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A pre-Phantom Michael Crawford plays Woody, a goofy cartoonist-accidentally-turned-spy in this Cold War-era lark. In Paris visiting his friend, a CIA "file clerk," Woody is sent on a cloak-and-dagger errand and is mistaken for an operative by his beautiful Russian counterpart. She then contacts the agency with the demand that he, and only he, help her defect. Writer adopts comic book persona and voil¨¤: Condorman! This wide-winged hero thwarts the pesky Soviets at every turn. From the old run-down farmer's truck he's driving emerges a flashy race car that outruns a fleet of Russian vehicles. Later, in a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang moment, the car sprouts floaters, allowing the pair to escape their pursuers by sea. Barbara Carrera's Natalia--the true spy of the two--is really just along for the ride. It's Condorman's show, as confirmed by the ending: a shot-filled showdown off the shores of Monte Carlo.--Kimberly Heinrichs

Customer Reviews:

    As a kid, this was my favorite movie for quite some time. I never thought I'd see them re-release it (as Disney would probably like to forget it ever existed) but I'm pleased none the less. Condorman is sort of a cross between James Bond and Batman with some Pink Panther ineptitude thrown in for laughs. While it is not by any means a masterpiece, it's still pretty fun and quite worthwhile. It's got lots of high tech spy gear, including cool cars, speedboats, lazers and other gadgets, humor, romance, an evil villain, and a likable hero who comes out on top. I've read some pretty bad reviews of the film, complaining that there's no plot to it. I don't know what movie they were watching, but the film makes pretty good sense to someone willing to just listen to the dialogue. It makes a great deal more sense than the plots of some other spy movies I could mention... Maybe Condorman IS mostly for the kids, but if you have an attention span and give it a chance, I?think you'll find it's not nearly as bad as you may have heard....more info
  • A funny action film love it
    Disney got panned because of this film , but think it's great you don't see anything like it . i wish they made more movies like this. including tron, watcher in the woods etc. don't offend the senses they inspire, so person that wrote the dreadful review in watch it again with open mind. It's just great film i love it . oh by the way i did'nt know who michael C back then i thought he was an americian funny eh-. i want to kiss the girl agent she's a fox, happy watching may senses soar. thanks disney for this film!...more info
  • A Good Childrens Film
    Michael Crawford is known in America for his role in the Broadway stage musical Phantom Of The Opera and his million selling album,but before that he was world famous(outside the US anyway)for his brilliant comedic character Frank Spencer on the very funny British comedy TV series "some mothers do have em".On hiatus from that,he did this movie which turned out,while not a classic,a nice childrens film....more info
  • 169,,,, 500 bucks? hahahahahahhahahahaha
    I remember watching an interview like this is your life years ago with Michael Crawford, and they went through his career of TV, movies and plays etc.. and I kept waiting for them to mention condorman and they never did, and they should, as it's a very underrated movie.

    When I was a kid, this was one of my favorite movies. About Woody (Crawford) who is a comic book writer who's best friend Harry (Michael J Fox's father in Teen Wolf/Longest Yard (original) guy who dies) is a file clerk for a spy company, who when left in charge to send a civilian to Istanbul to deliver some spy papers, he bumbled his way into making a top KGB agent (Natalia) believe he is a top agent and later wishes to have him help her defect to America.

    Woody takes on the challenge and finds himself being chased by Natalia's boss/lover or whatever and his team of henchmen while Woody pulls out all his toys and gadgets to help aid there escape.

    Seeing this again many years later, I can see why it it more of a cult classic then a very popular action/adventure comedy. But, it is still a lot better then most of the **** that floods the shelves these days, and this one is very underrated as a b grade comedy.

    The character of Woody reminds me of Maxwell Smart, a bumbling secret agent who doesn't always escape by skill or outsmarting the bad guys, but by unintentional luck, but gets the girl at the end. Just try to imagine Maxwell Smart wants to be Batman at the same time, and that is about what Condorman is.

    A lot of humor, zaney antics, car chases and star wars lasers.. all blended in for a fun ride.

    Ignore anyone selling this second hand on amazon or anywhere else for over 20 bucks... they are ripping you off hard. The DVD quality is not that great, it kind of looks like it was done straight from an old VHS to DVD without bothering to clean it up. And there is no bonus features. This DVD deserves more respect then this, and I hope Disney decide to do a special edition of it someday.

    Oh yeah, not to forget, the second hand sellers are selling the out of print region 1 version... the DVD is still in print in region 4 for about 10 bucks, and includes another film with it too. And don't worry about the region stuff, they play in any old computers DVD player. So I'd recommend doing the smart thing and finding the ones still in print and pay a whole heap less then these clowns prices.

    and to the person who is selling it for 500 bucks, BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, you have a b grade movie there, not the holey grail....more info
  • I'm amazed to see 5 star reviews.
    People must have affection for this film from childhood. Condorman is one of the worst films ever made and I LIKE bad films. REALLY dreadful. If you want a bad fun movie, try Message From Space or Star Crash....more info
  • Movie is 5 stars, but dvd is 1 star
    I love this movie, and have been waiting for it to be released on dvd. Unfortunately, the dvd was not worth the wait. The dvd has no features whatsoever, not even subtitles. The main menu has two options, play movie and chapter selections. The sound and picture are no better than the video; the only benefits the dvd has over the video are that you can fast forward directly to a specific scene, and you have your choice of full screen and wide screen (double sided dvd). What's the point of making a dvd if it is as bad as this one? Very disappointing....
    P.S. This is for the 1999 dvd version. I noticed that a new version was released in 2003. Hopefully that version is better....more info
  • A splendid film!
    This is defintly a movie that the whole family will enjoy. Michael Crawford is just wonderful in it. I highly recommend this film. I'd give it ten stars if I could....more info
  • Absolutely dreadful!
    This is a terrible film -- low-budget seat-of-the-pants filmmaking with an exceedingly thin plot line. But in a way, it's still worthwhile viewing for fans of the sublime Oliver Reed, who makes a wonderfully sinister villain (Russian this time); and Michael Crawford, who is his usual endearing self. The latter's performance in "Condorman" is reminiscent of his role as Cornelius Hackel in "Hello Dolly," which is to say it's about as far away from the Phantom as you can get. Still, the film is amusing at times. But check out "The Assassination Bureau" if you're an Oliver devotee....more info
  • CONDORMAN - how a nerdy comic book artist became the Vulture of the Western World
    CONDORMAN was a childhood favorite of mine, and, brother, I have been waiting impatiently for a Region 1 DVD to get my mitts on. So it's about time (but now I'm cheesed with the DVD's lack of special features). I find it really hard to be objective with CONDORMAN, this film being such a cherished memory. Having seen it again very recently, I can't help but note the datedness, the laughably rendered laser beam effects, and that hokey theme song and the cheesy cartoon Condorman in the opening credits. But mostly I happen to think that the film does stand the test of time, in terms of its watchability, its humor, and its sense of wonder and adventure.

    Some SPOILERS now, peppered throughout.

    A conscientious comic book artist, Woody Wilkins won't put anything in his comics which his characters couldn't do in real life. As such, the movie opens in Paris with Woody gigged out in full Condorman regalia and leaping off the Eiffel Tower to test his Condorman wings. It sucks for him that the wings malfunction and he ends up diving into the Seine river. So right away you get a sense of what this cat is like: an adventurous dreamer.

    Woody thinks that his friend Harry's job in the CIA is fraught with excitement and skullduggery, even as Harry insists that he's merely a file clerk. But when Harry is tasked with finding a civilian to handle a simple courier assignment in Istanbul, he taps Woody for the mission. In Istanbul Woody meets the mysterious Natalia and impresses her when, in a pretty hilarious scene, he inadvertently takes out several enemy agents.

    Cut to some time later, and we finally get to the central plot. The CIA learns that a Soviet KGB operative codenamed the Bear wants to defect, but that the Bear wants only the agent known as Condorman to act as the primary facilitator. Woody is initially reluctant, but caves when he learns that the Bear is actually Natalia (who's mistaken Woody for a top agent) and that the CIA has agreed to bring his comic book designs to life. The rest of the film treats us to more globetrotting exploits, zany secret agent and superhero antics, and a whiff of romance.

    So, if you're a kid at heart, CONDORMAN should be right up your alley. One of its strongest points is that it does a good job of massaging your sense of wish fulfillment. Because who hasn't daydreamed of accomplishing daring deeds, of coming out the hero and winning that girl? CONDORMAN is awesomely nerdtacular.

    Michael Crawford, if you remember him at all, is more famous for stuff like HELLO, DOLLY and for playing the Phantom of the Opera on stage (for which, to give him his just due, he garnered massive props). Crawford is skinny, gangly, boasts a non-heroic voice, and isn't who you first think of when drawing up the prototypical intrepid man of action. But he's good as the comic book creator/nerd with aspirations of derring-do. This is a Disney flick, so, it's certainly wholesome enough and its sensibilities lean toward the youngsters. A film like this can get away with a character like Woody Wilkins, a "foolish dreamer who draws comic books" who then takes on the identity of one of his creations.

    It helps that Condorman has a supporting cast who mostly plays it straight, notably Oliver Reed as the sinister Russian masterspy Krakov, Barbara Carrera as the exotic femme fatale Natalia, and James Hampton who plays Woody's amiable pal and CIA contact Harry Oslo. Jean-Pierre Kalfon, the sorta scary one-eyed Russian hitman Morovich, does it over-the-top, but, really, what else can you do when you're sporting a menacing glass eye and tearing down the Yugoslavian roads in an intimidating black Porsche? And, man, watching this film again just brings back those good old days, when the Iron Curtain was still up and the U.S. and the USSR were still kicking it Cold War. The prevailing thought back then was that the Russian Bear would be a superpower forever...

    CONDORMAN is loosely based on Robert Sheckley's novel The Game of X, which I haven't read but have just now ordered online because I hear good things about it. Catering to Woody's intent that Condorman be an international crime fighter, his plan to help Natalia defect involves their navigating a circuitous route, from Yugoslavia to the Swiss Alps to a final showdown in Monte Carlo. Considering that they end up running a gauntlet of enemy operatives in all their stops, they might as well have taken a direct flight home. But where's the fun in that, right? I thought it a perfect touch that Krakov is able to anticipate Condorman and Natalia's itinerary simply by reading Woody's comic books.

    When I saw this as a kid, I was totally enthralled by the James Bond-type gadgetry. Even now, I still get a kick out of watching the sluggish Gypsy conveyance transform into the sleek Condormobile and then into a hovercraft. The laser guns, however, sucketh big. Note that CONDORMAN is more a lighthearted spy thriller than a superhero caper. Woody as Condorman appears briefly in the opening sequence and then in the last act. And, as Condorman, he doesn't really indulge in hands on fighty fights but instead settles for foiling the bad guys from a distance, soaring on wings from above and then firing off missiles at them from his Condorboat. I dug the costume, though, and as an L.A. Dodger fan, I'm glad the film closes out in Dodgers stadium, even as Woody receives his next cloak & dagger assignment. I wish, though, that we'd seen something of Woody's other creations. I can't help being intrigued by the likes of Gopher Boy, Bazooka Boy, and Laser Girl. Where oh where can I get me some of those fun Zowie Comics?...more info
  • Classic Michael Crawford
    Michael Crawford at his slap-stick best! This is a genuine classic in the same category as Rocky Horror Picture Show. A perfect video to sit back and have a great time with your friends. Its also a great video for kids....more info
  • Fair, trustworthy seller.
    Out of print, hard to find DVD. Expensive for just a single disc movie, but very fair price considering I've seen it for much more than what I paid. The DVD arrived in a condition matching that of the description, and when contacted, the seller communicated promptly and with great courtesy. I definitely would do business with them again. Thanks!...more info
  • Miserable garbage.
    Grade-Z spy spoof starring the insufferable Michael Crawford, who would fortunatly redeem himself as the Phantom. The movie plays like one of those bad low-budget afternoon adventure shows on the USA Network. And the special effects are dreadful. Sure, the movie is targeted toward children, but even they will notice that the wires are easily visible when Condorman flies. This isn't uncommon in special effects movies (even the most expensive productions have their faults), but in this case the wires are so visible and distracting (they almost look like ropes) it ruins the entire fantasy element. I'm surprised Disney even greenlighted this project. Pathetic....more info