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Term Limits
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Taking America politician at a time TERM LIMITS In one bloody night, three of Washington's most powerful politicians are executed with surgical precision. Their assassins then deliver a shocking ultimatum to the American government: set aside partisan politics and restore power to the people. No one, they warn, is out of their reach -- not even the president. A joint FBI-CIA task force reveals the killers are elite military commandos, but no one knows exactly who they are or when they will strike next. Only Michael O'Rourke, a former U.S. Marine and freshman congressman, holds a clue to the violence: a haunting incident in his own past with explosive implications for his country's future.... "Ingenious....Outpaces anything recently published, including Baldacci and Clancy." -- Florida Times-Union Includes an excerpt from Memorial Day, Vince Flynn's electrifying new hardcover

Customer Reviews:

  • Good book with hints of better things to come
    I knew when I read this book I would end up being a Flynn fan. He was a new author and still managed to put out a really good story. Later books would end up being better but still a good read....more info
  • Love 'Vince Flynn' !
    I have become a 'Vince Flynn' groupie thru his books! I couldn't put 'Term Limits' down and bought another copy to put in my son's stocking at Christmas this year. A whale of a story!...more info
  • A simple good guy - bad guy tale, but I'm not sure there's a good guy.
    It's an enjoyable read -- fast, simple and set in my home town (sort of). But I cannot get past the fact that the murder of elected officials gets glossed over as a moral ambiguity, as if there is some arguable equivalence between taking (by violence) lives of congressmen and the associated benefits of balancing the budget. It reminds me of the Schwartzenegger line in "True Lies," "Yes, but they were all bad."

    It's not as if that moral issue is heavily weighed or discussed, either. The reader is expected to jump right past it (versus accepting the fact that a CHARACTER has absorbed and jumped past it), and clearly many of the reviewers seem OK with it.

    So, it's a simple tale of good and evil, except I cannot find anyone who is clearly good.

    I also need to add that Flynn has decided to fictionalize the topography and streets in DC. It certainly was not necessary, and to me it suggests a lack of basic research. And one nit: In the edition I'm reading, they refer repeatedly to the back seat of a vehicle as the "backseat." When did it become one word???...more info
  • Muy Bien
    The book was great even though I like Mitch better. I do believe that it's a little wordy. Has a great story line. I am going to EBAY to buy the rest of Flynn's book and leaving for Matzatalan to spend a week reading them.

    La Quinta Por Favor. Yes its worth the price.

    Hasta Las Vista

    Senior Hickey...more info
  • transaction review
    Great story as well as the transaction. Book in good shape arrived as promised....more info
  • 5 star thriller...
    As Flynn's debut novel, this is an absolutely solid piece of modern day fiction. The story is able to capture the reader from the first page. its almost impossible to put this book down once you start reading it. It gives a good insight into the dirty inner workings of politics and corruption. Easy to read and has great character development. This is only my first Flynn novel however i am sure that i will be back for more... great work Vince Flynn....more info
  • Couldn't Stop Reading!
    I had to keep reading to find out what would happen next. There were things to like and dislike about most of the characters, with only a couple truly loathsome individuals (Garret and Nance) and a couple who could apparently do no wrong, which is just as irritating (Kennedy). Everyone else was portrayed with shades of grey, which makes them more believable, and human. Flynn did a nice job at portraying the multifaceted nature of his story from just about everyone else's perspective. Well done!...more info
  • I hope this doesn't really go on!
    This is my first time reading Vince Flynn and was quite impressed. The story moves along a at quick pace and is really quite disturbing!

    Character development really picked up for me in the second part of the book. If even 25% of the subject matter in term limits was non-fiction, it would be enough to keep me up at night!

    Thank goodness for fiction. Anxious to start Memorial Day! ...more info
  • Vince Flynn is the Best!
    I enjoyed reading this book because it sets the foundation for Vince Flynn's "Mitch Rapp" series. Mitch Rapp does not appear in this book but there are some of the others: Dr. Irene Kennedy, Scott Coleman, CIA Director Thomas Stansfield and Congressman Michael O'Rourke.

    I was introduced to Vince Flynn when I first read "Executive Power", one of the books in the Mitch Rapp series. I was immediately hooked and then went back to read all of his other books.

    Vince Flynn's books are a very good read. The topics are very topical because they deal with current times in America dealing the war on terror. Each book keeps on getting better and better.

    Vince Flynn's main characters value America and they have strength of character and patriotism. They affirm the traditional beliefs of America that right is right and wrong is wrong.

    I recommend all of Mr. Flynn's books.
    ...more info
  • Almost too real
    What a great book, this book is almost too real. You could see this being made into a movie except that somone would bring the movie too life. I really loved the fast pace and excitment of the book. Great series...more info
  • Is a revolution needed?
    I have wondered periodically in the past what it would take to spur a revolution in this country. Are we past the point where our government could be overthrown and a new one reinstated if the majority of individuals thought their government had become oppressive or overly corrupt?

    Mr. Flynn creates a very unique and provocative plot in Term Limits whereby a small band of people try to enact change of government policy by delivering precise attacks on non-civilians (i.e. politicians). What ensues is a fast paced thriller that is definitely worthy of a person's time and contemplation. I will be reading more Vince Flynn.
    ...more info
  • All the characters are smarmy
    I very much enjoyed Nick Sullivan's reading of the unabridged audio of this book. The Library Journal review makes me wonder if the reviewer did more than a cursory glance at the book. No need to summarize the story here. I found all the characters, from the so-called Marine and Seal heroes who took the law in their own hands to the NSA Director and president's Chief of Staff to be narcissistic and self-aggrandizing individuals who all believed their own view of the world to be the correct one. The great irony that was pounded into the reader - either intentionally or otherwise -- is that all the events started because both Olson - the good Senator who spills the beans to O'Rourke- and Fitzgerald the corrupt Senator -- who accidently reveals far less than Olson -- can't keep their mouths shut. Coleman, O'Rourke, et al are portrayed as these honest, good guys who can keep a secret, yet they spill the beans at the first opportunity. O'Rourke tells his girl friend -an investigative reporter, for heaven's sake, after swearing to his grandftather and close friend he won't tell a sole that they are the ones behind the assassinations. What this book showed me - either intentionally or otherwise -- that everyone is corrupt in his own way. Very enjoyable listen, even so. ...more info
  • Vince Flynn, Term Limits
    Excellent, page turner, can't put down, current, political action thriller. Being also a John Gresham fan, I have now added Vince Flynn to that list of must-read authors. There is a premise to this story that hits close to home - that of wanting our Washington representatives to actually do the work of the "people" they are sent to represent rather than the political "deals" that are too often seen. This book takes a look at "what if" and makes it plausible. ...more info
  • Kind of Creepy
    This was a bad book and kind of creepy. It features a group of ex-commando assassins who decide it's okay to knock off members of Congress because they believe them to be 'corrupt.' And the author clearly sympathizes with this notion, with every supposedly sympathetic character in the novel, including the heroic freshman congressman, concluding that the three elected representatives deserved to die. Nobody ever questions the morality of a small group of assassins trumping choices of the electorate, let alone of outright murder. The characters are cartoonish and shallow. Congress cannot balance the budget because its members are loathsome and corrupt, not because spending issues are complex. Also, Flynn's research is faulty. The agency he holds up as an example of an unecessary government program, the Rural Electrification Administration, had been dismantled three years before the novel was published because, lo and behold, Congress had determined that it was an unecessary government program. ...more info
  • Term Limits
    This was the first story I've read, written by Vince Flynn. Some parts of the book read at a slower pace, making it seem long. Overall, I enjoyed the story a lot, and will soon be reading more of Vince Flynn's novels....more info
  • Wow, My first Flynn novel and certainly not my last....
    Now I know what all the fuss is about, friends have told me to read Vince Flynn and Now I have. I just bought the next 2 in the series.......more info
  • Yowzee...what a great book!
    This is the fourth Vince Flynn book I've read and I've never been disappointed! This one is particularly interesting and without giving away the plot or the story line, it's something I'm sure angry citizens have thought about from time to time. What a premise! You've got to get's superb...and remember that Vince Flynn is a BIG TIME consultant to the hugely popular show, "24." I swear they base the show on Vince Flynn's books. Read all his books in order as there are continuing characters that you'll love. Mitch Rapp is great! But this book doesn't introduce him. Gotta read it, you'll love it!...more info
  • Decent Story about a Cautious Rebellion
    In Term Limits, Vince Flynn presents a realistic scenario of what Washington, D.C. might look like if a small group of political malcontents opted to enforce term limits on some of their least favorite lawmakers. Only this time, the enforcement doesn't result in being kicked out of office; it results in death.

    In a single night of brutal violence, three of the nation's most influential--and corrupt--lawmakers are ruthlessly killed. The assassins deliver a horrifying message to the country's leaders: Put partison politics aside and find a way to balance the budget, or more legislators will be killed. The efficiency of the murders leads the FBI to conclude that the killers are highly trained--possibly former military. Now the search is on for the assassins as Washingtonian fingers begin to point and decision makers begin to weigh their desire for power and control against their own chances for survival in the wake of this new threat.

    When the government is slow to enact change, more deaths ensue. And it soon becomes clear that no one in power is insulated against the attacks--even the president himself.

    As the nation teeters on the brink of hysteria, freshman congressman Michael O'Rourke must face his own demons and question the things he believes in most strongly in order to stay one step ahead of the murderers. And when he begins to suspect that he may be closer to the perpetrators than anyone suspects, he knows it will be up to him to uncover their identities and put a stop to the killing.

    But is that the right thing to do? After all, the federal government is finally beginning, however slowly and under however much duress, to enact some much-needed change. The question O'Rourke has to answer is whether governmental integrity is more important than human life. The decision he makes will affect a nation.

    Term Limits was the first of a long string of best-sellers for Vince Flynn, and it's not hard to figure out why. With reasonably strong characters, fast-moving action, and--perhaps most significantly--a strongly compelling plot, Flynn joins heavy-hitters like Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum in the camp of authors who have managed to tie what people understand least about government together with what they understand best about excitement and suspense. The combination, when done properly, is nearly always a winner.

    This book, when read by a careful eye, displays some evidence of its author's inexperience. Abrupt and inappropriate point-of-view switches abound, and dialog is stilted and wooden at times. Nevertheless, the overall strength of the writing and the interest the story generates largely overcome the book's weaknesses.

    Caution: Term Limits contains some scenes of fairly graphic (though, I would argue, not gratuitous) violence, and the main male and female characters live together while unmarried. The book's success clearly rests on its action, not its thought-provoking depth....more info
  • Like 24 on paper
    If anyone wants a crazy political thriller that is like the TV show 24 in book-form, this might be the book. Many US citizens will read this and think "if only..."
    Anyway, it is a fun read. Enjoy!...more info
  • Not bad for a first novel, but...
    - Too long. Jesus, so much could have been deleted.
    - A congressman as a special operator that covers up murders. Uh-huh. Little too much....more info
  • If only
    If only some House cleaning, and Senate cleaning, would happen from the correct position as this book illustrates. Of course it was panned in the official reviews since with rare exception the media and reviewers are all members of the wrong not part of the right. They of course fail to see the right/wrong as they only see liberal/stupid when they are the stupid ones. This may not be the best book ever written but it is certainly a four star book and the courage to write it in the face of certain criticism earns it the last star....more info
  • Vince Flynn, the new Clancy
    I borrowed my first Vince Flynn book from the "library" at work. I was hooked. Vince Flynn writes about the same subjects as Clancy. I have liked Clancy from the start but he is often too nitpicky about the minutia of his subject matter, often to the detriment to the story. Whereas Flynn gives just enough detail to lend credibility to his writing.

    Nobody doubts Clancy is an insider in the community and Flynn leaves no doubt he is one too.

    His stories are fast paced and a VERY good read. I recommend ANY book by him. Clancy writes about the Russian cold war, Flynn writes about the war on terror. His main character, Mitch Rapp, is undeniably a complete Bad***, I loved the Jack Ryan character, but time to retire Jack, Mitch is in town....more info