for a change in work out routine....more info
  • Definitely a keeper...
    I took tae kwon do for two years about a year and a half ago, and recently I had been meaning to get back into it-- however, I had gotten myself a little out of shape. So I bought this video. She explains the kicks and punches pretty well, and as for the first twenty minute section-- whew! I only got through ten minutes of it! However, I finished watching the tape for future reference (I have a bit of building up to do..)and it looks like a great workout. And from that first ten minutes (Yep, I'm definitely back to beginning level..) I could feel the burn, most definitely. Although it's not the best tape for my level, I'm going to keep working at it-- it's worth it!...more info
    I did this video in PE at my school. If not for that class, I would not do anything active at all. In fact, my parents call me "couch potato" all the time. This video is so much fun! Other reviews said this is not for beginners, but I disagree. I do nothing active at all, except PE and I love this video so much that I came home from school and had my mom order it for me! It is so much fun that I want to do it. And for some reason I get so into it I feel like I have more energy after I am done than when I started!.......more info
  • kickin' video, so to speak
    You are either a Denise Austin fan or not. She definitely has a special loud raspy voice and certain phrases she likes to use. I have another of her videos, the SIZZLER that I love. It inspired me to buy another of her videos. This one! It is fun, energizing, easy to learn and gives results even after the first session (aching arm and thigh muscles)! Enjoy!...more info
  • Great workout
    Speaking as a person who tries a wide variety of fitness tapes and as a black belt in karate, this is an awesome tape. The moves aren't too advanced so even beginners can enjoy the techniques. However, if you are already in good shape or are advanced in the martial arts, this tape will kick butt and burn fat. Compared to Tae Bo, Denise has a better workout. This tape does a better job of keeping my heart rate up and the music is better than Tae Bo's music. Very motivating, challenging , and fun tape. If I could I would give it 6 stars....more info
  • My Favorite Workout Video
    I have acquired quite a collection of workout videos and this one is my favorite! It's not too difficult to follow, yet it's challenging enough to keep my heartrate up. When I'm finished I feel like I've had a pretty thorough workout. During the warm-up portion of the second 20 minute segment, I substitute my own 5-10 lb. hand weights workout since I'm already warmed up from the first segment. This allows some toning while still fitting a solid workout into 40 minutes. As I said, this one is my favorite and I highly recommend it!...more info
  • stick with what you know, denise
    I watched this tape in order to get some new ideas for instructing my kickboxing class which consists primarily of 30-45 year old women with beginner to intermediate skills. Not only did I find the music and Denise's cuing seriously lacking, but her kickboxing knowledge and abilities leave much to be desired. Her constant blabbering, while positive and perhaps inspiring to some, was bothersome to the point of distraction. Her choreography was sloppy and disjointed, and her backup "class", most of whom possessed the requisite skills, seemed unprepared for her sudden changes and often contradictory verbal cues. She could use some instruction in proper kicking and punching techniques. While this video might be suitable for absolute beginners who need constant cheerleading, I would not recommend it for anyone who has any kickboxing experience. Leave cardio kickboxing to Billy Blanks....more info
  • Awesome workout!
    If you want to burn calories and tone up, this video is for you!

    There are two 20 minute workouts and an instructional segment. Even if you are a Tae Bo pro, don't skip the demonstrations! I have been doing Tae-Bo for some time. I thought I knew what I was doing! But Denise's demonstrations taught me a few ways to improve!

    The first workout is basic. But you will still burn some calories and tone up. It is easy to follow, no impossibly complicated moves to figure out.

    The second workout is awesome! Its pace is faster. You'll do jabs, hooks, side kicks, back kicks, everything you do in Tae Bo. But Denise makes it go by a lot faster. And the drills don't drag on. So you don't get bored or overworked on one area. She also threads the "bob and weave" through the workout. Great for the legs! I have been sore for days now. There is some jumping around though, (mock jumproping and jumping jacks) so if you can't do high impact, I would stick with the basic workout.

    Denise is painfully perky. She really likes to motivate, and say things like "burn that butter." (? ) I suppose that this might irritate some. If so, just hit the mute button.

    Bottomline, if you want a great workout, or just a change from Tae Bo, buy this video. And if you are weighing this video versus Tae Bo, I recommend this one. Denise provides better instruction, and an overall better workout.

    Buy it! You won't be sorry!...more info

  • Great for beginners and intermediate
    I really like this workout. I recently started working out again and this is a great tape. There are two twenty minute workouts. The first is fairly easy but still makes you sweat. The second workout is a little tougher. I alternated workouts at first and now I do both in a row. Denise is a great motivator, explains the moves very well and makes you want to keep up with her....more info