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The 'Burbs
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Hanks is a mild-mannered suburbanite whose idyllic neighborhood is turned upside-down when a suspicious family moves in. Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 06/03/2003 Starring: Tom Hanks Bruce Dern Run time: 102 minutes Rating: Pg

Ray Peterson (Tom Hanks) would like nothing better than to spend a quiet week's vacation in his suburban home, drinking beer and watching TV. But, spurred on by his two friends' spinning of boyish paranoid fantasies about their reclusive neighbors, the Klopeks, the usually down-to-earth Ray begins to suspect his idyllic neighborhood has been invaded by an evil force, to the point where he and his friends become psychotically nosey. You see where this is going, and you see it from a mile off. Only the general surface-thin plot is somewhat offset by director Joe Dante's fine sense of the absurd, and a host of engagingly played neighbor-types, namely Rick Ducommun as Ray's best friend who's always proposing bad ideas, and Bruce Dern as a sometimes wild-eyed ex-vet who'd love some action. Dante and crew seem to have a knack for keeping these broad characterizations light enough that you don't mind their superficiality. But the best jokes in this unprepossessing film come from composer Jerry Goldsmith's score; Bruce Dern's presence, for instance, is announced by the theme from Patton, and the boys' first approach to the Klopeks' for a meet-and-greet is buttressed by classic strains from Sergio Leone spaghetti Westerns. Kudos to the Klopeks, for their evil ways are ably embodied by Henry Gibson, Courtney Gains, and Brother Theodore. In particular, any suburb that finds it's inhabited by the likes of Brother Theodore is in dire need of new zoning laws. But Carrie Fisher's role as Ray's amiably long-suffering wife is thankless, and she deserves better. --Jim Gay

Customer Reviews:

  • The 'Burbs' DVD
    At our house this is one of our favorite comedies. What happens when a mad scientist (Henry Gibson) and his brother and nephew mysteriously move into a peaceful suburban neighborhood? It means laughs from the start of the film to its finish.

    Next door neighbors on the right are played by Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher whose on screen chemistry works perfectly here. Hanks' character is on vacation looking forward to what he thinks will be a rest-filled week off. The crusty neighbor on the left is played by the Gale Gordon who many will remember my for his long years on TV working with Lucille Ball.

    Hanks' neighborhood pal (Rick Ducommun) (in a role that could have been written for John Candy) has other plans for Hanks, specifically, spy on their new neighbors. They enlist the retired military man next door Bruce Dern, who has all the necessary army hardware needed in case of invasion. This has to be the funniest role Dern has ever played and his fits it him a tee. Corey Feldman plays the wacky neighborhood teen who also gets into the act.

    This movie is a lot of fun....hope to see a special anniversary edition with cast & crew interviews at some point. Highly recommended if anyone is in need of some belly laughs. ...more info
  • I love this movie...
    It's mindless entertainment, so put your brain away and just enjoy the ride....more info
  • Burbs review
    Good movie. Very easy to purchase and obtain. Was mailed in a reasonable timely fashion. Everything went smooth, no problems....more info
  • Fantastic movie!
    This is one of those movies that I can watch over and over and not be sick of it, it is one of my all time favorite comedies. The scenarios are hilarious, the actors are perfectly cast and there is just the right amount of suspense to make this movie a classic.

    -Why didn't you go with Suzette to her mother's house?-
    --Please, I'm eating here. Can you imagine me and the two of them alone all week? I'd rather chew broken glass.--

    -(while holding a large bone) Ray, this is Walter! NO!!-

    -I've never seen that. I've never seen someone drive their garbage down to the street and then bang the hell out of it with a stick. I've not seen that.-

    -So they're different, so they keep to themselves. Can you blame them? They live next door to people who break into their house and burn it down while they're gone for the day!-...more info
  • The Burbs Review
    Ha! Every time I think of this movie I laugh! It takes place in a quiet residential neighborhood until a very strange family moves into one of the houses. Every one of the families that lives in this cul-de-sac is strange, but relatively harmless. They know each other's business, down to what time they get up in the morning, it seems. Then this new weird family moves in, and the whole neighborhood goes crazy. It is one of the funniest Tom Hanks movies I have ever seen. The whole movie is crazy, funny, zany I guess would be the best word. A million laughs....more info
  • One of Tom Hanks Funniest
    This movie is great! Very subtle humor but if you watch it you will be laughing out loud. Love it!...more info
  • The Burbs
    Probably the most underated comedy of all time. Go down to your local video shop and hopefully they will have a DVD copy, otherwise you will have to dust off the VHS copy found at the back of the shop, nearly lost for eternity....more info
    This is one of the many great 80's movies! Tom Hanks is a suburbanite in this outrageous suspense-comedy about families on a block and how they create total chaos in an anything but "average" neighborhood. Slapstick comedy and witty humor make this suspense thriller "mystery" absolutely laughable! A must have for the 80's classic movie buff. ...more info
  • Ducommun Delivers In One Of My All-Time Favorites
    Sometimes a bizarre comedy just hits the right notes with me and, despite none of my friends liking it, I love this film. I am glad to see reviewers on this site who appreciate this very underrated, dark-humor gem.

    I always get a big kick out of this film, and one of the big reasons this is so entertaining to me for so many viewings is Rick Ducommun. I think he steals the show from well-known stars Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern, Carrie Fisher and Corey Feldman.

    Ducommun and Dern are the hilarious wackos who try to help straight-laced Hanks find out about the really-strange neighbors he has next door. Are these people some demented killers or just the figment of these nosy neighbors' imagination? Fisher is Hanks' always-complaining wife and Feldman is the teen across the street who watches all the lunacy from his porch, getting his getting nightly entertainment from these crazy adults.

    Director Joe Dante, of "Gremlins" fame, does a good job entertaining us in here, too, and providing some fun camera-work. Dante also used music to great advantage, mostly for humor. I love this movie. Did I say that before?
    ...more info
  • Fun Movie
    My kids (6 yrs - 14 yrs) really enjoyed this movie. They like to have movie parties for their friends, and it is hard to find movies that are clean enough that parents won't object, and not be something that everyone has already seen. This one was a hit at the parties! Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern, and all of the others were great. It's fun to try and figure out who are really the bad guys....more info
  • all time favs!
    this is one of my all time fav movies! it is hilarious! tom hanks is great! it has some classic lines. ...more info
  • Funny look at a suburban neighborhood
    The 'Burbs is a great comedy from the late 80's that hits all the right notes, blending both the comedy and thriller/mystery genres. Ray Peterson is your typical suburban father living with his wife, Carol, son, Dave, and dog Vince on a beautiful suburban cul-de-sac. But his new next door neighbors, the Klopeks, are an odd bunch, never leaving the house, but Ray hears all sorts of strange noises coming from their basement and even sees them digging in their backyard in the middle of the night. Along with his neighbors Art and Rumsfield, Ray grows suspicious of the Klopeks and begins to investigate what's really going on next door. With the whole movie taking place in this suburban cul-de-sac, The 'Burbs has both funny and scary moments, and blends the two genres seamlessly. Toward the end of the movie, the laughs are amped up even more as the truth reveals itself. Don't miss this movie, it's a great comedy.

    Starring as Ray Peterson, Tom Hanks is the perfect "everyman," the suburban dad who simply wants to enjoy his week of vacation at home peacefully. For many scenes, Hanks gets to play straightman to the rest of the cast, but he has some great lines. Bruce Dern steals the movie as Mark Rumsfield, Ray's neighbor across the street, a Vietnam vet who still seems to be in the bush. Carrie Fisher is good as Carol, Ray's wife who just wants her husband to relax. Rick Ducommun is also very funny as Art, the paranoid neighbor convinced the Klopeks are up to no good. The teaming of Hanks, Dern, and Ducommun is great, the trio has the movie's best moments. Corey Feldman plays stoner teenager Ricky Butler, a kid who just loves watching the goings-on on his block. The creepy Klopeks are played by Henry Gibson, Brother Theodore, and Courtney Gains. Wendy Schaal rounds out the cast as Bonnie, Rumsfield's wife who sides with Carol.

    The DVD is a good buy considering how cheap it is. It offers the movie in widescreen presentation, a good alternate ending that runs about 7-minutes, a trailer with several cuts and alternate scenes that didn't make the final print of the movie, production notes, and some cast and crew biographies/filmographies. Be careful though, you never know when a Special Edition DVD might be released. For now, this DVD version is a safe buy for fans of the movie. Check out The 'Burbs!...more info
  • One funny movie!
    OK, OK, so it isn't one of his best, but we love it! Any movie from Tom Hanks is bound to have some humor cuts to it! This movie is one of our favorite picks! If you haven't seen have to at least watch it once!!...more info
  • Great movie
    Tom Hanks in one of his last great comedic roles before turning serious on us. A great combination of over-the-top characters makes this a really fun movie. The DVD includes an alternate ending sequence that any serious fan of the film needs to see at least once. But only once. Thank goodness they didn't use that one!...more info
  • Who doesn't have weird neighbors!
    This 1989 film features Tom Hanks(before he got serious in films) as Ray Peterson, a man who just wants to enjoy his vacation, but is constantly interrupted by his new unseen neighbors, & constantly has to deal with his other neighbor's suspicion, Rick Docuumon is surperb as Art, the antogonist, who tries to convince Ray that his new neighbors are members of the occult, this is a very funny movie about how paranoia can get the best of us, especially when we are bored with our lives at times, Bruce Dern is a vietnam vet who is looking for some action, as the trio investigate the goings on at the Klopek's, & get caught up in all kinds of mayhem, one funny scene involves them observing one member beating what appears to maybe be a body in a bag into a trash can, with Hanks saying "I have never seen a person beat trash into a can like that, I have never seen that" that is quite humorous, with Art saying "Ray, sleep tight", to Dern with his long range telescope with night vision, to Corey Feldman as a teenage neighbor, who as he puts it >> "the show is about to start" to Carrie Fisher as Hanks' wife & the voice of reason, there are many gags here, but once the old man down the road ends up missing, the paranoia really takes on a life of its own, as Hanks witnesses the Klopeks digging in their backyard, & Art acting more suspicious than ever, Art reminds us of the nosy neighbor we all know, & wish would move, there not much more I can say that hasn't been said already in other reviews, except that this movie is funny & at times mirrors our own paranoia about neighbors we don't know, & Hanks gives a believable performance as a man who just wants some peace & quiet on his vacation. other notable dialogue one-liners:

    "You are the one who lives next door">>> Klopek to Hanks
    "You could say hello">>> Hanks to Art
    "He is your neighbor" >>> Art to Hanks
    "He is your neighbor too">> Hanks to Art
    " Yeah, but you share property line with him">> Art to Hanks

    "My friend works at a church, he has holy water, he can get us deal" >> Art to Hanks

    "Ray, your chanting, once they get in there, it is over, pal"

    "I am glad I am not the one who lives right next to them, no one goes in, no one comes out, what do you think they are eating over there Ray"

    Good fun!...more info
  • Who's next door?
    Who is next door is the question you may ask yourself after seeing this classic movie filled with timeless moments? Tom Hanks decides to stay at home for his vacation with wife and son. To bad his anoying buddy from next door is completly convinced that the new neighbors are some sort of cult! Sure they are kind of strange but when an old man down the street comes up missing these nosey neighbors jump in to action, and form a pact to snoop around and check out these new strange neighbors. Filled with some ridicules but funny moments. What will happen to them when the new neighbors see who's spying on them? It is funny but it might not be very funny but worth seeing though....more info
  • the Burbs
    What can I say about the Burbs??? Do you love Tom Hanks when he's at his funniest??? If you just answered YES, then You must see this movie. :)
    You'll laugh like you did back in his "Bosom Buddies" days up to "Money Pit". A great story line with really great and funny actors, give it a whirl, you won't be disappointed. =) Cheers!...more info