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Penzler Pick, December 2001: In the world of page-turning thrillers, Dan Brown holds a special place in the hearts of many of us. After his first book, Digital Fortress, almost passed me by, he wrote Angels and Demons, which was probably one of the half-dozen most exciting thrillers of last year. It is a pleasure to report that his new book lives up to his reputation as a writer whose research and talent make his stories exciting, believable, and just plain unputdownable.

The time is now and President Zachary Herney is facing a very tough reelection. His opponent, Senator Sedgwick Sexton, is a powerful man with powerful friends and a mission: to reduce NASA's spending and move space exploration into the private sector. He has numerous supporters, including many beyond the businesses who will profit from this because of the embarrassment of 1996, when the Clinton administration was informed by NASA that proof existed of life on other planets. That information turned out to be premature, if not incorrect. (This story is true; I repeat, Dan Brown's research is very, very good.) The embattled president is assured that a rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice will prove to have far-reaching implications on America's space program. The find, however, needs to be verified.

Enter Rachel Sexton, a gister for the National Reconnaissance Office. Gisters reduce complex reports into single-page briefs, and in this case the president needs that confirmation before he broadcasts to the nation, probably ensuring his reelection. It's tricky because Rachel is the daughter of his opponent. Rachel is thrilled to be on the team traveling to the Arctic circle. She is a realist about her father's politics and has little respect for his stand on NASA, but Senator Sexton cannot help but have a problem with her involvement.

Adventure, romance, murder, skullduggery, and nail-biting tension ensue. By the end of Deception Point, the reader will be much better informed about how our space program works and how our politicians react to new information. Bring on the next Dan Brown thriller! --Otto Penzler

When a new NASA satellite spots evidence of an astonishingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, the floundering space agency proclaims a much-needed victory...a victory that has profound implications for U.S. space policy and the impending presidential election. With the Oval Office in the balance, the President dispatches White House Intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton to the Milne Ice Shelf to verify the authenticity of the find. Accompanied by a team of experts, including the charismatic academic Michael Tolland, Rachel uncovers the unthinkable: evidence of scientific trickery -- a bold deception that threatens to plunge the world into controversy.

But before Rachel can contact the President, she and Michael are attacked by a deadly team of assassins controlled by a mysterious power broker who will stop at nothing to hide the truth. Fleeing for their lives in an environment as desolate as it is lethal, their only hope for survival is to find out who is behind this masterful ploy. The truth, they will learn, is the most shocking deception of all.

In his most thrilling novel to date, bestselling author Dan Brown transports readers from the ultrasecret National Reconnaissance Office to the towering ice shelves of the Arctic Circle, and back again to the hallways of power inside the West Wing. Heralded for masterfully intermingling science, history, and politics in his critically acclaimed thriller Angels & Demons, Brown has crafted another novel in which nothing is as it seems -- and behind every corner is a stunning surprise. Deception Point is pulse-pounding fiction at its best.

Customer Reviews:

  • The #1 CONSPIRACY THRILLER for morons...
    Dan Brown has some wonderful books. This is not one of them. I picked this up, due to my interest in U.S. government agencies (three letter ones), and the space program. I should have put the book back down instead of buying it.

    While I don't begrudge Mr. Brown his conspiracies, I would recommend do some better research on *what* the agencies actually do, than assume. I'm sure, after I write this, the NRO will send their "hit-squad" after me. Or not.

    The two main characters were decently written, action was enough to keep me reading, and the premise (while flawed) had some taste of "within the realm of cocaine-addled possibility... but using a Three Letter Agency (TLA) as the harbingers of death because a satellite program was jacked up... What?!? The U.S. govt has lost *billions* of dollars to satellite programs that don't work, break down immediately after launch or blow up on the launch pad. You don't see people dying en masse because of THOSE screw ups.

    I'm a TLA purist - I do studies on the Intelligence Community and their agencies... I could even believe that the CIA has kidnapped Roswell aliens in their Langley facility... but to think the NRO (made up of lazy Air Force bluesuiters and pencil-pushing CIA geeks) could conjure up a convincing conspiracy TOGETHER... now that's definitely fiction. Save your dollars for the Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, or a coloring book. Put "Deception Point" back on the shelf....more info
  • Gift
    I gave this as a gift to my son in the military because he likes Dan Brown's writing and stories....more info
  • Is there a lower rating than one star?
    Well, there should be! I bought this book after enjoying the Da Vinci Code and now I know why there are read a bad book and thus avoid paying good money for crap! The plot of this book has so many improbable and far-fetched contrivances that it should be an example in a writing course of what not to do. First off Brown has a little blurb at the beginning that states that all of the technology described in the book is real and actual today. Is that right? Remotely controlled spy drones with cameras the size of a large mosquito? Golly, I'll bet our boys in Iraq and Afghanistan wish that they had a few of those. How about rifles that shoot bullets made of ice? Brown must have missed the high school physics class that taught the rest of us about friction and the heat generated at any kind of velocity that would make a bullet lethal. Okay, how about a couple of people on an arctic ice shelf that breaks off and falls about a thousand feet into the sea? Wow! They not only survive but Rachel (the lead character) remembers that U.S. Naval submarines patrol the area so she pounds on the ice in code to summon one to their rescue. After this slow start things start to really speed up. The couple goes through many travails and assassination attempts before ending up on a ship out in the Atlantic with sharks swarming around as the bad guys descend upon them. And now we're told that if you're bleeding profusely and tossed among a host of starving sharks that you can be safe if you just pee yourself to cover the "scent" of your own blood. As another reviewer wrote: sharks don't "smell" anything, they use chemical receptors to identify enzymes associated with wounded prey. But Brown doesn't let reality or facts get in the way of a bad story so why should we? Oh, I forgot to mention that the entire storyline takes place in a period of time of 24 hours or less. This is one of only three books in my entire reading life that I seriously considered putting down before finishing. Unfortunately, I kept reading in the (forlorn) hope that some miracle would occur. It didn't. Don't buy this book, don't even waste your time checking it out from the library!

    [...]...more info
  • Excellent book
    This book caught me off guard just like Da Vinci code. I was very happy with the ending and it never got boring....more info
  • Probably the worst book Ive read in the last 10 years
    This book is awful. Written to appeal to the lowest common deominator of reader. Lets start with the plot. In an era where we have real issues., Iraq, poverty, lobbyists, illegal immigration, terrorism and a faltering economy which can make or break Presidential campaigns Dan Brown choses NASA as the central topic of contention in a closely fought Presidential election. NASA - he chose NASA!!!!! The space agency's entire annual budget is about what the United States spends in Iraq in 2 months (about 15 Bn USD). Ok so lets say that you didnt know that salient point - that elections are not won or lost on piddly little government agencies and their 15Bn budgets then you need to experience the characters in the novel. Every single one is either a stereotype (nerd scientist, Indiana Jones explorer) or some kind of grotesque caricature of a person - with every aspect of personality exaggerated - booming voices, preening manners, shuddering disbelief, guffaw like laughter etc.

    Is it a conincidence that Dan Brown rhymes with "Dumb Down". The fact that this guy is a published best selling author blows my mind. If Jessica Simpson became a writer she would write trash like this. So buy it if you have low standards. Its a little better than Angels and Demons and worse than the Da Vinci Code....more info
  • I couldn't put this book down!!
    What a thriller for me.. I could not put it down after I started reading. Just a thrill a page until the very end. I loved it....more info
  • Surprisingly good
    I read this after DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons, so I thought I would give this a go since I loved those 2. But the subject matter didnt really interest me. I normally wouldn't find a political/sci-fi mystery/thriller interesting, in fact, I would usually roll my eyes at somthing like this. But I was genuinely surprised and delighted. It is fast-paced and interesting without being bogged down by boring political mumbo jumbo. I don't know where this man get his ideas from. They are very original and this is no exception. It is a fun read and should not easilly be dismissed. ...more info
  • I might give up reading entirely!
    This book was so bad that I might give up reading for the rest of my life to avoid a repeat experience. I took it on a flight and had nothing else to read, so I kept going hoping it would get better. By the end, I wanted to open the emergency exit and leap out to end my misery. It is formulaic and implausible, with plot twists as a substitute for actual plot. Erase my memory, please, and give me back my 5 hours....more info
  • Utterly predictable Action-Packed tale
    Dale Brown has never excelled in character development (or genuine characters for that matter). Case in point: Our heroine finds her one true love in a 12 hour non-stop adventure time frame - LOL. The novel is crammed with caricatures: The bad GOP presidential candidate (sexist, racist, crooked, sleeps with his young, black campaign manager), the Dem president (ah shucks guy who won't go negative), the bitch aide, the noble scientist, the selfless security specialist, the diminutive but slippery spy, blah blah. blah. You've seen/hear/read it all before.

    The plot is ludicrous - a presidential campaign is being decided by public feelings toward...NASA. Not economics or wars or abortion or taxes but NASA. PLOT SPOILER******* Ludicrously, someone manages to drill under a huge block of ice and insert a rock that is made to look like a meteorite with alien fossils. Yes, you read that correctly - hold the laughter. Repeatedly the nerdish scientists hold off three Delta Force killers (again, automaton caricatures) who just can't seem to fire a straight bullet. Think James Bond or Batman who walk amidst a million shots and are never so much as grazed.

    The ending was a semi-surprise of misdirection but the "sleepover" in the White House shredded what little authenticity remained. "A" for action, "C" for plot, "F" for characterization. Typical Dan Brown. My grade - C ...more info
  • Good but not great.
    As with all of Brown's work this book contains a lot of information, it is very high paced, conspiracy theories, etc. As well as with other books from Brown this one's ending is kind of Hollywood movie style.
    This is a good book which will keep you interested to the very end.
    ...more info
  • Kept my interest Page after page
    I thought that Deception Point was a typical Dan Brown novel in that it was fast paced, easy to follow, with a lot of action except this story is more of a Sci-fi fantasy than his normal suspense and mystery works. I didn't think it was written as well as The Da Vinci Code, but still it was a great read and it kept my interest, page after page....more info
  • Fun to read thriller with unlikely "super hero" characters
    As a fan of Dan Brown's later works, I looked forward to reading this book. But, in order to fully enjoy it, I found myself forced to suspend all sense of reality and just go along for the fast and sometimes impossible journey that the two main characters of the story must endure. I love a good conspiracy, and this book is created around the premise that NASA, faced with an onslaught of criticism for its failures, is forced to create a major success for itself in order to continue to be funded. The conspiracy is created, it is assumed, by the head of NASA and other senior government leaders (including possibly the President) when they announce that they have found proof of extraterrestrial life embedded in a meteor that crashed into the Arctic several hundered years ago. However, the flaws in the plot become rapidly exposed and the two main characters have to overcome unbelievable odds to alert the President to the truth. But the conspirators take a number of actions to prevent this message from getting to the President. This is where it becomes ridiculous. The two heroes survive a variety of attacks that should have been fatal including falling off a glacier into the icy cold ocean, being shot at by sharpshooting secret agents, nearly drowning in a deep sea underwater exploration vehicle, as well as surving multiple attacks by a heavily armed attack helicopter. But, I couldn't put the book down because I simply had to find out how the story ended. It's a fast read, with just enough technical accuracy to make most of it seem somewhat possible, and, as with Brown's other books, well written with characters that have a little bit of depth. It's bubble gum for the brain...tastes good, but has no nutritional value. ...more info
  • I did not want this book to end!!!
    This was such a good book!!! I stopped doing my usual routine to read this book, because it was so interesting. It has all the levels of a great book (for me) romance, mystery, drama, ACTION, and comedy. I really enjoyed it and if you liked the Da Vinci Code you will like this book too. I have not read Digital Fortress or Angels and Demons but after reading this awesome book I definitely plan to!!...more info
  • one of the best mysteries
    This was one of the best mysteries I've read. I read a lot of mysteries, but this was the best I,ve read in a long time....more info
  • A Enjoyable Thriller
    Deception Point was the third book I read from Dan Brown after The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. The storyline of the book, though I liked, I thought was weak, and didn't feel like it had anything to offer in terms of thought provoking or emotional content to hold onto that The Da Vinci Code and Angels held. However, despite many things it may lack, I did find myself not able to put it down for the reason that, Dan has a great way of getting you hook on the character's situation and your dying to find out what happens. His style is such that he keeps leaving you hanging to make you want to keep reading, I like books like that, it makes it easier to read and enjoy. I was disappointed though to find what the characters discovered, and thought it was a story that was clich¨¦. It does show how dirty politics can be, and as we all know, that aspect of the story is perfectly realistic.

    Its a good weekend book, I would still suggest anyone and if you like Dan Brown give this one a try. If your expecting a book like The Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons, don't look for that, Dan did a whole new type of story and he showcases his talent for taking real facts and putting them into fiction. ...more info
  • Most exciting book I've read in a long time!
    I totally enjoyed this book. The story was so fast paced and filled with twists and turns. Loved every minute of readying it!!...more info
  • Fast, easy, long, predictable.
    I'll keep this quick and to the point:

    I read Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code. I enjoy Dan Brown because he tends to write fun, fast paced, easy to ready thrillers. Deception Point lived up to everything that I expected. One thing I did not expect was its predictability and plethora of clich¨¦s. It didn't ruin the book for me but I did consistently feel like I knew what was going to happen on the next page. If you like other Dan Brown novels, you'll probably like this one too, but it's tough to live up to the expectations set by his other novels....more info
  • Deception Point REVIEW
    Rebekah Ellis
    Mr. Melia
    Deception Point Book Review
    The first thought that comes to my mind when I think about Deception Point is intensity. This was a really good book. When up and coming data analysis Rachel Sexton is ordered from the president of the United States to be secretly flown to Antarctica, things get pretty complicated. NASA has made a world-changing discovery and is ready to introduce it to the world when something happens. Senator Sedgwick Sexton is Rachel's father and is running for president, Sexton thinks NASA is a wasteful spending program but little does he know about the discovery. Rachel doesn't agree with his views and doesn't really like him, but when things get really heated she still has a loyalty to her father. All seems well and this should be a great event but when things get complicated everyone gets confused.... Read Deception Point by Dan Brown if you want an intense and thrilling read. I greatly recommend this book to everyone! It was awesome and really suspenseful and thrilling. I would buy this book because it is worth the investment and you won't ever read anything like it. You never knew what was coming on the next page, and what you think turns out to be wrong. This has to be one of Dan Browns greatest works. It is a must read! Definitely five stars.

    ...more info
  • Not Brown's Best Work
    Being a big fan of other Dan Brown books, I was excited to dig into Deception Point, but walked away feeling a bit unsatisfied... What began as a gripping tale quickly dissolved into a series of far-fetched, unbelievable events (see: "Polar Ice Flow Submarine Rescue" and "Special Forces vs. Scientists vs. Hammerhead Sharks Battle Royal"). But even in light of that, Brown's writing still has that nail-biting element to it. So, instead of rolling my eyes and dropping the book, I made it to the end with mixed reactions.

    It's a decent book, but if you're comparing it to other Dan Brown titles, it falls far short in my opinion....more info
  • Deception Point Review
    Deception Point, by Dan Brown
    Deception Point is a suspenseful adventure the keeps you on the edge of your chair. It's about a NASA discovery of an astonishing object in an Arctic ice shelf that proves extra terrestrial life, and may determine the new president of the United States of America. The NASA team is celebrating its newest discovery, but little do they know that very same discovery contains secrets and lies that could shatter some people's careers and others' lives. Dan Brown (the author) wrote the book a very unique way. It's written in first person but you have everyone's perspective. One chapter you will be reading the thoughts of Rachel Sexton, a main character, and next, the thoughts of Michael Tolland, another main character. Rachel Sexton is the daughter of Senator Sexton who is running for presidency against the current president, Zach Herney. Rachel is a "gister" in the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), witch means she sorts through NRO's daily intelligence reports deciding what stories are relevant to the president. Then, there's Michael Tolland who is an ocean explorer that makes documentaries on underwater life and the open waters. The story takes place in the Arctic, for the most part, where the huge discovery is made. It's a thrilling read about lies, secrets, politics, assassins, and over all adventure.
    I think the book Deception Point is a great read. I was very anxious to get to the end of the book while reading it because it was so suspenseful and interesting. I constantly found myself skimming a paragraph because the chapter was so intense, and having to go back and read it because of my impatience to find out what was going on. The thing I love about this book is that it's got a crazy plot that you would never imagine happening, yet it seem so realistic. I think people who enjoy reading suspenseful, clever books would love Deception Point. When I finished the book my first thought was wow, and following that was, Dan Brown must be so smart and clever to come up with a story like this!
    ...more info
  • very poor research by the author
    I started this book knowing it would not be as good as the Da Vinci Code or Angels & Demons, but determined to find out how much worse. It didn't take long. It starts out weak, then gets better in the middle as the intrigue over what the big discovery is grows, and then gets just downright silly at the conclusion. But my biggest gripe is with the completely rediculous exageration of the Kiowa Warrior helicopter which he dubs "stealth gunship", "armored gunship", etc.
    As an Army Apache helicopter pilot, and having flown the OH-58 in flight school, I can say that his description is just silly. The OH-58 Kiowa is a Bell 206 JetRanger. If anyone has seen one, it is the smallest, lightest helicopter in the Army, and perhaps in any military. It is underpowered and when carrying two pilots (it will carry no passengers) it can barely take off with 1 hellfire and a small pod of rockets OR a 50 cal machine gun. (NOT both) And definitely not with the 15+ Hellfire missiles described in the book. Shoot, the Apache can barely take off with 16 hellfire missiles and that is why we NEVER do it.
    Also, the laser which guides the missile is NOT visible to the human eye. It is not one of those silly hand held laser pointer types of laser. I laughed throughout this book....more info
  • Deception point
    This was a gift for a friend and they said they enjoyed it very much....more info
  • quiet a long book-none the less typical DAN BROWN with interesting shock elements FACTs wise...........
    i wont say i loved this book...........
    but still it is a interesting book which will make NASA and all tht space thing seem like a JOKE........
    it has good points and mostly believable ones.......
    in Da Vinci Code it was about Christianity now its about the ccredebility of Space and life beyond earth...........
    the plot is like any of his previous novels...........
    its almost like reading a Sidney Sheldon book with some intriguing facts...........
    and this book is probably his longest book........
    a little tedious but none the less good............more info
  • My only problem?
    The repeated references to "Westbrooke Place Luxury Apartments" or a variation thereof. I lost track of how many times it was mentioned, and have to conclude there's some reason Dan kept doing so over and over and OVER, e.g., some kind of promotional placement kickback or free rent deal. Example: No *way* is anyone in DC giving a taxi driver "Westbrooke Place Luxury Apartments" as their destination vs. "23rd and N" or "2201 N Street" or refer to a fixture in their own apartment as a "Westbrooke Place mantel" (or something like that anyway). Come on, Dan. You don't have enough money??

    Otherwise, I found the book pretty enjoyable. :)...more info
  • great
    This book caught my attention from the beginning and kept my interest throughout. This is not one of those books that starts off slow and is easy to put down and forget about. I definitely recommend this book....more info
  • An amazing page-turner!
    Great book...I loved the occasional bits and pieces of factual military and governmental tidbits spread out throughout the book, all tied in nicely to the storyline. Brown's writing definitely improved with his third installment, as nothing was predictable, and yet I didn't feel at any moment bored, or that he was dragging anything on too far. The only complaint I have is that the book did tend to bog down a bit with scientific details, in the same Tom Clancy OCD with military details, but that didn't drag down from the great quality of the story. Great book with believable characters and a story that hooked me from page 1...more info
  • Using the same "formula" as in the Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown has created another thriller masterpiece.
    Deception Point

    After I finished the da Vinci Code, I bought all of Mr. Brown's prior work. I was not disappointed.

    "Deception Point" opens in Washington, DC, during a tight Presidential campaign. The incumbent, a man of strong principles, is a major NASA supporter. His opponent, who is basing his campaign on turning NASA into a private, non-governmental agency, thus saving the US taxpayer billions of dollars annually, is way up in the polls. He is also accepting enormous illegal campaign contributions from private aerospace companies who have billions to gain from the privatization of NASA. After many failures & much spending, NASA is badly in need of a success.
    Then a NASA satellite detects a large, high-density rock buried 200 feet below the Milne Ice Shelf on Ellesmere Island, high in the Arctic Circle. NASA scientists determine the rock to be a meteor containing fossils proving that life exists elsewhere in the universe.

    To verify the authenticity of the find, the White House sends a team of independent experts to the NASA habisphere, built over the meteor in the Arctic Circle. One of these experts is the intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton, the daughter of Senator Sedgewick Sexton. Senator Sexton is the man running for election against the President of the United States. The plot thickens.

    Rachel, while in the Arctic, uncovers what could be scientific trickery - an incredible deception that could cause political and scientific upheaval and cost the President his bid for re-election. When she & her colleagues attempt to investigate further, they are plunged into life threatening danger. To escape assassination they flee for their lives. Their only hope for survival is to discover who is behind this extraordinary plot and expose the truth.

    Using the same "formula" as in the Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown has created another thriller masterpiece....more info
  • Great story. Suspenseful, keeps you wanting more!
    I needed a book for a two week vacation and this one did the trick. It was hard to put down even to go out and do the fun "vacation" activities that we had planned. I had already read Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons so this seemed perfect for the situation. This book was not as good as the later two but I enjoyed it. I look forward to reading his 4th book!...more info
  • Intrigue in the ice
    I am may be one of the only people in the United States who was disappointed with DaVinci Code but Loved Angels and Demons, both books by Dan Brown. I just recently finished reading another book by the same author called "Deception Point". Like the first two books it follows a a twisty plot where you and never quite sure who are good guys and who are bad guys until the last few chapters. Political fortunes rise and fall. It all centers around an unusual discovery by NASA in the Arctic. I had some trouble putting this book down and read the whole thing in slightly more than 24 hours....more info
  • Not The Best Dan Brown Novel
    This is probably not the first Dan Brown novel you would pick to read since The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons are the more famous work, therefore it is hard not to compare Deception Point with Brown's other novels. Deception Point gives the same Dan Brown's thriller factor, but it lacks in believability and relies too much on perfect coincidences.

    The plot was very predictable (the title is a very big hint) and the characters are very one-dimensional. You would expect the characters to be very enlightened after the outrageous things they went through in the book, but they were left unchanged. Also, the final revelation didn't have a big impact on the story (unlike Brown's other novels). The climax was very unconvincing (SPOILER: I don't see how three professional assassins failed again and again to kill the three protagonists)... I guess readers have to really use their imagination and go along with Brown's plot to fully enjoy the absurdness towards the end.

    This is not a bad political-thriller by all means, but too much events in this novel are coincidental and unconvincing. I did enjoy the separate plots connecting together in the end, but the shallow characters were too predictable and boring to read. ...more info