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Canning & Preserving for Dummies
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Product Description

Juicy details on making your own jams and jellies, canned veggies, and dried snacks

Enjoy delicious, do-it-yourself treats year-round - and they make great gifts!

Putting up fruits and vegetables in your home is as easy as pie with this step-by-step guide to canning and preserving. With easy-to-follow recipes, up-to-date safety guidelines, and simple, fun techniques, you'll find everything you need to fill your pantry with savory, homemade fare.

The Dummies Way

  • Explanations in plain English
  • "Get in, get out" information
  • Icons and other navigational aids
  • Tear-out cheat sheet
  • Top ten lists
  • A dash of humor and fun

Customer Reviews:

  • canning and preserving for dummies
    I am a beginner and this book is fabulous. you can't go wrong. it tells you eveything you need to know and then some. love it - deb bouchard...more info
  • A basic must...
    Canning & Preserving for Dummies is a great 'starter' or review for those who are into home food preparation and storage....more info
  • Very few canning recipes
    Good overview for a beginner, but I wanted more canning recipes. You'll need to go to another book to get that. This one just had a few jelly, salsa, pickle and a few directions on canning specific fruits and vegetables with very little on food dehydration. If you decide to get this, you'll need another book down the road if you decide to can or preserve anything else....more info
  • Makes Canning and Preserving a breeze! Tasty recipes, too!
    I've read this cookbook cover to cover, sampled some recipes, and I'm impressed! Karen Ward took all the guess work and concerns I had out of both canning and preserving. The balance of taste in her recipes is extraordinary. Her Pear Chutney's the best I've ever had (and I've had plenty). My husband adores her bread and Butter Pickles! A great cookbook to have on hand to make holiday food gifts, too....more info
  • Review
    Book arrived within stated shipping period. Slight damage to the cover, but since it is used, this was expected. Still in good condition....more info
  • I went from Burning Toast to Winning Blue Ribbons at The State Fair!
    I have always fantasized about canning and preserving my own locally grown garden vegetables and fruits. One day on a lark of what my partner called "Pure Insanity" I bought a Water based canner and equipment to put my dreams into reality. I would have panicked had I not reviewed and purchased this book the day before.

    In only a matter of a few hours I read the book from cover to cover and felt like an expert. Soon thereafter when I found a wonderful source of locally grown cucumbers I "canned" 8 pints of 'Bread and Butter pickles' from a recipe provided in this book. Three weeks later I was the recipient of a Blue Ribbon at a local fair for my "Prize Winning Recipe". I was astonished! They will never know the secret of my success was "The Dummies Guide" but I will never forget. I've since gone on to do Corn Relish, Apple Butter, Lime Pickles, and tonight I shall can Green Beans and Carrots.

    This is the book that will bring success to the otherwise accident and disaster prone "cook". Don't start this hobby without it!...more info
  • The Dummies Series for regular people
    I LOVE THIS BOOK!! It clearly explains how to and when to can foods. I use it like my canning dictionary and reference it constantly. I also am waiting on the Blue Ball Book which I read some of at WalMart and that book also is a big help! So, now I know what 2 books I will keep in my kitchen library to help make canning a success for myself and my son....more info
  • I Anint no dumby now....
    Canning & Preserving for DummiesI bought this book so I could learn the old art of preserving. I live in Maine and most of my neighbors have small farms and blueberry fields, so they offer me fresh fruits and vegetables all summer long, but I want to preserve them for those long, cold Maine winter nights.Hehehehehe. This book helped me preserve over 20 different fruits and vegetables and I love it. I now have most of my Xmas gifts all done....more info
  • Great for beginners
    If you are thinking of canning summer's bounty, this is a great place to start. Step by step basic instructions on how to thrill and not kill your friends and family with home canned goods....more info
  • Canning & Preserving for DUMMIES
    The book was well written. My wife loves canning and this book had information that she did not know how to do. Best thing I ever got for her....more info
  • Anyone can learn how to can.
    I have NEVER canned anything before in my entire life, and I decided to try it. I was extremely apprehensive but bought all the ingredients/equipment necessary. I read this book one time, and followed the directions. VIOLA!!! I had perfectly canned jam. I must add though, if you order any kind of water bath canner set, you will probably get a free Ball Canning Book which states the same information....more info
  • Despite errors and hysteria an OK Beginner Book
    Being a former research scientist, it is perhaps unfair to critique a book for beginners. The recipes, trouble shooting and sources chapters are great. You will never get sick following this book.
    Corections: One piece caps designed for home canning of jams are fine. All jars designed for canning may not be used. Those manufactured prior to WWII will break if used for pressure canning due to internal stress created by movement of the high soda glass over time. Used tomato sauce jars that use a standard cap are fine. Regular green beans (formerly called string beans) have not required destringing for 40 years. The jar lifter is gripping the jar where it will slip. Do not use wet dishtowels to wipe the lids. Your toilet bowl contains less bacteria. Use a paper towel. 2 piece (dome) lids on higher silica jars were used throughout WWII in Victory Gardens. I still use my mother's made in May, 1943. Do not bury your spoiled low acid food in deep soil or go through the detoxification process. Your sewer authority will probably tell you to dump it down the drain. If you do not trust their advice, take the food to your toxic waste drop off. If you have followed the directions as to pressure and time (you may not cheat), you do not need to boil all your canned low acid foods. Eat your food before canning the same veggies next year (a problem in WWII). Always can with a friend(s), especially the first time. It's more fun that way and safer should there ever be a rare problem (like a sticking valve in the MIRRO canner - tap with a wooden spoon and get your husband to fix it later). Botulism bacteria are killed at 212 degrees (actually 10 min. @ 80C according to the CDC). It's the spores that require 240F for the times indicated. In nearly 40 years of canning and raising three children from our large garden and orchard, we have never had food poisoning. Just remember, cleanliness is next to godlineness....more info
  • Great Book for the Beginner
    I used to take insult to "dummy" books, but this book is wonderful. Since I had everything to learn about canning, this book written with it's simplicity and step by step detail, has been a great resource....more info
  • unsatisfactory
    I give this book a "U" for unsatisfactory. It has NO information
    on canning meat, poultry or fish !!! It recommends another book
    - apparently the author thinks it's way too hard and scary to can
    meat. It isn't - buy another book with more practical information
    in it.
    ...more info
  • canning for dummies
    book easy to read and came in good shapeand arrived fast i would order again...more info