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Blues Brothers [VHS]
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After building up the duo's popularity through popular recordings and several performances on Saturday Night Live, John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd--as "legendary" Chicago blues brothers Jake and Elwood Blues--took their act to the big screen in this action-packed hit from 1980. As Jake and Elwood struggle to reunite their old band and save the Chicago orphanage where they were raised, they wreak enough good-natured havoc to attract the entire Cook County police force. The result is a big-budget stunt-fest on a scale rarely attempted before or since, including extended car chases that result in the wanton destruction of shopping malls and more police cars than you can count. Along the way there's plenty of music to punctuate the action, including performances by Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Cab Calloway, and James Brown that are guaranteed to knock you out. As played with deadpan wit by Belushi and Aykroyd, the Blues Brothers are "on a mission from God," and that gives them a kind of reckless glee that keeps the movie from losing its comedic appeal. Otherwise this might have been just a bloated marathon of mayhem that quickly wears out its welcome (which is how some critics described this film and its 1998 sequel). Keep an eye out for Steven Spielberg as the city clerk who stamps some crucial paperwork near the end of the film. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • "classic"
    The Blues Brothers is a classic! I received my purchase in just a few days! Job well done....more info
  • Good movie
    My husband never saw this film. He enjoyed it but the CD had a problem with the voice being out of sync with the lip movement. Not a serious fault but it was annoying....more info
  • Thankyou
    My order came in perfect condition and in a timely manner...It was great..Good customer service...more info
  • Only in the 80s!

    This movie is such a mess it shouldn't work - but it does! A couple of borderline crooks cross the state of Illinois, trying to bring their old Rhythm and Blues band back together. They are chased by an increasingly bizarre set of pursuers, all of whom have a private score to settle!

    Highlights include seeing Cab Calloway performing Minnie the Moocher exactly as he did back in 1924; and James Brown as a preacher to end all preachers! Amen brother!...more info
  • WON'T PLAY - ruining a great movie
    Amazon should send all of these 25th Anniversary DVD's back to UNI, the faulty product locks up after about 1 1/2 hours on both my Panasonic and Sony DVD decks! I see this problem also exists in the wide screen version from the reviews of that product.

    Simply put - DON'T BUY THIS LOUSY UNIVERSAL PRODUCT!!!!...more info
  • Blues Brothers Rules
    This Movie Rocks! Rated R for language,brief mild violence,and some drug use....more info
    this is such an incredible movie!!! such good music!!!

    incredible cast and great humor!!

    BUY THIS MOVIE...more info
  • Forget the extra bonus material
    Buying the Blues Brother Movie is the thing. It is a classic and was an immediate classic even when it first came out. How many other films capture this number of star entertainers (Cab Calloway, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Jim Brown, Howlin' Wolf, etc...) and tie it all together into an amzing story with non stop action and deadpan humor - the elegant restaurant scene with Jake and Elwood making a spectacle of themselves, or the Blues Brothers playing the gig at a rural Country & Western Bar and playing "Rawhide" would be enough to want to see this film. And these are just a few classic moments.
    truly, it was fortunate and perhaps brilliant that John Landis and the creators of this film gave the production the green light to film while all of these legendary were still alive and had plenty of kick left in them to show the audience what real rhythm & blues and soul music were like by the people who created it. And then there are Belushi and Akroyd at the top of their comical genius, before Belushi went over the deep end with drugs and Akroyd swallowed beluga whale.
    And then there are the chase scenes. Just buy it and enjoy.
    ...more info
  • Haven't seen it yet.
    The reason I gave this movie five stars is beacause I think it is going to be a nice movie.If you go on the blues brothers 25 anniversery edition website heres the rating reason:Rated R for persuive strong violence and gore,language,brief sexualty,and some drug use....more info
  • Great Movie!
    I remember watching this movie when I was a kid, hadn't seen it in many years but it was even better than I remembered it. If you like blues, this movie is a must have!!!!...more info
  • Still full of soul and humor
    I agree that this 25th anniversary edition could be better, but it's a great print of a great film, with some extra footage from James Brown and other musical greats thrown in, so it's hard to complain.
    More than almost anything else he did, this movie shows why Belushi was a real star. The guy had presence to spare, and a real bond with Aykroyd, who wrote a great script with director Landis, who hit it out of the park with this one.
    No one was touting the soul survivors in those days, so the boys get big props for that as well. And what a band!
    It's hard to not love this movie. I saw it the week it opened, and it was a party in the theatre; wish that would happen again. Time for us to loosen up, folks!...more info
  • Defective discs
    Had to return the first copy because side A skips and stutters.
    Two other DVDs I have from Universal skips. They seem to have a quality issue.

    **** SAVE YOUR RECEIPT ! ***...more info
  • Great movie and music
    This is a film that is just as funny today as it was back then. This is pure movie magic from the great music, to the multitudes of guest stars, to one of the greatest, certainly most destructive car chases in movie history.

    I highly recommend this movie. The Blues Brothers cause all kinds of mayhem trying to save an orphanage from being shut down. A nun shows her appreciation of their concern by beating them mercilessly with a ruler. They manage to upset all kinds of other people along the way, most notably a country band they impersonate to land a gig. Then they have to worry about a mysterious and insane woman played by Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame who keeps trying to blow them up, gun them down, or do anything else she can to kill them.

    As if this isn't enough, they end up getting Nazis chasing after them too, as well as policemen, SWAT teams, and army officers.
    But their quest isn't all worries. They manage to have some fun jamming with a crooked salesman played by Ray Charles, a mean diner manager played by Aretha Franklin, and the Godfather of Soul in a very spiritual church.
    Very well done and loaded with great songs and jokes. The fancy restaurant scene alone is enough to make this a classic.
    ...more info
  • Great..
    I had no problems with the order , the DVD had great clarity. Would recommend to anyone......more info
  • We're on a mission from God
    Here is a movie that has a miasma of music, comedy, and car crashes. It is almost obscene how many times I have seen this film -- while the amount of times I have seen Star Wars is obscene. The Blues Brothers went way over budget with its vast destructiveness and cool cameos. Its exuberance is what helped this movie become a pop-cult classic and it would be John Belushi's last box-office hit. It is one of the first movies based on a Saturday Night Live and still, along with Wayne's World, one of the best.

    The Blues Brothers are Elwood and Jake Blues, two brothers who just reunited after Jake's incarnation in Juliet. They visit an old orphanage of theirs that is in desperate need of money. The orphanage needs 5,000 dollars or it will be forced to close. Now Elwood and Jake can collect the money through dirty deeds, however they have an epiphany instead. During a James Brown sermon, a beam of light begets an idea -- the band. They need to hunt down their former band members and put the band back together. It has to work; they are on a mission from God.

    This film has two spectacular and unbelievable car-chase scenes. They rank with Bullitt, The French Connection, and To Live and Die in L.A. as among the best filmed automotive-chase sequences. The first pursuit involves the Blues Brothers avoiding the 'rollers' by driving in a mall. The amount of destruction by the brothers, while spouting irreverent quips and the pursuant police is overwhelming, but fun to watch. They crash through stores, run over merchandise stands, avoid the mall-walkers, and create utter chaos. The second memorable chase involves the destruction of many cars. It is a long awesome sequence, that I will not spoil here, that was very costly and went over the expected budget for this film.

    At the very heart of this comedy is the music. This film is essentially a blues musical. There are performances from James Brown, Aretha Franklin, John Lee Hooker, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, and many more. These entertainers also act in this film with varying degrees of success. Belushi and Ackroyd also perform several blues and country songs in this film. As amateurs, they are good. Belushi has a raspy singing voice, while Ackroyd has a baritone/bass quality to his voice. However, they still cannot compare to Charles proving the vitality of a piano or James Brown serving a sermon.

    This is also a very funny film. Belushi had tremendous talents as a comedic actor and Aykroyd works very well here. One of the funniest scenes involves them trying to persuade their former horn player, who now works at a French restaurant, to come back to the band. Their antics amongst themselves horrify the bourgeois patrons as they guzzle food down, throw it at each other, and ask people if they are willing to sell their women. Also, look for a quick cameo in this scene by Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman).

    Comedy is very subjective. However, it is hard to find too many people that do not like this film. It was even on a few critics top ten lists for 1980, i.e. Gene Siskel and Belushi's second box office hit (Animal House was his first). This film offers so much: music, comedy, and action. It is one of my favorite comedies and I have seen it at least twenty-five times. The 'R' rating is a bit misleading. It is there for the colorful and metaphorical language. If you have any inkling for blues and comedy then watch this film. If not, watch it anyway.

    ...more info
  • They'll Never Catch Us,We're on a mission from God.
    I got this at Wal-Mart,I saw the behind the scenes.How it was made.I'm not finished seeing the whole thing,yet.I love the Mall,Dixie mall scene.I didn't know they could and could not destroy stuff in the abandoned for 1 year before they filmed the Blues Brothers....more info
  • Homage to a Classic
    This 25th Anniversary Edition is a great way to say "Happy Birthday" to one of the all-time great movies. Well worth the wait! ...more info
  • A Timeless Classic
    The Blues Brothers is a truly great movie. Even though it has a totally bad ending, it still makes me feel great! But at 1998, The Blues Brothers became a total disgrace. One of the worst sequels that the cat ever dragged in came out, and The Blues Brothers got ruined.
    In conclusion, see this movie. Everything about it is great. And pretend that Blues Brothers 2000 never existed(no one really does)....more info
  • What can I say
    Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips! This is a great movie...more info
  • Two words: COMEDY CLASSIC!
    "The Blues Brothers" has been a COMEDY CLASSIC from day one. I feel sorry for any film critics, or for anyone else who doesn't recognize this fact. Everything about this movie makes it a COMEDY CLASSIC.

    For starters you have a COMIC GENIUS as the star of the film. Of course I'm speaking of the GREAT John Belushi (Dan Aykroyd isn't far behind). The movie features songs by the WHO'S WHO of the R&B and Soul world! Aretha Franklin ("Think" is my favorite number in the movie) Ray Charles, James Brown and Cab Calloway all contribute GREAT songs and performances.

    The scene at "Bob's Country Bunker" where the Brothers perform the theme song from "Rawhide" is CLASSIC and HILARIOUS and probably my favorite scene in the movie. What a GREAT pair Aykroyd and Belushi made.

    Watch for a cameo by Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) as a waiter in a restaurant!

    "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it!"...more info
  • Another Classic !
    Simply this is a great film, great cast, great story line, great music and it stars John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd what more could you want from a film ?....more info