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The Third Option
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Rancorous political infighting surrounds the selection of a successor to the dying head of the CIA just as Mitch Rapp, the agency's top operative, embarks on a dangerous mission to take out a well-known German industrialist believed to be supplying Middle East terrorists with highly sensitive equipment critical to constructing a nuclear bomb. When Rapp's ultimately successful mission is compromised from within, ailing CIA director Thomas Stansfield puts his imprimatur on the efforts of his chosen successor, Irene Kennedy, director of the agency's Counterterrorism Center, to identify the powerful interests both inside and outside the agency that wanted Rapp to fail.

The motive soon becomes clear; there are people who'll stop at nothing to remove Kennedy from the helm of the agency after Stansfield dies. One thing they didn't count on was Rapp's survival, and now he's a lethal weapon whose sights are fixed directly on the most powerful among them. This is a strong, swift thriller, a bit predictable (the senator in the black hat has dogs named Caesar and Brutus) but nonetheless involving. Author Vince Flynn sustains the dramatic tension from the opening paragraph to the last; in Mitch Rapp, he's got the makings of a promising series hero. --Jane Adams

When diplomacy has failed and military intervention is deemed inappropriate, our leaders sometimes take THE THIRD OPTION.

CIA counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp falls prey to government forces with an agenda of their own after Dr. Irene Kennedy is named the successor to dying CIA Director Thomas Stansfield -- a choice that enrages many inside the world's most powerful intelligence agency. Her detractors will resort to extreme measures to prevent her from taking the reins -- which makes Rapp an expendable asset. But Mitch Rapp is no one's pawn, and he will stop at nothing to find out who has set him up.

Customer Reviews:

  • Another Winner
    Vince Flynn keeps the thrills coming. Another in a series of great adventures taken from tomorrow's headlines....more info
  • Good Character, Good Read
    When I purchased The Third Option, I did not know that it was part of a series of books that feature Vince Flynn's main character Mitch Rapp. It should be pointed out that it is not crucial if you have not read prior books in the series before reading this one.

    While the book offers nothing outside the ordinary for a book of the super operative genre, I enjoyed it for what it did not include. Mitch Rapp is a character who is not absurdly elevated above mere mortal (i.e., he is not an ultra-superhuman terrorist killer). At least that is true in this book though I get the impression it may not be true in others. He does not hang from planes, jump on to speeding trucks, or survive multiple gun shots to the body (at least not without a kevlar vest). I also liked the idea of assassins tracking each other's work and either respecting or despising their competition's style. Classic.

    Overall a good read with a good character that can offer multiple other books to read if you enjoy the character. The only negative is that Mr. Flynn's attempt to be current at the time of writing (1999-2000) does not always translate well. Certain points seem silly given our knowledge today.
    ...more info
  • Have to get the next one
    A disclaimer for this fully enjoy it, you really need to read Term Limits and Transfer of Power first. There are a LOT of characters here that were in the previous two books. Trying to digest all of them at the same time might be a little rough.

    I'm surprised at the amount of negative reviews this has received. I actually enjoyed this book more than Transfer of Power or Term Limits. I had planned on making it through the entire Flynn/Rapp series anyway, so the fact that the ending is incomplete is no biggie for me. ...more info
  • The beginning of a major storyline
    In THE THIRD OPTION, Vince Flynn brings back his character of Mitch Rapp, whom he made famous in TRANSFER OF POWER. In this novel, Rapp is sent to assassinate a German citizen by order of the President of the United States. It is a top-secret mission for which the President will have total deniability should be Mitch be exposed to the situation. Things do not go quite as plan and Mitch manages to escape from Germany without being caught.

    Flynn exposes a Washington conspiracy in which certain individuals want to embarrass the President as well as the CIA. The head of the CIA is dying of cancer and the Senate and the House of Representatives are discrediting his chosen successor. The action in this book is taut and suspenseful. I enjoyed it.

    The author brings backs characters from his previous works and have them play important roles in the novel. He is preparing them up for the continuation of the storyline, which I assume will be reflected in SEPARATION OF POWER. This story does have a self-contained beginning and end, but some readers might not like that the main villain does not get his comeuppance. I think it is important just to meet the character, see what he is capable off and hope that he gets his `just desserts' in the next book....more info

  • Must read if you like the series
    This is the third book in the Mitch Rapp series and Vince Flynn continues to keep us reading into the night to find out how the plot unfolds. However, this book lacks some of the intensity that others in the series have. The ending is very weak, but I have already downloaded the next book in the series, Separation of Power. I like the series very much so now I will end this review and start reading....more info
  • Shameless setup for "Separation of Power"
    Mitch Rapp is back -- the most effective agent on the CIA is sent to Germany to assasinate a person who's helping Saddam Hussein despite repeated warnings. What Mitch does not know is that he's also a target; somehow Mitch escapes and decides to track down his killers. Things are complicated since he cannot trust anybody now, not even his own agency which could have set him up!

    However the bad part about this book is that it does not sustain the tension that is setup in the opening few chapters. It also shamelessly sets up the next book in the series "Separation of Power".

    Also, viewers need not be worried that they'll miss something; since "Separation of Power" is a stand alone book that could have done without this book!

    I love Vince Flynn & Mitch Rapp, but I seriously think this could have remained a silent chapter in the adventures of Mitch Rapp......more info
  • Fast paced an enjoyable
    Mitch is at it again and always seems to know the right moves to make. People who do him wrong will pay and you'll keep on saying, "ok, just one more page!" ...more info
  • Another Thriller from Vince Flynn, but Not The Best Place to Start His Series
    Another thriller from Vince Flynn. Like Mitch Rapp, this guy just doesn't miss!! He's that good--real, real good!! No, he's great!!

    Mitch Rapp specializes in counterterrorism--as he told his friend Congressman O'Rourke, he "hunts down terrorists and kills them..."

    And nobody does it better than Mitch Rapp (unless it's John Corey, Nelson DeMille's sometimes protagonist)

    One suggestion: As enjoyable as Vince Flynn's reads are--and they are enjoyable, each in its own right and on its own merit--they are probabaly even more enjoyable when read in sequence: "Term Limits," "Transfer of Power," this book, "The Third Option," "Separataion of Power,' etc.

    But if this book, "The Third Option," is your first Vince FLynn read, go to it and be prepared to be thrilled, enchanted and carried away by its action and characters...

    Two notes to veteran Flynn readers: (1) Neat, wasn't it, the reference to Nelson DeMille, another great writer of this genere, and (2) Flynn got one fact wrong: Congressman Kaiser, the Speaker of the House, played football at Auburn, not Alabama!!!...more info
  • Solid but unspectacular....
    This is the first Vince Flynn novel that I have read. I am a big fan of the international spy or assassin novels and I had heard a lot about his books and decided to jump right in.

    First off, let me just say that I like the main character, Mitch Rapp, a lot. He is a complex character and he is the kind of character that you like quite a bit even though you would not want to watch what he does or probably even know what he does. He is brutal, efficient and interesting to read about.

    Now with that said, the book bogged itself down throughout. There was so much that Flynn wanted to put on the pages...and too bad, a lot of it was not necessary and could have been put aside. A lot of the discussions between the senators and the government could have been left out and still get the point across. It took much away from the focal point of the story, Mitch Rapp and his bosses, The President, Dr. Kennedy and CIA Director Thomas Stanfield

    As others have said, the basic storyline is that Rapp is in Germany to assassinate a public figure that is 'secretly' helping the Iraqi leader...he is double crossed and left for dead. Rapp gets out and has to figure out who set him up (was it Kennedy, the President, Stansfield or some other group). This part, I liked...but the story slowed down when we were given page after page of the politicians behind the scenes and that hurt the story.

    If you like action, this book delivers some, but probably not as much as hoped for. This is a political story with some action/espionage thrown in. The ending is decent, frustrating, interesting all mixed definately leaves possibilities open for more trouble and rather interesting storylines. I liked the book and it was solid...but I look more forward to reading other Flynn books and seeing Rapp in more action....more info
  • Tight Action Packed Thriller Keeps You Guessing
    This book is the second in the Mitch Rapp series. Simply outstanding. I can't wait to finish the series, but I want to pace myself. You cannot go wrong with this book. Mystery, Action, and Intrigue. I highly recommend this series....more info
  • I recently became a fan of Vince Flynn
    Good, but not great. I started reading Vince Flynn a few months ago and I am going in order. This is the 3rd in the series and so far, the least impressive. I still liked it, but it lacked some of the excitement of the previous two. I bought the 4th so I will certainly continue. This book sort of just ends and I guess is continued in the next....more info
  • Another Excellent Book!
    I was thrilled to see another Vince Flynn book. I was not dissapointed.

    The continuation of the characters in previous novels is something I particularly enjoy. However, even though the characters from previous novels are used, this book can stand alone.

    I read the previous reviews and many of them already explain the plot, so what more can I say. The plot is well written and very exciting. Although the end left room for another novel, it didn't leave you hanging.

    I gave this a four only because I think that it is not 'as good' as his previous novels. However, just because it's not as good as his other novels does not mean it's not good. I enjoyed this book.

    Enjoy!...more info

  • Another winner
    Picking up where Transfer of Power left off, Vince Flynn has another winner on his hands. Mitch Rapp, Thomas Stansfield and Dr. Irene Kennedy are back in an edge-of-your-seat political thriller. Having just read Transfer of Power, many of the characters in the Third Option were well known, with a storyline that flowed from the previous novel. The only downside to reading them back to back was that some of the material was repetitive. That said, the Third Option is another fast paced page turner. The reader follows Mitch Rapp from an early attack on his life as he seeks to track down the conspirators. If you liked Transfer of Power, you should also like The Third Option. It will be difficult to put down....more info
  • Essential plot for the Separation of Power finish
    I am going to punish Flynn a little for this one (yeah right). The Third Option and Separation of Power are really one novel broken down into two bits. After reading both, I realized that Flynn may have written one novel, knew it was too large for his crowd (Flynn stick below 500 pages), and he had to write some extra filler for two books worth of info. The new characters that are introduced are worth the read. Bringing in the Mossad and Ben Friedman was an intriguing catch point that kept Separation of Power going. That being said, I will talk more in my review of Separation of Power as The Third Option seems to just be the kicking off point for the story that develops there....more info
  • Third option review
    The product was in great condition.
    I was happy to see that it was in the condition
    that was expressed in the seller review on Amazon.
    I intend to purchase from them again in the future.

    Darnell Lepre...more info
  • Wrong version
    I received an abridged version of the novel versus the full one. Perhaps I did not read the description fully. However, this is the second time that I have purchase an audiobook on Amazon that was not clearly identified. Reading/listening to an abridged version of a novel is a little like kissing your sister. Something is missing....more info
  • I jumped right in
    This was the third in a series by this author, well I didn't know that and just picked up the book so I would have something to read on the train. When I realized that I was in the middle of a series I almost put the book down thinking that I would loose something along the way. Well I didn't. Flynn did a great job of keeping the pace of the book moving, while giving those of us who did jump right in an overview of how we've gotten to this point in time. Rapp makes for a great hero. Good job and I'm about to order the next in the series. I picture this making a good movie, maybe with a Harrison Ford type playing Rapp....more info
  • The Art of the Thriller
    Is not found in this book.

    Clunky and derivative, way,way too long because a HUGE amount of space is devoted to inanity like this: Irene Kennedy was "thin, maybe too thin; it wasn't intentional she just wasn't a big eater." Really? How cool! Then we are told in great detail what she and her son have for breakfast! How many times she pats him on the head! Where he goes to day care! To whom, exactly, is this the stuff of thrills? And, worse, what 'thrills' show up ain't all that thrillin'.

    ...more info
  • I really like Vince Flynn's material
    I really enjoyed this Vince Flynn book. I have currently read 6 of his titles. This is a very good one. If you like his maaterial you will certainly enjoy The Third Option. I suggest you go back and read his books in order to get a better feel for the characters.
    ...more info
  • ending??
    The story is interesting and well paced.
    The ending leaves one hanging and thirsty for some kind of resolution. This was disappointing, but as it was apparent on the last page, it was basically a satisfying read....more info
  • Well written but leaves the reader hanging
    The Third Option starts off fast and carries through that way almost till the end, but the end is so incomplete that a reader can only think that the author was under pressure to get the book finished and just stopped. Too bad because it is an exciting book with a terrible ending....more info
  • Excellent Reading
    This book was well written and keep my interest. As does all of Vince Flynn's book. Definitely a good buy....more info
    I have learned so much by reading Vince Flynn's books and this one is no exception. It was soooo hard to put down when I had to. The storyline is compelling. It is scary to think that Washington may actually operate in the ways described here, but I believe it does. I can't wait to get the next book in the mail from Amazon....more info
  • Another entertaining book from Flynn.
    1) You don't necessarily have to read the first two books to be able to enjoy this one but it helps increase the connection the reader has to the characters.
    2) I felt the build up of suspense was better handled than in book two, Transfer of Power, which made me enjoy this book more.
    3) My only slight disappointment is that there is one part of the plot that doesn't get completely resolved but purposly sets up what is probably to take place in the next book. His other two books had complete resolution on all items as far as I remember.
    4) Overall, Flynn is a very good and very easy read and he makes writing a good novel seem so easy....more info
    I stumbled upon this book days while browsing through
    I had some money to kill and I bought this book. It was worth every penny. It had a great plot and story line. Great ending and conclustion. For those who love James Bond 007 here is a perfect alternative agent to look up to, Mitch Rapp!...more info
  • a tiresome and ended up in the middle of nowhere
    some of the scenes are not too well written and too contrite to be a good story. yes, i know the republicans are experts in back-stabbing but a senator like what flynn portrayed in this novel was just too much to look real. rapp in this novel read just like a not too competent operator. once get in too deep with a woman and fell for her too much, this guy not lost his edge but also his coolness. a mediocre one in this series i should say....more info