The Pie and Pastry Bible
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The Pie and Pastry Bible is your magic wand for baking the pies, tarts, and pastries of your dreams -- the definitive work by the country's top baker.

  • More than 300 recipes, 200 drawings of techniques and equipment, and 70 color pictures of finished pies, tarts, and pastries
  • Easy-to-follow recipes for fruit pies, chiffon pies, custard pies, ice-cream pies, meringue pies, chocolate pies, tarts and tartlets, turnovers, dumplings, biscuits, scones, crostadas, galettes, strudel, fillo, puff pastry, croissants (chocolate, too), Danish, brioche, sticky buns, cream puffs, and profiteroles
  • All kinds of fillings, glazes, toppings, and sauces, including pastry cream, frangipane, Chiboust, fruit curds, ice creams, fondant, fruit preserves, streusel, meringues, ganache, caramel, and hot fudge
  • A separate chapter featuring foolproof flaky, tender, and original crusts of every kind imaginable. Here are a few: Flaky Cream Cheese Pie Crust, Flaky Cheddar Cheese Pie Crust, Miracle Flaky Lard Pie Crust, and Flaky Goose Fat Pie Crust; Bittersweet Chocolate, Coconut, Ginger, and Sweet Nut Cookie Crusts; and Vanilla, Gingersnap, Chocolate, and Graham Cracker Crumb Crusts
  • Countless tips that solve any problem, including the secrets to making a juicy fruit pie with a crisp bottom crust and a lemon meringue pie that doesn't weep
  • How to make a tender and flaky pie crust in under three minutes
  • How to make the best brownie ever into a crustless tart with puddles of ganache
  • Exciting savory recipes, including meat loaf wrapped in a flaky Cheddar cheese crust and a roasted poblano quiche
  • Extensive decorating techniques for the beginning baker and professional alike that show you how to make chocolate curls, pipe rosettes, crystallize flowers and leaves, and more
  • Detailed information on ingredients and equipment, previously available only to professionals
  • The wedding cake reconceived as a Seven-Tier Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Tart
  • Pointers for Success follow the recipes, guaranteeing perfect results every time

    Reading about the ins and outs of baking the perfect, flaky pie crust is a little like reading about how to achieve the perfect golf swing: the proof is in the doing. And it often takes a remarkably intuitive reader to understand exactly what the author is getting at. Not so the work of Rose Levy Beranbaum, the author who gave us The Cake Bible. If ever there was a cookbook author who could place her hands on top of yours, putting you through the proper motions, helping you arrive at just the right touch, Beranbaum is the one.

    The Pie and Pastry Bible begins with the crust. The author confesses right up front that 21 years ago, when she first began her quest for the perfect crust, "it was a complete mystery to me." She wasn't looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but something she could consistently turn out at a moment's notice. The ideal pie crust, she writes, "has light, flaky layers, but also ... is tender, and nicely browned, with a flavor good enough to eat by itself."

    In a book that stretches to about 700 pages long, her favorite pie crust is the first recipe: Perfect Flaky and Tender Cream Cheese Pie Crust. Typically, Beranbaum lists the ingredients by measure and weight for three separate sizes of pies, then gives instructions for the food processor or by hand.

    After 70 pages of pie crusts, tart crusts, and crumb pie crusts of every imaginable make and combination, Beranbaum starts with fruit pies. Her first (of many) detailed charts shows exactly what her ratios are of fruit to sugar to cornstarch. Then each recipe (start with The Best All American Apple Pie) includes pointers for success as well as several variations on the theme. Under the headline "Understanding," Beranbaum goes that extra mile by taking the trouble to explain just why something works the way it does.

    If you are only going to own one cookbook for pie and pastry recipes of every imaginable stripe and combination, you can't go wrong with this one. It's the Bible, after all. --Schuyler Ingle

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    • The Pie And Pastry Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum
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    Customer Reviews:

    • Such a good book the pages are falling out!
      First of all, this is NOT a book for those wanting to make something up quick. If you want a quick and easy dessert, go somewhere else. If you enjoy the process of baking and (even more so) the pleasure of eating homemade goods, this book is for you.

      The piecrusts (as other reviewers have noted) are not the easiest. But, they do come out very well. It is possible to use the freezer bags as noted (only one is necessary per piecrust recipe). On the crusts, I recommend using the food processor method. Also, I noticed that it takes a lot less time to bake the crusts than the time recommended in the book. I have never had them become soggy either. Brushing on the egg white after you bake them helps to prevent that.

      As for the time-consuming quality of the recipes, be prepared to spend a long time on any one of these. On the Strawberry Lover's Chiffon Pie (my first pie ever to bake and the first from this book), I spent around 9 hours over a two-day period. I just made the Apple Crumb Pie, and it took probably five hours though a lot of that was dead time (i.e., baking or chilling times when I could be doing something else). Before making any of these recipes, carefully read the instructions to get an idea of how long they take.

      And, the photography is excellent. It makes you want to make every single one in the book. The Pumpkin Pie and Honeycomb Chiffon Pie are coming up next (that is, after some recipes in her Cake Bible).

      The recipes are meticulously detailed. If you follow them EXACTLY, you should get good results. If you take shortcuts or decide that something isn't necessary, you'll get less than perfect results.

      The recipes range from traditional favorites like cherry and apple pies to more exotic pies (like the Honeycomb Chiffon pie and Tiramisu). Recipes for savory pies (like Shepherd's Pie and Chicken Pot Pie) are also included.

      This is my second favorite cookbook after Rose's The Cake Bible....more info

    • Tired of Pie Problems? Just buy it!
      I was a pie-making wannabe. I bake 6 or so a year, and couldn't ever understand why they were so inconsistent. Sometimes the crust was great. Other times, the dough would break in half as I was moving it to the pie plate. It would taste great, but I was forever patching the stuff on the bottom to eliminate the obvious problems. Decorate the edges? You must be kidding, as I rarely had edges. Too thin, too thick, whatever.

      When I read the first few pages of the book, RLB guarantees consistent results. Just what I wanted. And it works perfectly, even if you do take an occassional detour from the detailed instructions. 4 pies now in the last month -- every one had perfect crusts that rolled out beautifully, could be easily placed in the plate, could be manipulated easily for decoration and were yummy as all get out. Delicious beautiful and utterly professional. The best cookbook purchase I have ever made.

      Yes, the phrase "easy as pie" no longer exists, but my the time I made my third pie, the prep time had declined remarkably. (It's still longer than any other pie or tart recipe you've ever made, though). ...more info
    • Another Bernbaum masterpiece
      Great recipes, easy to follow. If you like the Cake Bible this is a perfect companion....more info
    • Delicious recipes
      I just finished my first pie out of this book, and although it was quite time-consuming, it was truly delicious. The book holds so many wonderful recipes, that I can't decide on which one to try next, and with Rose's detailed instructions you just can't fail, even if you have never made a pie before. More pictures would have made this a five-star book.....more info
    • yes!
      What can I say, I am a collector of cooking books. I buy at least once a week. When I bought the Pie and Pastry Bible my baking lifestyle change. I kissed the books a hundred time. My english is limited but I still able to bake successfully. Thank you Rose. I can get rid all my cooking books and buy all your books. I just made my first time Tiramisu and I ate them all too....more info
    • Excelent, Excelent Excelent
      It's simply amazing! The recipes here never fail! I recomend this book to everyone, but remember:patient is everything.If you are the kind of person that not use to follow each detail that the recipe calls for, go to the supermarket and buy something frozen....more info
    • Great for the Serious Pie/Pastry Baker
      I bought this book because I loved Rose's Bread Bible and I wanted to make really good pies and pastries. Before using this book I had not had a lot of experience making pies, I had made a couple apple pies and pumpkin pies, but they were all kind of blah. Not anymore!! Even with my little experience Rose transformed me into an awesome pie baker!! After I made my first pie from the Pie Bible, people were telling me it was the best pie they had ever had in their life! Now, I have to warn you, her pies do take a while to make. In many cases it's an all day (or multiple days) affair. However, I promise you, if you diligently follow her instructions, the results will be worth it! ...more info
    • If baking is your hobby, and pie a passion, buy it!
      Having heard Rose speak on Public Radio about the value in baking homemade pie for family and guests, I had to order the book if only to have the Flaky Cream-Cheese Pie Crust recipe, which Rose said, " the soul of this book." I was impressed when I heard her say she'd tried the recipe 50 times to get it exactly, scientifically right. I am happy to report I tried the cream cheese crust, open-faced fresh blueberry pie yesterday, and it was worth every puttering step. Absolutely great! It looked just like the wonderful color photo provided in the book and tasted fabulous. Rose's book answers every possible question a baker could have about ingredients, storage, problems, you-name-it! What could be a lost art for those of us who grew up with European-born, stay-at-home expert baker moms, Rose's book is indispensable. The mystery and science of my childhood's translucent apple strudel dough is included in this great book. She's translated pinch-of-this, handful of that into very exact weights, measures, and procedures for any kind of putsy pastry, but DOES offer her recommendations for brand mixes for when you're in a hurry....more info
    • Absolutely Awesome!
      As a formally trained & accomplished baker and long time fan of The Cake Bible, I love Rose's latest publication. I have baked many of these recipes and all have been wonderful. I love making pies just to try new recipes (and now have many new friends to help me eat them). Thank you Rose for my ever widening hips!...more info
    • Oh yes, you too can make a pie crust
      The cream cheese pie crust recipie alone is worth the price of admission to this book. I had never made an edible pie crust before I tried this one. Directions are explicit and step by step.

      The recipies for pies and tarts are wonderful. I've never had a failure using this cookbook. ...more info
    • My kind of cookbook
      This is a cookbook for the perfectionist. If you like to understand exactly why things work the way they do so that you can be in control of your baking projects, then this is the book for you. If you get excited at the thought of being empowered to create pastries more delectable than the very best you have ever tasted at the finest gourmet pastry shoppes, then you owe it to yourself to get this book.

      If you'd rather not be bothered with too many niggling details and just want something quick that reliably comes out OK, even if you use the wrong type of flour, then stick with the Fannie Farmer Cookbook.

      Be warned. These recipes generally don't have much margin for sloppiness built into them, the way ones from other cookbooks do. That's why they taste so good when they are done correctly. You should read all of the background information on a topic before you start baking. Rose's backgrounders are interesting, helpful, well-written and will make you a better baker. At the absolute minimum, you must follow the recipes to the letter. No substitutions or shortcuts whatsoever can be allowed unless you've read all the background information so that you know *exactly* what you are doing.

      I can see only two legitimate grievances. The structure of the book is sometimes a bit scattered, which often makes it necessary to flip through to a half-dozen different places to get through a single project, and, (although this is not a concern for me) Rose makes no mention that I can see of what sort of adjustments one might make to achieve perfection at 9000 feet above sea level, and I could see how someone up in the Rockies might run into some difficulties.

      I can only think of one other "downside": Your own baking will spoil you for anything else....more info

    • Now, all I need is TIME....Awesome book!
      I have devoured this book ---- I have truly enjoyed reading it. If you enjoy the" Why" behind baking you will love this book. This is an excellent reference. Better yet, I got raves on the cherry pie that I made. I'm buying her book on cakes and cookies TODAY!...more info
    • What I've Been Looking For
      Now this is what folks mean when they talk about a definitive book. I will never have to purchase another pie and pastry how-to. This book covers it all with a depth that satisfies all questions. If you love Alton Brown and judiciously read all of the Cooks Illustrated background testing info, this book is for you. I am so happy with this book that I am not just looking up specific recipes, I am literally reading it as if it were a novel. (I am a curious cook.)

      For the novice pie and pastry baker, you may think this will be too overwhelming for you. I think this is written in such a way that you will "get it" and thus start out making things correctly. For the experienced, this book is a problem solver and is the road to perfection.

      This book contains more than 300 recipes. There are more than 15 recipes for pie crusts plus variations. With that said, obviously not every pie under the sun is here, but there is enough information for you to make improvements on any recipe that is not covered.

      This book is so close to perfect, I gave it five stars. However, I do have some criticisms. First, this book needs to better catalog the recipes. The table of contents lists simply the chapters, such as fruit pies, tarts, custard pies etc. The chapters delve into the subject without listing the recipes. I would prefer that each chapter had a mini table of contents that listed individual recipes.

      My second criticism is the altering of classic recipes to suit her personal tastes. I realize this is completely subjective, but if she were a Southerner, I wouldn't have to continue to hunt for recipes for chess pie and coconut custard pie. This is the same criticism I had of the Cook's Illustrated baking volume too. However, we're talking about two or three recipes in each book that I don't agree with, so the books were still worth the purchase.

      Speaking of Cook's Illustrated, if I had to choose between this book and Baking Illustrated, I would go with this book. If both are an option for you, get both. Cook's does a good job of balancing flavor with speed. The bible series seems to be all about flavor with little regard to speed.

      My last criticism is a minor one and I realize it is as subjective as the author's taste when writing the recipes; I find the language and recipe structure awkward at times. I think the Williams-Sononma Collection, while not the most exhaustive collection of recipes, is the best example of recipe writing.

      I wanted to make pie crust from scratch for Thanksgiving, so I paid rush shipping charges to get this book here and it is worth the expense. I made a test basic flaky pie crust and it came out perfectly.

      [....]...more info
    • Won a pie baking contest!
      I am a good cook, but I don't often make pies. I bought this book (because I have The Cake Bible by the same author and I love it) and made 2 pies from it. The second pie I made, I submitted to my company's pie-baking contest. I won first prize! If this cookbook can do that for me, it can do that for anyone willing to follow its instructions.
      Truly, the author gives you everything you need for success: great recipes, great instructions, and helpful explanations of WHY you are doing what you are doing....more info
    • Make pies and pastry to die for!
      I should start off by saying that this cookbook is not for someone who wants to throw together a pie quickly. This cookbook has recipes that take a little work, but are definitely worth the effort! This book is entitled "The Pie and Pastry Bible" for a reason - it is a bible for spectacular desserts that taste like they came from a pastry chef. I've had plenty of pies from bakeries that haven't tasted nearly as good as the ones in this book.

      Most of us have probably eaten pies where the crust was just functional - meant to hold the filling in, but really tasteless. How about pie crusts that could stand on their own without the filling? The crusts in this cookbook are that delicious! They may take a little effort, but the results are spectacular.

      This cookbook is a wonderful source of recipes if you really want to impress someone. You will be amazed to discover that you, too, can make terrific pastries. Rose's directions will walk you through it step-by-step.

      Bottom line - I absolutely love this cookbook, but I admit it may not be for everyone. However, if you are a serious baker, this one should definitely be on your shelf!

      ...more info
    • perfect pie
      This is a great book to learn from. If you are going to take the trouble to make your own pie crust, why not learn to make the best possible one right off the bat? Take the time to learn it correctly, and it will become easier and easier with each one you make. Eventually, the book can be left on the shelf. Pie is my absolute favorite dessert in the entire world, but it can be my least favorite if it is not made well (as is often the case in the U.S. I am sorry to say). I watched my husband eat most of a cherry pie that I made last night from the season's first cherries with a certain joy I had never seen him express when eating pies that I made from online recipes or simple cookbooks. The details in this cookbook for chilling the dough, not overhandling, and using the best ingredients were great. The pictures in the book are also very inspiring. Thanks to the author! ...more info
    • A Perfect Follow Up To The Cake Bible!
      Rose does it again! I have only just begun to indulge in this book, but have found everything so far to be as expected...spectacular! This has joined my other two favorites...The Cake Bible (of course) and Bernard Clayton's Book of Bread. Thank you Rose. Keep up the awsome work!...more info
    • A True Baking Treasure. Very Professional.
      One would expect such an authoritative volume on baking to come from a chunky Frenchman with a very tall toque and an accent you can cut with a pastry knife, not from the ever so sweet and coy face smiling at you from the back of the dust jacket of this very large book on a very serious subject. But, this book from this author should be no surprise at all, as it is the middle volume on a trilogy that does for baking what Tolkein did for epic fantasy in `Lord of the Rings'.

      Before I even start to talk about the virtues of the book, just consider the difference in content you are receiving from Rose Levy Beranbaum's three books when compared to Ina Garten's three cookbooks. For a 30% addition to the price, Beranbaum is giving you approximately 300% more information. Another comparison is to compare Beranbaum's 2000 pages with the very authoritative sounding `King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion' weighing in at a mere 607 pages. That is just to put these works in perspective.

      To most newbies, cooking may seem relatively easy, but one glimpse at what you need to make a decent pie crust has most novices running to the megamart refrigerated cases for those premade Pillsbury pie crusts. First, you have to pick the right ingredients. Can I use all-purpose flour or should I use pastry flour. Can I use King Arthur or should I use White Lily? Should I use butter or vegetable shortening or lard? Should I add vinegar or not? Should I add an egg yolk or not? Then, you have to be concerned about the weather. Is the barometer rising or falling? Is the air humid or dry? Then comes the technique. Do I use a pastry cutter or do I use my hands? How long do I work the flour and fat before adding the liquid? How much do I work it after adding the liquid? How long do I rest it before rolling it out? How do I lay the crust in the pan to avoid shrinking? What kind of pan do I use to bake the pie? Do I blind bake the crust for this pie? How long do I bake? What do I look for to know the bottom crust is done?

      I'm exaggerating a little because many of these variables are usually well enough in control that they don't ruin a pie. But, every variable offers a way for things to go wrong. Now, millions of people, myself included, have successfully made good pie crusts without having read Ms. Beranbaum's book, but millions of people, myself included, have made pie crusts which just didn't make the grade. Rose Levy Beranbaum tells you why, and gives you all the information you need to avoid each and every problem.

      One of the very few problems I find with Ms. Beranbaum's work is that there is so much information, it is difficult to whip out a simple recipe or find the solution to a simple problem without literally studying the information for some time. But, the only thing that means is that this book, however good, may not be for everyone. For the casual baker of pies, I strongly recommend Wayne Harley Brachman's `American Desserts'.

      Ms. Beranbaum's book is for the serious baker and for people who really like to read about baking in order to troll for ideas and projects. The depth of information exceeds virtually every other work I have seen so far. Where other books give you measurements by both weight and volume, Ms. Beranbaum gives you measurements in both Metric and English system units. Where others recommend a fat to use, Ms. Beranbaum explains why the fat of choice should be used and how to make intelligent substitutions with various kinds of ingredients. While I have not yet read Shirley Corriher's book `Cookwise', Rose gives me the same kind of intimate knowledge of my ingredients and techniques as I would expect from Shirley. Rose even quotes Shirley's recipe for Southern biscuits as the model recipe for same.

      Speaking of biscuits, if I were to write a tutorial on pastry making, I would probably start with biscuits. As Beranbaum points out, the techniques and results when making biscuits stand you almost exactly halfway between pastry crusts and cake making. I would add that it also puts you very close to the bread baking world, with a product where the time between cracking open the flour canister and pulling the finished product out of the oven can be less than 30 minutes. This makes biscuit baking a perfect intro. to baking in general. Needless to say, Ms. Beranbaum covers biscuits with her usual thoroughness.

      I would very strongly recommend this and all of Ms. Beranbaum's books on baking as a perfect second book on their respective subjects. As a first book, get `Baking with Julia' and follow the directions with the diligence of a Viennese pastry master. Very highly recommend to those in love with baking. How can you possibly resist so sweet a smile on Ms. Beranbaum's face as she kneads her dough on the dust jacket?...more info

    • A mexican review
      Good recipes, easy to follow instructions but just a few pictures. I think that an author as famous as Rose Levy should spend a little more in pictures....more info
    • Simply the best
      Ms. Beranbaum is the dessert chef's dessert chef. This is a superb book for serious home cooks and professionals. While I might not give this book to a beginner or casual cook, I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in dessert making who wants to improve their skill level in a dramatic way....more info
    • Surprises for an experienced baker
      I've been baking for more than 30 years, and I thought I did OK - as did my family. But there were a lot of answers to questions that I hadn't even known I had in the Pie and Pastry Bible, and some new techniques that really have made a difference! I'm not enthusiastic about the way the book is set up, because I have to keep flipping back and forth from the filling to the crust until I get her crust recipe memorized. There are some recipes that are quite simple, but are presented in a complicated way. However, the information is very, very complete, and there are many entertaining comments and lots of recipes for any level of training and experience. I like it - and she makes a better pie crust than I do!...more info
    • excellent
      I am happy that I purchased this book. It is an excellent reference book!...more info
    • Excellent "technical" reference for seasoned bakers!
      This is a terrific cookbook for a seasoned cook with a lot of time for preparation-intensive, step-intensive recipes. The few items that are photographed are beautiful and true to the recipe. There is excellent information on the "science" and "technology" of pastry making that is really useful. The storage information and resources for difficult to find ingredients is also great to have. The recipes are quite detailed and I really appreciate the fact that she offers ingredients by measurement and weight, as I much prefer cooking with a scale. However, the first two recipes I tried had errors--one SERIOUS measurement error (the Chocolate Cream Pie recipe), and the other two are errors in steps or in referring to an incorrect recipe as part of the main recipe (Lime, Kiwi, Blueberry Tart). The Creme Anglaise recipe appears to be egg-yolk heavy (especially compared to other tested recipes) and may or may not be an error. Needless to say, I was less than thrilled to have to figure out what SHOULD have been printed in the recipe, while I was scrambling to get them finished in time for a party. I now know to try these recipes waaay in advance of actually needing to make them! This is definitely NOT a cookbook for someone who is in a hurry...many of the steps for normally simple recipes are quite complex and tedious. If, however, your goal is to really shine--many of the desserts in this book are incredibly impressive, and all have been delicious. The Lime Curd used as a base for the Lime, Kiwi, Blueberry tart was so good by itself that I had to make a second batch for the tart!...more info
    • The perfect companion to The Cake Bible
      Just when I thought that The Cake Bible was the ultimate culinary experience, Rose Levy Beranbaum strikes again. I just bought a copy for my mother who taught me to love and bake my own pies from scratch. She lays it all out for you, step by step, and never leaves you hanging. Not only are there wonderful decadent recipies for pies of all kinds, but also for savory breads as well. How do I feel about this book? To paraphase a famous saying -- you can have my Pastry Bible when you pry it from my cold dead fingers!...more info
    • Wait for the 2nd edition of this book
      I hate to be a party pooper, but as much as one hopes to love this book, it was just too poorly written and edited. It has many terrific ideas for someone who has baked pies before, but for a newcomer like myself, the defects are pretty glaring. I bought the book because I love "The Cake Bible". But this time, the editor went to press before finishing her work, and I bet she's responsible for wasting many thousands of hours of her readers' time, considering how popular this book is.

      In order to make crust using this book, you have to flip back and forth between many sections: the dough recipe, the rolling instructions, the laying out of the dough, and the baking are all in different places, in the wrong order, and not clearly labeled. I can see why this happened, because the rolling and baking are similar for different dough recipes, and she didn't want to repeat the same instructions over and over. But at least the sections should have been in order! Additional stories and comments are intermixed with the instructions, which makes it hard to follow the instructions once you find them. Different dimensions are given in different places for the size of the rolled dough you need. Sections headings are not consistently formatted--sometimes a new subsection is in the same style as the heading that started the section.

      I'm a professional scientist and university professor, and I love to cook. I don't think I have any special impairment following instructions. The other reviewers who liked this book surely had the same experience, unless they knew ahead of time what they were doing, so I say to them: stop recommending this book so highly, except to experienced pie and tart bakers!

      For making pastry the first time, I would use "The Way to Cook" by Julia Child instead, which manages to give all of the necessary instructions very clearly, in the correct order, in about two pages. Then buy Beranbaum's book and read it at leisure if you want inspiration and expert knowledge, and you don't mind an error here or there.

      I hope there will be an easier-to-use second edition of this book. The tart I made was truly delicious, but the process made me angry. I'm guessing that the author or editor or publisher decided their deadline was more important than a final week of editing. What a shame....more info
    • another fabulous book
      I asked for this book for Christmas and ended up staying up all night reading it straight through like a novel (porno actually) And I had made 4 peanut butter tarts before New Years. This book will join The Cake Bible as the only book I need to maintain my reputation as a serious baker. Very detailed and sometimes time consuming recipes, but they always work, and they always meet with rave reviews! Plus its just SO PRETTY!!!...more info
    • Real Treasure
      The book is a real treasure to any baker: all the details, all the step-by-step, it gives confidence and explains the secrets of pastry. I just love it!...more info
    • The Best and Only book you will need!!
      I have not ever read a more detailed book on this subject yet. The author explains not just how to buy why. Every one I have showed it to has ordered it. If want to know everything there is to know about pies and pastries, then you have found the ultimate! GREAT...more info
    • Wonderful information; great instructions
      Please be aware of an error regarding the lemon meringue pie on page 178. The recipe reads "8 (eight)eggs, separated yolks." I followed this exactly (questioning this as most recipes use 3 or 4 eggs at the most);however in a book entitled the "Bible", one does not question the authority. This mistake spelled disaster; the pie looked beautiful but was simply egg soup. I trust this will save someone from a similar disaster....more info
    • Exceptional book for hardcore bakers
      First off: If you are a home baker that bakes sometimes and uses general cookbooks (i.e. Betty Crocker), this book is not for you. If you are someone who gets angry and frustrated over detailed instructions and is not patient enough to read a recipe throughly before beginning, this book is not for you. If you are someone who cannot pay attention to detail and is not meticulous and careful while baking, this book is not for you.

      This book is without a doubt, for the hardcore, highly experienced baker. As a professional baker, I find this book indispensable in my work. It's extremely detailed and thorough--just how it should be. Rose doesn't write her books for the novice baker--other writers do that.

      All this being said, there are some editing errors (not the fault of Rose), and everyone using this book (as well as The Cake Bible and The Bread Bible) needs to download the updated book erratas [...]

      With the updated corrections, the book is better than ever....more info
    • Not for the novice
      After reading just a couple of her receipies, I discovered this book is not for the faint at heart when it comes to baking. Although when I watched her on an early morning program, I gathered there was a more balanced experience of receipies. Her citation of types of flour is simply more information that I was interesting in having and boardered on what one might call flour snobbery. So far, the only method I have regularly incorporated in my pastry baking is her reference to chilling. So as all is not down the pastry funnel, I will pick and choose a few more receipies now and then to try....more info
    • Not for the southern pie baker
      This book was very good in explaining the chemistry behind pie baking. It also had some very good ideas in it, including ice cream pies, and pies with cake layers. However, many of the recipes are horrible, starting with the first basic pie crust recipe.

      I got this cookbook for my birthday one year, but stopped using it after I made a pie with the crust from this book. I have since then picked up using it again, but I have to make my own modifications.

      The first thing you'll notice about these recipes is that the writer is obsessed with pie crusts being what she calls "crispy." She mentions it constantly throughout the first fifty or so pages. Her type of "crispy" requires you to cook your pie on the bottom of the oven, on a baking stone, or freezing your pie first. I agree that it's bad to have a soggy crust, and I definitely agree with her that the juices of most fruit need to be reduced and thickened with cornstarch before going into the pie. But the majority of people don't tend to cook on the bottom of their oven. Some people can't, because there is nowhere to put the pie pan. And personally, I don't like my pie crust quite that crispy. Also, I noticed here and there reminders to put a baking sheet or something under your pie pan, because filling would leak out. If a recipe has the right amount of ingredients, you shouldn't have to do this. I don't like fires in the bottom of my oven, thanks.

      Another thing. This book has you add VINEGAR to your pie crust. I know it's supposed to help with the baking chemistry, but it makes the crust taste horrible. I come from a long line of southern cooks, and I'm used to making sweet pies. I was never taught how to make a sour cherry pie. Nobody in my family ever wanted one. I make sweet cherry pies, involving sweet cherries and sugar. In my opinion, most of the recipes in this book do not have enough sugar. There is even a chocolate tart recipe with NO SUGAR.

      In other words, if you like sweet pies, this book is not for you. Read instead Julia Child or the Joy of Cooking, which, by the way, has an excellent apple pie recipe. ...more info
    • best pastry book
      I never make a pie or pastry crust using anyone else's recipe. I know it won't be as good, so I just don't do it. I always use one from this book. That way, there's no anxiety. I know with certainty the crust will be perfect....more info
    • Good book
      The book is good. The crust instructions are great. The author recommends 2 tbsp of starch for berries pies. I made four blackberry pies with two and more tbsp of starch, and it was still runny, fool of juices on the botton, doesn't matter how long you bake. There is no way it would work. I was dissapointed until found blackberry pie recipe on with only 4 reviews, and it was the best berry pie I ever had. Add 3 to 4 Tbsps of tapioca instead to all her recipes. Also she recommends to add 2 tsp of lemon zest. I add a pich, and it was very much enough. The author says that she tried most of her recipes fo up to 50 times. In other words: it is not a bible at all, take it as a bse and experiment yourself. Otherwise it has many interesting recipes, will try. ...more info
    • Best pie dough ever!
      If you bake pies or tarts you have to get this book. I have never been able to make a pie crust worth eating. Following the step by step directions for her basic pie cust, I made my first (successful) apple pie and received raved reviews!

      I have tried at least a dozen pie dough recipes and this is by far the easiest and best-tasting. I would have given this book 5 stars if it had more color pictures of the finished product.

      I'm at the airport posting this review and looking forward to my long flight now that I have this book. Halfway through I simply cannot put it down. [...] Oh, gotta run or I'll miss my flight!. Highly recommend this book....more info