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The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make: A Guide for Teens
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The challenges teens face today are tougher than at any time in history: academic stress, parent communication, media bombardment, dating drama, abuse, bullying, addictions, depression, and peer pressure, just to name a few. And, like it or not, the choices teens make while navigating these challenges can make or break their futures.

In The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make, Sean Covey, author of the international bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, gives teens the strong advice they need to make informed and wise decisions.Using real stories from teens around the world, Sean shows teens how to succeed in school, make good friends, get along with parents, wisely handle dating and sex issues, avoid or overcome addictions, build self-esteem, and much more. Jam-packed with original cartoons, inspiring quotes, and fun quizzes, this innovative book will help teens not only survive but thrive during their teen years and beyond.

Building upon the legacy of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, this is an indispensable resource for teens everywhere.

Customer Reviews:

  • Covers everything in a teenager life
    The teenager life is divided in a few important topic such as family, school, friends, etc. What the authors do is to question yourself about the decision you are going to take and how are you going to live in the different areas. It also help you have a good starting point, by telling you the most common sense cases, and you should do in some situations. This is a very good book to give some light in a teenager....more info
  • Every teen needs to hear/read this book
    I am a youth leader and listened to this book because a teen had told me it was a great book, and it is. This book really helps teens put their lives in perspective with reality and really helps them to focus on what is really important. The decisions made as teenagers can shape the rest of your adult life. Don't wait till you are an adult to figure out you made some bad decisions when you were young. There are a lot of short stories from other teens and with the audio version different students read these parts. It makes it interesting and keeps it flowing like a long conversation....more info
  • Good Directions
    To an extent, this is a re-hash of the 'Seven Habits' but it also looks at areas that affect young people's lives and common attitudes. This book could help a person get on the right track if they would read it.The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make: A Guide for Teens...more info
  • An important decision....
    You have an important decision to make; to buy this book or not. Buy this book! It's format and content is superb; focusing teens in an entertaining and intelligent way. "What is important and why?" is the lesson we need to give our teens as they mature. Covey makes the task easy in a manner that teens will be highly receptive to. ...more info
  • Great read for teenagers AND their parents
    In the adolescent world of text messaging, internet, and online chat, it is quite refreshing to find a book--an actual paperback--that appeals to the fleeting attention of teenagers, and their parents. Sean Covey is able to effectively go where many scholars have attempted to go before, because he uses real teenager experiences, cool cartoons, current language, and in your face candor to address 6 real issues teenagers face today.
    I recommend this to everyone--enjoy....more info
  • The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make
    Last Christmas after reading the book myself I gave copies to my son, and 3 of his cousins. All of them have since called and thanked me for giving them the book to read. Even my brother and sister who's children they are told me their kids devoured the contents. I wish I would of had this information when I was a teen!...more info
  • Ginny
    Sean Covey does an excellent job of discussing issues of critical importance to teens in a language they can understand and identify with. Book is also recommended for adults of teens for ideas on how to discuss sensitive issues with their adolescents....more info