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A Presidential Energy Policy
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Description of Book: We have been lied to about the stock market, AIG, Citigroup, hedge funds, mortgages, Ponzi-schemes, 401(k)s, the invasion of Iraq... even steroids in baseball. Why accept everything we have been told about energy? Our energy "information" comes from the same corporate entities that have misled us about everything else. A Presidential Energy Policy exposes the lies told about energy to protect a collapsing monetary system which now threatens all of industrial civilization. It also provides real, positive and immediate steps that can be taken at the individual, local, federal and global levels that can avert a potential extinction event for our species. A Presidential Energy Policy says what an American president cannot, that energy and money (the economy) are Siamese twins. Energy is depleting faster than it can be replaced and there is no combination of alternative energies that can or will ever sustain an edifice of human civilization built by oil. If energy gets sick, money must be treated simultaneously and vice versa often in ways that threaten the other. Separating the twins in a way that saves and preserves life cannot take place without killing one or both under the present monetary regime. Of the two, energy is more important to human life. Energy can do work. Energy grows food and pumps water. Energy moves goods and services. Energy sustains life. Money is useless without energy. A world-recognized expert who saw today's crisis coming and started warning in amazingly precise detail in 2000 now gives us the biggest expos¨¦ of all time. Refined in chilling detail in "Prezpol", the "map" Ruppert has been making for thirty years has already saved thousands of families from the current economic meltdown. Mike's writings, lectures and DVDs have reached people in more than forty countries since 1998.

Customer Reviews:

  • How to escape perpetual financial crises and wars for oil
    This book explains the relationships between energy (especially oil) and finance. The book is written in a clear and straight-forward manner that makes it accessible to everyone. If you would like to understand the relationship between oil and finance, and how the present policy arrangements for these vital components of the system we live within have brought the world to the brink of financial, social and cultural collapse, then read this book.

    For years Mike Ruppert has been accurately and relentlessly forecasting that unless we changed our understanding of energy and the way money works, the financial collapse we have now been witnessing would take place. His only objective has been to advise any who would listen about the paradigm shifting changes under way, and therefore how to prepare themselves in order to best survive, and even to prosper during and after the crisis.

    With that in mind, in this book he explains the current crisis clearly and succinctly before setting out a policy agenda which offers a path forward - not just for shadowy multi-billionaire and multi-trillionaire bankers and their friends but for all citizens of the United States and in fact of the world. The contents of the book cover oil depletion (peak oil), electricity infrastructure, alternative energies, food, localization, money, foreign policy, and of course a twenty five point plan for addressing the most urgent issues.

    To date the elected officials of the United States, whichever party they represent, seem to believe that lining the pockets of the financial elites with untold trillions worth of dollars of taxpayers money is the only policy response worth pursuing (Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul and Roscoe Bartlett being honourable exceptions).

    Yet there is always the possibility that a courageous leader will decide to represent the citizens he or she has been elected to represent, rather than unelected vested interests. By following the advice of 'A Presidential Energy Policy', such a leader has the opportunity at this critical turning point in world history, to reap a rich harvest of gratitude and praise for his or her actions that far outweighs the morally destitute rewards of money and power.

    In summary, 'A Presidential Energy Policy' is a book which every person who cares about the future of the United States and the planet we live on should read and pass on to everyone they know. The crisis is well advanced, but perhaps with enough Mike Rupperts in the world sufficient elements of civilization can be salvaged to make life worth living, not just for the elite members of the financial-energy-military-industrial complex, but for all citizens of the world.

    As it stands, Mike Ruppert himself stands at a minimum to personally reap a harvest of good karma for selflessly seeking to expose the way financial and energy elites exercise control over government and for explaining it to everyday people. Were the policy agenda he sets out here to be followed, however, he would also stand to achieve fitting recognition for his life's work. May it happen....more info
  • The Best Book Explaining Our Current Economic Crisis
    This book does a great job of synthesizing everything that's happened to create our current economic situation, and the dire consequences that will be coming our way. With world economies now contracting, the only way that economies can expand once again is to produce more energy than what we're producing right now. The problem, though, is that we've reached the peak of annual petroleum output in the world, and no new major, confirmed sources of petroleum have been discovered since the 1960s.

    Any increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) requires an increased consumption of energy, whether you're in a manufacturing, distribution, or service business. This continually increasing consumption of energy is what's fueled the great industrial revolution since the 1800s, and what has increased our quality of life immeasurably. But over the past few years we've only been able to extract less and less petroleum out of the ground, and this is what's caused our economic collapse. Less petroleum being available at higher prices means less GDP and lower profitability. In addition, the banking sector requires continued expansion of the economy in order for it to prosper, and the fact that the banking and financial industries collapsed just a few months after gasoline prices peaked in the Summer of 2008 is really no surprise. With substantially higher petroleum prices, businesses were no longer profitable and families were getting squeezed financially, so the entire economy came crashing down...including having people and businesses no longer able to pay their loans. But gas prices will rise again, and further economic collapse is inevitable. In addition, since energy is such an important component in the growth, production, and distribution of food, food prices will be rising, and more and more people worldwide will no longer have food for themselves.

    This book is an important read as it's not easy to find all of this information all in one place. And it brings to us a very important explanation of what's been happening in our world, and how, despite what we've been hearing in the media, there are no workable solutions to our energy problem right now that won't require dramatic changes in the quality of our lives....more info
  • Predominate Investigative Jounalism
    Mike Ruppert is ahead of the curve on groundbreaking perspectives in energy. A Presidential Energy Policy's objective look at currency and population in the New Industrial Age would have been thought of as the unthinkable if not for our current world economic crisis.

    In keeping with Ruppert's true form in previous books, DVD's and articles, A Presidential Energy Policy is a must read and, by far, the most important.

    I highly recommend anything from Mike Ruppert; I certainly recommend this book.

    Mike Ruppert's blog can also be found at: [...]...more info
  • Obama should read this!
    The way the book is written, it provides an easy-to-understand, text-book-style synopsis of all the aspects of peak oil to date, complete with graphs and up-to-date info. The book could be read by high school students who know nothing about peak oil, or even political leaders who want a concise introduction to the subject. The book provides a summary of all the aspects of peak oil: M. King Hubbert's famous speech accurately predicting the U.S. 1970 oil peak; how "reserves growth" has led to false information about global oil reserves and why we're now in Iraq; the importance of oil, as the basis of economic prosperity and even food production; how oil is the basis of money's value and why "demand destruction" has recently led to lower oil prices; and of course, the limitations of so-called alternative energies. While an excellent summary of peak oil, veterans who've read "The Party's Over," visited "," heard a Roscoe Bartlett speech or have seen Chris Martenson's "Crash Course" won't find any new information here.
    Where the book makes itself unique is in its twenty-five recommendations to the new president, which range from `70s era strategies (55 highway speed limit, increased strategic petroleum reserve, efficiency) to little known (declassify the May, 2001 NEPDG records, legalize hemp). No solution promises to be a silver-bullet, although population reduction, if followed, would obviously free up pressure on natural resources.
    Where the book is most lacking, in my view, is in its discussion of nuclear power (hence only 4 stars). Ruppert starts his discussion of nuclear by saying "many new types of reactor technologies being proposed" are left out, for the sake of brevity. As such, he only talks about the Light Water Reactor. Even in his recommendation to the president #19, nuclear is reluctantly recommended in spite of energy-intensive U-235 enrichment and finite U-235 resources. Of course, 99.3% of uranium is U-238, which can be used to breed plutonium in breeder reactors for over 100 times the efficiency (without uranium enrichment). This is a mature technology; the BN-600 has supplied commercial power to the grid since 1980 in Russia. Next-Gen Integral Fast Reactors are even safer and more economical. Since this type of reactor can burn exponentially more abundant low-grade ores, the key to all but inexhaustible energy, Rupert left out some key information Obama should know about for the sake of brevity....more info
  • Ruppert really knows his stuff!
    If you want a great introduction to how the economy really works, you will love (maybe be terrified) by his insightful comments. I highly recommend this long time friend of the peoples' book. Like I said, "Ruppert really knows his stuff!"...more info
  • Finally Suggestions For Action
    Michael Ruppert has been drawing us a map dealing with peak oil for a while now. We have known about the energy crisis that is upon us, but nobody has openly discussed ways to deal with it. This book offers a background in some of the most important issues that will be upon us as we become limited on oil/other energy. He also offers suggested reading for the different issues that I am very grateful for. This book lays out direct courses of action for those in power (mainly the U.S. President) to take that would ease the suffering of us all. We can only hope that this book makes it into the hands to who it was intended and that they use these suggestions. I found it to be a great book and have even gave copies to friends who I wish to benefit from it. Many thanks to Michael Ruppert....more info
  • Compact sum up, THIS MIGHT BE OUR LAST CHANCE!!!
    I've read MCR's book "Crossing the Rubicon" from 2004... a 700 pages compilation of facts on fossil energy depletion, energy wars, the true reasons for 9/11 and drug trades controlled by the CIA. This was heavy, shocking stuff...
    But since then all the predictions he made came true until this day... the global economic melt down which many still believe was triggered by casino capitalism.
    But the truth is, it's all linked to energy. Growth was only possible due to cheap, easy to extract crude oil ... and it seemed everlasting.

    By now people who think we will just get back on the track to consuming as we used to should really read this book. There is no way turning back to life as we knew it...

    Mike is showing the only way out:
    "Evolve or perish"
    "Adapt or die" more on his blog on info