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Spice World
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The Spice Girls have plenty of personality, and that helps make up for the lapses in inspiration that keep their feature debut from being a truly good movie and potential cult piece. As with Richard Lester's Hard Day's Night, Spice World is about a few days in the collective life of the all-female British group; and the banter is suggestively representative of how the Girls all speak to one another. But the value of individual scenes is woefully inconsistent, reaching a low point in a dumb sequence when a gaggle of extraterrestrials hit them up for autographs. Fortunately, the film is full of great people, or in some cases good people doing great things: Richard E. Grant, Roger Moore, Alan Cummings, Mark McKinney, and tons of cameos from the likes of Elton John, Elvis Costello, and Bob Hoskins. You don't have to be 11 years old and female to get some enjoyment out of this movie, but it might help. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • The Spice Girls Movie
    "Spice World" is a good movie as The Spice Girls poke fun at themselfs-So not to take so seriously of themselfs."Spice World" does have its funny moments and the music is simply great.The Movie should have been in Widescreen too.It's okay with Full Screen but Widescreen is better.So glad it has the extra song "Mama"(Shown in Widescreen) and the theatrical trailer.If "Spice World" ever be re-realeased again-It would be nice to put a behind the scenes feature,deleted scenes(There was 2 I've seen in the theatrical trailer never seen before),Outtakes(?),The Teaser Trailer,Music Videos,a commntary(?)and the movie in Widescreen(Really update this dvd).Now that The Spice Girls are reunited this year.This is still a fun movie to watch....more info
  • Funny, Sexy, great tunes!!!
    Who wouldn't want to see 5 sexy girls that sing get involved in an updated version of A Hard Day's Night? C'mon, really now! It's a fun movie and it's about time these girls came back!...more info
  • FUN!!!!
    Don't take them to seriously, they didn't. It is just fun. Anytime you see/saw something about them, they are/were have a good time, with loads of "girl power" lol It's a secret favorite among most of my friends, a very odd mix of people, who just liked to laugh along with the spice girls with how silly everyone acted about them. They are entertainers. They entertain. Spice World is the same....more info
  • like the good old days
    is you remember the spice girls like i did when you where like 8 years old and where a big fan of the movie. You will still love Spice World. It kinda still holds up if you always been a Spice Girl fan, but if this is your first time watching it you will probably say this is the stupidest movie ever. And you would be right. Girl Power!...more info
  • Favorite Movie!
    This movie is one of my favorite movies, not only because I am a fan of the Spice Girls, but I thought it was fun to watch. I always watched this movie with friends during sleepovers and it was always fun to sing along and repeat all the lines to the movie. Its more of a movie you may enjoy only if you are a fan of the Spice Girls and their music. ...more info
  • Campy Fun
    The movie pulse review above is a little too short sighted to understand why people would enjoy this film. Their review is more like the kind of arrogant criticism you'd expect from these self proclaimed critics
    . Movies are enjoyable for a number of reasons. First you have what some consider high art. A lot of times although these films are original and at times can have great imagination they normally are not very fun to watch and are generally boring. You also have your big blockbuster movies with huge budgets. Hollywood movies that put millions of dollars into everything from actors to their catering. Once and a while hollywood can hit the mark and many of us can name off a few films in this category we enjoy but, we all know that big dollars do not always equal entertainment nor a good film. Then you have your independant and B-films. Films with smaller budgets that do what they can with what they have. In terms of fun and entertainment they are much the same as the high budget films (hit and miss). Lastly and more to the point we have campy films. Some are not intended to be and some are. What can generally be agreed upon is that when we watch movies such as these we don't watch them because they'll win some sort of award (how shallow is it to only enjoy films because they can or have won an oscar). No, we watch these movies(and movies in general)for their intended reason...To be entertained and have a good time. This seems to be what moviepulse has forgotten. Their review is more intent on picking apart the film for it's lack of "Academy Award" standards in which all films must apparently shoot for in order to get good reviews. They forgot to tell us if the movie was fun watch. They neglected to say if there were audiences out there that found this film enjoyable. their review is unbias and narrow minded.

    This gets me to my point. The spice girls movie is by no means an award winner but if you enjoy campy films that will make you laugh and leave you feeling entertained when they are over then give this movie a chance. Of course this was a Spice Girl vehicle. They were at the height of their popularity. Anything they would have done would have been seen that way. The movie resemble the Beatles "a hard days night"? Well try and find a film that does not pilfer from another. A lot of times films a slammed because they resemble another film. Most movies are this way and few films are so fresh and new as to boast complete originality. I own this movie and watch it regularly. Many of my friends did not want to watch it. They had the same "noses turn up" view of this movie as moviepulse yet after one viewing they not only liked it but have seen it multiple times after the fact. if you like the spice girls then it's a no brainer but if you don't I still recommend this film. It's a riot and you'll have great time watching it....more info
  • Girl Power!
    Spice Girls' second one is pure pop album. The great opener "Spice Up Your Life" cheers you up whenever you are down and sad. "Stop" and "Move Over" are classic pop songs too...MO is the one we remember as a Pepsi song. "Viva Forever" and "Too Much" are peaceful song...they are in my opinion the best ballads that any girl group has deal with it..."Do It" is the one with power...just like "Satuday Night Divas"..."Never Give Up on the Good Times" is the one that is a happy song too...very optimistic. "The Lady..." is a great song. It is very old-fashioned music...I guess in 60's or 50's was this kind of music. So, Spiceworld is a great girl power album.
    Stars: Spice Up Your Life, Stop, Viva Forever...more info
  • For those wondering about the MUSIC, not the movie
    First off I'm quite amazed, it seems EVERY other review on here is about the movie!! Well this is not the VHS, DVD or blu-ray, you have clicked on the CD version of Spiceworld, aka the very bearable soundtrack to the movie.

    This album is great. Listening to it makes me realise what a lost society we live in now, where barely an original tune is released anymore. Spiceworld takes me back to not only my early teen years, but back to when music was great. The melodies are superb and catchy, and the lyrics mean something worthwile. Now for my song reviews:

    1. Spice Up Your Life - 3/5. My least favourite track on the album, the one time I felt the girls had been pressured into a particular type of song to appeal for the first single. It's not bad, but it's not up to the Spice Girls standards.

    2. Stop - 4.5/5. Terrific, a lot of people's favourite track. It's upbeat, and fun, and has a terrific climax.

    3. Too Much - 4/5. A very sweet yet sexy sort of song that cold be construed as this album's "2 Become 1". Listening to it, you can just tell it's classic Britpop (what ever happened to that, btw?).

    4. Saturday Night Divas - 4/5. Another of those fun songs that could easily appeal to the brainless no-taste kids out there who only like music to dance to, but it also packs a very catchy original tune, and it just gels really, really well. Will get stuck in your head for days.

    5. Never Give Up On The Good Times - 5/5. My person favourite of all Spice Girls songs. I remember when I first heard it, I was sure I'd heard it before somewhere. Never did find out, but I guess I didn't, perhaps it's just that original that you feel like you've heard it before because it's so good.
    Anyway, this is a long one (clocks in at 4 and a half minutes!!) but that's because there's so much there. It starts of with frogs (yeah, frogs), and then jumps into a head-nodding beat, and then the strings come in and take over the show. As usual, Mel C's strong and unique voice is used to good effect here (Never give it up, no; never give it up, no). Can't get any better than this, if it's your sort of thing.

    6. Move Over - 3.5/5. Generation Next, which I sang as Generation X for about 10 years... This is another fun one that goes just that one step further so it doesn't seal its fate as another forgettable pop tune. It's probably near the bottom of the pile in terms of favourites, but it's still very good and catchy.

    7. Do It - 4/5. From the get-go Mel C's voice "duetting" with itself tells you that you're in for a great original British song (aren't we the best?). This song is about doing what you want and not caring what others think. I can't get over how such a cool, hip tune (even in today's society) is able to add genuinely touching moments in between. Quite wonderful and catchy.

    8. Denying - 4/5. Same as above. Hip, catchy as hell, and with touching moments. This song has just that bit more substance than the rest because it's dealing with someone who thinks they're better than everyone else.

    9. Viva Forever - 4/5. The prettiest song on the album, it's clearly inspired by Geri "Ginger" Halliwell's background. Very Spanish sounding, but with those awesome strings put to good use again, and a tune that is actually remarkably beautiful. If the music video hadn't been so stupid, I'd give it 4.5.

    10. The Lady Is A Tramp - 4.5/5. What fun! Scrap the past 40 years of music development and go straight back into the good old jazz/Chicago-esque style. My Dad, who's in his late 60s, loves this song. And so do I. It's just so completely unexpected from the Girls and it's original to boot. Go back in time and release this as a record single, nobody will know the difference and it'd be a hit then too. The ending is terrific and sends chills down my spine. As with every song on this album, I recommend playing it really loud on an excellent sound system.

    So there you go. I honestly believe every track on this album could have been a number 1 hit had they been given the chance, but the fact that the album was #1 for so long shows just how terrific the music is. I'd say this album will go down in history... just as soon as these emo people stop taking over the music world and brandishing everything as shamefully lame. I'll sit and listen to this while I wait. :)...more info
  • Viva Les SPICEs...
    this album sold 18 millions copies and it was their second #1 album..

    the fantasy is waitng for you in this album......more info
  • Spice World Movie Review
    Little more than an excuse to exploit the success of the Spice Girls, Spice World is a grossly lacking film, even for those who enjoy the music. Essentially a ripoff of The Beatles "A Hard Days Night", the Spice Girls are unfortunately not nearly as famous and their music not nearly as universally recognized. A slew of cameos and familiar supporting cast members can't save the film from its own bad dialogue, poor choreography and painful lip-syncing. Apparently everyone was in it for the paycheck.

    Piers Cuthbertson-Smyth (Alan Cumming) is a documentarian desperately trying to obtain footage for his latest project, a look at the popular five-girl singing group The Spice Girls: Ginger (Geri Halliwell), Baby (Emma Bunton), Posh (Victoria Beckham), Sporty (Melanie Chisholm) and Scary (Melanie Brown). While he struggles to sneak into parties and onto sets where they practice, the girls themselves prepare for a big stage show in England. Meanwhile, their eccentric manager is in cahoots with Chief (Roger Moore) the man who feels he is responsible for their success and can take it away with a snap of his fingers, or a caress of his squealing bovine. And if that isn't enough, a mysterious paparazzi spy gets carried away snapping pictures of the fivesome and pasting it all over the headlines. To top it all off, a pair of filmmakers pitch their idea of a Spice Girl movie to studio executives, which as it turns out, is basically the very movie we're watching.

    Since the story of the film is largely pointless, and little else really holds attention spans, it is easy to pick out inaccuracies and bits of concepts that don't quite add up. For starters, the girls drive around in the Spice Bus, a blue and red monstrosity that has an impossibly large interior. So impossibly large in fact, that it doesn't even pretend to make sense. Workout equipment, couches, beds and all sorts of other furniture are scattered throughout the inside of the bus, in shots that are clearly not capable of being inside the bus. And yet the filmmakers go so far as to show the flashing lights of other vehicles zipping by the bus windows, even though the realism has long since been abandoned.

    While each Spice Girl physically embodies stereotypical fashions, physiques and attitudes, those characteristics don't translate over to their personalities. Either they were all scripted to be ditzy, or they're just naturally that way. Through constant daydream sequences they act out various scenarios, most of which are intended as comedy relief, despite the blatant absence of humor. Similarly, the dance and song segments arise from nonsensical situations, and they're choreographed with little self-respect, and with obnoxious elements such as an Army dance instructor and poor lip-syncing. Alan Cumming plays a character very much like we envision him to be in his everyday life, and Roger Moore embarrassingly plays a villain who strokes various furry animals and speaks in riddles, an obvious farce of his own James Bond evildoers.

    With brief appearances by Elton John, Bob Hoskins and other well-known Brits, a wholeheartedly unexciting speedboat adventure, and countless attempts at failed humor, Spice World is still unable to create entertainment that reaches beyond diehard fans of the all-girl group. And even entertaining those fans is debatable. When the group revives an unconscious sick kid by suggesting that Ginger Spice take her top off, it's apparent that their true talents are not in the music.

    - Mike Massie
    ...more info
  • Loves It
    I had this movie on VHS, and lost it. One day I had this incredibly strong urge to watch it, so I ordered it and now I watch it all the time. It's fun to sing along to in a group. One thing, the dance instructor isn't saying "porta bra," he is actually saying "port de bras," a French term for movement of the arms that is used in ballet....more info
  • below average
    This dvd was below average and we could not even watch the whole thing. It seems totally dated now. ...more info
  • The Best Stupid Movie I've Ever Seen
    This movie is simply hilarious. I was quite captivated by the Spice Girls when this movie first came out. Shortly after, I outgrew them, but I still LOVE this movie. Anyone who has not seen it, needs to. Period....more info
    This was a movie I got for my daughters friend and she loves it! To remind you she is 13 and enjoys the lovable and light hearted movie!...more info
  • oh my God! wow! love this album!
    this is even better than their 1st album! spice up your life is my fave spice girls song! this album is better than 1st b/c it just is; just listn to spice up your life, too much (rarely does a slow song sound so good!), and saturday night divas. plz get this album, you'll love it!...more info
  • Silly rabbit!!!!Trix are for kids!!!!!
    What a roller coaster ride of a movie. I say this not because it had me at the edge of my seat with excitement but because it made me vomit allover myself. Wow, where do I even begin? Ok how about this? You know how a movie can be so bad that in a way its actually kind of good. Well this movie was so bad that it just flew past that point quicker than Rick James' heartbeat after a 4 day coke binge, and then went back around full circle to being just plan horrible.

    I don't know how this can even be characterized as a movie because a movie requires a plot of some kind. I could have taken a blank piece of paper. Conjured up the biggest loogie that I could possibly make. One with a small solid chunk in it and with a nice faint yellowish hue. Spit it on the paper and have made a better script then the one used in this movie. There must have been something wrong with either the tape I was viewing or my VCR, because about halfway through, the picture fluttered and the screen went blue for about 7mins. I witnessed more plot turns and more character development in this 7min span of blue screen, then I did throughout the whole rest of the movie.

    This movie left me so violated that at the ending credits I felt like a preschooler leaving the Never Land Ranch after a week long slumber party. At one point I just couldn't take anymore. I tried to stand and walk to the TV to shut it off, but I was so mentally and physically exhausted from viewing this movie that I couldn't even make it to my feet. Watching this movie required the use of muscles that I don't usually use on a regular basis. My body actually physically ached with soreness for 3 days after viewing this sick joke of a film. During one of the musical montages I sincerely feared that my brain cells may try to euthanize themselves to avoid enduring this torture any longer. The extent of psychological damage this movie has caused me is immeasurable. I now have recurring Nam flashbacks and I didn't even fight in Nam. Sometimes I'll just start weeping out of the blue like when Richard Simmons consoles a grossly overweight woman. I developed a drinking habit. I lost my job. All the hopes and dreams I once had are now lost, just like the fat from around Jarrids' midsection, all because of "Spice World"

    Director Bob Spiers should receive a beating so bad that The Gooch wouldn't even unleash it upon Arnold Jackson, for recording these ghastly events on film. If the spermaceti that was responsible for producing Bob Spiers knew that he would later go on to make this movie. It would have screamed out kamikaze and took a fatal dive into the sticky mucus lining of the fallopian tubes, instead of fertilizing the egg. Just think about how destructive, to the whole human race, Spice World can be. This next statement may sound very farfetched but in all likelihood it's not completely inconceivable. God forbid this would ever happen, but for a moment just imagine that all intelligent life on this planet was eradicated by some sort of plague. Now imagine that after hundreds of thousands of years a new race were to discover our planet and start studying who we were and how we lived. Imagine how they would marvel at some of our discoveries and inventions. They would be mesmerized by the huge skyscrapers we erected. Our knowledge of medicine, electricity, the automobile, the computer, and the family size George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reduceing Grilling Machine with bun warmer. They would be awed by some of our great poets, artists and philosophers. Just imagine what they would learn from us. Imagine the respect and admiration they would have for us. That is until one of them were to unearth "Spice World". The respect they once had for our hole race would be taken back faster than a bowl of cereal from Trix The Rabbit. Where we were once hailed as kings we would now be reduced to nothing more than the butts of their jokes like blondes, the Polish and Janet Jacksons' Nipple. All because of "Spice World".

    So in closeing. Whatever you do, do not buy or watch this movie, and if for some reason you already own it at least make sure you keep it locked up tighter then Martha Stewart. It may help preserve our good name in the long run. ...more info
  • For nostalgia's sake
    This movie isn't the best, nor is it supposed to be. It was created in the hey-dey of Girl Power mania for tweens who loved the Spice Girls; therefore, the simple humor and outrageous plot are aimed directly at such fans. The main appeal of the movie is to see the girls perform some of their greatest hits. ...more info