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MCSA/MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-284): Implementing and Managing Microsoft? Exchange Server 2003
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  • Another good study aid from MS press books
    This book goes into a lot of depth in certain areas that will make your head swim at first, I read it twice and even then used Sybex and CBT and Testout. DNS and RRAS are some pretty tough areas unless you do this sort of task almost daily in your job function. I used 2 Server 2003 SP2 machines for my labs plus an XP machine. If you use it live temporarily at home for the labs make sure you unplug your switch if used or unplug them when done in case you forget to undo the tasks you had just done for the lab- otherwise you'll be scratching your head wondering why the rest of your home pc's can't get out. Other users claim the 70-291 test is "the beast" and I concur, if you just read and don't do your labwork you're destined to fail. The test really expects you to know what you're doing and remember answers can appear to be correct but might be off just a hair. Overall a very good study aid, I used 7 months between 70-290 and this one to prepare and made sure I felt comfortable knowing all areas. The payoff is super if you pay the cost studying now!...more info
  • Covers the concepts needed to pass
    I originally received this book from my company since they are requiring each tech in our company to pass both the 70-290 and the 70-291. Initially looking through the book I was scepticle that it would adequately prepare me.
    After 1.5 months studying 2-3 hours daily and using this book as my primary source I passed with an 842. A coworker also used this book and passed with a 905.

    Each section seemed to cover the topics adquately and even more the reading of it was not dry and difficult as I expected. Both of us especially focused on each Exam Tip which is frequently emphasized throughout the book. We typed these out into about 15 pages of single spaced notes we used to review serveral times a week.

    A note about my work experience. Many of the topics in this book were mostly unfamiliar with me. Concepts such as TCP/IP Troubeshotting and DHCP I use regularly and the chapters about this were more of a review for me. However, I rarely if ever do anything with DNS, IPSEC, Shadow Copies, WSUS, Security Monitor, Replication Monitor, Network Monitor, Routing and Remote Access, etc as part of my normal job. I went into these sections with at best a novice understanding and at time no experience at all before studying. Yet by the time I took the test I scored well in all areas except Routing and Remote Access.
    My recommended study steps is...

    1. Read the book once through for a general overvue. Highlight anything that is not familiar to you.

    2. Read through the book a 2nd time especially focusing on things you are unfamiliar with. Make notecards of every command line command with switches that are discussed in the book. These will be on the exam.

    3. Read the Exam tips at least 5-7 times before taking the exam.

    4. Google anything that does not seem to be clear from the book or that seems confusing. The only thing I had to do this on was for the NSlookup command. I found a few websites that were great expalining what to use this command for.

    5. Set a realistic test date to push yourself as the test nears. Not setting a date (for me) can be a recipe for not being focused and taking it much later than I should.

    Good luck with it!...more info
  • Excellent Book!
    I don't know if it's because I've studied IP subnetting in the past, but this book presented it in a way where I was able to make the most sense out of it.
    I've used 3 books from Microsoft Press now and have made a decision to stay with these books for my MS certs.
    ...more info
  • Very poor!!
    I wouldn't waste your money. I am only on chapter 2 and the mistakes in here are stacking up. Spelling mistakes, incorrect information and questions that say to pick an answer from a to g with the correct answer being h make it far from the ideal book to build your confidence or knowledge.

    ...more info
  • Excellent information
    The more I dive into the MCSE path the more I relize there is not one book that covers everything you need to know for the exam. This book does an excellent job of explaining the topics that it covers. That said it covers about 85% of what you need to know. Nearly 50% of the test was on RRAS....more info
  • Nice
    I've just bought the book from amazon, and first of all what I can say about it is that it's very cheap comparing if I bought it here in portugal. the price here is around 83 dollars, so I could almost buy 3 books with that money. really, buying from abroad is much more pleasant than buying in portugal... As for the book... well, better wait for it! :D...more info
  • Good resource for system administration but out of date for an exam
    I used this book for the primary purpose of getting in depth in windows 2003 and simplified my job and the secondary purpose for taking MCSA certificated.

    Well, this book is written in a very easy way to get understanding and most of useful information that I could learn from this book in order to simplified my system administration at my workplace. My favourite chapter was DNS and DHCP but I got a little bit stuck in the chapter of RAS. While RAS chapter require me to have a lot of equipment to hand on the practice, its also difficult to understand while this subject is a little bit complex. The practic procedule on chapter 11 also did not well description which get me confuse with the procedure to test with Security template. Read charefully on the practice test on this chapter.

    Whether Windows 2003 already release its services pack 2, i recommend the reader to read the latest edition of this book before prepare for an exam.

    Kanel...more info
  • Not so bad
    I got this book with a little over 1.5 years of exchange experience and I know quite a bit but thought i could learn alot more and certify in it. Well this book did help me the 2nd time through reading it. The biggest help really was the practice exams. I took the study exams and learned more that way then with reading. I would recommend this book only to those that actually understand Windows 2003, 2000 and NT both directory structure and network structure. There is alot of networking involved such as firewalls and opening ports. Overall it is a good book....more info