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In the newest devastatingly intense thriller by #1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon Vince Flynn, his deadly and charismatic hero Mitch Rapp wages a war against a new enemy with the help of a fellow soldier as dedicated and as lethal as they come.

Vince Flynn's thrillers, featuring counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp, have dominated the imagination of readers everywhere. In them, Flynn has captured the secretive world of the fearless men and women, who, bound by duty, risk their lives in a covert war they must hide from even their own political leaders.

Now, Rapp and his protege, Mike Nash, may have met their match. The CIA has detected and intercepted two terrorist cells, but a third is feared to be on the loose. Led by a dangerous mastermind obsessed with becoming the leader of al-Qaeda, this determined and terrifying group is about to descend on America.

Rapp needs the best on this assignment, and Nash, who has served his government honorably for sixteen years first as an officer in the Marine Corps and then as an operative in an elite counterterrorism team run by Rapp is his choice. Together, they have made careers out of meeting violence with extreme violence and have never wavered in the fight against the jihadists and their culture of death. Both have fought the war on terrorism in secret without accolades or acknowledgment of their personal sacrifices. Both have been forced to lie to virtually every single person they care about, and both have soldiered on with the knowledge that their hard work and lethal tactics have saved thousands of lives.

But the political winds have changed in America, and certain leaders on Capitol Hill are pushing to have men like Rapp and Nash put back on a short leash. And then one spring afternoon in Washington, DC, everything changes.

Using his insider knowledge of intelligence agencies and the military, Flynn once again delivers an all-too-real portrayal of a war that is that is waged every day by a handful of brave, devoted souls. Smart, fast-paced, and jaw-droppingly realistic, Extreme Measures is the political thriller of our time.

Customer Reviews:

  • My husband loves it...
    I bought this for my husband and he really loved it. He loves reading books mentioned on Fox News, he is a Republican, and told me he really enjoyed this book - he will definitely buy books by this author again....more info
  • Extreme Miss
    Being a Vince Flynn fan since I read Term Limits as a teenager, it pains me to write that his two previous novels began to go downhill. This was the reason why I chose to borrow, rather than purchase Extreme Measures. The novel was so boring that if Mitch Rapp wanted to use a non-violent method of torturing terrorists, he'd read this book out loud to them. He'd get quicker and more reliable results than forcing them to watch Barney.

    The EXTREME weaknesses in this story were not only that the plot was slow, but nothing new was introduced. For example, Mitch Rapp is having problems with politicians on Capitol Hill...AGAIN, he's torturing terrorists...AGAIN, the bad guys happen to be Muslim Fundamentalists...AGAIN. If you found those last few sentences monotonous, then you might not enjoy this novel.

    Another weakness was that fan faves, such as Dr Irene Kennedy and Rapp take backseat rides to the new guy, Mike Nash. Not only that I don't care much for this character because he's completely boring, but the only battle he's fought in the first seven chapters appears to be with own his penis--which keeps firing blanks. If the reader isn't bored to death reading about Nash's secretions, the reader's too busy being bombarded with a bunch of throw-away characters that do absolutely nothing to move the story forward. For example, did the readers really have to endure an entire chapter about the top villain shooting a superior that he didn't like? Did we have to read entire chapters that were nothing more than several pages of narrative about subject matter that is completely irrelevant to what the story is about? The "so-called" attack on America that they're planning while in the jungle? The topic keeps coming up but what is it?

    Other irrelevant characters include the number of military personnel that were around Mitch Rapp in the beginning. I had a feeling that they were just there for the sake of being there. They did nothing to move the story forward. This led me to believe that several more chapters in the book could've been left out, had I not been so bored tears that I had to put it aside.

    As a rule of thumb, I've always expressed that the villains make or break a thriller. In this story, we just have another Muslim Fundamentalist who's angry at America. He's the typical stereotype and nothing more.

    By the time I got to chapter seven, I had to be honest with myself and admit that I wasn't enjoying this story. All that was written up to that point was meaningless fluff. I tried very hard to keep reading, trying to convince myself that the story would start soon or that the first turning point would occur. Neither happened.

    It's my assumption that Mr Flynn was under EXTREME pressure to complete this novel by a certain date. He was also required to make sure that the book also had a certain word count in order for him not to breach any contracts that he would've signed with his publisher. The end result was a rushed, poorly written, ill-conceived story line that was more boring than some of the short stories that I was forced to read while I was in the seventh grade. Had this been Mr Flynn's first novel, I never would've been a fan of his....more info
  • extreme measures
    I love it when the "bad guys" get their due! And Vince Flynn has created such a strong, patriotic hero, woven into plots with the latest techno-tools and weapons... give us more!...more info
  • Typical Action, but not the same payoff
    I have faithfully read all of Flynn's Rapp novels and this is the first one I felt he got a bit too carried away trying to make his point. He does so at the expense of the action which I love. It's very timely with Obama threatening to close Gitmo and having former Gitmo prisoners showing up as new Al-queda operatives on video.

    However, he minimizes Rapp's role and we don't get the normal payoff at the end like previous works. Although I agree with Flynn's positions and all, maybe it should be demonstrated in more of a subtle manner. I think he wrote this book out of anger at his personal feelings toward government policies. Still a good read. Do good liberals will hate it....more info
  • A Whale of a novel!
    BULLETIN...do not pick up this book unless you are ready to drop everything else and read every word 'till you're done.
    Mitch Rapp and Mike Nash are counterterrorism agents with the CIA. The CIA has detected and stopped two terrorism cells before they could act against the United States.
    However, a captured terrorist reveals that there is a third cell but before Mitch and Nash can get the details they are stopped by congressional do gooders who object to their interrogation techniques.

    Just before getting the terrorist to reveal what he knows, an Air Force Capt. interrupts the interrorigation and alerts the base commander. Mitch confronts the Captain and has to strike the officer when he tries to arrest Mitch.

    The Captain complains to authorities and the congressional committee meets to criticize the way the prisoners were treated and deal with Mitch's disregard for law when he goes after terrorists.

    Ever since Mitch's wife and newborn child were killed by terrorists, he has made it a point to fight terrorism at all costs.

    The action explodes across the pages like a season of "24" dwelling on Mitch and Mike being accused of strong-arm tactics and illegal activities and at the side, we see the terrorist a Saudi Arabian named Karim Nour-al-Din.

    There are intelligent pauses in the action when we see more about the characters and on one occasion we see Mike's son get in trouble for defending his mother's honor was wonderfully done.

    Flynn is one heck of a writer and the term "thriller" should be named for him.

    Excellent read....more info
  • A real loook at political shortsightedness
    This book is a real thriller, and the worst part is that this story line could actually happen. Mr. Flynn gives his reading public a look at the stupidity, if you will, of the "politically correct" nonsense that our congress impliments that allows terrorists priviledges to hide valuable information that could save America from death and destruction. A fantastic read that can make your blood boil....more info
  • Vince Flynn delivers
    Vince continues to deliver what his Mitch Rapp fans crave which is Mitch delivering the what ever it takes to keep America safe....more info
  • Vince Flynn comes through again
    If you like a fast paced, timely political thriller, you'll love Extreme Measures. At times it is too close to the truth of what is going on in the world to allow you to escape into a "fantasy world" to get away from it all. Mitch Rapp is the perfect protagonist - the type of hero sorely needed in a badly twisted world of religious and political intrigue. You'll find yourself rooting for Rapp to succeed in a world of idiotic, self-serving politicians. Flynn never disappoints....more info
  • Fast Paced Thriller
    Having read all of Flynn's books, I thought his last two novels were
    getting stale with the Rapp character. Here in this book, Rapp shares
    his adventures with Mike Nash, who may even play a bigger part in
    the book. Also, enjoyed this because most of the action takes place
    in D.C. This was a hard book to put down. Welcome back Vince Flynn....more info
  • Best Read Yet
    My husband and I have read the entire Mitch Rapp series, and this is without a doubt the best one. Couldn't put it down. What an interesting look at how our government goes about it's business! Unfortunately, this is probably the way it really works. Can't wait for the next installment....more info
  • Not his best work
    I have read all of Vince's novels and was really looking forward to this one. However, it is one of my least favorite ones to date. There is not enough Mitch Rapp and far to much detail on the supporting cast. The climax of the book is a let down as you go up and then it just ends. It almost seems that this book was split in two and the book does not really end, it just stops at the climax. It was Very unsatisfying for me, I prefer books that have a resolution. ...more info
  • Very Close to Home Regarding Torture
    I prefer when Rapp is globe trotting and rooting out bad guys with his inimitable methods. This book shows just how fragile the war on terror is and how an ideologue in the wrong place can put many lives in peril. I suppose he is trying to make that point in his own way....more info
  • Opportunity lost
    An increasingly tedious book about immoral men committing immoral acts against other immoral men who would otherwise be committing immoral acts. The only thing less likable than any of these immoral characters are those characters with any semblance of morality.

    It's a shallow, if technically well-presented thriller that would have benefited from even modest forays into the subtleties of ethics, foreign relations and investigatory procedures.

    Theoretically, this could have been a wonderfully insightful look into the Catch-22 of using torture. It's an opportunity lost....more info
  • Some errors in it.
    I was given the book by a relative for a Christmas present. This is the first book by Vince Flynn I have read. I enjoyed it, but as a retired USAF officer, still working for the Air Force, as well as having been in special operations for most of my Air Force career, I found several factual errors that detracted from the story. Example-the AF captain aide having already come up for promotion with only six years active duty. Doesn't happen that way in the AF, even for zoomies (USAFA graduates). Normal promotion time is in your ninth-tenth year to major, no BTZ promotions to major. Screw-ups don't normally become dog-robbers (generals' aides) either. Also, base commanders don't normally have aides, they have an executive officer. Aides are for numbered AF and above general officers. This character seems to have critical judgement problems, too. This trait would be quickly noticed by generals, who are very sensitive to their staffs potentially embarrassing them, and this guy already has credibility problems with BG Garrison at the start of the story. In real life he would have been fired or eased out of his job already and someone the general had confidence in would have replaced him.
    I'll probably purchase the follow-on volume, since the author left the story line hanging, with not all the bad guys dealt with....more info
  • Disappointing
    Having read all of the Mitch Rapp adventures, I looked forward to this one and was greatly disappointed. Excellent writing in previous novels was replaced by the 4 letter word which became so offensive at times I had a hard time finishing the novel. The plot was too predictable and the action was minimal. I would like to read the next one, but will not if profanity replaces excellent writing....more info
  • A bit different, but that is OK
    Pundits of this novel argue it isn't one of the author's best. I will admit it is somewhat alien compared to past works. However, I really got into the political infighting. I felt like I was part of the Washington scene. I believe the back stabbing portrayed in this book is realistic of Washington's political scene and has been researched appropriately. I look forward to Flynn's next novel...more info
  • Politics aside, this is a contrived, tedious and unremarkable 'thriller' with few thrills
    This is one of those novels that will likely have a polarizing effect. While the politics of an author shouldn't be a measure of whether or not he/she has written a good thriller, it can effect some reader's opinion of the novel. Some left leaning readers might find elements of the novel objectionable; in much the same way that right leaning readers might find that authors like David Baldacci irritate their sensibilities. Any novel that treats a complex issue like extreme interrogation of suspected terrorists as if were black and white, is going to alienate some readers. It also misses an opportunity to explore the complexities of the issue. (This of course is equally true of lefty novelists).

    I'm Canadian, so not too surprisingly, my politics lean left. But that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy a good rightwing thriller. Sometimes the hero needs to get a little `Jack Bauer' on someone. It's a novel, and if its entertaining, I can seperate the politics. The problem with Extreme Measures is that it doesn't deliver much in the way of thrills. The entire purpose of the novel, it would seem, is to provide a platform from which the author can preach a decidedly one-sided view on the issue of torturing terrorists. His approach is as subtle as a sledgehammer. Every character that represents an opposing view is characterized as a hypocrite and a self-serving, self righteous, shortsighted parasite destroying all that is good and pure in America. A lawyer, who is opposed to the actions of Rapp and crew, takes the unlikely step of slapping Rapp around when he thinks Rapp is in handcuffs (illustrating the hypocrisy of the lefties).

    But the reason I didn't care for this novel isn't an issue of politics. The problem is that it just isn't very thrilling. Flynn gives us an uninspired plot involving a small terrorist cell planning an attack on US soil. Their plan is standard fair and we get the run of the mill scenes from training camp to bomb detonation. While we wait for the terrorists to initiate their attack, we have to endure senate hearings on the man-handling of a known terrorist and more detail than we could ever want on Nash's domestic life. His son isn't enjoying his prep school, Nash is suffering from performance anxiety in the bedroom, and the baby said a swear word. Trust me, its painful to read - almost as bad as enduring the homelife of James Patterson's Alex Cross and his adorable brood.

    If your politics lean to the right, you may feel so vindicated by the bias of Extreme Measures that you can overlook the novel's contrived, tedious and unremarkable plot, but for the rest of us, this is a heavy handed rant dressed up as a thriller. I haven't read anything else by Flynn but my advice to him is this: get off the soap box and write a decent thriller (presumably something he has done in the past). I offer the same advice to left leaning authors. If you want to explore a complex issue, then respect its complexities. If you want to write a thriller, make it thrilling.

    Extreme Measures fails in both regards. It's simplistic and tiresome....more info
  • Extremely Good Extreme Measures
    Vince Flynn's Best Book so far. Very relevant considering the possible change in America's view on how to deal with terrorism. The action was very evenly paced while keeping the door open for other sequels....more info
  • Extreme Measures by Vince Flynn
    Another Mitch Rapp thriller. The plot is topical, if farfetched, and the writing is excellent.The characters are familiar from previous works. Altogether a fun read....more info
  • Extreme Measures
    My first Vince Flynn book and a total enjoyable read. A great political thriller with a very current topic. I'll certainly be reading more of Flynn's book and would highly recommend Extreme Measures to anyone who enjoys a quick paced Clancy style triller....more info
  • When Terrorists Won't Play Nice
    Extreme Measures has more than one timely lesson, but the writing is not Flynn's best. The plot revolves around the question of the right thing to do when you have persuasive intel of an imminent and devastating attack upon innocent Americans. Moreover, the CIA has two pieces of Islamic terrorist debris that need to be forcibly persuaded to reveal the details as the clock is ticking. One only hopes that there are a few Mitch Rapps out their taking it to the real life "requisitions" the way our fictional hero does. I suspect there are, and that the reason we have not been hit since 9/11 is that the Bush administration has given these patriots some latitude to extract the information needed to protect Americans. A side story regarding Mike Nash's teenage son defending the honor of his sister and mother also drives home the point that we could use a little bit more testosterone wrapped up in common decency in our young men. Unfortunately, Flynn resorts to a constant barrage of unnecessary profanity and vulgarity throughout. Making it worse is that it is the same 3 or 4 words over and over again. Nevertheless, the underlying message is exceedingly important. We can only hope that President-Elect Obama will abandon his absurd positions on dealing with terrorists and terrorist states when he gets hit with the realities of the world as it is, not how liberals would like it to be. ...more info
  • Republican Psyco-babble
    Too much government conspiracy garbage, end of the world, left wing extremist psychobabble for me. With the left wing against the word view, the plot gets lost early and never recovers. The book was short on character development and long on dooms day propaganda. Not my first book by this author, but surely my last....more info
  • America's James Bond is Mitch Rapp, fantastic page-turner
    As a librarian who reads a lot of historical fiction, romances and self-help books, I was encouraged to read this American James Bond by the enthusiasm of several library patrons. It reads like current events and Flynn's take on the need for fighting the war on terror by remembering these are our enemies not citizens with Miranda rights is absolutely right on. Every legal eagle in Washington and the ACLU should be required to read this book and visualize what would happen to them if there were not a Counter Terrorism unit willing to do what needs to be done. Fiction sometimes imitates life and sometimes it leads. Hopefully a lot of people who read this book will understand that the war on terror is a war on different terms - no rules they understand so it is best left to those who know how to wage war.
    Having not read previous Mitch Rapp books, I was still highly impressed with his leadership role and his determination to do whatever it takes, and I enjoyed the full family life of Mike Nash as a reminder that not all those in the front lines of danger are loners but connected to the everyday concerns we all have. I can visualize Harrison Ford as Mitch Rapp and Bruce Willis as Mike Nash and I am ready for the movie.
    I will read more Vince Flynn! America needs Mitch Rapp!...more info
  • Loved Extreme Measures by Vince Flynn
    I really enjoy listening to the audio books. The Vince Flynn books are all great listens and Extreme Meausres was probably the best....more info
  • Mitch Rapp Gets a Sidekick
    "Extreme Measures" generally sticks to the Mitch Rapp formula: The bad guys consist of jihadists bent on harming the U.S. in one group and politicians who try to keep Mitch from doing his job in another group. As usual, Mitch kicks butt early in the book, late in the book, and a little bit in the middle of the book.

    "Extreme Measures" deviates from the formula by having another character share the spotlight with Mr. Rapp. One of Rapp's colleagues is Mike Nash who is trying to juggle his roles of father and husband with his career as a CIA operative.

    Some readers will not like the introduction of Nash as it does cut into the time spent with Mitch Rapp and his exploits. However, I think Nash's character injects a bit of needed realism into the series. It is a lot easier for me to identify with a guy that has to change diapers and dash to the office than a guy like Rapp that does nothing but trot around the globe blowing away the bad guys.

    This is perhaps my favorite book in the series due to Nash's presence and some of the comedic juggling he does. Some long-time series readers will miss the focus being on Mitch, though.
    ...more info
  • The Way the War on Terror Should be Fought
    Flynn says the things that most Americans believe, too bad real life doesn't imitate art....more info
  • Not his best.
    It's not his best and I kept expecting the story line to improve. The ending was well done if you park your brain at the beginning. Hopefully Mr. Flynn will get his old form back again as he can write a terrific novel....more info
  • Extreme Measures
    Fast action author, Go to amazon.com and get his earlier novels and become a fan...more info
  • Great shipping and condition
    Didnt read this one. It was for my father-in-law, but I'm sure it's a good one and he was very pleased with it. Thanks. Great transaction!...more info
  • Where's the second half?
    This was well done IF IT HAD BEEN THE FIRST HALF OF A NOVEL. Where is the second half? The story ends abruptly with no resolution to much of anything. I will not buy the next book in the series out of protest. (I will, of course, check it out from the library because I want to read it.) I liked Nash and was interested in his home life (unlike some of the reviewers). There is a running joke involving his toddler and the f-word that is quite funny....more info