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The Shooters: A Presidential Agent Novel (Presidential Agent Novels)
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A key DEA agent has been kidnapped by drugrunners. As much as the news angers Presidential Agent Castillo, he thinks there¡¯s no way he could get permission to rescue the man. But Castillo¡¯s wrong¡ªthe President himself orders Castillo to do anything it takes to bring back the agent...anything except get caught.

Customer Reviews:

  • Another home run!
    Another excellent book from the author who shows the military in a positive light. Thank again, Mr Griffin....more info
  • The Shooters
    This book is great. I began reading Griffin a number of years ago with the Brotherhood of War series. After that I read all of his books and enjoyed them.

    Griffin writes in a style that is fast paced with short chapters that move from scene to scene and character to character. I hope he has another series....more info
  • A real disappointment for a great series
    I wonder if Griffin had a contract that required him to turn out this latest book in this otherwise fine series. There is very little action in this book and way too much of rehashing old info that may have been important in the first book or two. I'd suggest not spending money on this one and look for it at your library if you must read it. ...more info
  • W.E.B. does it again
    After reading a couple books by Griffin and his son we were considering not buying new ones, but this is back to Dad's writing only and is the same super read we have enjoyed in everyone of his books in the past!...more info
  • fluff and fill
    The earlier Castillo character based books were great, although they successively trended down in quality. The Shooters represents a pathetic attempt to gain book revenue based on earlier successes. Dredging up old history and information from prior stories goes on ad nauseum. The book is filled with detailed unimportant conversations and protocols which add mounds of additional fluff to the story. The real action in this book could be shrunk to 35 pages. I now have little respect for the author's creativity. It looks like he may have another sequel coming out based on Castillo's possible son. May we look forward towards 400 pages of background that we've already read numerous times, 200 pages of unimportant conversations, and 50 pages of new material?
    ...more info
  • Misleading Title
    I have enjoyed Griffin's books in the past and purchased this one because of the author and title. I read the leads in the book and assumed that the book's title meant that this was an action shoot em up thriller. There was about 1 page total of military covert style action. The rest of the book dealt with military and bureaucratic protocol procedural BS. If I had known about the guaranteed good read policy, I would've saved my receipt and returned the book. The guarantee is of course in the book's back pages. What a waste of time. If you want a good read, read "The Terror"....more info
  • !'m about done
    I'm about done with this author. I've read everything he has written in all of his series. The earlier works were great. Lately, (I have read that his son is doing most of the writing), the books are not nearly as well written as the earlier ones.
    Ditto all the previous reviewers have said about re-hashing all the previous books in this series. It's almost as if each book had to stand alone for readers who have not read any of the earlier ones in the series.
    The minor thing that has irked me the most is Griffin's absolutely amazing over use of the phrase vis-a-vis. I want to throw the book across the room every time he uses it - it seems like about every other page....more info
  • Good, but not Great
    I am a big WEB Griffin (the nom de plume of William E. Butterfield III) fan. I have read all of his military books. This book, in the Presidential Agent series is much better than last year's book in the "Men at War" series (The Double Agents) that he wrote with his son.

    He does spend some time bringing the reader back up to speed with the characters, but does not dwell on it so much as to cause it to become bothersome.

    He has improved the quality of the proof reading over some past efforts.

    Again, he has rushed the ending of the novel - and not tied up all the loose ends - 370 pages of getting ready and then 45 pages of doing and 5 of wrap-up. I always wonder was he trying to hit a specific number of pages or a time deadline.

    Still an enjoyable read for those of you that enjoy his type of novel....more info
  • My first and last book by W.E.B. Griffin
    I was desperate for a new book so I picked this one up at the local drugstore. I didn't know a thing about W.E.B. Griffin books, but I like action/adventure books, especially those involving the military and espionage.

    I forced myself to page 99 and gave up. What a utter bore. It's no wonder the book is 737 pages long. The author writes about anything and everything and in 99 pages I still don't know the plot. This book is a disappointment and I won't be buying any more of this author's books....more info
  • absolutely horrible
    The is the first and last WEB Griffin book I will ever read. I can't imagine how a piece of trash like this could become a bestseller. The dialogue is terrible, the plot, despite being non-existent, still manages to be almost incomprehensible, and the characters are stereotypical.
    About 90% of the book is dedicated to explaining the story line of previous books, probably at the urging of previous readers who couldn't figure out what was going on in those books when they initally read them. The remainder of the book deals with the kidnapping of a DEA agent and could be told in about two pages. We never really get a feel of the kidnapping itself and the whole ending is a mess. Basically, our hero rescues the DEA agent, who is now drug addicted, and the two South American kidnappees are killed. Great job by all those involved.
    A total waste of my time....more info
  • The Shooters: A Presidential Agent Novel
    Wow! Another great novel by WEB Griffin. The Shooters is the fourth novel following the adventures and loves of C.G. "Charlie" Castillo. This is another book that needs to be read starting with the first book in the series (check with Amazon for the titles). Each book builds on the previous book, the story lines and the characaters. Each book is better than the one before and the first one was a "10" on a scale of 1 to 10. I could read a 1000 page book about Charlie Castillo and his co-harts. Super story, plenty of adventure, plenty "feel good" for the good guys who win. It is a fun read, you won't want to put this book down....more info
  • "The Shooters" is off the target.
    I almost gave this one two stars, but I reluctantly gave it three stars. This book should have been entitled "The Plannners" and not "The Shooters". It spends almost its entire story planning a rescue of a DEA Agent who was kidnapped in South America and the only excitment is in the next to last chapter. I have read all of The Presidential Agent Novels and enjoyed them all; that is why I bought this hard cover as soon as it came out. Delta Force officer Charley Castillo is back with all his people, his dog Max, and with the addition of "Shooters" from the stockade at Ruckers which is the training camp for Special Forces. I forgot, he also has a narcotics detective from Chicago PD forced on him. There are a lot of charismatic characters is this story line and Griffin does a wonderful job in bringin them to life for you. Through Griffin I have learned much of the ways of military life and of the lives of the Delta Forces and have grown to admire and respect them more. They are strong and confident people through out his stories and I did enjoy becoming part of their lives again and Griffin allows you to do this.
    Since I became a serious reader several years ago I enjoy action, intrigue, mystery, an excitment; all of this was lacking in this story. I feel that Griffin missed an opportunity here to have written a great novel with the characters that he has developed.

    ...more info
  • Great read!
    I don't know what some of the other reviewers are talking about, this was a great book. It delivered everything I've come to expect from a W.E.B. Griffin novel. I can't wait for the next volume....more info
  • Not as good as the rest...
    While I enjoyed the first two books in this series, the Shooter is just plain bad. ...more info
  • Did anyone notice?
    Charlie has sex with Beth right before her wedding.
    A few days later he has dinner at her house and she has 3 children. The oldest is about 13 and possibly Charlies son. Where was the editor?
    ...more info
  • Best in Class
    This novel is fourth in the Presidental Agent novels and like the three before delivers from page one and leaves you wanting more as the last page is turned. Charley Castillo is a modern day cowboy sent out at a moments notice to get the bad guys. Thank you Mr. Griffin for these wonderful books. ...more info
  • Plot, what plot?
    WEB Griffin has been my favorite author for the last twenty years, his Honor Bond and Corps series are fantastic, as is most of the Brotherhood of War. I'm not as fond of the new Presidential Agent series, they tend to have slow plot development that never quiet deliver the excitement you might expect.

    This is the "least good" so far of this series, its fair at best. The plot in this book really doesn't make since, I wont spoil it for those who will read the book, but the US Government just doesn't work this way, the "Super Special Rich Guy President's Pet Spy Agency Club", just come on, really, are you serious.

    The "Life Styles of the Rich and Famous" plot element that Griffin uses in EVERY book is getting tired, but the taking your pet dog everywhere you go during secret missions on your luxury jet planes, and no one having a problem with it because your so rich and dashing, is a bit much. Oh, and what's with the repeated dog going to the bathroom stuff, why is this fascinating?

    I think there is a plot, besides rich guy and is peeing dog, a sub plot I guess about a kidnapped DEA Agent, but that's secondary to the main story about...

    And as average as this book is, it is still better than most of the stuff out there, Griffin writes in an enjoyable style that is eminently pleasing, it's simply fun reading, well if you don't pay attention to the plot.
    ...more info
  • Worst Yet
    I have read every book that the author has written in all the different series. I have also saved all of the books on my bookshelf - this one I trhre away after I made myself finish it. It just goes on and on - and the bit of action in the last 10 pages is almost an afterthought. I may hit the library for the next book - at least in this series....more info
  • The Shooters
    This is a typical Griffin Novel. It takes a bit of time before all the links come together...more info
  • W.E.B. Griffin " The Shooters"
    Like all of Mr. Griffin's books, I could not put it down. I cannot wait for the next installment....more info
  • Hooked Again
    The "Presidential Agent" series is the third W.E.B. Griffen series to hook me. The plot of "The Shooters" is standard Griffen. Charlie Castillo is an Army war hero with extremely wealthy German and Mexican-American antecedents (hello Craig Lowell and Matthew Payne(. He leads a group of heroes, none of whom have dark sides. They work directly for the President, break rules, regulations, and laws with impunity..but in a worthwhile this book the rescue of a kidnapped DEA Agent. There is a sub plot involving a deadly but mostly friendly Russian expatriate smuggler/arms dealer, crooked CIA officers, and Russian and Cuban spies and commandos enmeshed in the drug trade. The action is non-stop. The villains are hateful. The heroes are heroic. This is a very good escapist, chase'em catch'em book. I recommend it with one caveat-this is the third in the series-an enormous amount of time/space is devoted to complicated back stories of a large numbers of characters from Europe to Philadelphia to Washington to Argentina and finally Uruguay. A scorecard is helpful.

    ...more info
  • Did WEB IV Help?
    This is the worst of the many book written by Himself. It reads very much like "The Saboteurs," his first collaborative effort with his son. There are hundreds of pages of repetitious reprises of things past, including a full review of the "plot" with every new cardboard character introduced. Followed by eight or ten pages of (near) action as they do in the bad guys at the very end. You could read the first chapter or two, the two or three chapters about Castillo at Cairns, and the last chapter without losing much, and saving a lot of time.

    I was pretty impressed with "Death and Honor," where I thought WEB fils picked up dad's style and did a really respectable job. Now I'm beginning to really wonder just who's carrying the freight.

    The one thing that has always upset me about WEB's novels, and is rampant in this volume, has been his utterly cavalier approach to classified access security. That is one issue WEB fils has had no difficulty emulating. Basically, I guess, both pere and fils were "journalists," and "journalists" have long confused "want to know" with "need to know." He is right about one thing, though. Senior executives and managers, industry, government and military alike, often do the same. ...more info