September's Camera
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Jeff Scarborough was the only cameraman on duty at WNBC?s newsroom in New York when the attacks of 9/11 began. Armed with privileged information from the ?93 attack on the World Trade Center?realizing both towers were doomed?Jeff pulled out of an emergency convoy just short of the WTC as he and reporter Rob Morrison approached the burning towers. Taking charge at the scene, Jeff ordered live-truck engineer Eddie Alonzo to stay 500 feet away and told all responding crews to back-off?dangerously becoming NBC?s sole cameraman broadcasting live from Ground Zero. He permitted only the live-shot reporter to join him at his camera position?and during their live broadcast, the South Tower collapsed. They ran for their lives; Jeff rescued Eddie and stayed to videotape the panic and the North Tower collapse. September?s Camera is the story of that fateful day, and of a career lived on the edge of danger?as Jeff?s lens captured conflict, urban riots, blackouts, serial killers, plane crashes and human frailty in all its forms.

Customer Reviews:
  • Jeff's story
    I couldn't put the book down, once I started it. It was hard to get such a sad story out of my mind. I felt like I lived through the tragedy again with the first hand account of Jeff. Good work Jeff!! I am sure it was a hard story to tell for you, but it needed to be told. S Claps...more info
  • scammed by
    september's camera is an absorbing read, but amazon is selling older, uncorrected copies of the book as new books. they are not. the author took the book off the market for corrections to photos, facts, and typos which were not printed correctly. once these had been corrected he put the book on sale again.

    i went thru the author's web site (september's purchase the book. i chose the amazon option. i probably should have taken the 2nd option (not sure what it was). they might have sent me the corrected copy of the book.

    amazon sent me the older copy of the book (uncorrected facts, typos, and darker photos)when they had the newer, updated books.

    shame on you, ...

    mike herron...more info