Transfer of Power
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What if America's most powerful leader was also its prime target?

On a busy Washington morning, the stately calm of the White House is shattered as terrorists gain control of the executive mansion, slaughtering dozens of people. The president is evacuated to an underground bunker, but not before nearly one hundred hostages are taken. One man is sent in to take control of the crisis. Mitch Rapp, the CIA's top counterterrorism operative, determines that the president is not as safe as Washington's power elite had thought. Moving among the corridors of the White House, Rapp makes a chilling discovery that could rock Washington to its core: someone within his own government wants his rescue attempt to fail.

Customer Reviews:

  • Move over Jack Ryan
    This is a very good read and will remind readers of television's 24-Jack Bauer. I visited the author's web page and wasn't the least surprised to learn the guys at 24 used Mr. Flynn as a consultant for season five-one of the best season's according to 24 fans. While I was highly entertained and give Flynn Kudos for its take on the activites of the Iraqi extremist, it's weird to read some details in regard to Sadam Huessin in a post 9/11 world-when it's revealed that he was not as powerful or the main puppet master most of our fiction writers gave him credit for. (The man's back up plan was to dig a hole and crawl into it.) The multiple pockets of Muslim extremist are like a metastasized cancer in the middle east and a threat like the one posed in this book is a possiblity. However, what is described in this book relies on too much luck. (How do you know the president's secretary won't follow protocol?) There's no way I believe in a pre or post 9/11 world that 60 to 80% Americans would prefer we negotiate with a terrorist group that seized the White House. Nor would I believe the Treasury would un-freeze over a billion dollars to country that fund terrorist groups. That's laughable. A hundred hostages or not- and that's judging by the very examples the author gives in the book: Waco/ Ruby Ridge. We don't negotiate. That is the one thing that's consistant with us. The idea that the U.N. could vote to lift sactions with 24 hours is also laughable-regardless of your feelings toward the group-nothing works that fast. There are other troublesome things, BUT this is entertainment. And as a novel, this story never ceases to do just that. Just like the televison show 24-it's addictive, but the plots have flaws....more info
  • I did want to like this book...
    ...but I dislike it, a pretty fair bit. My copy is 549 pages long. Precisely 300 pages too many. This is the first "thriller" I've read in a long long time, and I find myself skimming it. Boring, clunky characterizations, descriptions, dialogue. I suppose something like this is all about plot -- in which case pacing is vital. This plods.

    I started it based on the high marks reviewers here gave it, and on Hugh Hewitt's strong recommendation. Let's just call it a difference of opinion. I really wanted an author I could enjoy. This is the first book by Flynn in the series, so it was the logical place to start. Big mistake. A freshman effort. Maybe they get better, maybe much better, but I won't be risking it. If you are willing, start someplace later in the series. This book is, well, not godawful, it's just boring. A boring thriller. Go figure.

    Hugh, ya screwed me.

    J...more info
  • Vince Flynn Collectable
    Transfer of Power was an exciting story, and the second novel in a series by Vince Flynn that now
    includes ten books. It was an exciting story, that you hated to put down before you finished. To date I have completed half of the series and have not been disappointed in any way. I'm starting Memorial Day today. The
    condition of the novel was exactly as advertized. ...more info
  • Highly recommended read!
    This is the first Vince Flynn book I have read and I must say he is my new fav. In the same line as Clancy, his books are easier reading. Great writing, he keeps you interested and the story and characters are very interesting. I recommend his books to anyone wanting to read a good spy novel that you cannot put down. I have already ordered 2 more books. I can't wait....more info
  • White House Under Siege.
    Mitch Rapp. The larger than life clandestine CIA operative who will just not answer the prays of the terrorists, and die. This may be Flynn's finest novel involving the rogue agent. The White House is brilliantly taken over by Muslim terrorists with a vendetta to resolve. The story line is quite plausible, and the texture rich. The action is fantastically chaotic, and never slows. The deceptive plotting by both sides of the battle is rivetingly laid out for the reader's view. As always, the good guys win, but not free of costs. ...more info
  • Fast-paced Thriller
    This is my first Vince Flynn novel and I'm very impressed. The characters are engaging and the pace is very quick. If you like David Baldacci, you'll like Vince Flynn. I look forward to reading more of his books....more info
  • The Best of the Mitch Rapp Books
    I picked up my first Vince Flynn book a week ago because it was on sale at Borders. A week later, I've read all of them except Consent to Kill - Vince Flynn is a wonderful writer. I loved all the books, but this is by far my favorite Mitch Rapp book. I read it in one sitting. Strongly recommended, and worth every cent!...more info
  • Mitch we need you now
    Unfortunately, I read Flynn's thrillers in reverse sequential order, but it made no difference. Rapp is some guy and I am sure we have men of his caliber today, who can't be utilized due to the politicians. Realistic picture of our political leaders today and presidential candidates. We need more people in positions of power like Stansfield. Rapp knows the enemy and knows what to do with them. Take them out before they have the chance to destroy you and your country. Great read and wish more would realize the truth in Flynn's fiction(?). Okay, so you can still get rid of the girl, but the courage and quick thinking of Rapp makes up for her. Highly recommend all of his books to anyone....more info
  • Do You Think I'm In Grade School?
    What a horrible book! I tried to read it but I just couldn't take it anymore. I stopped in the middle of what this writer considers action, and I don't even care how it ends.
    There are just too many unjustified descriptions obviously put it to make the book long. Thus writer must want long books like Clancy but is going about it the wrong way. I don't care to know what color a lady's fingernails are when she points at something. I don't care what kind of shirt someone is wearing. I don't care about this book nor Vince Flynn's other books.
    Way too many incorrect references. One example is MP-5's are used not MP-10's unless you want to kill everybody including the hostages. Also at the beginning why even bother with a SEAL team if the "hero" of the book does all the work. I know that writers want to show their character as a bad to the bone but even James Bond always called in help and even let them do some of the fighting.
    If this is the standard of writing to expect from todays writers then I am missing out, because I have some stories that I wrote when I was 5 that are better than this. Heck I could even start writing now. It seams that no research is required anymore to get the mass public to make a star out of a writer like Vince Flynn.
    There is no way that I will ever pass this book onto someone else. I won't even donate it, I will just burn it. ...more info
  • Great Read!
    After jumping on the Mitch Rapp (Vince Flynn) bandwagon several years with one of the later books, I think it was Memorial Day, I've been hooked! I found Transfer of Power to be one of the best in the series! I love the multiple antagonist story line, especially the slimy politicians!...more info
    This book is thrilling and suspenseful from beginning to end. I also learned a lot about how our national security is protected (or not). I first heard about Vince Flynn books listening to both Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh. After hearing them rave about them I went to Borders to buy one. This was my first and will not be my last.
    Terie Blankenbaker...more info
  • Vince Flynn is a total master of the political thriller
    I've recently discovered Vince Flynn and his Mitch Rapp character. This is my third Mitch Rapp novel and my conclusion is that Vince Flynn is the leader of the pack when it comes to political thrillers. He has no close competition.

    Mitch Rapp is a member of the Orion Team, a super-secret group with deniable connections to the CIA, White House and Congress. It's purpose is to eliminate terrorist threats to the United States without regard for anything but the danger they represent. Mitch Rapp is an "ordinary" guy, dedicated to extinguishing the terrorist threat without the messiness or hindrance of law. Find 'em, kill 'em and move on to the next one. Rapp is without a doubt the coolest super-hero to come down the pike in a long time. He has the freshness of the first incarnation of Clancy's Jack Ryan, the inventiveness of Clive Cussler's heroes and the philosophical bent of Barry Eisler's John Rain, who is the closest to Flynn's Mitch Rapp.

    Flynn's take on politicians is devestating. He beautifully skewers the Democrats and their "peace at any price" acolytes. He sets up Robert Hayes as a "centrist" Democratic President. Hayes resembles no Democratic President of the past century. He is a reasonable, intelligent man without a radical political agenda. Surrounding him, however, are the products of Flynn's literary - and I do mean literary - genius. Venal, greedy, ignorant men and women of his party who put their own selfish interests far ahead of the nation; people who would prefer to live under the heel of the enemies of freedom rather than resist.

    In "Transfer of Power," the chair of the Democratic National Committee has accepted a $500,000 "donation" in return for arranging a last-minute meeting between the donor, supposedly a Prince of Oman, and the President. President Hayes' chief of staff doesn't bother with the Secret Service security rules. After all, it is a donation of $500,000.

    As the "Prince" is about to murder the President in the Oval Office, the Secret Service receives a call from Mitch Rapp who has just abducted a top Hezbollah leader in Iran. Under intensive interrogation, Rapp has learned that the White House is to be the target of a terrorist attack this very day. The President is saved for the moment with only seconds to spare. The "Prince," really a ruthless terrorist Rapp has been tracking for years, then proceeds to take over the White House. The attack relies heavily on information gleaned from another Democrat.

    Almost a hundred hostages are taken. The Vice President assumes exeuctive power while the President is trapped incommuicado in a White House bunker. The White House is in control of the terrorists, its perimeter ringed with explosives. The terrorist leader makes a demand: release the Iranian billions siezed during the Carter-era hostage crisis or he will murder one hostage per hour. Transfer the money and he will let some hostages go.

    The Vice President, a cowardly, but ambitious politician, takes counsel of his Attorney General, a woman with a preference for appeasement.

    Quickly the situation deteriorates. Mitch Rapp is asked to get into the White House to reconnoiter. He does this with the help of Milt Adams, a retired Secret Service agent who knows more about the design of the White House then any living person. Rapp takes Adams with him, an unlikely, but ultimately highly effective pairing.

    Flynn's plotting is an absolute delight. Everything flows smoothly from one tense moment to another. His characters are totally believable. Some, especially the weasly politicians, strongly resemble people we all have read about or seen on television. Rapp, the ordinary guy as super-hero, is exquisitely crafted and totally believable. The military personnel, the CIA directors, the Chiefs of Staff, the terrorists - every character is sharply drawn.

    Much to his credit, Flynn manages to introduce a "romantic" element into this novel. I will not ruin the moment by describing how: it is simply to rich to have any of the surprise taken from it.

    The action is non-stop. The climax is a complex ballet of brutal action.

    Flynn is today's master of the political thriller. Clancy at his very best in "The Hunt For Red October" was terrific: but Flynn is better and he has been able to hold the Mitch Rapp character intact over a number of novels which Clancy was unable to do with Jack Ryan. In my opinion, every other political thriller novelist pales before Flynn. He is the master and of the three Mitch Rapp novels I've read to date, this is his best.

    Jerry...more info
  • A fast and good read!
    Transfer of Power is the first book in Vince Flynn's series of political thrillers. The book begins when the White House is overtaken by Arab terrorists led by Rafique Aziz.

    The President escapes safely to his underground bunker, but many innocent bystanders are killed and hostages taken. With the President incommunicado, locked in the underground bunker, the weak-willed, yet power-hungry Vice President is put in charge.

    The Pentagon and CIA have no choice but to put top counterterrorism operative, Mitch Rapp, on assignment to make his way into the White House to free the President and the hostages before Aziz can carry out his plan. In a race against time, Rapp sneaks into the bowels of Executive Mansion and uses the secret passages and corridors of the White House to get around without the terrorists finding him. Rapp soon discovers the President is not as safe as Washington's power elite had thought. He scrambles to free the President and hostages before the terrorists can extract the president from the safety of the bunker.

    I love Vince Flynn's books. He is fun to read because he keeps you interested by ending a chapter in a way you'll want to go on to the next one to find out what happens. He has a way of writing about Washington to make you think it's really going on. I found myself a couple of times watching the evening news waiting to hear about the "White House" takeover, but in the next split second realized that was in the book I was reading.

    Armchair Interviews says that Flynn's series of best-selling thrillers are a must-read if you love to get realistic goosebumps from every page.

    ...more info
  • I'm Hooked
    This is my first of the Mitch Rapp series and definitely not my last...Fast paced and engrossing from the very first second...If you love the tv series 24, give Flynn's books a too will be hooked! Mitch Rapp is a likeable character that you will root for the entire time...he spends all his time saving the country...In Transfer of Power, it is Mitch who needs to save the White House from being taken over by terrorists...his mission is to free the hostages and save the president, all without getting caught...this book is a thriller from the first page to the last...If you read this, I promise it won't be your last Flynn book!...more info
  • I found a new Author....What took me so long....
    2 Friends told me to read Vince Flynn, and this is my second novel. He does not disappoint. Fast paced, very 24ish.....I can't wait to read the next in line....Mitch Rapp? Jack Bauer?...more info
  • Wow! One book and I'm a fan!
    I couldn't put this book down. For all of you folks that love Keifer Sutherland in "24," I swear Vince Flynn's tales of Mitch Rapp's escapades are where they get the plots for 24. This author is superb. Talk about terrorism and'll love these novels. I'm on to another and will read all of his books and wait with baited breath for the next one!...more info
  • Great book!!
    Vince Flynn is one of my favorite authors. Every one of his books has been a blast to read....more info
  • A freight train going out of control
    With an easy to follow large cast of characters, Flynn delivers a fast paced high tech political thriller. It reads like a freight train going out of control, until all of a sudden the brakes are laid on at the last moment. He has an eye for detail. He is also very knowledgable and insightful.

    The book is a bit dated; Saddam is the financier. Nevertheless, it still works. The story is centered around the White House where terrorists have taken over. Besides the transfer of power to the terrorists, there is also a transfer of power to the vice-president. Negotiations and military special operations fill much of the pages.

    I can't help but wonder if books like these play in the hands of our enemies. Probably not; more likely it is benificial as a warning for our government.

    Wish you well

    ...more info
  • Anerican Politics
    I enjoyed this and other books in the series very much. I think Mitch Rapp would be of great use. Like him I agree there are too many bleeding hearts in the world. ...more info
  • Not worth the effort
    Can somebody tell me why all thrillers now have to have a 'romantic' element, ripe with predictable sexual tension and resolution as some type of prerequisite for being well received? This phenomena is bad enough, but becomes unbearable when applied to high-concept political thrillers with serious subject matters.

    Knock out the rubbish 'love-story' with the reporter and this is a solid read, with it it's just a typical neo-thriller, with all the typical neo-thriller elements. I will not be reading the sequels. ...more info
  • Fantastic Political Thriller
    This was my third Vince Flynn novel, and I must say, I'm no less engaged! This novel introduces Mitch Rapp, a legendary operative for the CIA. His presence brings fear to the bones of his enemies, and comfort to all of his allies.

    The plot moves along briskly, and kept me wanting to read more. The development of key characters, such as CIA head honcho Thomas Stansfield, CIA Counterterrorism Director Dr Irene Kennedy, and intelligent bad guy Rafique Aziz, are fantastic. The secondary characters are great as well.

    It seems there is a purpose to every word Vince Flynn writes. No time is wasted, and just about everything is believable. I truly believe the possibility of terrorists taking over the White House isn't beyond the realm of reality. I think after you read this, you may feel the same way!

    Thanks for reading my review!...more info
  • This guy had the terrorist playbook BEFORE 9/11 !!!
    Vince Flynn is amazing in this book. He is right on in how the terrorists work and how clueless the US and the American people are at realizing who [and what] we are dealing with....more info
  • Mitch Rapp's introduction and a heck of a tale.
    This is a riveting and suspenseful story about an Islamic terrorist take-over of the White House. During the take-over the president is evacuated to the White House bunker and, for the time being, is safe from the terrorists. Robert Hays is the centrist Democratic president, unlikely to say the least in today's political environment. Not since Truman, and possibly Kennedy, have we witnessed such a political animal as a centrist Democrat in the White House as Hays.

    Mitch Rapp is a member of the Orion Team, a highly secret group operating under the aegis of the CIA but with deniable connections. Rapp is assigned the task of entering the White House via an unknown ventilation duct in order to collect intelligence. When a subsequent attempt to smuggle more good guys into the White House fails, the indomitable Rapp must act on his own to save the president and the hostages.

    Flynn ruthlessly skewers the craven mindset of appeasment, as embodied by the Attorney General. The cowardly but ambitious Vice President is more concerned about his own political ambitions than the well being of the hostages or president.

    I just love Mitch Rapp. He's a terrific character unburdened by the PC constraints that are crippling our current anti-terrorism efforts from the presidency all the way down. The remarkable thing about Mitch Rapp is that this outrageously un-PC protagonist was conceived BEFORE 911!! We are introduced to Mitch Rapp in Transfer of Power, written in 1999, and he is fighting and killing Islamic terrorists at least two years BEFORE 911. While most of us were contentedly sitting back and enjoying our lives oblivious to the extremes to which Islam and its adherents would eventually take us Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp was fighting the good fight. To say that Vince Flynn was prescient would be an understatement.

    Flynn concocts a great tale that will keep you utterly mesmerized until the last page. My 84 year old father just finished reading the book and loved it as well. I highly recommend this very satisfying book. ...more info
  • Action flowing over the brim
    I rate books based on the ability to live up to the genre. Of course, Vince Flynn's writing is not going to merit Pulitzer or Nobel prizes for literature, nor are they to become Classics that are assigned to our schoolchildren to steer them away from the enjoyment of reading (yes, I do read classics). Now that I am qualified on where I am coming from I will get to it.
    I have read all the books in the Mitch Rapp Series. This is my second favorite book of the series. The action is gripping and there are enough subplots going on to keep up the pace, and few enough not to make the reader lose interest. I find Flynn's writing to be more engrossing than Clancy's simply because Flynn enjoys storytelling more than he does explaining the intricacies of a machine gun. Transfer of Power is a great introduction to the series as it lays the groundwork for the interactions between Flynn's characters and their respective roles in the government. Character building is stronger in this novel than any of his others. Each character has their own personality, and even though there are clich¨¦s, they are a must in this type of writing. I do see an Agenda coming out of Flynn's writing, but on a whole, it is not overbearing (I am sure that there are those who disagree). I do fall toward the Libertarian side of things, but some people of this ilk may be repulsed by the methods utilized by Rapp in interrogation. Still, on the whole, this book is really hard to put down. Five stars just for the pace and action...and a must read if you plan to read any other books in this series....more info
  • A Brilliant Tale Of Modern Day Terror
    Sometimes I give five stars and afterwards I feel that I gave them too easy, but I could have given this story six stars. Vince Flynn, after reading just two of his novels has become my favorite author and Mitch Rapp my favorite character. The story line is excitng like the TV show "24" and Rapp is the best of James Bond and Dirty Harry combined.

    This is a story of modern day terrorism with a group of terrorists taking over the White House and capturing the President inside. It is brilliant because it seems so real; between readings I sometimes expected to hear updates on the news. Vince Flynn is great in his writing in creating a story so real in his depictng the anti-terrorist groups which we have in our country such as the Navy Seals, Delta Forces, and FBI's HRT. Reading this made me proud of them and of the CIA and their best operative, Mitch Rapp. Flynn is vey good at describing the weapons and tools that we have to fight with in our modern day war on terror.

    It also seemed so real as to how these events unfolded with the White House held hostage, losing communication with the President, and the subsequent transfer "Transfer Of Power". I have not given away too much because Flynn gives so much to this story from the viciousness of terrorists to the power struggles in government. It is full of action, gripping excitment, and suspense from start to finish. ...more info
  • Best Book (seriously) in 10 years !!
    I always check the copyright of any new author who is auditioning to monopolize a big chunk of my scarce free time. I was hesitant because this book was written in 1999 and purported to "educate" us about domestic terrorism -- 2 years before 9/11. Oh dear !! What a bad judge of character I was !! This author had me totally engrossed for an entire weekend. I could feel my heart racing and I was breathing fast with every turn of the page. I can't wait to read the rest of his books !! I thought Absolute Power was my all-time favorite, not any more. ...more info
  • Glad I found Flynn!
    This was my first Vince Flynn book - it will certainly not be my last. Good writing, interesting characters, kept my interest throughout....more info
  • Waiting for his tenth book
    A good author, enjoy his books. Seems to have captured current events is an exciting way....more info
  • I just found Vince Flynn, he's one of the best.
    I just read this after my teenage nephew told me about Vince Flynn and I thought I'd start at the beginning. I ordered the other books in the series half-way through this one.

    While written 10 years ago this book might be even more relevant today than when written. I kept checking the publication date to be sure. The other reviews have covered the plot so I won't. But the detail is one of the best parts and even though set in basically one place it moves along. You really get caught up in the characters. Can't get over how relevant this book is today and what he saw coming....more info
  • Page-turning political thriller
    I recently read TRANSFER OF POWER while travelling internationally with a five hour lay-over. All I can say is this story made the time go so much faster than the way there where I was reading a book that made my mind drift. The action was pretty much non-stop without the filler that so many books seem to have. The story is totally engaging with characters that you love and characters that you hate. ...more info