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Executive Power
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CIA superagent Mitch Rapp's cover has been blown -- just when the world needs him more than ever....


Returning from a covert mission, Mitch Rapp was publicly hailed by the president for his role in the fight against terrorism. After years of working in the shadows, Rapp was caught in the media spotlight -- and marked for death by virtually every terrorist in the world. Now a CIA advisor, Rapp is ready to battle terror far from the front lines. But when a Navy SEAL team in the Philippines is ambushed, all evidence points to a leak within the U.S. State Department. And a greater threat still lurks -- a ruthless assassin working for the most powerful men in the Middle East, who are bent on igniting a world war. With the world watching, Rapp must hold back the flames of Armageddon....

Customer Reviews:

  • A comedown after the first three Rapp stories
    I suppose a let-down in the Rapp series had to happen sometime. With much anticipation, I picked up _Executive Power_ expecting a Mitch Rapp energized by current world events: 9/11, WMD's, Afghanistan, Iraq? None of these topics even play a bit role in this book.

    Rapp is back, working in the CIA office and domesticated as the husband of Anna Rielly. I soon found myself skipping over pages that mentioned their marital issues. Rielly's relationship with Rapp is unfailingly boring and even Irene Kennedy's initial conflict with Rielly over her husband's job turns into a syrupy feel-good relationship. Argh!

    The main thrusts of the book are a kidnapping of American tourists by Philippine separatists and a plot by a Saudi prince and a tough Palestinian assassin ("David") to force the creation of a Palestinian state. What these two threads have to do with one another, I have yet to figure out. Both are disappointly executed, other than the highlight of the entire book: a Rapp-led SEAL attack on Philippine terrorists.

    With all of the great, current-events fodder for Flynn to work with, his choices of a relatively unexciting Philippine separatist group and the machinations of an obese Saudi prince seem, at best, mediocre. We can only hope that an assassin whacks Anna Rielly and sets Mitch Rapp off on a "Creasy"-like* revenge extravaganza.

    * See "Man on Fire", by A.J. Quinnell...more info

  • enjoyable wallpaper
    Pretty forgettable read for me. I think based on other reviews I shouldn't give up on Flynn since this sounds to be one of his weaker efforts, but I seriously have trouble even remembering the storyline, it seemed so generic. Lots of middle east/Israeli intrigue, but so over the top that it lost plausibility for me. I will say it was enough of a page-turner that I finished it, but it definitely didn't leave me wanting more. I'd advise starting with one of his other books, if like me this is your first Flynn. ...more info
  • A wonderful ride from Flynn, as usual
    This is a great thriller, packed with insider CIA tidbits and wonderful turns of phrase. While there was a bit of overwriting here and there, overall, I am happy to have spent precious moments in Flynn's intriquing world. I, too, am waiting for the next one....more info
  • A page-turning novel of international intrigue.
    Vince Flynn does an excellent job of holding interest in this novel cast around the formidable but likable protagonist, Mitch Rapp. Rapp's rough character, sharp mind, and thirst for action round out his well-written interactions with frustrating bureaucrats and his tender, but tough, wife. Highlights of the novel include the insider looks into the minds of assassins, the complex and interwoven politics of America and the Middle East (and the Philippines), and the drama of the oval office in tense situations. A couple of editorial errors and a few weaker dialogue points brought its star rating down for me, but it was overall a captivating read....more info
  • Executive Power
    Enjoyed this book, but would suggest waiting for paperback as it is a bit heavy to hold. Mitch Rapp shares the stage with Nash, who is a warm, interesting character....more info
  • The Weakest of his 6 books, but still a fine read!
    I have all of Flynn's books, and this one is the weakest of them. Flynn is usually heavy detail and does a great job plugging in all the gaps in the sub-plots, but this book falls a bit short of the previous standards in his stories. I'm not beating up on him, because he is my favorite writer(i've read all his books 3 times.) This story brings back the man that most of us guys would like to be like...Mitch Rapp. He is trying to figure out why the Isralies have apparently assasinated a couple of key Palestinian leaders, along with a Prince from Saudi. The story flows very well, but unlike in previous Flynn novels, it comes up a little short. I wonder if Flynn rushed to meet a deadline, but I might be way off....who knows? So why should you buy this book, after my negative critism of it? While it falls short of other Flynn books, it is still a very enjoyable and easy read. The story is gripping, and both men and women alike are drawn to the strength of Rapp's character. Men wanna be like him, and women wished their man was more like him. Its a very SOLID story, just the weakest of all Flynn's fine works.
    ...more info
  • One Can Only Hope Mitch Rapp is for Real
    A Navy SEAL Team is ambushed. The evidence points to a State Department leak. An assassin financed by one of the wealthiest men in the Middle East is eliminating obstacles to a Palestinian State.

    Mitch Rapp, an overt CIA agent, analyzes, faces and, eventually, eliminates the challenges. Vince Flynn is a master of suspense and one can only pray that Mitch Rapp has a counterpart somewhere in the U. S. government.

    ...more info
  • Relentless pacing with nonstop action
    The hero of this superb series of political thrillers, CIA agent Mitch Rapp, has two problems to deal with. First of all, an American family is being held hostage by rebels in the Philippines. The Philippine government appears unable or unwilling to help. After a Navy SEALs team is ambushed while attempting the rescue, Rapp decides to attempt the rescue while exacting revenge on those who are responsible for the leak causing the ambush.
    The second problem concerns a Palestinian assassin attempting to force Israeli concessions for a rapid peace by taking out top Arab leaders while making it look like the Israelis are involved. The question is: who is the assassin and who is he working for? The result of his actions might lead to war.
    What sets Vince Flynn's thrillers apart from most others is the timeliness of the topics and the realistic and plausible settings. There is little doubt that any of these events could occur in the very near future. Rapp is an ideal thriller super hero, yet, he appears more human than most. As with all of Vince Flynn's thrillers, the pacing is relentless, the action nonstop and the length perfect for entertainment on a long flight or an afternoon at the beach. All his books are highly recommended....more info
  • Good story but lose the wife
    This is my first Vince Flynn. Having no series context with which to evaluate assassin Mitch Rapp and wife Anna Reilly, I think this potentially great story was weakened by their marital interactions. Mitch came across as a strong, cold-hearted, somewhat arrogant killer in the field and a henpecked, battered wuss at home. It was highly incongruous that just the sight of the fearsome Rapp makes a male ambassador's knees knock, yet Rapp meekly tolerates a shiner from his own wife. To make matters worse, his wife and his female boss join forces in the nagfest.
    However, the book had some interesting Middle East history, and the machinations of Washington as well as the workings of the Special Forces were fascinating. The plot was divided into two parts (the Anderson family rescue and the Palestinian plot) with nothing to glue them together other than the presence of Rapp. It seemed as if the author had a couple ideas for storylines, but neither made a stand-alone novel, so he combined them in one book. I'll give Flynn another try; based upon the reviews here this doesn't seem to be his strongest offering. Although I didn't find Rapp particularly likeable, I hope and pray someone like him really exists. 3 solid stars....more info
  • I'm ready for the next one!
    As always, a great stand-alone story. However, if you're familiar with all of the Mitch Rapp stories and characters, you'll enjoy it even more. So happy to see Scott Coleman back, he's one of my favorites. I was hoping Donatella would make an appearance...maybe next time.
    Wow, this story moves quickly so hang on. You are everywhere. I appreciate Mr. Flynn's 'history in a capsule' so you become familiar with his situations, i.e. the U.S. and Phillipines relations as well as the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. This is not a 5 star book compared to his others, but still a very good political thriller. I'm already looking forward to the next installment!...more info
  • Top-notch thriller and an All-American hero
    Mitch Rapp is someone we hope exists. He's a dedicated federal government employee charged with fighting terrorism in the top-secret Orion unit. Rules and laws are to be tossed aside when Rapp fights terrorism: results, the extinction of the threat and the enemy are all that counts.

    Flynn's Mitch Rapp is a delight. In "Executive Power," a shadowy Palestinian is determined to cause world-shaking changes. A man of many names, "David" has enlisted the sponsorship of a fabulously wealthy Saudi prince to move his sinister plans ahead. But David also works with Israeli intelligence, Palestinian terrorists and anyone else who will help advance his cause. David is a reuluctant murderer, but murder he does on a global scale. Hebron, New York, Washington all have corpses littering their street.

    Rapp spends much of the novel avenging the deaths of two U.S. Navy SEALS who were betrayed by an errant State Department employee, an ambassador and corrupt Filipino general. Flynn writes great action scenes. Rapp, ever the sensitive assassin, is in the thick of the action, troubled only later by concerns of his new wife. Yes, Rapp is a married man.

    Only compartively late in the novel do the machinations of David the reluctant murderer and Rapp, the thoughtful assassin, intertwine - and at that point David becomes prey to Rapp. If, of course, Rapp can acheive small wonders, such as identifying David and then finding him.

    Flynn is a master at building suspense. His plots are tightly woven and although they depend on a great deal of fortuitous coincidences, they work. Rapp is definitely a super-hero, but not a bombastic one. He is the kind of person we all sincerely hope exists in the U.S. government, protecting us from the nation's enemies.

    Great, fun reading for the lover of thrillers.

    Jerry...more info
  • Another Power Trip
    A stand-alone sequel to Separation of Power (October, 2001), Executive Power continues the adventures of Mitch Rapp, an American James Bond. Brought in out of the cold after his earlier adventures, Rapp is a counter-terrorism expert for the director of the CIA, with direct access to the President. He is also a newlywed, and finding it difficult to dash off for a clandestine operation without creating waves at home. His boss, whose confirmation as the first female CIA director was the primary plot line for Separation of Power, and his wife are conspiring to house train the macho field operator. The plot line in Executive Power is actually two different operations. One is the rescue of a US family taken hostage by terrorists in the Philippines, and the other is the search for a Palestinian terrorist who is trying to force the creation of a Palestinian state-by some very traditional and some very unusual means. I found the dual story line a little distracting. It is almost as if Flynn had the Philippine story in mind as a separate novel, but then decided to wrap it up into another one. The Palestinian story line is excellent, with lots of twists, turns, and betrayals....more info
  • Executive Power, Vince Flynn
    Another good book by Vince Flynn. Once again Mitch Rapp and "Company" are out to solve many of the post 9/11 problems of the world. If you like Tom Clancy, Steven Coonts, David Hagberg, you will love Flynn. As with other writers his stories get better with each new book. Executive Power is a good read, but Flynn definitely gets better with his books after this one. Memorial Day, Consent to Kill, Transfer of Power are the best books so far by Flynn. If you haven't read Flynn, start with his first book and read them in order, it is the best way to read his books....more info
  • Another exciting installment
    Once again Vince Flynn takes us into the world of a CIA secret operative otherwise known as an assassin. Mitch Rapp leads us through another fun, fast paced adventure as he travels the world hunting down the terrorists that threaten America's safety.

    This novel is a fun and exciting thriller. While it is a bit over the top at times, it is a good portrayal of the considerations that the CIA and other government leaders have to evaluate when faced with the threat of global terrorism. It also captures the political forces that attempt to interfere with international relations....more info
  • Unnecessary Fluff
    The story started out so, so promising. Unfortunately, it got lost somewhere along the way. Almost like it was exposition rather than serious story telling. More accurately, the book's two separate stories that were forcefully melded into each other for no rhyme or reason other than to add pages. To add insult to injury, neither story is very good standing alone.

    Take the Abu Sayyaf angle.

    Q: How does the Abu Sayyaf story relate to Omar and David's?

    A: It doesn't, other than that Mitch Rapp stars in both, but that's a flimsy reason if you ask me.

    Worse, the only character with any real depth or complexity, David, dies at the end.

    Seems to me Flynn's going the way of Mr. Clancy, from very good to extremely mediocre.
    ...more info
  • A non-stop thriller
    This is my second Vince Flynn book and I seem to be reading them in reverse order. However two I've read are thrilling, action filled stories that could have come right out of today's headlines. We are treated to the machinations of high level Washington politics, down and dirty intelligence activities and some hard core direct military action. This is one of the best action/thriller series around today, much better than some of the more famous established writers of the genre. Mitch Rapp is almost a 21st century James Bond, but without the cartoonish escapades of 007. Flynn touches on many issues germaine to the real world of terrorism and world politics. Highly recommended....more info
  • Rapp (and Flynn) Roll On!
    Notwithstanding what some others here think, in my humble opinion, Vince Flynn has not written a dissapointing novel yet. If you have not read any of his "Mitch Rapp" novels yet, it would behoove you to start and the beginning and move forward. While this novel deals with an Iraq still controlled by Sadaam, the story loses nothing in that regard and the essential points made by the story that is laid out for the reader is sure to leave you waiting for the next installment. I will be looking forward to it....more info
  • The best out there
    I borrowed my first Vince Flynn book from the "library" at work. I was hooked. Vince Flynn writes about the same subjects as Clancy. I have liked Clancy from the start but he is often too nitpicky about the minutia of his subject matter, often to the detriment to the story. Whereas Flynn gives just enough detail to lend credibility to his writing.

    Nobody doubts Clancy is an insider in the community and Flynn leaves no doubt he is one too.

    His stories are fast paced and a VERY good read. I recommend ANY book by him. Clancy writes about the Russian cold war, Flynn writes about the war on terror. His main character, Mitch Rapp, is undeniably a complete Bad***, I loved the Jack Ryan character, but time to retire Jack, Mitch is in town....more info
  • Saddened I didn't wait to borrow this book!!!!!!!!
    I was so excited when Vince had a new book I loved the Rapp series however this one gave me the feeling it was a "have to write this book or else." I found the book way too wordy, Mitch getting married was a total bore--Anna needs to get kidnapped and never found again that would at least bring back our beloved Mitch to the character he was. Oh please with President Hayes he totally needs to lose the next election. I took this book to the beach and it was so out of place I pulled out the Carl Haaisen and saved my vacation!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Kill the wife
    I,am with the other reviewer in wanted to grt rid of this _ITCH of a wife
    JUST KILL her. Come on Mitch, Do us all a favor. Do her in....more info
  • Great Flynn book, but the weakest in the Rapp series
    I enjoyed this book, but I have to say that it seemed thrown together from several ideas. The strongest new character, David, was a fascinating character that I thought could have used more attention. Prince Omar's character was too clich¨¦ for me, and the ending of this book seemed to be too abrupt (I think Flynn realized he was coming up on the 500 page mark :-)). This book really does not add anything to the series' story line, and it could be skipped. I guess that is unacceptable to me as I enjoy every time I crack a Flynn book. This is the weakest of the series, but it is still a good read for the genre....more info
  • Good but lacking...
    This book is entertaining and fast-paced; however, I do agree that the two plots in the story are completely unrelated and throws the reader back. I think the hostage plot was an attempt to fill space and to build Rapp into a more of a macho hero. Of the two plots, neither is fully developed. The Palestinian/Israeli conflict is more interesting. David's character is fascinating and an equal match for Rapp. I was expecting the climax to be some kind of David/Rapp faceoff, which never happened. This was a disappointment. The ending was a cheap shot, it's as if Flynn didn't know how to end the book. At the end the reader feels manipulated.

    I love the Mitch Rapp character but in this book, he is at times, too over the top. He makes everyone seems moronic. And what is that fear he has of his wife?

    The book does a good job in portraying two sides of the coins in issues. Overall it was exciting and a page turner. I liked Memorial Day better....more info
  • Not his best work
    Of all his books I found this the weakest. It's a good book, but it's a 'let down' after you've read his previous four books. Luckily he went back to his normal excellent writing for the next five books....more info
  • Dissapointed
    The thumbs up from Dan Brown on the front cover enticed me to buy this book in addition to the fact that the book was considered to be a post 9-11 thriller. I almost expected the book to flow like the 24 Hours TV Series, but instead it turned out to be a jumble of different sub-plots that really didn't flow well at all. Some of the characters / sub-plots (Phillippines, the love story) didn't come together quite well. The "hero" was a little too macho and not too likeable. It seemed like the author ran out of steam toward the end.

    My fav character: Prince Omar!

    Mark ...more info
  • Hooked
    First Flynn book I read in the Rapp series and it hooked me from Chapter 1....more info
    Veteran voice performer Armand Schultz gives a tense and gripping reading to the latest political thriller from Vince Flynn.

    Following "Separation of Power" Flynn delivers another straight from today's news dynamite story. Mitch Rapp, CIA superagent, can no longer work underground. He was at the head of a commando group that infiltrated Iraq, then received worldwide press coverage when he was acclaimed for his valor by the President.

    Now Rapp is battling terrorism from behind a desk at CIA headquarters where he is an advisor to the Director. He won't be desk bound for long after he learns that some Navy SEALS dispatched to the Philippines to rescue a kidnaped American family have been caught in a deadly vise.

    How did our enemies know the SEALS were being sent? Supposedly, this was top secret information. How can Rapp work when his identity is known to all?

    Thanks to Vince Flynn there's another astounding, authentic tale to set pulses pounding.

    - Gail Cooke...more info

  • Good story, offset by so-so pacing
    Vince Flynn's latest thriller has government assassin Mitch Rapp taking on terrorists in a novel that is unevenly paced but is nonetheless a fun read.

    The plot has a Palestinian terrorist named David creating an escalating series of events with the intent of forcing the creation of a Palestinian state. While in certain ways a man of integrity (he does not directly target innocents), he also is aware that his acts will beget additional, less discriminate violence. Meanwhile, Rapp is off in the Philippines, taking on different Islamic terrorists who are holding a family hostage and have already killed members of a previous rescue mission.

    Flynn keeps things moving, but the big flaw in the story is the pacing. The rescue/revenge mission in the Philippines is clearly a secondary (and independent) plot, yet it dominates over half the book. By the time Rapp gets involved in the main story, it is already around page 300. That's a long time to get the story to kick into full gear, and it's only Flynn's adept writing that is able to overcome this problem.

    While it is not essential, it is helpful to have read the other in the Mitch Rapp series to fully enjoy this book. While not exceptional enough to merit five stars, this novel is a solid four star effort and a good way to be entertained for a few hours....more info

  • Vince Flynn is simply fantastic!
    My dad, who is 84, my wife and I all just finished this book. And each and every one of us LOVES Vince Flynn novels. My wife usually dawdles through a book taking months, I kid you not, to read a book. Vince Flynn books, on the other hand, she literally devours and this one was no exception. My dad finished it in three nights. I have now finished reading ALL of Vince Flynn's novels and not one has disappointed.

    I just love Mitch Rapp. He's a terrific character unburdened by the PC constraints that are crippling our current anti-terrorism efforts from the presidency all the way down. The remarkable thing about Mitch Rapp is that this outrageously un-PC protagonist was conceived BEFORE 911!! We are introduced to Mitch Rapp in Transfer of Power, written in 1999, and he is fighting and killing Islamic terrorists at least two years BEFORE 911. While most of us were contentedly sitting back and enjoying our lives oblivious to the extremes to which Islam and its adherents would eventually take us Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp was fighting the good fight. To say that Vince Flynn was prescient would be an understatement.

    The book starts out with two Navy seals getting killed because of the loose lips of American diplomats. Mitch has apparantly abandoned active undercover work at the request of his beautiful wife, Anna, but unfortunately for her (and fortunately for us) Mitch is drawn back into the world of espionage to avenge the lives of the two seals. He eventually tracks down the leak that caused the deaths of the Navy seals and takes care of the problem in a typical Rapp fashion. His confrontation with the State Department bureaucrat is priceless.

    Another story line develops from the beginning which is unrelated until the very end of the book. A renegade Saudi prince enlists the help of a Palestinian, David, to carry out various assassinations to drive a stake between the Israelis and the Americans.

    Robert Hays is a centrist Democratic president, unlikely to say the least in today's political environment. Not since Truman, and possibly Kennedy, have we witnessed such a political animal as a centrist Democrat in the White House as Hays.

    Flynn concocts a great tale that will keep you utterly mesmerized until the last page. I highly recommend this very satisfying book. The story is extremely well crafted, the charcters are engaging and interesting and the pace is relentless. It is just a rollicking good read....more info
  • I Feel Like A Real Spy
    This is the first of Flynn's books I've read, but it certainly will not be the last! Former CIA insider turned author Vince Flynn holds nothing back, and after reading Executive Power I feel like I myself was the spy and government assasin. I've read other thriller novels by other authors, but NONE has ever matched the level of authenticity, reality, and gritty detail.

    Our main charector, Mitch Rapp, is a top level CIA agent who's main job is ending the lives of real nasty people. He's a real old-shool, hard line, no-nonsense kind of adventurist with little tollerance for self inflating politicians who have no idea what life is like on the front lines. In fact, if this book has one flaw (note I said IF) it's that Rapp is a little too super human. But hey, considering how much fun the entire experience was, I'm more then willing to suspend my disbelief and accept Rapp for the hero that Flynn wants him to be.

    Bottom line: If you are looking for an author who can give you a fantastic, thrilling, insider spy-thriller ride, then look no further. Vince Flynn is your man....more info
  • Mitch Rapp is a 'PR' Nightmare....
    But that's not a bad thing!!! Rapp is the kind of guy that just needs to be cut loose because there is no way to restrain him. Just let him decide what areas need to be attacked or what figures need to be rubbed out in the national arena and give him the green light. I found the Third Option to be way too cliched with Rapp playing the 007 type character but he seems to have calmed down since then. (I don't even know if I'm reading them in the right order but hey...)

    Let's face it, there are people like this in our military/ops community and whether you find him to be a jerk or whatever, just remember he's on our side. Flynn hit the nail on the head with his descriptions of the Department of Homeland Security. A whole bunch of GS 13's and higher with next to no experience trying to sound like they are experts at a war on terror in which the United States has (really) only about 4 years of experience in.

    The dialogue can be a bit tedious at times. For instance, by page 144 Rapp has already referred to himself as a 'Pragmatic' person 4 times. Sorry Mitch, but nothing in the government is Pragmatic. Good action novel, but in many ways the characters are too far fetched to be taken seriously.

    When the game is on the line, give the ball to Rapp!!!!!...more info
  • Mitch Rapp, again!
    An absolute must-read if you give a damn about possible Politically Correct stupidity standing in the way of what really needs to get done! A well researched writer who delivers the goods in an exciting and engaging read. Could not put it down!...more info
  • Wake Me When It Gets Good....
    The problem with thrillers these days is that so many are dreadfully formulaic. Superman type hero, crazy assassin killer, throw in some geo-politics and international locales, and you have your modern thriller. A few authors today know how to buck this conventional trend, and Vince Flynn used to be one of them. Term Limits, his first novel, was an extremely exciting and unique book with a really engaging storyline. His next couple of efforts were also top notch, as they introduced the character of CIA operative Mitch Rapp, who brought along quite the colorful assortment of enemies. The publishers were pushing Flynn as a Daniel Silva type superstar, and I waited with much anticipation for the further adventures of Mr. Rapp.

    All for naught.

    Instead of another intriguing addition to the saga of Rapp, Executive Power is a barely readable bore of a book. With this tome, we find Mitch Rapp as a horribly conventional type of CIA officer. Fresh off his daring exploits in Iraq, Rapp is a now a nationally recognized celebrity. Even worse than that, Rapp has gotten married, a plot point that annoys the reader to no end. Agent Rapp, or "Ironman", was a great character because of his loner personality and his deadly ferocity. Now we find him cooking pasta for his returning wife. Of course, Flynn finds some exciting things for his domesticated hit man to do, but it is just not the same.

    Well, I thought, maybe the storyline can carry the new characterization of Rapp. Failure again. Two story arcs struggle throughout the 377-page work, searching for some kind of synchronization and sophistication, but they never even get close. The minor arch deals with fighting terrorists in the Philippines, a story which never even peaked any excitement from this eager reader. It seems like Flynn got bored with that tale, and moved on to one concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The villain in this one is the mysterious Palestinian terrorist known as David (ironic, huh?). David has some kind of amazing plan that he only hints at at first, and by the time it is revealed in all its illogical glory, the reader barely cares anymore. Never mind the fact that the story and the plan make little sense, it is just lackluster writing anyway.

    This book has a lot of problems. The first is that Middle Eastern thrillers these days have to rise above a certain threshold of believability these days, and Executive Power fails to even approach it. Even an amateur student of current events should recognize the flaws in a lot of the plot "twists". The characters are a very tedious bunch, with Rapp's new wife leading the pack of wearisome cutouts. She is the hip network reporter who will not stand for her husband's lies and wants the scoop on everything he does. How original. The President's chief of staff is a conniving operative who will sell out her country in order to protect her career. Come on Vince, now you are just copying yourself. We have the mysterious assassin/terrorist, and his drunken billionaire Saudi sponsor. Little insight into the motives or background of any of these characters is given, and the reader could care less how they end up. The dialogue throughout the story is uninspired at best, cringe worthy at worst. Mr. and Mrs. Rapp deliver some of the most ludicrous pillow talk I have ever heard.

    The book has a few attributes. Try as he might, Flynn just cannot seem to make Rapp boring. Nothing like a deadly CIA assassin with a 9mm Beretta pistol to get a thriller aficionados blood pumping. The actions and exploits of the Navy SEAL team are also fairly stimulating. However, the reader just gets the constant feeling that Flynn is just going through some motions, trying to make his characters and the dreadful world they inhabit matter in our eyes. It is a shame, because Mr. Flynn seems to be, from his other novels, a promising young author. Hopefully he can recover in his next book, after Rapp gets a divorce, of course....more info

  • Vince Flynn
    I have read all but one of his books since I discovered him.
    I love the writing style and was so luckey to have found this great author!...more info
    I have read all of Robert Ludlum & Tom Clancy's fiction, and this author is in their category. The characters are well developed. The suspense is tangible. The story is more real today than 2 years ago. He writes in a style that kept me awake reading until 4am when I finished the book. I re-read it on a beach, it was that good! If you like Robert Ludlum or Tom Clancy, you will definately like this author....more info
  • no-brainer
    This book was kind of fun, but only when I kept my brain switched off. Clunky writing and shallow characters are expected in a genre book like this, but there were two points that really didn't work for me.

    First, the Phillipines and Palestinian plots were totally unrelated. Almost as if he took two incomplete book outlines and shoved them together to make deadline. Lazy lazy lazy.

    The worst for me was the alternating self-righteousness of the main character about thoughtless Washinton bureaucrats who thought they were above the rules and are therefore bad, as compared with the self-righteousness of the main character about his own definition of his own rules to govern his own actions which must be good. It's ok for him to reveal details about his operations to his wife, for instance....more info

  • Rapp's a married man
    Vince Flynn now has to deal with the problem other authors have run into as they try and develop their characters...Mitch Rapp is married. Having a spouse can change the character. You can see it some in "Executive Power" but so far, Flynn is managing it.

    What I think he might have more trouble with is keeping Rapp from the action. Rapp is best when he's in the thick of things so if he takes a step back, it might hurt the character.

    All in all, I enjoyed the book. However, the hostage rescue storyline seemed a bit gratuitous, a way to keep Rapp in the story while the main story was being set up.

    The premise of "Can Middle East peace be achieved through war" is an interesting idea explored in this novel and once Rapp turns his attention to the novel's main story, it raced quickly to a great end.

    Enjoy it. I did....more info