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Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love
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Product Description

There¡¯s a revolution brewing across the nation--a movement that¡¯s changing lives and revealing little known paths to passion and prosperity.

It¡¯s about building a great living around what you love to do most. Once you¡¯ve been touched by it, you¡¯ll never be the same. This book is your way in, your admission ticket to the world of the career renegade.

Jonathan Fields, mega-firm lawyer turned successful lifestyle entrepreneur, blogger and writer shows you how to turn your passion¨Cwhether it¡¯s cooking or copy-writing, teaching or playing video games¨Cinto a better payday and a richly satisfying life.

* Discover the 7 career renegade paths to prosperity
* Tap technology to turn a seemingly moneyless passion into a goldmine
* Rapidly test and tune your idea for free, from the comfort of your couch
* Establish yourself as an authority in a new field with little or no investment
* Cultivate the mission-driven, action-oriented career renegade mindset
* Rally others to your cause, and convince them you¡¯re not nuts

Join the movement now¡­and take back your livelihood and life!

Customer Reviews:

  • Run, Don't Walk To Own this Book
    Jonathan has clarity. That clarity is now a handbook and a map. If you want to set your compass and sail into making a living doing what you are born to do, here's your guidebook. Or you could just stand there and wonder what it would be like. For less than the cost of two lattes, I now have step one, and two and three...really useful book packed with references, sites and resources to get there. Not a bad deal. Jonathan's usual best practices here in abundance....more info
  • Practical, actionable advice from someone who has walked the walk
    If you've ever wondered how you can turn your passion into a business, this book is probably the best place to look for answers. The author, who left a career in law years ago to pursue his dreams as an entrepreneur, describes in great detail seven often overlooked ways to make money doing what you love.

    He starts by explaining how each particular strategy can work for you, and follows through with real life examples and a list of resources for you to dig deeper on your own. Then, he continues to guide us through the process of marketing our dream, the basics of Internet marketing, and how to use blogs and social media to make our mark in the world and gain influence.

    Perhaps the passage of the book that I liked the most is when the author talks about conventional wisdom, and how it gets in the way of identifying opportunity. Learning to defy conventional wisdom (or what others may call "thinking out of the box") is the best way to discover niches that nobody is addressing and that you can turn into a business.

    With that frame of mind and the practical tips in this book, you shouldn't have any problem finding work that is at the same time lucrative and fulfilling.
    ...more info
  • This book rocks!
    There are a number of books out there on this subject. But, Career Renegade is the cream of the crop! Jonathan Fields delivers an engaging, heartfelt and most of all USEFUL treatise on how to craft the career of your heart and the life of your dreams. This book is packed with detailed suggestions on how to take a passion and transform it step by step from an idea into a reality that can support the lifestyle you desire. Jonathan Fields is clearly passionate about being an entrepreneur and the passion wafts from the page causing a serious case of " Yes i can!" You've been forewarned! Now buy this book!...more info
  • VERY good, VERY rich, VERY happy
    This book will launch your new career in the right direction! Combine it with my own book "The Expert's Edge" and you'll not only become a great expert at something you love doing but you'll also leap ahead of all your competitors and get VERY good, VERY rich, VERY happy... VERY fast!...more info
  • Informative and Inspiration
    Are you looking for a change in your career path? This is the book to help you do it. Simply put this book will change your life! Do what you love with your life with the help of this book....more info
  • Chuck it all for a career that excites you -- without ending up broke, divorced or sorry
    You should read Career Renegade if any of the following describes you:

    - You hate to get up in the morning because you hate your work;

    - You have become physically ill from work;

    - You feel empty in your work and search for deeper satisfaction;

    - You long to take charge of your working life and the people you work with; or

    - You want a better-quality life, with more balance, instead of the daily grind you endure today.

    Career Renegade helps you identify a career that gives you the most satisfaction. Have you ever heard about being "in the zone"? Ever wondered what that was like? Well, you too can achieve such a deep state of concentration in your work that time seems to stand still and you can barely tear yourself away from it. This is your true inner passion.

    Once you've identified your passion, the book tells you how to turn that into a fiscally viable business or career path. It not only explains WHAT to do -- but more importantly HOW to do it. You'll get pumped up and inspired, but you will also walk away knowing how to channel that inspiration into action.

    I love the human interest in this book! Jonathan Fields, the author, tells stories throughout the book. He tells his own story and also the stories of others who have made unusual career moves or pursued a non-traditional career route.

    The book has detailed resources about how to use the Web to research customer demand for your business. It goes well beyond "look it up in Google" to much more subtle and lesser-known research methods.

    It also identifies marketing resources to help you promote your business and draw in customers and sales - with lots of emphasis on the most up-to-date online marketing methods. Marketing has changed dramatically in the past decade, and this book reflects the most up to date methods. It's written in a way that anyone can understand - you don't have to have a marketing degree to figure them out.
    ...more info
  • Great information, wealth of wisdom
    There are three major benefits that you will gain from reading this book.

    First it will serve as a motivation to all who want to give up the rut we all call a job and move out on their own.

    The second benefit is really a step by step guide about how to move out on your own. Not only does Jonathan tell you how, he gives links to hundreds of resources to help you accomplish what you want.

    The third valuable benefit is the wisdom that Jonathan shares from his own experiences.

    The third benefit is perhaps the most valuable. Under the wisdom he shares, there are two very valuable lessons - either of them worth the price of the book.

    The first lesson is how to deal with fear. Here Jonathan gives some extremely good advice. Fear is probably the number one reason most people do not achieve their dreams. His advice is to explore and quantify the fear. Ask what are the consequences of failure, what is the worst case scenario, and examine the results. Often this will put fear in perspective. Then let go of the fear. Do this only once and let go.

    Then you need to explore and quantify inaction. What are the results of doing nothing? If "staying the course is going to create a miserable future", that should be an unacceptable alternative. Once you explore and quantify inaction, let go. Again do this only once. What you focus on expands. So only examine the fear and inaction once and then move on.

    Then the important part is to stimulate success daily. Again, what we focus on expands. So stimulate success daily. You do this by being clear about what you want, believing you can achieve it and taking focused action.

    The other huge lesson is how, when and why to involve others family/friends/mentors in your mission

    The last lesson is probably the best advice in the entire book. There is no one person, guru, mentor who can give you the magic formula or set of directions that will work for you. In the final analysis, "no one can stand in your shoes. No one else can take action but you."

    Take responsibility for your own life.

    Ask yourself this question, "Will this career choice let me spend the greatest amount of time absorbed in the activities and relationships that make me come alive while earning the living I need to live?"

    The book is well written and easy to read. If you really wish to change your life, to take charge and put your future in your own hands, this is a great place to start.

    ...more info
  • Much more than a "How to change careers " book!
    I had already run away from the corporate scene and started my compnay when I read this amazing book. It is FULL of real world practical advice on how to market, and I mean market your company. Plus great thoughts on goal setting and foucs. I couldrambel on forever but the bottom line is this. If you are really considering following your heart or have already made the jump this is THE best book I've ever read for the entreprenuer!

    John Gregory Vincent
    Founder - President
    Genesis Consulting Group LLC...more info
  • wait, that's doable??
    Jonathan Fields is practical, poignant, and hilarious. This book is not just about finding the career you love, but also the LIFE you love. The questions he asks are challenging and thoughtful, and I can actually see how they inform my actions already. I happen to love my work and now he has given me new avenues to explore. Thanks so much for your open-hearted philosophy and fearless soul-seeking....more info
  • Timely practical and inspiring advice
    Jonathan Fields has given all of us who struggle with how to make a living doing what we really care about a tremendous boost with his book Career Renegade. Despite the popular adages and the popular book title, "Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow", sometimes the magic of affirmations isn't enough to provide the courage to really do what you love, and really trust that it will work.

    Jonathan Fields isn't just someone who has thought about this issue. He's gone out and done it. It struck home for me much closer than did "The 4 Hour Workweek" by Timothy Ferriss. Yes, there is appeal in me for only working four hours a week. But there is much more appeal for me to loving the work I do so much that it's play. Definitely, go out and read Timothy Ferriss's book. It's great. But if you're like me, someone who has devoted a lot of time to a traditional job who might not want to live in different places in the world every few months, but just wants to do what he loves and get paid well for it, Career Renegade might be a closer fit.

    Some of the advice is timeless, especially in the earlier part of the book. You don't have to use the internet to get clarity on what you really care about and learn to be more resourceful and creative in finding ways of building a career out of what you love. Jonathan's story of how a career in law drove him to the brink of illness and death, which forced him to really work out a different path doing what he loved as a "serial entrepreneur" is inspiring even beyond this globally interconnected age. Heck, he succeeded being a Yoga Instructor in New Jersey. That's pretty unwired.

    But much of the advice Jonathan gives is timely. Get it now, use it now. It exploits the internet, social networking, and global communications. His advice is also doable. The rise of the internet has bred nearly a seemingly infinite number communities of shared passion, all of which care enough to devote time and dollars to that passion. So - Got Passion? You have a potential income stream serving that community.

    I love Jonathan's description of what the book is not about, especially the part where he says it is not about being given "a partial solution and then pitched the chance to pay thousands more for the remaining 25 percent of the puzzle." And it's also not about "fluffy feel good stuff" that leaves you without practical steps to follow to make the dream real.

    Ok, what are you waiting for? The world needs more people who love what they do. Buy it and read it, and do it....more info
  • Not really a inspiring book
    After reading all the great reviews here, I purchased Career Renegade. It was a waste of my money. Career Renegade is a lot of fluff. The book is short on details about how to change your life and long on the the author Jonathan Field's ego. The author is not down to earth. I could not relate his life stories. I have read Po Bronson's "What Should I Do with My Life?" and Tim Ferriss's "4-Hour Workweek" which I enjoyed and learned many things from. I was very disappointed in Career Renegade....more info
  • An excellent guide and resource.
    I'll admit it: I'm a fan of the how-to. It's a great concept, isn't it? But all too often, how-tos contain disproportionate amounts of encouragement and facts. Not so with Career Renegade. Jonathan Fields provides equal amounts of heart and real-world advice in this quick-yet-meaty read. He also provides tons of resources. I'm recommending this book to all the entrepreneurs and creative types I know; in all seriousness, it's already helped me....more info
  • Inspirational
    Career Renegade is a great jump start for people who are looking for motivation and real life experiences. I read the book in one night, and then went back to go over his step by step way of a new approach of thinking and action. I love his personal accounts,as well as others he interviewed. His writing is approachable and honest. I now have new resources for research that I never knew existed. He drew me in from the beginning and the end of the book begs for more. I hope that this is just the first of many more from this talented and inspirational author....more info
  • Lots of practical advice here
    Longing to leave your job and strike out on your own?

    Just finished reading this fabulous book. A highly successful entrepreneur, Jonathan Fields offers practical tips on starting a profitable business doing something you love.

    Fields knows a few things about this, having gone from a (massively stressed) lawyer with a top firm to striking out on his own and making his fortune doing things he's passionate about.

    I've been an entrepreneur for almost five years, and I mined plenty of new profit-building strategies within the pages of The Career Renegade. Now to put them to work....

    If you need a pep talk, check out this video clip:

    Fields exhorts you to take action (five a day, perhaps) towards your own dreams and, whatever you do, please don't let the economy stop you....more info
  • The Inspiration Needed To Dominate During Tough Economic Times.
    I discovered Career Renegade a couple months ago and my current career outlook has never been more clear. This book provides both the motivational case studies of successful Renegades as well as links to the tools and resources that will allow the noob Renegades to get the ball rolling. So many books shell out advice telling you WHAT to do but never HOW to do it. This is where Career Renegade shines.

    Whether you want to leave your job and go out on your own or you want to carve your dream job from your current position --this book is for you.

    I highly recommend to all of my friends trying to find themselves, in the 'career' sense of the word. Young professionals, recent grads, or anyone looking for a career upgrade get this book....more info
  • Great Guide at the Perfect Time
    Jonathan Fields, mega-firm lawyer and entrepreneur has written a compelling, well-researched book about how to replace your mundane job with a lucrative career doing the things you love the most. It is not full of nebulous advice that goes nowhere but rather a guide detailing the tools, techniques and resources you will need to get off the corporate treadmill and really start living life as it was meant to be.

    Career Renegade really struck a cord with me for two reasons. First, as a corporate director for a fortune 500 company I am witnessing first-hand the devastating impact the current recession is having on people's lives. As livelihoods are snatched away overnight, many people find that they had put all of their eggs in one basket. Placing false hope in loyalty to their employer, they find themselves without a plan, without a lifeline. They stumble around in the shadows of their former passions and ambitions. This book will rekindle those passions. Put forth is a blunt, easy-reading style, the ideas in the book will provide guidance and hope for those that have had the rug jerked from under them.

    Second, from a personal perceptive, I totally agree with the subject of this important book. While I still maintain my 9 to 5 life in the corporate world, last year I signed a contract to publish my first business book Wingtips with Spurs. Now two others are in the works. I only wish that I had read Career Renegade several years ago thereby inspiring me to put my energy and time in the things I have passion about.

    Jonathan Fields has produced a work that is, authoritative, comprehensive and extremely relevant.

    I hope you find this review helpful.

    Michael L. Gooch, SPHR
    ...more info
  • Practical and Practicable Resource
    I've been down a very interesting career road over the past 16 years. Through it all, I've always had ideas about developing a product or service that I really care about. However, I would often find within years (sometimes months) that someone else was doing what I had thought of doing myself. This would further knock the wind out of me. Why? Maybe because I've always made choices that lean towards security, safety, or the status-quo opinions of those around me. I'm also realizing that my fears have been a combination of not having the confidence or understanding how to take a risk to pursue one of my many ideas with vigor and passion.

    In Career Renegade, Jonathan Fields redefines success to include happiness, passion, and satisfaction. He offers his own experiences and that of other successful people who overcame the drudgery of their careers by finding careers and enterprises tied to their own personal passions. Interwoven within these personal stories is a thoughtful framework of analyses, considerations, tools and resources for anyone thinking about doing the same. Jonathan provides guidance on how to identify your passions, verify your ideas with free market research tools, promote and evangelize your ideas, and much much more.

    For me, the greatest value in Career Renegade comes in the last several chapters. It's here where Jonathan discusses how to overcome doubt, defeatism, and other psychological hurdles. He goes on to counsel us about the importance of family and friends and how to garner their support. And finally, he dives into the *vital* need for developing a "brain-trust" - a team of people who you know personally and/or respect professionally - and how to continually tap into their expertise, insights, and advice. This is really powerful and useful information that you just can't get anywhere else....more info