Dying for Revenge (Gideon Trilogy, Book 3)
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After a bestselling doubleheader in 2007 with Sleeping with Strangers and Waking with Enemies (both reaching #9 on the New York Times bestseller list), Eric Jerome Dickey is back with the final installment in his thrilling trilogy¡ªDying for Revenge.

This fast-paced story about a steamy, seamy underworld of crime that spans the globe features the hit man Gideon, a character who captivated fans in the first two books, squaring off against his most intriguing adversary yet.

Customer Reviews:

  • Eric Jerome Dickey does it again
    Once again EJD has brought his character Gideon back from the ashes. this book was just as great as the other two in this trilogy. i do wish that it had ended with Gideon and Hawks getting together. maybe EJD will bring them back in another installment of the Gideon series. Keep up the GREAT work....more info
  • Gideon... oh Gideon...
    Gideon is back! That simple sentence has enough power in it for fans to salivate in this, the last book in a phenomenal series. I will be honest and say that this book didn't start off with the liquid fast pace that his others one have. It actually caught me off guard because I was like "what in the world"? It was that noticeable and very unusual for EJD. That being said, I still hung with it because this man is pure talent and I knew he wouldn't let the story down. AND HE DIDN'T! I was pulling for Gideon (of course) but through the course of the story I also felt myself pulling for Matthew and the red-hair lady who loved shoes. I take that back, this crazy woman had an obsession for shoes!!

    It was almost comical in how Eric described her and her obsessive infatuation. This woman could be in a gun fight for her life and she could tell you not only where her would be assassins bought their shoes, but what size they were, how much they paid, and what store on the exact street they bought them in!! But that's just a side dish let me get back to the main course... Gideon. Gideon. Freaking Gideon!! This assassin/lover/protector/walking paradox/murderer/one-man-dispenser-of-justice is the driving force to this entire trilogy. To say that this man is battling demons is like saying The Clinton's hate the Obama's... no kidding!

    Once this story got going it really didn't slow down and THAT is what I expect from Mr. Dickey. I also LOVED the relationship between Gideon and Hawks. That was a part of the story that I didn't expect but it was a very, very strong glue to this book. In this book Gideon is the hunter and the hunted, usually at the same time. "Gideon" must be Latin for "nine lives" because this man gets out of more impossible situations than James-freaking-Bond. You really can't help but pull for Gideon even though his brutality is sometimes just downright...well... brutal. With violence emanating off him like cheap perfume it wouldn't be right if his friends and enemies were anything different. Once they start to hunt for each other the body count becomes high, the blood flows free, and the pain is given and taken like breaths.

    The physical pain that Gideon goes through is only rivaled by the emotional and mental anguish he's feeling trying to protect what is "his". You read this series, this story in particular, and you wonder how one person can endure so much. So much pain. So much hunger. So much distrust. So much never having a home. So much destructive sexual freedom. So much what-ifs? So much... everything. Then you realize that Gideon is a murder-for-hire and maybe THAT is how he deals with it. But who knows? Maybe God? Maybe the devil, but even I think he's afraid to get on Gideon's bad side.

    A really great finish to a really great series. I do think, however, that Eric is about .000008 seconds away from leaving the States and making his new home on the islands. The way he describes the islands is like describing an incredibly sexy and beautiful woman. If he does go I hope he's looking a chaperone... but I don't want Gideon as the pilot. :-)...more info
  • Not a completely satisfying return to the Gideon saga...
    I was a very big fan of the Sleeping with Strangers/Waking With Enemies stories and I was definitely excited to get started on the third book in the series once it came out. Although I found the first two books flawed on some levels, they were actually great books that I found hard to put down. My chief criticism of the first two books is that they would have worked better as one great book than two very good separate books.

    Well, my view of this book is somewhat similar - however, the issue is that this one book was just too long and overly descriptive for me. I thought the balance of action, plot, location, character development were excellent in the first two books, but I found Dying for Revenge to be kind of boring in spots. The first two books were definitely quick-paced page turners while this one took some deal of concentrated effort for me to finish. There were some parts that were so long in detail and short in dialogue that it felt more like a John Grisham novel than the Gideon series which had always for me been very compelling. This one lost steam in many parts of the book.

    With that being said, the story was interesting as a whole and worth the read for anyone who is a fan of the series. If this was the first book that I had read about Gideon I don't know if I would be hooked, but if you have read the first two books in the series this one is worth picking up with slightly lower expectations. On another note, I was pleased to see some of the sex stories cut back in length - there were parts in Waking With Enemies where it was sex chapter after sex chapter. "DFR" didn't do the overkill in that area which was appreciated.

    ...more info
  • perfect condition
    All I can say about this product and the whole experience, is that I would definitely purchase from here again. My book was in perfect condition, was not over priced and I received it in a fair time frame. The book itsself is awesome, too! I am happy....more info
  • WOW!
    At first it started off kind of boring, but then damn it took off! This book is very exciting and leaves you wanting a part 4... Excellent reading and a great book! Thanks Eric Jerome Dickey your work is fabulous! Please keep it up, this once is the best this far. ...more info
  • Less is better...
    I love Eric Jermone Dickey. In this book I felt that he went a little overboard with all the words he used to describe the various places. I am sure that he just wanted us to see his vision, but it became boring at times. Sometimes less is better....more info
  • Lost for words
    I simply love this book, I'm not even done just yet, but up to this point this is his best book ever! and yes I have read them all, I can see how EJD has evolved over the years. I love the way he blends characters in from previous books/stories. My heart was/is racing as I read the action scenes at the beach houses!!!!
    5 stars for you Eric, and please keep up the GREAT work...more info
  • Eric keeps getting better and better
    I've been a fan of Eric Jerome Dickey since his first novel Sister, Sister. For the most part, all of his novels have been consistent -- the characters are well written and the storyline keeps you involved until the end.

    With Dying for Revenge, Eric proves he's an author whose books are worth buying. This novel has you literally rooting for a hit man! I won't go into deep details, but I think Eric focusing on Gideon for his last three books has worked really well. I did not want this one to end, and when it did, I was left wanting more Gideon!

    Eric's writing has improved with each novel, and I'm looking forward to his next one!...more info
  • Bloody
    This book is completely different from any of Dickey's previous works. This one has a lot of blood and violence that literally makes you cringe. It's a great book, especially if you like action!! If you're looking for tons of sex scenes, you will be disappointed. It's good nonetheless....more info
  • Fantastic read!
    I was surprised that he added another book to the Gideon trilogy, but I'm glad he did. EJD did not disappoint. The book was intense all the way through. I love the Gideon character, and I'm looking forward to book 4! Definitely worth buying!...more info
  • Spontaneous Combustion
    This book is hot,hot,hot. This novel starts where Gideon left off in the third Gideon series. The Lady of Detroit wants his head literally. Plus dealing with some family as well as personal drama. Plus some additional characters that add spice to the novel. Number #3 is the charm....more info
  • LOVED IT!!
    Ok, maybe I'm biased but how can you not love Gideon?! I couldn't wait for this book to come to my door! After reading Sleeping and Waking... I couldn't wait. Like the other reviewers said, this book is action packed and filled with plots and twists, I almost skipped a few pages because I wanted to know what happened next so bad! LOL... I'll admit for me, it started a lil slow but EJD had to catch everybody up and refresh the memory, but after the 3rd chapter, I couldn't put the book down! And when it was over, I wanted more! ...more info
  • Dying for Revenge (Gideon Trilogy, Book 3)
    This is a must read. If you have read the other two books especially. If you haven't this book will make you go back and find out the beginnings of Gideon and where this all started. EJD delivers once again with a great plot, wonderful twists, and unpredicatable outcomes. Compared to the other two, the sexual content was toned down. Only to elevate the Gideon and his search: His search for his background and for the person who put out a contract for his head. From the opening the book until the end you are taken on a hair raising and on the edge story. A story that makes you want to take the weekend off. Hope for a rainy weekend and order in. Just so you have no reason to leave out and put the book down. No phone....no tv...just you, a glass of wine, and DFR....is all that is needed. There is no doubt that you will be thoroughly pleased with what Eric has put on paper. Leaving you sweating and feeling like why is this not on the movie screen yet. Gideon is right up there with any other action star. Needing to be put on the big screen and his story told. I wish I could fund this....guaranteed hit for movie screen. Thank you so much Eric for bringing us a story line feeled with more that your normal "Hot Sex on A Platter"....

    Please take your 16 dollars and invest in this book. If you don't have the other two...also pick up. Convince someone that you have been nice and that you are deserving of this Christmas Gift....more info
  • While DYING FOR REVENGE was not my favorite Eric Jerome Dickey book, it is still worth the read
    Following the action-packed SLEEPING WITH STRANGERS and WAKING WITH ENEMIES, both of which were released in 2007, Eric Jerome Dickey has written DYING FOR REVENGE. The final book in the trilogy continues Gideon's story, a man who was taught to kill at a young age by the woman who raised him. His anger and near-hatred for her is partly what drives him, but now Gideon is conflicted between his need to protect her and her son, and his anger over how she abused him when he was a boy.

    Gideon's main problem is a woman who had hired him years ago to kill her husband. Because he knows her secrets and failed to carry through on their agreement, she now has a hit on him and will do anything to cut his life short. The fact that she is a very prominent politician in Detroit adds spice and intrigue to the storyline. The public sees her as a beloved political figure, but Gideon knows the real person behind the mask. She has money and power, and her men will do anything she asks them to do --- whatever it takes to dispose of Gideon and help her exact revenge upon him by threatening the lives of those he holds dear.

    "Detroit," as she is referred to by Gideon, has hired a man known as "El Matador" and his wife, two professional killers, to get the job done. Unfortunately for El Matador, his wife has a personal problem: an obsession with clothes (especially with expensive shoes) and a compulsive need to spend money. Her fixation on the movie premiere of Sex and the City has compromised their job, and they constantly remain one step behind Gideon as they pursue him and try to find a way to trap and exterminate him. She cannot stop thinking of her next shopping spree or her favorite show. It is this obsession that has prevented them from finishing the job, and Gideon continues to elude them. But she also makes other mistakes that are just as costly and that begin to anger and frustrate her husband.

    In between the violence and the action, Gideon is still obsessing over his past as he did in the previous two novels. He feels troubled by the existence of the young boy who is now the center of Catherine's life, and at the same time he has a need to put to rest the childhood that continues to haunt him. Is this child truly Catherine's son, and is he going to have the same life that Gideon had? Gideon refuses to let that happen and keeps trying to understand her relationship with him. Catherine tells Gideon that she has changed and is not the prostitute she used to be years ago. Gideon isn't convinced and believes that the boy is in danger, just as Gideon was years ago when he lived with Catherine.

    The novel takes the reader from the U.S. to the island of Antigua. The beautiful tropical setting makes a great backdrop for the heated action scenes that nearly bring an end to Gideon and Hawke, a woman who shared a brief past with him and is back to help Gideon bring down "Detroit" and end this chase once and for all.

    There is a lot of violence in DYING FOR REVENGE, probably more so than any of Dickey's previous books. I didn't have a problem with that or think it was overdone. However, others may not agree. There is plenty of dark humor as well as violence and sex; while there are lulls in the action, it doesn't stay quiet for long.

    The reader gets to know Gideon well in this third novel. While a professional hit man, he does have a heart and a soft side but doesn't let that get in the way of his job. Readers may want yet another Gideon installment because there are still plenty of questions that need to be answered. While DYING FOR REVENGE was not my favorite Eric Jerome Dickey book, it is still worth the read.

    --- Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton...more info
  • Gideon is Back - Enjoy the ride!
    Dying for Revenge is the third in trilogy of Gideon, the assasin and the best. Pulling together elements from Gideon's past and introducing new characters Eric Jerome Dickey continues to unwrap the complex and compelling assasin simply known as Gideon.

    This time the tables are turned as Gideon is the prey and Assasins are after him. This premise makes for a page turner thriller and has Gideon racing around the globe.

    Chased around the globe with his family threatened Gideon goes from the defensive to the offensive leading to a bloody battle with a nemesis called Detroit.

    Eric Jerome Dickey does a great job taking us into the mind of Gideon, his motivations, his background and what makes him tick. With surprises, twists and a new love interest Dying for Revenge will keep you up all night turning the page.

    A winner....more info
  • Not EJD's Best Work
    I love when Eric writes crime fiction novels, because it showcases his diversity as a writer very nicely, but this was not his best work. However, it was nice to see the gentler and less sexual side of Gideon this go round.

    Outside of that, the story was a bit dry and didn't hold my interest. Nevertheless, if you're a fan of Eric's and the Gideon series, I recommend the novel....more info
  • EJD Leaves You Wanting More Of Gideon!
    Gideon is back with more trouble than ever. He just can't leave that bad Detroit job behind as The Lady of Detroit is out for revenge. She won't stop hunting Gideon until she has his head on a silver platter. El Matador and his wife are the assassins that are hot on Gideon's trail. They are the chosen ones that The Lady of Detroit has enlisted to take down Gideon. But will their own internal struggles stop them from completing the job? Gideon soon gets assistance from a beautiful assassin named Hawks to help him make out of Antigua alive. With unlikely ambushes and adversaries around every corner, Gideon will have to come up with every trick in the book to live another day.

    Dying For Revenge is another thriller by Eric Jerome Dickey. Dickey once again takes readers into the high stakes and dangerous world of Gideon. Readers will be sucked in immediately from the very first page of the opening fight scene. There is plenty of heart-stopping action sequences that will keep you on your toes. There is a little bit of hedonistic sex but not as much as the previous novels. Dickey did an excellent job by keeping the focus of this story on Gideon and the assassins that are after him. This story wouldn't be complete without an interesting twist. Dying For Revenge is a true page-turner that will have fans wanting to see more of Gideon in the future.

    Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert
    for Urban Reviews
    ...more info
  • Dying for Revenge
    EJD does it again! Another masterpiece, I am looking forward to the next novel!

    Tamika Scott...more info
  • EXCELLENT!!!!!
    Gideon is back...and he's mad. The Detroit mess has become relentless...money is not an option, and the psychopathic politician is determined to see him dead. The action keeps coming, as we globetrot with G....from the streets of London, to the southern portion of the states, to the lush and tropical beaches of the Caribbean...all becoming scenes of blood and violence. Uppermost in Gideon's mind is protecting his surrogate mother, Catherine, and her child. Although continuously outmanned and outgunned, Gideon draws on everything that he's been taught by his beloved mentor, the russian assassin Konstantin...and he'll need everything that he knows stay topside.

    From the narrative perspectives of both Gideon and another female assassin contracted to still his heart, EJD keeps it hot...hot action, hot sex, and hot temperatures on the island of Antigua. A wonderful read, this series is destined for the big screen...and I'm not entirely convinced that this is the last that we've seen of our deadly protagonist. A definite A+.

    DYB...more info
  • Wet Your Hand and Wait for Me
    The prolific Dickey's latest book again details the life of everyone's favorite assassin, Gideon. Book three finds Gideon once again the hunted instead of the hunter. Detroit has again reared her head and wants Gideon's head (literally) at all cost. She has obtained the services of a husband and wife assassin team for the job. Gideon is caught up in a cat and mouse chase, where failure means death. He enlists the help of fellow assassin Hawks. Only one team can prevail. Who will die for revenge?

    Dickey's three book series is addictive! He delivers another fantastic thriller, weaving a tale of murder, sex and revenge. Dickey did a superb job in terms of both character and plot development. You really get involved with the characters as well as the setting. Full of excitement, action and great writing, DYING FOR REVENGE is a must read. The fast pace will have readers rapidly turning pages to see just how things will unfold. DYING FOR REVENGE is yet another hit from this masterful storyteller and is easily recommended.

    Reviewed by: Toni
    ...more info
  • Cartoon of a hitman, but I got a good quote from the book
    This book moves along, but I found it incredible -- and not in a good sense. Could a hit man who obviously left legions of bodies in his wake remain in business for long? I don't think so. Then, the hero's nemesis, or one of them at any rate, is a politician. In attempts prior to this book, he knocked off a bunch of her body guards. Don't you think that this might set off alarm bells, not to say bloodhounds? How long would a guy like this remain on the loose let alone in the hit man biz?

    I once had the distinction of sitting in a packed subway car one seat in front of self-confessed hit man. A former Eastern Bloc resident, he was telling his American seatmate that he had been a hit man in his former home country. Employment opportunities were so few that the only paying job he could find was to knock people off. He spoke in a matter of fact voice but kept asking the American, "I don't think too many people could do this kind of thing, do you?" I was so stunned I don't remember much else of the conversation. I did, however, keep my nose buried in my book, although I forgot to turn the pages.

    After this, I contacted two of my friends I thought most likely to have any kind of knowledge of this. I wanted to get their takes on the character of hit men. One, over sixty, was a former member of a girl gang, "but in those days, girl gangs were not like the ones today!" Her ex had been a member of the Hell's Angles and had a number of iffy acquaintances. Turns out one man, "The nicest man you'd ever met!" was a hit man, she was told later.

    The second friend I contacted used to play the horses. He told me a memorable story about trying to collect his winnings, after a revised finish placed his horse first in a race. The payouts already had been made, though, so he had to go argue his case for the payout to a local mafioso overlord. "By the time I climbed into the car with two bruisers to go to the meeting, I was REALLY rethinking this," he recounted.

    Turns out my friend did not know of any hit men from his horse betting days. He was also the retired head of a computer shop. "Yeah," my friend said, "I knew a hit man -- he worked for me as a computer operator!!! The guy used to joke how he couldn't even raise his voice to his wife because her dog would bite him! He'd laugh as he said this!"

    My friend didn't find out his subordinate's second career until years later. Like my ex-girl gang friend, he described his homicidal computer operator as one of the nicest guys you could meet -- and with a great sense of humor, too.

    Now, I've never met or been able to interview a professional hit man myself, but through these experiences, I would guess that aside from the athletic ability to actually bump people off, and the ability to live with themselves before, during and after these events, these people have the ability to go under the radar. This includes keeping the obvious body count down, unlike the killer hero in this book, so as to attract as little attention as possible, so they can get away to ply their trade another day.

    So, to my taste, the writing was OK, but not the premise of what a hit man was like. On the other hand, I collect quotes and got a set worth saving from this book: "Wisdom was knowing what to do. Skill was the ability to do it. Virtue was doing it." Sayings for another day....more info
  • Gideon took it like a man!
    Gideon took everything Detroit threw his way like a man from the woman in the killer Blahniks, her husband El Matador, the man in the caymans and all her goons. I was tired for Gideon with all the fighting he had to endure. What a life to lead, one of uncertainly, a life i defintely wouldn't want.

    Hawks was a true ride or die chick. After all she went through to keep Gideon alive, losing her job and risking her own life he better think twice about her and give up on the notion of Arizona. Arizona is still in love with a dead man and will never be able to give Gideon what he needs. I hope he marry Hawks and give her the love and security she deserves.

    This was a trilogy but i'm hoping EDJ bring Giden back. i feel that it's not over. he still need to know who's been supplying Detroit with all the info on his whereabouts. i feel Lola Mack and the other girl are not on the up and up. Then i love Alvin White he was funny and added a sense of humor to the book.

    Overal i think this series was an action packed adventure!...more info
  • Remarkable
    I have to say this one was my favorite, kept me wanting more. I love a book that keep me guessing and can't guess their next move. Keep up the good work EJD....more info
  • Dying for Revenge
    I think this was EJD's best work to date. I have all his books and this one was high in suspense and even higher in action. Great job will look forward to the next installment....more info