Evidence in Camera: The Story of Photographic Intelligence in the Second World War
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A war book with a difference... an important addition to the history of those times... here is a book to read and enjoy.

The Sunday Times Constance Babington Smith, who worked during the war with the Allied Central Interpretation Unit, tells the story of the men and women who pioneered and fostered photographic intelligence, and of the work they did.
Customer Reviews:
  • The Subtitle Says It All
    This is the story of photographic reconnaisance and photographic intelligence/interpretation in the Second World War, as told from the British persepective and largely of the British experience. The book was originally published in 1957 but republished in 2004. It suffers mildly from mistypes and double words, which is a product of careless editing of the first publishing or bad replication for the second. Despite the noticeable errors the book is worth reading. There are many tales of interest, which I don't intend to ruin here. Photographic reconnaisance was certainly one of the keys to the Allied victory in WWII that has been largely overlooked. For an enjoyable, refreshing read on a somewhat overwritten topic--WWII--pick up this book. If you are into "secret" history or intelligence, definitely pick this book up....more info