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State of the Union: A Thriller
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Product Description

America's worst nightmare has just become a brutal reality. The most unlikely terrorist enemy of all now holds a knife against the country's throat. With both diplomatic and conventional military options swept from the table, the president of the United States calls upon America's only hope, Navy SEAL turned Secret Service agent Scot Harvath.

With the fragile peace between the world's nations shattered, Harvath must unravel a brilliantly orchestrated, fiendishly timed conspiracy intent upon bringing the United States to its knees. Teamed with beautiful Russian Intelligence agent Alexandra Ivanova and a highly trained CIA paramilitary detachment, Harvath races from the corridors of power in Washington, D.C., to the streets of Berlin, the coast of Finland, and into the heart of Mother Russia herself before returning home for a final showdown with an enemy from America's past more sinister and deadly than has ever been seen before....

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Read
    If you like suspence and spies Brad Thor mixes both very well. One of my favorite authors and characters....more info
  • 4 1/2 stars
    See book description above.

    Brad Thor is becoming one of my favorite international thriller writers. The weaponry is researched, the action is good, and you know his protagonist is invulnerable. The invulnerability of Scot Harvath (like Cusslers' Pitt) will make you suspend belief in the story but it sure makes for great escapist reading. Keep it up Brad Thor, your books keep getting better.

    Highly recommended....more info

  • 3.5 Stars For Brad Thor's Third
    State of the Union is Brad Thor's third book in his Scot Harvath (ex-Navy SEAL, ex-Secret Service) series.

    This book deals with a resurgent Russia lead by old communist die-hards. The plot is interesting and fresh, with Russia's comeback both logical and comprehensible. Also, I enjoy how the end of the third book gets you ready for the fourth book (at least I assume that it does as I have not read Blowback: the fourth book in the series)

    I really enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend it to anyone who has interest in this series or these types of political/military thrillers.

    ...more info
  • Chilling Premise!
    Thor's third book again stars super secret agent Scott Harvath
    who is now employed by the Department of Homeland Security.The
    evil empire Russia once again arises as our worse nightmare.Their
    sleeper agents have hidden suitcase nuclear bombs all over the country.America discovers that the Russians can thwart a first
    strike by the Americans. The President calls upon Scott Harvath
    to stop the threat to America.Harvath's friend Gary Lawlor has
    also dissapeared. It is up to Harvath to stop this conspiracy.
    A very good spy book that will keep your attention. A good book.
    Be sure to read it....more info
  • Not a thrill
    This is the first Thor book I have read. This book was too hard to become involved and it dragged. I thought I would never get to the end. But, I read another one of his books, The First Commandment and now am a fan. ...more info
  • Good, but a little dissapointing
    I read Thor's novel prior to "State of the Union," "The Path of the Assassin" first, and I was completely blown away by it. I read that book in one day and found myself counting down the days until Thor's next novel came out. I couldn't wait though. Luckily I found he wrote a novel before "Path of the Assassin" too, "The Lions of the Lucerne," and that book was a non-stop, action/thriller, page-turner too. Anyway when "State of the Union" came out, I was disappointed in it. "State of the Union" didn't seem to have as much excitement and action and really seemed to have less going on than "Path of the Assassin" or even "Lions of the Lucerne" did. It almost seemed like Thor lost motivation or enthusiasm with this book and simply just wrote this book to write it and get paid for it, not to interest his fans. Unlike his previous works this book was more of an in depth character developing story and there was whole lot less action and events, and also I almost puked when Scot Harvoth was lead by an encoded message to find a clue of important information behind a painting that was similar to "Madonna on the rocks." Gee that doesn't sound at all similar to the main plot of any book that has been published recently; EXCEPT FOR THE BEST SELLING "THE DaVINCI CODE"!!!! If you want to read this book because you have read Thor's other novels and suspect the same the same style, I would strongly suggest waiting until it comes out in paperback. At least then, if you don't like it, it was only $7. And if you were interested in this book because you heard Brad Thor was a good writer, I would strongly suggest buying "Path of the Assassin" instead....more info
  • Didn't finish it
    I took this on vacation and was looking forward to reading it. But I could only get about 1/2 way through. It was a little slow, with standard plot lines, nothing new here.

    If I didn't have a couple of other books, I would probably have finished it, so who knows, maybe the 2nd half is better....more info
  • Fantasic Thriller!
    Brad Thor's character, Scot Harvath, is a great hero. The book is a great, fast-paced read. I enjoy that Brad Thor does a lot of research on his books. It is a great thriller!...more info
  • State of the Unoin
    Mr. Thor's storytelling is absolutely brilliant. Scot Harvath is the best weapon in the Unites States arsenal, in the war against terror. The only problem I had with this book is the fact that I had to wait for it. The wait was horrific but the reward was exuberant....more info
  • The best in the series so far.
    I've read the preceeding books in Brad Thor's Scot Harvath series. They usually read like they were meant to be easily adapted to silly Hollywood action films--except they are too patriotic to be made by Hollywood. And if I have to read about Scot Harvath's rugged good looks and muscular 5'10" frame, with sandy brown hair and piercing blue eyes one more time I'm going to barf. Enjoyable for a fun read, but not really too believable.

    State of The Union was much better. Scot even began to feel run down and tired, rather than superhuman like usual. I really liked the plot twists and turns and the insight into Russian culture and current events. It kept me hooked and guessing. Good stuff. The next one, Blowback, not so much. Kind of ridiculous and a little tedious. But I did enjoy State of the Union. I'm taking a break from the Scot Harvath books for a bit. At some point I'll go back to them because I've heard good things about Take Down, The First Commandment and The Last Patriot....more info
  • Good Thriller
    Brad Thor gave me exactly what I expected- a fast moving military and political thriller which was well written, mostly believable, and full of twists and turns. I read the entire story in one day (I was on vacation). I enjoyed every minute. The main character is unstoppable, hobnobs with the president, and has many miraculous escapes, but I am willing to tolerate that in a good thriller.

    Dan Brown wrote a positive review on the cover of my edition, as well he might. Thor is a better writer in many ways. His characters are more believable, the action is more exciting, and the outcome was not easily predictable until near the end. There were no lengthy expositions of falsified history either.

    Thor doesn't take pains to be politically correct, and I like that. This is a straightforward novel where the good guys are good, the bad guys are bad, and there is no ambiguity. It isn't deep or difficult, just plain entertaining.
    ...more info
  • Exciting, albeit simple.
    Brad Thor's novels are extremely fun to read and quite captivating, a la Matthew Reilley, but just like the aforementioned author, he writes with such a simple, action-packed prose, that it is hard to reccomend to others, unless of course that is what you are looking for. But really, it is a thriller novel, you shouldn't go into it expecting Faulkner, expect Hemingway....more info