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Animorphs - The Invasion Series, Part 2: Nowhere to Run [VHS]
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Product Description

If you know the difference between an Andalite and a Yeerk, then you'll easily become engrossed in this video, which contains three episodes of the Animorphs television series. Even if you're not hooked on the series of sci-fi books that are sweeping grade schools, there's enough inherent drama to draw you in and clues to help you figure it out. Each installment involves high drama: the teens are chased by bad guys and morph into animals as they deal with high-anxiety trauma. In one episode, the teens meet Ax, a wild-looking Andalite creature who falls from space to help them fight the resident bad guys, the parasitic Yeerks. In the best segment, Cassie--one of the morphing teens--can't stop turning into a crocodile against her will. The solution? She burps up the beast. Gross? Yep, and totally kid cool. --Valerie J. Nelson

Customer Reviews:

  • RADICAL!!!
    It was the best movie I've seen in my life! I need to buy it!!...more info
  • I love this movie!
    i love this movie. I wish that I could ownit. I have almost all the books and I have part one of the movie series....more info
  • Calling it Animorphs should be a crime
    I absolutly love the books. They are awsome they are great this is not. This series is so bad I can't stand it. The books are wonderful and full of battles and aliens. This has no real battles. Morphing is only showed half the time. You never see an entire andalite at once. The Hork Bajar just stand there. The taxxons are not in this. The acting was absolutly terrible. If only this series was good. Animorphs had so much potencial so much....more info
  • books v. movies
    I think that this movie was ok . I LOVE the Animorphs series
    and am trying to own all the movies ( i have the 1st 2 ) I'm waiting for the 3rd and 4th to come in .They should make the episodes longer 2 . By the tome the credits r over , half the episode is 2!
    Anyway ,
    I think that if you are a fan of the books that you will be disapointed . They change the stories around . Like with the uncontrollable morphing in the 3rd episode on this video .
    In the books its Rachel but here its Cassie . But shes suppose 2 be the best morpher so it makes no sense!
    The special affects r pretty bad 2 . The hrk-bajir look nothing like they should and the andalites r just sad .
    what ever happened 2 the taxxons?
    and they were supose 2 find ax in the domeship in the ocean !
    so yeah , they change the stories and the special effects r pathedic .
    but I bought it because its Animorphs .
    and the 1st 1 was good .so if u have the rest of the series ,
    you gotta have this one .
    just don't expect 2 much .
    and oh yeah -
    4 other reviewers-
    when you talk bout the books/series/animorphs ending-
    don't spoil it 4 the rest of us, ok ?...more info
    I am so sick of people saying about how its Rachel not Cassie-WE KNOW THAT! Even though they don't make them the same did any of you ever think that maybe most TRUE Animorphs fans who have read the books would want something diffrent????Well this video is great even if all you people who aren't true Animorphs fans don't think so!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Animorph Pt. 2
    I've seen all the episodes on this, and "The Message" is the BEST. I've not seen this video, but a friend said that Cassie is the one who does the never before seen footage. She is in the barn. This has episodes "Between Friends" Episode 5, "The Message" Episode 6, and "The Reaction" Episode 9. I wonder why they skipped so many episodes. . . . . ....more info
  • I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would LOVE to by it!!! I can hardly find movies like this in stores...more info