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Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook: The Essential Guide to Caring for Everything in Your Home
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Product Description

A lifetime's worth of homekeeping know-how, this towering volume is sure to be one of the most comprehensive books on the subject. Let Martha show you around the home, teaching you everything you need to know in order to clean, care for and maintain it along the way.

Martha Stewart's new home reference book is a must-have for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it's gorgeous. Printed on thick, glossy pages covered with subtle sepia photos and that perfect Martha-blue as an accent color, Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook is a pretty and practical package for everyone: "all mothers and daughters, fathers and sons who have a room, an apartment, or a home to care for." Stewart's exhaustive handbook features a handy "how to use this book" introduction; a room by room guide with weekly, monthly, and seasonal checklists; tips for cleaning, creating a comfortable and safe home, and moving; and a guide for identifying and caring for materials in your home. Curious? Take a look at some excerpts below. You'll be sweeping and shelving your way to a happier home in no time. --Daphne Durham

How to Use This Book: An Excerpt

When the first issue of Martha Stewart Living was published in 1990, I could not have begun to anticipate how wide-ranging our readers' homekeeping concerns would be. Since then, we have discovered new solutions to age-old problems, brought in experts to advise us on very specific questions about very specific?c concerns, and experimented with all the new (and not so new) home-care products. Over the years, I've brought these lessons home with me, too, which has made me more organized and made my homes better cared for and maintained.

Households are busy places, works in progress where there is always something needing immediate attention and always something more that can be done. With that in mind, I have organized this book to address the tasks at hand and also to address the "more that can be done" for when you have the time and the inclination go beyond the essentials.

It starts with the big picture--an examination of every room and everything you will find within each. The eleven chapters in the "Room by Room" section take you on a tour through the house, focusing on the surfaces and furnishings you might find in any room, and offering strategies for their care and maintenance. Starting with the kitchen, the central staging area in any home, these chapters open with practical space-planning advice, followed by the golden rules of organizing. This information is intended to help contain your belongings and make each room clutter-free and functional. Relevant homekeeping concerns particular to each room are explored in depth--so stain-removal basics appear in "Laundry Room," the best way to clean grout in "Bathroom," and easy sewing repairs in "Utility Spaces." The equipment essential to each room is also addressed, so if you are considering what kind of bathtub to install during a bathroom renovation or whether a gas or electric range would best suit your style of cooking, you will have the information necessary to make such an investment with confidence.

Organize Your Kitchen: Martha's Golden Rules

Customer Reviews:

  • Everything is in this book
    Martha covers everything you could think of. It is a bit overkill but still has anything you would want to know and a lot of stuff you have never thought about when it comes to house cleaning....more info
  • Everything you need to know
    I bought Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook for my daughter's bridal shower, and though I haven't read it myself, I can say that she is enchanted by it. She even reads it when she meant to be involved in preparations for the wedding. The night we were talking on the phone and she wanted to get back to the section on "five types of kitchen towel weaves" that I realized Martha had a whole lot more advice to give her than I did. We both believe that "a cat can look at a king"--i.e., we don't have to be like Martha in every particular, but we can enjoy watching her at her domestic best, and she inspires us to be a bit more conscious of making a house a genuine home.
    ...more info
  • Well organized and well worth the purchase price
    I should know how to organize and clean a house by now, but I seem to always be behind in these tasks. After finally making some home renovations, I am reinspired to de-clutter and clean. This book has many tried and true hints for the average person. You don't have to be a "domestic goddess" to put some of these very practical, efficient, and results-producing ideas into use! Excellent quality paper, binding, photos, illustrations and excellent inspiring content. Highly recommended....more info
  • huge book
    Love this book, has almost everything you need to know about running your home. Hundreds of helpful tips. Did not have the answer to the question I was looking for(how to remove ink from leather couch) but no home should be without this hepful home guide. I will buy one for all my friends who are getting married soon....more info
  • Wish I had this book years ago!
    I bought this book for myself, ...and I've been married over forty years. I try to read on it every day, and I'm learning lots of new things, but its huge with over 700 pages! I wish it had been around when I first got married. It covers nearly everything you need to know whether you own or rent a home. I will be giving this book as a wedding gift from now on or to anyone moving into their first place. Perhaps there should be one just for the outside of a home....more info
  • Good cleaning guide
    I have owned this book for about a month and have found it useful as a cleaning guide. Pluses: she recommends non-toxic cleaning solutions, which you can make at home using vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap; the book is classy, with nice pictures, which makes it an attractive gift; it contains a wealth of information, and I know I will refer to it often over the years; the materials guide is useful, since I am often concerned that I am using the wrong cleaners on sensitive surfaces like tile and chrome. It is surprisingly "green" in orientation and doesn't simply recommend brand-name products; I like her little tips on things like how to fold a sweater.
    Minuses: I wouldn't use this book as a general DIY manual. Her instructions for re-caulking a bathtub, for example, are deceptively simple and leave out important steps (like taping to insure a clean line). I didn't have enough instructions to carry this out properly and ended up making a very ugly, amateur-looking fix.

    The book often seems directed at a wealthy audience--who else would have room for a designated "gift-wrapping station" in their house?

    I think this would be a good wedding gift for a couple who are concerned about cleaning things properly....more info
  • Greatest home cleaning book EVER!!
    When I finally ordered this book after drooling over it for months I couldn't believe how HUGE it is. At first, I thought they had shipped me an extra book by accident. This book truly is an encyclopedia of cleaning. I had no idea that people did most of the things in here, and I learned that I've completely destroyed the finish on my sinks by cleaning with Comet and a serious scrubbing sponge, the way my mom taught me. She even tells you how to organize, pick cookware and bakeware, remodel your kitchen, and so much more. I recommend this book to all who have a home and especially for those awesome stay at home moms who get all tingly about cleaning the house, inside and out, like myself. I didn't like Martha Stewart before, but I'm definitely a follower now....more info
  • Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook
    A very helpful book to have for the house. I use the cleaning mixtures in my home. They work great. The book has taught me organization. Everyone should have this book....more info
  • Now I am a believer.
    Great reference book. You can read a chapter at a time or skip around the book. This book surprised me with so much practical information. I refer to it often. I am trying to get organize and it has been a great help. I also got some great decorating tips from this book. ...more info
  • Creative Home Care Solutions...
    Martha's simplistic and realistic approach to caring for your home, shines through in this wonderful book. It is stuffed with useful and informative solutions to homekeeping. This book would make the perfect house warming or newly wed gift or tell-all reference guide for the bachelor too!

    I purchased this book for recently married friends who are renovating a historic home in upstate New York. Along with this book, I also purchased Your Home A Living Canvas: Create Stunning Faux Finishes & Murals with Paint, by Curtis Heuser, which follows the author/artist's historic home creative re-birth. Where Martha's book guides the reader to keeping up the household, Heuser's shares the how-to secrets to reinventing the interior of your home with unique faux finishes and mural detailing. My friends loved the combination of these books, as they offer simple solutions, that can be easily introduced to any household. If you are looking for a gift to be remembered and referred back to again and again as Martha's the only home reference volume you will probably ever need and Heuser's YOUR HOME...will offer you continual creative inspiration- then I highly reccommended these titles! In my opinion, the diverse domestic combination and value here, can't be beat!...more info
    I give this book as a regular shower gift --- and it's not a bad gift no matter what the age of the couple. I've been taking care of my own home for the last 40 years. I thought I knew everything until I read through this book. Martha, you've done it again! Pamela D. Blair, Author The Next Fifty Years: A Guide for Women at Mid-Life And Beyond...more info
  • Great book!
    Being that I now own my own home, after apartment living for so long, when it comes to home care I'm a little clueless in many areas. I've got the basics down like doing laundry, washing dishes etc. but there's always this nagging feeling that there are tricks I'm missing that would make taking care of my home so much easier. This book answered many questions, especially in the laundry chapter, and brought forward many things I never thought of like how to better organize my crazy sock drawer. Some of the ideas in this book bother me a bit in that I can't believe I'm really reading sections titled "How to clean a sink" or "How to fold a sweater". BUT after I read those sections I find that I've found some new ways to do things and I think "Why didn't I think of that?". Great book for anyone who wants to care for their home in a more organized and simpler way. Also this is, in my opinion, a great book for new home owners and young newlyweds. ...more info
  • Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook
    Reminds me of "Home Comforts" by Cheryl Mendelson but, differs enough to make this a reference that you must have. Martha has her own unique view and I appreciate the research and thoughtfulness she tries to make clear in this world of 10,000 products to do the same thing, just what we are trying to accomplish in our own lifestyle. It gives you focus on what is really important to your family....more info
  • A Book Every Household Needs
    What a great book to get you organized. It includes common sense tips in a very easy to use manner. I wish I would of had it years ago....more info
  • This is THE book on home-making
    I bought this for a friend a year ago and put it on my Christmas list for this year. Santa was a good boy and now I have my very own copy. I've been a home-maker and careerist for 42 years and think I know a lot about running a home, but this book has things to teach everyone, whether you are a new bride or apartment dweller or an experienced home maker. Everything is addressed here, including how to set the table and serve dinner for a formal party, and then how to clean your china, crystal and silver afterward your guests have departed. My own hint, which I don't think Martha included: always count your flatware right after a party so you can retrieve any that inadvertently ended up in the trash. It happens.

    I really love her checklists- everyone makes them, but Martha's are a good guide for starting out. I was really impressed with her cleaning schedules- OK,Martha cleans more than I do, but you can look at her lists for daily, weekly, quarterly and so on, and use them as great reminders of tasks that you might overlook.

    I'm also pleased to see how 'green' and multi-functional her recommended cleaning products are. Despite heavy marketing by the manufacturers of home toxics, you don't need a separate poisonous product for every finish and surface.

    I hope someday to leave this book, along with The Joy of Cooking, to my niece, with perhaps a few notes of my own added. ...more info
  • A must have
    Who says you can't make money if you're a housewife? Martha has built an entire empire on it!

    I wasn't a fan of Martha, I neither liked nor disliked her. She is a wealth of information, though, and when I heard this book came out, I needed to check it out. I'm happy I did! I just wish I had this book when I first moved out. I truly was clueless about taking care of a home, when I was younger Mom did everything. When I found myself in charge of my own place, I'm afraid I wasn't very good at it for a while! LOL

    Altho like other reviewers have mentioned it is missing a few things (like steam cleaners) this really is a must have book for anyone who takes care of a home. She explains *everything*, from simple tasks like how to wash dishes, to alternative cleaning solutions that are less toxic than chemicals, to complicated subjects like air and water quality. This book has a permanent place on my shelf with my indispensible cookbooks right in the kitchen, and I will certainly be passing on copies to my children when they're ready to make their own homes....more info
  • Grab this book and learn
    I am an avid fan of Martha Stewart and I congratulate her for the new useful book she authored. The book seems too heavy but well it is full of great and helpful ideas that everyone can make use of especially in their journey on taking care of their household.
    However, if you wish to have a quick and handy reference guide as you clean the entire house, this book isn't suitable for you. But still I hope everyone will acquire this especially those couple or family who have just moved to their new house. I hope you grab this book and learn some more. I also suggest this book to the newly weds out there.
    Another good thing about Martha Stewart's book is that, it completely enumerate the essential steps you have to follow when cleaning or tidying your closet, bedroom, garage, kitchen, dining's etc.

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    Home Speed Cleaning Tips & Clutter Control. An Organized & Happy Home. 100% Guaranteed!...more info
  • Great book!
    Wow, I'll never make it through this entire book! Tells you everything you need to know about homekeeping and more! So many helpful tips. Great explanations. Every family should own this manual! Very well written and easy to follow!...more info
  • A Disappointing and Hefty Miss
    As someone who is a huge fan of Martha Stewart's, I was sorely disappointed with this volume. It lacks all of the lavish detail, beautiful design, and luxury of leafing through issues of Martha Stewart Living Magazine, and all of the fun and personality of Martha's two TV shows. There is very little color, the descriptions are dry and frankly very basic.

    I guess it makes a good doorstop,'s very heavy....more info
  • Modern home care encyclopedia: relevant and necessary for anyone with a home or apartment
    In her prologue, Martha discusses her interest and admiration for old books on household management from several countries. Lo and behold, Martha has created this country's home management encyclopedia herself. All joking aside (SNL sketches, anyone?), you gotta hand it to her: she has indeed created this country and this generation's home care encyclopedia. As a city girl who suddenly found herself in a suburban house with a family to care for, I needed a clue about how I could run my home (instead of it running me). I poured over this book. It doesn't go into deep detail on anything, but that is its strength. It is comprehensive, modern and useful. I was anticipating uptight and obsolete practices. (Well ok, just skip the page on devoting a closet to roll and store your antique linens.) Here are just a few sample topics I picked randomly: sealing your limestone floors, different types of heating systems and their care, recommended quantities of linens, seasonal cleaning and maintenance schedules, setting up a WiFi network, take care of cut flowers, fix squeaky stairs, babyproof a home, the different quilting approaches for comforters and which will keep the feathers from migrating to the edges, outfitting a fireplace, different sheet materials and their qualities, how to make your home more energy efficient. It is a great resource for anyone with a house, an apartment, or any space of their own to maintain....more info
  • Could have been so much more
    This could have been such a wonderful book, but Ms. Stewart doesn't go into enough detail on how to trade cigarettes for protection or learning to deal with an unruly bunk mate. I'll give it 3 stars because it's great to see that a convicted felon can lie, cheat, and steal...but then continue to rise in success after being released from prison!! You have to love America don't you. I am going to be the first person to pre-order her newest book, to be released in 2010. I hear rumors she's co-producing it with Mike Vick. We are in for such a treat!! You might not find it on this site, but some forums are saying the title with be along the lines of "How to Decorate a 5 X 5 space and not block the sink." Stay strong Martha, just because you're a criminal doesn't mean I don't love you!...more info
  • Every Home Should Have One!
    This book has everything and every home should have one. Its a great reference guide and also teaching tool for young brides. Would make an excellent shower gift. ...more info
  • Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook
    This is a house cleaning bible! Extremely informative. Makes a great gift....more info
  • I Wish I'd had this book years ago
    I will give this book as a wedding gift. (Keeping my own copy, of course.) Everything from stain removal to how to properly dispose of computer hardware! The modern family's how-to book of home care, and much more!! Martha Stewart has done it again....more info
  • helps
    It does help me a lot with homecare but many things there are about old stuff....more info
  • A world of information, great book!!
    This book is jam packed with information. I have not yet been able to read the entire MANUAL, but have tested it by thinking of household issues and looking them up to see if they are covered, and so far, they have been. This would make a great gift. Great book for the price....more info
  • Helpful housekeeping
    The book is great exactly what I expected.
    I ordered 2, 1 to give as a gift and the only problem was they came and were a little tattered.
    ...more info