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It's easy to dismiss Be Here Now as the relic of a whacked-out '60s acid tripper. Paging through the center section of the book, with its inch-high print and psychedelic drawings, you come across lines like:

Magic Theatre
For madmen only
price of admission
Then you turn to the first page of the book, and you are suddenly sucked into the story of a Harvard psychiatrist who has reached the pinnacle of success, discovers the mind-expanding powers of acid, and ends up trooping through India with a 23-year-old holy man from Laguna Beach, California. In the story, you see all the trappings of your own life and begin to wonder if India might hold the answers after all. Before booking your ticket, turn to the last section of the Be Here Now, "Cookbook for a Sacred Life." Ram Dass saves you the trouble by proffering a sober introduction to the basics of Hindu religion. Although he still can't resist CAPITAL LETTERS, he has done his homework, presenting a whole range of concepts and practices having to do with yoga postures, meditation, renunciation, dying, and sexual energy. So, for the most part, Be Here Now stands the test of time, and if you can entertain the center section in a retro kind of a spirit, it might be just what you're looking for: "The opposite of craving is saying, baby, this is the way it is, yeah, OK, here and now, this is it. I ACCEPT THE HERE & NOW FULLY." --Brian Bruya

A Lama Foundation Book. Describes one man's transformation upon his acceptance of the principles of Yoga and gives a modern restatement of the importance of the spiritual side of man's nature. Illustrated.

Customer Reviews:

  • BE HERE for him, NOW - Wayne W. Dyer
    BE HERE for him, NOW
    One of the truly great men of our time needs our help. I write these words to encourage your generosity and support. Back in the 1960's a Harvard professor named Richard Alpert left behind the hectic world of academia and traveled to India - there he was to meet his spiritual teacher who gave him a new purpose to fulfill along with a new name. He of course is Ram Dass.
    His guru told him love everyone, feed people and see God everywhere. Ram Dass became a person who lived out this mandate - he did what so many of us could only dream. He connected to his spirit and devoted his life to serving others.
    In 1969 he wrote and published the signature book on spirituality and applied higher awareness, Be Here Now. In keeping with his commitment to love everyone and feed people, he donated all of the royalties and profits to foundations that did just that. With millions of dollars at stake, Ram Dass simply chose to live his life as a man of service to God.
    After years spent in India in pursuit of a higher more enlightened consciousness for himself and for our troubled world, he returned to the United States to lecture throughout the country. He spoke to packed venues wherever he went, and as always he donated the proceeds to such causes as would keep him in harmony with his mandate to serve. He co-founded the Seva Foundation ( and his writing and lecture fees were primary sources for this compassionate and inspired work.
    To me Ram Dass was and is the finest speaker I have ever heard, period! He was my role model on stage; always gentle and kind, always speaking without notes from his heart, sharing his inspiring stories and always with great humor. I tell you this from my own heart; I could listen to his lectures for hours and always felt saddened when they would end. He was the voice for Applied Spirituality - his life was the model. When he was threatened by having his own private sexual preference exposed, in a time when a closet was the only place that was even mildly safe, Ram Dass called a press conference and proudly announced his preference to the world. He paved the way for tolerance and love when no one else would dare to do so.
    Most of us could only dream of defying the conventional life and living out our inner callings to promote a cause that was bigger than our own lives - to leave the security of a guaranteed career - to leave a country where comfort was ensured; all to live in a foreign land with few conveniences, traveling and meditating for a more peaceful world. It is what St. Francis did in the 13th century and what Ram Dass did in our lifetime.
    When Ram Dass' own father, who had largely criticized his son's unconventional lifestyle, was close to death, Ram Dass devoted himself to 100% service in those final years. He fed his father, he bathed his father, he placed him on and off the toilet until the day he died. Why? Because he felt this was his mandate. He wanted to experience true service on a 24/7 basis and know firsthand the joy that comes from giving one's own life away in the service of others. Always, for over 30 years, Ram Dass was in the service of others.
    In 1997 Ram Dass was struck by a semi-paralyzing stroke and became wheelchair bound. Still he wrote of his adventure in a powerful book titled, Still Here. He continued to travel, though he could no longer walk and continued to speak to audiences, though he spoke from a slowed down body, but still he did it to serve others.
    Now it is our turn... Ram Dass' body can no longer endure the rigors of travel. He has come to Maui, where I live and write. I speak with him frequently and I am often humbled by the tears in his beautiful 73-year-old eyes as he apologizes for not having prepared for his own elderly health care - for what he now perceives as burdensome to others. He still intends to write and teach; however without the travel - we can now come to him. Maui is healing - Maui is where Ram Dass wishes to stay for now!
    He is currently living in a home on Maui, which he doesn't own and is currently in jeopardy of losing. I am asking all of you to help purchase this home and to set up a financial foundation to take care of this man who has raised so much money to ensure the futures of so many others. To live out what Ram Dass has practiced with his actions. Please be generous and prompt - no one is more deserving of our love and financial support. In the end these donations will help ensure that Ram Dass and his work will reach another generation or remind a current generation that it is in giving that we receive.
    If there has ever been a great spirit who lived in our lifetime, literally devoting his life to the highest principles of spirit, it has been Ram Dass. I love this man; he has been my inspiration and the inspiration for millions of us. It is now time to show him how we feel by doing what he has taught all of us to do - Just, BE HERE for him, NOW.
    In love and light,
    Wayne W. Dyer
    ...more info
  • The truth will set you free, or are you?
    It was midnight and I was on top a butte in the Glass Mountains of Oklahoma. I was with another kind soul and poured my anguished heart out regarding my feelings of betrayal - war residue. He said I should read "Be Here Now". I did and 35 years later my gratitude is still high, it is such a magnificent book. It spoke beautify of Karma and Grace, of an amazing voyage of self discover and despair. It points the kindest finger you're likely to come across to the notion you aren't alone or in bondage. I've since been a Yogi, a body worker, an Astrologer and Therapist and haven't out grown "Be Here Now". Read it and set your own course. Just remember, whatever is happening you're there and millions of the billions share your experience. Who are you?...more info
  • The Hippie Bible
    While the hippie movement was a disparate phenomenon, if there were to be one book that stood out as the hippie bible, it would be this book. I read it as originally printed, when it was in a larger, all brown paper format. I'd love to have one of those. After that, I got the regular edition for myself...still have it over 3 decades later.

    I think this is a unique and very beautiful book, as well as reflecting something worthwhile from those times, something that had a lasting value for many of us.

    Update (2/9/2006): I found a copy of the 11x11" original edition of Be Here Now, which was entitled "From Bindu to Ojas." This was the core book, in brown craft paper 3-hole punched and bound simply with twine, one of the four parts of what was to become Be Here Now. I want to pass it down to my son and grandchildren. Priceless.

    Berry Ives...more info
  • New Age Garbage
    Ram Das is not for the serious practitioner.

    A lot of the writings in this book are based upon LSD experiences with Timothy Leary as well as drug advocacy for spiritual reasons. While Ram Das is a very smart person and a good human being as far as humanitarianism goes, there are a bunch of other books to read that have more quality for the spiritual seeker than this one. This is spiritual materialism at it's best. ...more info
  • Gotta Own This Book
    This is a cultural relic. It's a wonderful little snapshot that reveals just what the World Was Like "back then." I mainly wanted to own my own copy so that when I die my kids find it among my possessions. It and The Whole Earth Catalog....more info
  • "Enlightenment via LSD"
    I enjoyed the first part of this book-the first forty pages or so. However, I was quickly able to see that this guys perception was so skewed by his massive use of LSD, which he at times seems to regard as if it were God himself. I don't know what degree of enlightenment Ram Dass has accomplished in his life but I can tell you it is not from a clean path. I have gained a lot of enlightenment in my life. Most if it has come as a result of real straight and foreword pain and suffering. This is something "we all" endure in our lives. I believe the key to our growth and enlightenment is through a clean, honest, and open experience. Much of the path however is the journey through those times which lead us astray and offtrack; what's important is how we deal with it, and that we don't get trapped by the things that lead us astray. This all determines the amount of growth or set back spiritually. Enlightenment happens when we're ready. Not necessarily when we think we're ready, but once we've endured a trial or tribulation. It is how we endure that, that determines our level of enlightenment if any. Overall I found this book to be very disturbing. I did enjoy some of the stories of his journey through Tibet, but was left feeling disappointed overall in the strong message of required use of, and his dependence of LSD for his experience. ...more info
  • A Must Read
    I was so happy to find this book online as it is very difficult to find in a bookstore. Re-reading it, I found Be Here Now just as inspiring as the first time I came across this piece of spiritual literature. A life-changing read!...more info
  • Be Here Now
    Excellent way of stepping out of the normal perceptions of our culture....more info
  • be here now
    I have had this book since first published in the 1970,s. It wore out from constant usage it has now been replaced....more info
  • Be Here Now changed my life before, when I read it and NOW..
    Truly a spiritual cookbook that is never outdated. This remarkable book is not only a wonderful inspirational story of Richard Alpert AKA. Baba Ram Dass, but the sketches, in the book, bring the words to life. After having purchased "Be Here Now" in the 70's, fully making use of its recipes I also used the pages for something a bit more aesthetic-- admittedly using the pages to wallpaper my bathroom!

    Needless to say I have purchased more than one copy of this unique and charming book. Anyone who has or is going on a spiritual quest this is a must read. A book you will be happy that you met and to hang out with...
    ~From the original review written July 25, 1997

    If you like or love this book I also would highly recommend that you see the movie "FIERCE GRACE". the biography of Ram Dass. "FIERCE GRACE" was named by NEWSWEEK as one of the Top Five Non-Fiction Films of 2002....more info
  • Be here now
    Unlike the great title and the great cover page, this book was not good. It was about drugs and stupid stuff and although I read many books like this one and enjy them, this one I didn't like much. Maybe it had to do with too much talk of drugs and the sixties attitude....more info
  • I hope we've grown up since then
    Like many others, I read this in college and was sucked in. However, reading "Ringolevio" later I uncovered the Richard Alpert used the same approach he used in B.H.N. to promote a beatific vision for drug use prior to his India trip. In other words, the message was the same, the theatrics were the same - only this time a unique journey through India offered him a new pedestal upon which to preach from, one that made him feel 'special'. Why would someone wish to actively seek such world acclaim. Perhaps the answer lay in my also having met his boarding school master from when Alpert was a teenager. From this older man's own words, Alpert was gay and felt forced to hide it - one must remember the times he lived in back then. He was, however, also very much ostracized by his fellow classmates for possibly this very same reason. In short - my amateur interpretation: a teen with a secret, lonely and shunned, seeks mass approval later in life, and a solution for stifling his own inner demons - first through an incredibly heavy use of drugs, which he openly pushes in an effort to make society more like him (so that they might like him more), and later through a pseudo eastern philosophy, that he pushes using the same tactics he used before when he pushed his (addictive & DNA altering) drugs onto others. I attended several of his 'spiritual' retreats and, to my surprise, found his compatriots insulting and intentionally demeaning to those of us who attended looking to them for answers. But the most revealing was when one time Mr Be Here Now was asked a serious question and, after an embarrassing silence, Dr. Alpert/Ram Dass admited he didn't know the answer. And that, when he didn't know, he admitted that he often made up an answer, but in this case, he couldn't even think of an answer to 'make up.' And I thought, why am I sitting here being treated this way, listening to a man who is knowingly lying to us. I got up and left. Some time later I sat next to a woman on a plane who's own mother used to help Dr. Leary distribute drugs to his college students and others when they lived up in the country. This would have been after Dr Leary had been fired from Harvard. She was his right hand in passing them out. This woman shared that her mother, now older, lives with a sense of remorse that, after all those drugs they took, that she still feels no closer to God or her own inner spirituality. I suspect the same may be said about anyone who followed Ram Dass from when he preached a pseudo spirituality mixed in with admitted lies. Part of why I had been so pulled in was Dr Alpert's credentials. Had he not been a professor at Harvard? And even from Dr Leary's own autobiography, wasn't his being fired from Harvard for political reasons more than that he pushed LSD onto his students? One must respect 'the' institution, right? Yet, in the past year, Harvard's very own president has insinuated that females may have an inherent weakness when intellectually competing with men. Re; this book and those times: strip away the 'feel good', explore what is really true, and then move on to something that's a lot more honest, I would humbly suggest....more info
  • Cracks Through Reality
    Back in 2005, I came across this book via a friend who had recently and unexpectedly passed away. Her own family wasn't very close with her and gave us, her group of spiritual friends, the reigns in commemorating her life. One of the things we did was hold a memorial service and give away all her books to anyone who wanted them. Out of the hundreds that were on the tables, this book -without reading any excerpts from it- caught my attention, and I took it home with me. Little did I know how truly life-altering all these events were at the time.

    When I read this book, it started out like any other... a story of the relevant parts of Richard's life preceeding his trip to Inida. That itself was fascinating to me, as I enjoyed reading about his LSD trips and spiritual meanderings. But nothing had prepared me for the experience of reading the comic book like center pages of this book. I found my sense of reality cracked and shattered by what I read there. For weeks, I could not feel connected to the illusions I'd never even questioned previously. Everything changed; I saw what lies beneath and the stupidity of this life I was living. Nothing made sense anymore; except what I'd been exposed to by this cracking up of my existence.

    This book forever changed the direction of my life. I was what I termed "spiritual but not religous" before that, but even that illusion was shown to be superficial. It was not long, a year or so more, before I came across a mystic of our own times. And I didn't even have to travel to India to find him. When the student is ready, the teach always comes....more info
  • My Hippie Prayer Book
    Spritual ideas are simple - it's the practice that's difficult. This shows us the fun and the ideas and also gives us hint of what true spirituality can bring us - mind over matter and control over ones destiny. The book is useful for any level of the spiritual journeyman. It can be opened and referenced like the I Ching. It's a great and humble energy to have lying around....more info
  • My mind is blown
    The first time I read this book back in the 70's I wrote to a friend of mine saying, "My mind is blown." Thirty years later my mind is still blown by Ram Dass. He was at the forefront of a cultural revolution which allowed milllions to find a more spiritually rewarding way to live. What was once a New Age way of looking at the world is now firmly imbeded in our culture. In my memoir, Hitchhiking from Vietnam: Seeking the OxHitchhiking From Vietnam I use what I learned from Ram Dass to help me straighten out my life after returning from Vietnam. Be Here Now is a delightful hodge podge of stuff that will help the novice spiritual seeker sort through the voluminous literature of self actualization in a very accessible way. Like Ram Dass would say, "It's all just stuff," but what mind blowing stuff it is. I highly recommend this book. ...more info
  • This is my bible!
    I consider this book, the "holiest" in the sense that it is the text that most connects me with who I am, what's it all about, and how it all connects into one... That doesn't mean it is like that for others, but apparently others have thought the same... the book was considered the hippie bible by some, and I can see why. It still makes sense right here, right now... I've read it in many different states, and it helps all my psychedelic trips go smoothly. I am a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba, which the book lead me too... the brown paper section, I cut out and put it all over the wall in my room, with various pictures of saints, gurus, and others... all intermixing in this artistic tribute to the mission to Be Here Now. And Remember.

    The best service one can do is remember God. Right here and right now, for god does all. ...more info
  • Great Book
    This book is an amazing way to open your eyes to the way of living life here and now. Great BOOK!...more info
  • Excellent
    I read this as I was just beginning buddhism. The book has a profound insight into what goes on with buddhism, and the biography part was very informative. The section in the back about how to get started with buddhism was a great aid to me, and probably will be for you. I would recommend this to anyone interested in Buddhism, or just beginning with it. As a casual read, it may be a bit bland, but for those who read with a purpose in mind, this book will be very helpful....more info
  • Buy this book. If you have it buy it again.
    This a fantastic book not just about mysticism but, like Blake, the mysticism of everyday life.
    It is the ultimate self-help book and every page is filled with the joy of living.
    Like Blake every page of this book is filled with illustrations and a poetic mysticism.
    Self-help books come and go but this book should be on everyone's book shelf.
    So much is said in the very word's or the book's title "be here now".
    In the seventies I remember this book being in every dorm room. I think many of us benefited from it.
    Perhaps some of us have forgotten its power so pick it up again. Buy it for someone you know who never had the experience of reading this book.
    If you owned it once and lost it buy yourself a new copy. If your copy is old and dog eared buy yourself a new copy.
    I had the pleasure of knowing Ram Dass personally. He was always caring and never acted like the celebrity he was.
    Now Ram Dass needs our help as his situation as he approaches old age is not good.
    Do yourself and Ram Dass a favor and buy this book. If you bought it before buy it again.
    ...more info
  • Awareness in consciousness
    BE HERE NOW is a cookingpot,a spiritual stew.If one understand this book,no other book is necessary. I read this book first time in 1985,and the taste of this "love Stew"has never left me.
    A must for any serious seeker of Love and Thruth (Gods trademark)...more info
  • Still current
    Remember, Be Here Now is a wonderful book, still current today--to be read slowly. We used it in a study group as well. ...more info
  • nice presentation
    a nice little book, just read the main text, some good pointers to reality/unreality, however you want to view it. a days read.

    be- focus on being, feel that you are, feel what its like to be. (subject)

    here- focus on where you are, all around you, what you see and experience (object)

    now- focus on this moment, right now. how does it feel, this now? (time)

    this- focus on this, how does it feel, how does it affect you? (consciousness)

    is- what is is what is, be aware of what 'is'.(being)

    love- reach out with feelings of love, and focus upon yourself feelings of love.(the only true answer)

    not it.

    i have here some exact equals:-

    love = kindness (if you practice kindness you are practicing love, love is kindness, kindness is love. a circular form feedback loop).

    true love = loving kindness. (this is not only for its own, unlike mundane love which can be synonymous with hatred of the alteric other). loving kindness is in truth the only answer to every question.

    goodness = love (goodness is love, love is good, love is not goodness).

    true goodness = 'this' (consciousness). hence the term "this is it". it may be it, but is not the answer. some have errantly confused the 'i am' with consciousness, 'this' is the the seat on which the i sits.

    truth = understanding.

    true truth = infinite goodness.

    life = truth

    beauty = love. (beauty is love, love is beautiful, love is not beauty).

    peace = calm.

    self,I/i = certainty. (the mundane I= is, the snowflake = is itself).

    soul = essence (the soul and the self both reside in 'this'/consciousness, 'this' is the throne of the 'self'/the i, whether mundane or 'snow-flake').

    intellect = certainty.

    logic/reason = understanding.

    pride = force.

    greed = grabbing.

    bad = hatred.

    evil = uncertainty/doubt (as regards truth, also uncertainty destroys trust and confidence, it paralyses and prevents love).

    hope this is helpful, i know it is not a complete list, but i hope some useful pointers towards our interaction with the world we live in. to any of the above it can be answered that nearly everyone of these 'is'. so what is love? love 'is' will do just fine, but it is not very helpful, and so i choose to shine the light of truth seeking into dark places and to i hope reveal exactly what some these qualities are. it must not be thought that 'is' is not a very important insight, very pure and is in its own way no less important than specific designations of what these qualities are.

    there are those who say: 1. that words are less than truth, that truth cannot be aprehended by any words. 2. there are those who say that certain words may embody the truth. 3. And then there are those that say that words can transcend truth. in other words that certain words being true can lead to and are direct expressions of perfection/true love. all three of these views have a role and a place, but the most positive of these three is the view that truth can reach above itself, and yet still being itself true, embody love. in other words, concentrated light can produce/become fire.

    with love, from snow-flake. xxx

    ps... have a nice day :)...more info
  • Sustainable transformation - then and now
    Maharaji, Ram Dass's guru, said this book was his "Ashirabad" or blessing. The ripple effect of this singular work has likely created greater modern acceptance of yoga & meditation in the West than any other.

    Clearly a product of its era, "Be Here Now" combines Alpert's metamorphosis into Ram Dass, a free-wheeling survey on the possibilities of transformation, and a cookbook outlining sustainable methodologies dating back thousands of years, which are just as effective today when applied correctly.

    Despite the cynicism of our consumer culture, there is such a thing as "perfect timing", as well as the reality - more familiar in the East - of the "Guru's Grace". As a seminal work that has inspired millions, "Be Here Now" stands the test of time as a classic example of both.

    ...more info
  • A fun read.
    60's hippies, india, tales of the metaphysical and not so metaphysical. Just a whole lot of fun to read. You also have to read "still here now" by ram dass and "It's Here Now (Are You?)" by BHAGAVAN DAS to get another perspective on the journey. Finally, pick up Magic Mushrooms in Religion and Alchemy by Clark Heinrich to hear what really happened during the famous megadose of LSD episode....more info
  • beautiful
    this book is epic! i have practiced yoga for about 7 months, and maybe 3 months ago I found BE HERE NOW. this book has changed my life, and it is nothing but love. read this book and take from it what you can. i am sure that everyone that reads it will be touched by at least some part of it. not to mention all the wonderful books he recommends to "hang out with" or ones that are "helpful having met." this book has so much to offer!
    namaste =)...more info