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The Long Kiss Goodnight
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Davis is a schoolteacher whose former life as a lethal cia assassin suddenly catches up to her with a vengeance. Jackson is the detective who helps her uncover the past before it buries them both. Together they make an unbeatable team that will blow you away. Studio: New Line Home Video Release Date: 11/11/2008 Starring: Geena Davis Samuel L. Jackson Run time: 120 minutes Rating: R Director: Renny Harlin

Geena Davis and her former husband, director Renny Harlin, attempted to pick up the pieces after the debacle of their box-office disaster, Cutthroat Island. What they came up with was this repulsive ode to American film noir, based on a script by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon) about an amnesiac schoolteacher (Davis) who searches for her true identity and finds she is actually a secret agent immersed in a deadly plot to topple the government. Mechanistic in its violence, obnoxious in its attitude, the film makes Davis, a once-promising actress, nothing more than a special effect. She tosses one to sadists in the audience by allowing her character to be beaten, punched unconscious, and tortured. The DVD release has optional full-screen and widescreen presentations, plus Dolby surround sound, theatrical trailer, cast information, optional French-language soundtrack and optional Spanish subtitles. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Geena sizzles!
    I had never heard of this film till it popped up on cable tv and I can't understand why. Geena outdoes Arnold as an action hero in this film!

    Geena is an ex-CIA assassin who is brainwashed and given an identity as a school teacher with a quiet family life in a rural town. She continues that life for 8 years with a husband and daughter. Clues start coming to her that she may have been someone else, especially when someone tries to kill her. It seems that her former employers have discovered that she never died and want to make sure that she does.

    She hires Samuel L. Jackson, who is a former police officer. Together they form a pair that is as entertaining as Mel Gibson & Danny Glover. When Geena finally regains her memory she undergoes a tranformation into the killing machine she once was with the song "She's Not There" playing in the background.

    What follows is Geena and Samuel have to go after the bad guys and hopefully stay alive. All through the rest of the film Geena has to decide who she really is. The killing unfeeling machine? The mother/schoolteacher with the quiet family life? Or a combination of both? Especially, since the bad guys grab Geena's daughter.

    Great action scenes that rank up with any of the Die Hard movies!...more info

  • One Great Action Movie
    This movie is over the top, smartly written, and perfectly made. It is Renny Harlin's masterpiece, and my favorite Samuel Jackson movie. The screenplay by Shane Black is complex and full of smart, funny dialog. The pairing of Davis and Jackson is very enjoyable, and the action scenes are some of the best ever in action movie history. Unrealistic? Yes. One of those movies you can watch over and over and never get sick of it? To me, yes. Harlin is a brilliant director when given the decent material he needs to work with; This is one of his most shining moments. Great ensemble cast, cinematography, and sounds really great loud. Love the scene w/Jackson on Larry King. That is some funny stuff. A must for every action movie fan. ...more info
  • Funny movie...
    I love this movie, I saw it for the first time years ago, and have been looking for it forever! Finally found it on amazon, now I finally own it! I just love this movie!!...more info
  • The Long Kiss Goodnight - A superb action thriller!
    Of the many action thrillers out there over the years, The Long Kiss Goodnight stands out among the many as one of the best and an all time favorite. Who would've thought of Geena Davis as an action star? My only true regret about this film is that I didn't take the opportunity to see it when it was in the theaters. Accounting for the many great action films over the years, this is one of the last ones that due to the nature of when it was released, I first purchased this it VHS format and that tape was worn out. Having now purchased it on DVD and much more importantly, widescreen format makes it that much more enjoyable. The ever beautiful Geena Davis performs exceptionally and Samuel L. Jackson in the comedic role is nothing short of outstanding.

    The premise:

    Geena Davis is Samantha Caine, who eight years ago woke up on a beach suffering from complete amnesia, not knowing who she is or why she was there. Along with that, she was pregnant. All that is about to change, as it usually does in these types of movies, because someone who knows her very well happens to spot her on television and goes berserk because he believed he killed her eight years ago. In comes Samuel L. Jackson in the role of Mitch Henessey who is a low rent private investigator that she's hired to try and find out who she really was and his "secretary" has finally come up with some "workable" evidence. Add these two events and an auto accident into the mix and her memory is about to come back to her.

    What follows from those three events is certainly one of the best action/thriller movies to have been released in the last several years. Geena Davis is stunning in the action role, especially when she drops the "Suzie Homemaker" persona for the CIA counter assassin persona of Charlie Baltimore. If there ever was a movie that deserved a sequel, "The Long Kiss Goodnight" would be the one.

    I highly recommend this film to any and all fans of this particular genre as you will certainly enjoy it and it is certainly one that can be watched several times. {ssintrepid}...more info

  • Another favorite
    I never understood why this movie wasn't a monster hit. I remember coming out the theatre after seeing this movie and just thinking WOW. Geena Davis, despite many cheesy lines, had me strutting like there was nothing I couldn't do. Yes, this movie is predictable and again cheesy but it's just so much fun. I can't believe that it's been twelve years since it was released. I've seen this numerous times. Whenever it's on TV, I just have to watch. If you haven't seen this film, you don't know what you're missing.

    ...more info
  • One of the Better Action Movies of the Mid-90s
    Quite frankly, I'm surprised that more people don't know about this movie. The plot has been worked to death in many regards, but this movie offers much more than other books and movies of its type ("The Bourne Identity" by Robert Ludlum and "Code to Zero" by Ken Follet are both "spies with amnesia" stories.)

    What makes this movie so different? It's that the Samantha Kane character is cold-blooded, ruthless, and has no regard for human life. In short, she's much more effective in what she does than Ludlum's or Follet's characters.

    The movie is filled with suspense and plot twists, but its strongest points are the action scenes. Many movies of this type get bogged down in explosion after explosion (like "Lethal Weapon 4"), but "The Long Kiss Goodnight" manages to keep its momentum throughout the entire movie. I've never met a person who didn't like this movie--the problem is getting people to realize that it exists in the first place....more info

  • Geena kicks ass and Samuel saves the day
    This is a movie that was panned by critics, but it is truly one of the most enjoyable action movies of all time. Geena Davis is a schoolteacher/mom/fiancee, living a normal suburban life. The movie begins with her voice-over telling you that she woke up from a coma eight years before, with no memory of who she was. But she was pregnant, (the daughter plays a pivotal part in the movie) and she "knows" she was a schoolteacher. This was actually her alternate identity when she was a CIA agent, but that part of her memory is gone until events start happening around her that force her survival instincts and her assassin training to surface.

    Geena Davis is a true athlete, as evidenced by her real-life near-Olympian level archery skills. Whether she is kicking tail or getting her tail kicked, she is ultimately believable because you just know she is truly capable of doing the damn hard physical things she does. Sure there were doubles for some of the scenes, but Davis has such strength, dexterity and grace that you watch in awe as she does so much of the tough action work herself. She is all woman, and a woman with a good heart, but she has been trained to be a ruthless killer. She plays that difficult role with absolute perfection.

    Now team her up with Samuel L. Jackson, a low-rent private eye whom she hired as a last resort to help her find out who she really is, and you have a tremendous pairing. As her CIA persona starts surfacing, it is causing dissention in her life. At the same time Samuel Jackson lucks into some info about her. Because her persona starts fragmenting, she is desperate to learn her true identity. So she pairs up with Samuel and starts a road trip to follow up on the puzzling clues he's uncovered. It's an unlikely but ultimately very believable partnership. The dialogue is peppered with biting sarcasm, but is tempered with wit, intelligence, well-placed obscenities, and "just enough" poignance. They are wonderful together. The plot is great, and the action throughout is really first rate.

    This movie is basically why we bother to go to, rent or buy movies in the first place. We want to be thoroughly entertained, and The Long Kiss Goodnight does that as well as any film there is....more info

  • about the movie the long kiss goodnight.......
    Singapore videoshops are selling this title of DVD film/movie and I grabbed a copy and watched...hee hee....the story is about a teacher whom was the target of the assains to die finally managed to get rid of these assasinds which is linked to a truck with a bomb issue to create havoc which this move help th U.S president of this issue in this DVD film/movie. There are a lot of action in this DVD film/movie which is recommended to those whom are interested in this genre of DVD film/movie.

    Review by:

    (Dr)Ang Poon Kah
    Rogue University Professor certificate.
    Imagine Entertainment for film/movie for the Da Vinci Code.
    Zakkers film director.
    ...more info
  • Great fun
    Good heavens, where do they get these 'essential' Amazon reviews anyway? Sheesh. Nothing like a good dose of pomposity to motivate a reply. This movie isn't supposed to be taken remotely seriously, please. It's a goof--and a very skillful one. Sure, the plot's a mismash of twice-reheated devices, the baddies are about as subtle as week-old meat, and to watch at all requires you suspend enough disbelief to reconsider the Easter Bunny as gospel. So what? You don't go to movies like Lethal Weapon for the depth of characterization. Yes, a bit helps, but... not too much. Same holds true here. It's easy to ridicule--but it's easier to enjoy.

    Movies like Long Kiss Goodnight are made or broken by virtue of their scriptwriting, and the script for LKG can more than hold its head up alongside other genre staples. A good script determines how willing an audience is not only to watch a movie--but rewatch it. (And buy it, for that matter.) Long Kiss Goodnight offeres a lot of pleasure in this department, it's got more quoteable lines than Die Hard and--yeah, let's be frank: the lead's hotter. (A perhaps more up-to-date comparison for tone would be Speed.)

    The crux of the arguments over the film's virtues, however, is & I suspect will remain whether you buy--or want to buy into--the idea of doing this kind of film as a girl-thing in the first place. (Like anyone questions the validity of the premises behind James Bond movies? Come on. This is really very simple: if you enjoy films where women kick @**, you'll very likely enjoy this. If the mere idea makes your lips purse with disapproval, skip it & move on.) Not to mention--what better place to subvert expectations than at the movies?

    Though the script may be better than usual, what really sells the film is Davis & Jackson--they have killer chemistry. Their scenes are filled with some terrific lines, but more than that, it's about delivery; they parry quips and insults with a good-natured banter that goes beyond making even the implausible character of Samantha almost believable: it's just plain fun watching two actors at the top of their game play off each other. No reason to turn up one's nose at A-grade actors in B-grade movies; I seem to recall some truckers-in-space thing years ago... Alien, was it?

    The movie loses a bit of momentum towards the end when it makes a feeble pass at Message, but that's easy to shrug off--the editing's otherwise tight and the pace is just what it should be, fast with breathing spots. The special effects work. Because the film's pretty retro in terms of plot & setting it generally hasn't dated much, and the buddy-twist here is a much-needed change from the usual guyfests. Last, the soundtrack is excellent, I'm always amazed when a wise choice can bring something like She's Not There back from the dead. The only shame is that the album soundtrack lacks a lot of the best selections from the film, which demonstrates much taste in southern blues.

    Finally: Ok, yes. That thing with the shot glass? too cool....more info
  • The "real" truth about 9-11
    A superb action movie with loads of breathtaking scenes. For some morons collaborating in crimes against humanity in Somal_a, Serb_a, Afghan_stan, Ir_q or elsewhere this could be considered Food for Thought. You really don't expect us Democratic (ancient Hellenic word) citizens of the planet to believe that the attack of the 9 -11 was only a work of extremists or Arab terr_rists. The Truth may be out there baby but it's well hidden. There's only one thing for you to do. Free your Mind & the rest will follow (EN VOGUE). Believe me, you don't wanna miss this movie!...more info
  • The Long Kiss Goodnight - A great mystery
    Great mystery, high action, rated for violence and language, but it has a great storyline. Even my husband who is near impossible to please when it comes to movies loved this one....more info
  • Get the popcorn and enjoy.
    I heard that this movie tanked at the US box office and i'm not sure why because its far better than many of the "blockbusters".
    I lived in Singapore and it just ran and ran there in a couple of theaters.

    Renny Harlin was married to Gena Davis at the time and it all seemed a bit incestuous and it followed the record breaking disaster that was "Cutthroat Island" so I guess nobody in the "biz" wanted to go near it.

    This however is a good movie. It flows well the actions scenes are great and Samuel Jackson is wonderful. I'd never heard of him but Craig Bierko makes a great villain and I cant see why he hasnt done more. Yes there are plot holes but no more than the average Tarantino movie.

    I would rather sit through a rerun of of this than have to watch Spiderman 3 ever again....more info
  • A great spy thriller!
    It is obvious that the film this one will be most compared to is The Bourne Identity (Widescreen Extended Edition). Some will call this a "women's version" of Jason Bourne. While this label may have some degree of veracity, it is only fair to note that this movie came out 7 years BEFORE the first BOURNE film.

    There are, however, a lot of parallels between the films. On that point there is no argument. Like Jason Bourne, Samantha Kane (played by Davis) has amnesia, and eventually discovers that she is a CIA assassin. However, it takes about a decade before this begins to come into view. In the meantime, she becomes a housewife and a mother & lives a "normal" life in the 'burbs.

    When she is discovered to still be alive, some rather nasty people (both bad guys + the CIA) want her dead - NOW! Luckily, she is able to invoke the help of her newfound good buddy, Mitch (played by Sameul L. Jackson). Normally, Mitch is a 2-bit private detective who makes more $$ swindling people than anything else. He goes from that life to becoming involved in a cloak-and-dagger struggle of the 10th degree.

    While Jackson is great & all, there are in the end 2 words that convey why you should see this movie: Gina Davis. She is absolutely outstanding in the role of a good-neighborly housewife who must switch into being a cold-blooded killer. I do not hype up Gina just because she is a pretty face. Anyone who has read any number of my reviews knows that I've been known to slam a great many pretty-faces who could not act. This is a role that I can think of very few women in Hollywood pulling off (Charlize Theron is about the only other one I can think of off-hand). Some of my other favorite actresses, such as Jennifer Connolley, Sandra Bullock and Madeline Stowe are all fine actresses. However, they all lack the "edge" and intensity to fill this role. Whoever casted Gina Davis for this role should get many kudos!

    If you are into action movies / spy movies / cloak-and-dagger movies that have lots of excitement, then this film is for you. Yes, some of the action sequences are not believable, but this is after all an ACTION movie! You always have to sacrifice some degree of believability for a great action flick. So, with that said, the best advice I can offer is for you to allow Gina Davis to give you a long kiss goodnight. Who would refuse that?!?!?
    ...more info
  • It's all about attitude....
    This movie is all about attitude -- each of the major characters comes on in a particularly over-the-top way, which is good because the plot's pretty thin. Watching Geena Davis morph from housewife to assassin is pretty cool, though, and Samuel L. Jackson plays the reluctant, stumbling hero very well. Another entertaining movie that the critics savaged, but which you'll probably enjoy greatly....more info
  • I enjoyed every minute of this movie!
    This movie goes down in my personal history books as one of the best *action* movies ever! Geena Davis totally rocks in this movie! Samuel L. Jackson did his usually superb job of supplying the humanity. Oh, I could watch this ten times back-to-back and never get tired of watching the moment Charli Baltimore reveals a shocking secret to her archenemy, or the moment she shares in the snow with a former student and his cigarette! Don't miss this movie--Geena Davis has never been hotter!...more info
  • About Twin Towers
    I saw this movie and it held my attention from the beginning, as well. But, I was very surprised about the statement made about blowing up the Twin Towers and blaming it on the Muslims.
    Does anyone remember that? It was near the middle of the movie. Interesting, because the movie was made during the mid-90's and the Towers were actually blown up and it was blamed on Muslims.
    ...more info
  • Action-Packed Movie with a Decent Plot
    Okay, so the plot has been done before - CIA operative with amnesia suddenly discovers (in this case) she has some abilities that she didn't know she had and struggles with making her disturbing past work with her present identity. Then, throw in the private eye (Samuel L. Jackson) to pair up with Geena Davis as they bounce one-liners off one another while the action takes place. Sure, it's been done before, but this one is expertly done. The plot is simple enough to follow, but intriguing enough to keep you interested. The one-liners should keep you chuckling and the mixture of Geena Davis as CIA operative/school teacher works in this movie. If you like action, drama and a bit of humor, this one isn't a waste of your time....more info
  • Love this Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is one of my favorite Holiday movies. I know it is not your traditional Christmas movie but it is set at Christmas time. I watch it every year during the Holidays. ...more info
  • A Fantastic Movie.
    This film is really one of the best action films Ive ever seen. It is truly fun to watch, even if you watch it over and over again. I was most surprised by Geena Davis. Her performance is actually very good as an action star. Her action and her acting were both done extremely well. Then theres Samuel L. Jackson. God, hes cool in this film. He has so many lines that are largely funny and not corny. Him and Geena have a good chemistry on screen that really makes the movie work. The action is pretty much non stop. Those action scenes are shot very nicely and they look awesome. This movie most certainly isnt meant to be taken seriously and is meant to have fun watching. It succeeds in doing so. Its a great little action film that will keep you entertained even if you watch it a dozen of times. ...more info
  • The Long Kiss Goodnight
    I Have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and not only avoid Triggers, But happy endings are good therepy. On a scale of one to ten I rate this a strong nine....more info
  • Ahead of its time
    When this movie came out in 1996, it was mostly ignored by the public. The problem was that it just happened to be several years ahead of its time. Before "Lara Croft", "Charlie's Angels" and "Kill Bill", Geena Davis played one-woman-army Charlie Baltimore. She was really the first major actress to play this kind of role - a female superhero - and she did a damn fine job. Davis, who usually plays kooky or offbeat characters, is convincing and compelling at playing a woman trying to reconcile her past as a ruthless assassin with her present as a mother and schoolteacher. This movie is a fun, thrilling action film that also happens to star Oscar-calibar actors. I'd recommend checking it out and seeing what everybody missed out on 7 years ago....more info
  • The Long Kiss Goodnight
    I love this movie. A lot of action and Geena Davis is great as an action star....more info
  • Great movie--Lousy DVD transfer
    I really like this movie. Geena Davis has never been cuter, and Samuel L. Jackson has never been seedier. I really enjoyed this movie in the theater and later on tape.

    Then I bought the DVD. And it stinks. It is the worst DVD transfer I've ever seen. Every chapter transition pixellates during the transition. It hurts my eyes to watch it. I finally took the DVD out after 15 or 20 minutes. I've never seen a DVD do this, except for poorly-burned copies of old, scratched-up DVDs. The only redeeming factor is that I only paid $3 for it from another retailer when purchased at the same time as SOAP.

    I've never seen a DVD do this. Stay away from this cheaply-made DVD....more info
  • bombed in the theaters,rocks on dvd player
    i never intended on owning this.i made a purchase of 3 bundled dvds for $10.this was one of them.MAN,what a find !!!!!

    sure,its outrageous and over the top,but somehow it works.this,i believe,is the hubby/wife's first or second time they teamed shes sam caine,loving housewife to hal (t almandes) and mother to caitlin (y zima).they live a hohum life in middle suburbia where townsfolk go christmas caroling and such.

    problem is,sam isnt who she thinks she steps det mitch henessey (s jackson).he and his hooker informant are looking for who she really is.sam gets flash backs and glimpses of this ''other person'' but cant put her finger on it.well,unfortunately for her,help is on the way.

    the race to not only save her family but herself AND stop a terror organization named the CHAPTER is on.this is action packed and unexpectedly well acted/directed and paced.i guess people couldnt accept geena being so kickass.highly recommended if you dont hate the ''1 person conqueres many/007/rambo'' type scenarios....more info
  • The Long Kiss Good Night
    A Gena Davis special. Enjoyed the movie. Great action, funny in some bits. If you like Gena Davis, you would like this movie. Good supporting role by Samuel I Jackson....more info
  • The Long Kiss Goodnight
    The Long Kiss Goodnight
    Davis and Jackson worked well together in this movie, lot's of action all the way through and some great plot twists that will leave you at the edge of your seat! ...more info
  • will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat!
    This movie is stupendous from the beginning to the end! Geena Davis plays the part of a woman who has had amnesia for eight years and bore a daughter and doesn't know who the father is. She is the average good mother with no idea that her past was filled with just the opposite of that tranquil representation.

    She has hired Samuel Jackson, a second-rate gumshoe, to try and trace her background. By chance he stumbles upon a clue, but before he can get to her, she is attacked in her home by a madman out to kill her. She discovers she has amazing skills in defense.

    She and Samuel team up to chase down the clues he has found and end up in a dangerous game of espionage, murder and more!

    The movie was thrilling, with just enough touches of humor and wit to give it a humanistic touch. The movie is smooth, connected and thrilling from the beginning to end. Enjoy!...more info

  • An Over-The-Top CAMP DELIGHT!!
    Delectably, deliriously, dementedly awful, The Long Kiss Goodnight is one of the very best Bad Movies to Love of the '90s, no small accomplishment in a decade that also gave us Wild Orchid, Zandalee and Showgirls.

    The fun begins when Geena Davis, a demure, redheaded, schoolteaching single mother who suffers from amnesia and cannot recall having been the world's deadliest hired assassin eight years ago, collides with a reindeer. Voila. Davis begins to get hints of her previous vocation. In a dream sequence Sigmund Freud would have fired a patient for having, goody-two-shoes Davis stands atop a stormy cliff facing her sexy, bottle-blonde image in a mirror. "I want a cigarette," growls the tough-talkin' reflection, to which the nice Davis prissily replies, "I don't smoke." "Ya used to!" snaps the blonde. Director Renny Harlin chooses to cut from this all-too-revealing dream sequence to a dump truck picking up garbage (discuss meaning amongst yourselves).

    Soon Davis's dark side starts cropping up during waking hours. The mere chopping of a carrot turns into a dicin', slicin' display of aggression that is, frankly, reminiscent of one of those infomercials for sharp cutlery. Whipping through every vegetable in the kitchen, Davis beams maniacally, "I used to do this. I'm a chef!" Perhaps not. When she nails a tomato to the wall with a perfectly tossed knife, her daughter and boyfriend are justifiably terrified. "Chefs do that," explains Davis. But later, when she tells her kid, who's just fractured a wrist, "Life is pain! Get used to it!" there's no pretending Davis's previous life was benevolent. To make the point even clearer, a one-eyed thug who knew hit woman Davis way back when breaks into the house and hits Davis on the head with a heavy pot, whereupon she knocks him out cold with a cream pie in the kisser, then breaks his neck, and, as her boyfriend watches, tastes the pie filling off the corpse, explaining, "Chefs do that."

    Determined to discover the truth about her past, Davis hits the road with "low rent" private eye Samuel L. Jackson. While Jackson watches the classic Robert Altman film The Long Goodbye in a motel room the next evening, Davis looks in a mirror in her room and again sees the skanky blonde version of herself, who suddenly reaches out from the mirror to try to kill her. Alas, she doesn't succeed.

    All hell breaks loose when more bad guys from the past show up and try to extinguish Davis and Jackson. The attacks only serve to bring the amnesiac's deadly personality fully to the surface. Davis transforms the drab version of herself into a sleek blonde hit babe, who for some reason is wearing only a bathrobe and excessive eyeshadow. At the sight of a bloodstained arm bandage on Jackson, the new, true Davis suddenly opens her robe, flashes her bare bod at him, then rips off the bandage. "Same principle as deflowering virgins," she says. "I read it in this Harold Robbins book: guy bites her on the ear, distracts her from the pain. Ever try that?" "No," replies Jackson, "I sock 'em in the jaw and yell, 'Pop goes the Weasel!'" This spicy dialogue arouses Davis to pant in Jackson's ear, "I haven't had a date in eight years." Like the rest of us, Jackson isn't buying: "A beautiful white lady seducing the colored help? Get real, sweetheart. I ain't rich, I ain't handsome, and the last time I got bl--n, candy bars cost a nickel." Who says there's no longer a need for affirmative action?

    The next day, a car full of killers chases Jackson, prompting Davis to strap on ice skates to outrace the speeding automobile and blast the villains. The mayhem reached a climax on Christmas Eve when Davis outwits her foes by (1) putting kerosene in a Betsy Wetsy-type doll, (2) taunting a knife-wielding killer with the line, "Oh honey, only four inches?" and, finally, (3) collapsing so that her daughter can reprise the innane line, "Life is pain! Get used to it!" At this point, you'll want to rewind to the scene that provided this movie with its place in Bad Moviedom. Yes, listen once again as Davis, driving an oil rig outfitted with a doomsday bomb, becomes the first (and, we'd bet, the last) action heroine to snarl at her opponents a remark that could have become her catch phrase (alongside Arnold's "I'll Be Back" and Willis' "Whoopie-ki-yay...) had she continued on to acheive a much deserved action-star status!
    ...more info
  • Spectacular!
    This movie is so action packed it's eye-popping, literally. Geena Davia and Samuel L. Jackson play a very unlikely pair trying to outwit the nasty villains who are, for some reason, out to kill Samantha Cain. Just eight years prior Samantha was a loving mother of an eight year old girl, and happily living her life knowing she had amnesia. She decided she would never find out who she really is, although she has hired private detectives to find out. None have come up with anything significant. Enter Samuel L. Jackson, small time private detective with a lot of time on his hands and the action begins. The movie plot keeps you riveted to your seat the entire time. The bit of humor is great too, there is never a dull moment in this movie....more info
  • Satisfying
    I was channel surfing and stopped to watch this film primarily out of desperation. I am not a Gena Davis fan but I do like Samuel Jackson so that's how I found this great movie. Gena looked great, was totally believable as Samantha/Charlie and the story worked. There was not one slow moment and Jackson was perfect as the comic relief sidekick....more info
  • Wow Humm Baby! Jerry Mouse! Cute!
    Genna Davis gives a good performance as a woman trying to remember her past as a secret agent. Unlike her previous Oscar winning gem in The Accidental Tourist, she does a 180 degree turn in this role as a character smooth as silk & cold as ice. Samuel L. Jackson is once again one of the most diverse actors in Hollywood with this supporting role. Overall, this is a surprisingly good action drama with lots of suspense. It works!...more info