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Shadow Game (GhostWalkers, Book 1)
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A man and woman possessed of telekinetic powers. She is the doctor. He is the experiment. What comes between them is a terrifying secret history that could save them or destroy them.

Customer Reviews:

  • ghostwalkers 1
    book in great condition arrived very quickly would use seller again...more info
  • Superb new series
    Shadow Game introduces an interesting proposition of a Government experiment which proves to be too successful.

    Dr Whitney has resumed his experiments in psychic control and in the process has created a team of elite soldiers who can operate undetected by enemy forces. However, there are those within the project who wish to sabotage and destroy the experiment for their own personal gain. When Dr Whitney is murdered, it is up to his daughter to help the men and prevent her father's work from falling into enemy hands.

    With Shadow Game, Ms Feehan has created a secret world where not everything is as it appears and has populated it with realistic characters. She draws the reader in with an exciting mix of suspense and romance, whilst preventing the story from becoming too dark with deft touches of humour....more info

  • Feehan at her best....but then she always is!
    Shadow Game is not a book that I would normally pick up and buy based on the cover (front picture or the brief on the back). But I love Ms. Feehan, and I have to have everything she writes so of course I gave it a shot. Once again, I was not disappointed. This story follows Lily, the brilliant daughter of a brilliant scientist who is experimenting with enhancement of psychic abilities. When Lily is asked for her input on the project she immediately senses something is wrong, and once her father is killed, has to help set things right. Captain Ryland Miller and his team of men (the men Lily's father experimented on) are held captive and being killed one by one. When she realizes Ryland is next on the list Lily has to get them out of there before it is too late for the both of them. This book was yet another page turner, and I am looking forward to future Ghost Walker novels (hopefully the next is Kaden's ;-)). I couldn't put this book down until I had read it from beginning to end. Ms. Feehan knows how deliver, and this book will not disappoint!...more info
  • Fast Read!
    Until I read this book, I had read Christine Feehan's books but I was getting very tired of her dark, brooding vampires and it seemed as with a few personality changes, she was telling pretty much the same story over and over again. They were well written and very sexy but more of the same. Now with this book, I was riveted! I loved the characters,though the heroine was a bit naive, and best yet, the way the story was written I cared about the characters. The hero was perfectly noble, but manly and had a well developed sense of honor. The concept of shadow warriors is brilliant and she manages to infuse each character with its own personality. However, she does need to watch her female characters. Aside from different attributes, they do tend to blend into each other....more info
  • Cheesy but ok
    This book was not what I expected. I thought it would be deeper, more of a psych thriller. It is 75% romance! It's cheesy romance, too, but that's expected; most romance/sex novels are. The plot is creative and has serious potential for a great series. However in order to do that, she needs to take out most of the sex scenes and a lot of the romantic connection. I bought book 2 also, so after I read that one maybe I'll change my mind....more info
  • Repetitive prose
    The book seemed very interesting at first but it quickly became clear the focus was on the sexual relationship of the 2 main characters. It seemed to me that fully half the book was dedicated to the sexual feelings Lily and Ryland had for each other. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing the ground is trampled over and over with the same imagery that quickly became very annoying. How many times does "generous breasts" have to be used to describe Lily's chest? We get the picture after the first few times and the "generous" adjective can be easily left out as it is implied at that point. The book is full of such repetitive sexual imagery and both characters fully fascinated with each other but both thinking they are not attractive enough for the other.

    If you are getting this book for the romance and sex you might like it. If you are interested more in the paranormal aspects it isn't quite the thriller you were expecting. Either way reading what seemed like the same sentences over and over can be a bit frustrating....more info
  • major disappointment
    I am such a big fan of Christine Feehan. Discovered her early and wait impatiently for each new book. I think her Dark series is sexy,taut,different and totally consuming. I enjoyed The Scarletti Curse almost as much. However, Lair of the Lion and now Shadow Game almost seem like they were written by somebody else.Again, this was a major disappointment!...more info
  • Too Overwrought
    Disappointing. This novel was a very slow read. I was tempted to stop reading throughout the book. Too much time spent on how miserable everyone was. Excess of "shards of glass in the brain" type of writing. The romance dialog and scenes even had an overtone of misery. It was ultimately too much to deal with. I like the rest of Ms. Feehan's books but I don't expect to read the rest of this series. It's exhausting, and not in a good way....more info
  • How many times can people screw in a book?
    Overall, I thought the book was okay. The plot was actually very believable, and I think many people would have liked it better if Feehan had done two things: 1) Focus more on the plot and on the characters; 2)Reconsider how many romance scenes there needs to be in one book.

    Seriously, the romance scenes (albeit pretty good and 'creative') sort of killed it....more info
  • An exciting paranormal thriller
    Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

    Captain Ryland Miller is a prisoner. He and his military unit, dubbed the Ghostwalkers, volunteered for a top secret experiment involving enhancement of natural psychic abilities. All of them had some ability to begin with, Ryland's being the strongest. He is a brave and powerful man, loyal to his men and loyal to his country. Unfortunately for him, some are not loyal to such noble causes, only themselves.

    Dr. Lily Whitney is the daughter of the scientist, Dr. Peter Whitney, heading the experiment, and she is not without incredible abilities of her own. When her father requests her assistance on his program gone awry, she is more then happy to assist him. She is confused by the information she gleans in her visit there, but the most shocking thing of all is her connection to the one called Ryland.

    Lily and Ryland bond immediately and he sees her as the one person he can trust. He knows she is the woman for him and will prove that to her as well. Then... some of his men have disappeared, presumed dead, and he believes her father is a part of some larger plot to destroy them all and protect the knowledge they have gleaned. But there are unexpected side effects from the experiment - the men cannot control some of their abilities and suffer severe pain as a side effect.

    When Lily's father is murdered, it is up to Ryland and Lily to resolve how to save the men and figure out who killed Peter Whitney... and why. However, long buried secrets come bubbling up, along with memories, making Lily doubt everything she has ever known. Also, somewhere, somehow, there is a traitor in their midst, someone willing to sell out on their country, their secrets, and their lives. Will Lily, Ryland, and the Ghostwalkers solve the mystery before they all end up dead?

    All this reviewer can say is WOW!!! Ms. Feehan packs such a punch with this story it will leave one gasping for breath. She conquers yet another genre of romance with ease, proving why she is a master. There is just enough of a touch of the "paranormal" to remind the reader where she got her start. But that is where the similarities between this story and the Dark saga end. Unless one counts the passionate relationship between hero and heroine that is so hot it will light the pages on fire.

    Ms. Feehan wields the suspense blade with ease, keeping readers enthralled and teetering on the edge, from the very beginning. The roller coaster of action rolls on, twisting and turning, riding up and down breath-taking peaks and valleys, until the reader doesn't know which end is up ... Or the good from the bad. This book is guaranteed not to disappoint, and will leave one begging for more. Fear not, another story is already on the way. This is a must-read book, only cementing Ms. Feehan's position as a genre favorite for yet another round.

    ? Kelley A. Hartsell, July 2003. All rights reserved....more info
  • Disappointing
    I am a big fan of Ms. Feehan's Dark Series, but lately I wonder what has happened to her writing. This book looked promising but was sadly disappointing. This one is not a keeper....more info
  • Hmmm... good plot, too much thinking going on...
    This is kind of a hard review to write. I'll have to say that I really liked the idea for the new series... the storyline was great, I really enjoyed the action, the suspense, ALL the men in the team, the secondary characters in Lily's family, Ryland & Lily - & their romance... However, it went on and on and on and on about what they were thinking & feeling about each other. That gets so old - so fast. I did major skimming to get through what they thought & felt about each other... in fact, it was almost hard to finish the book. I do want to try CF's next installment of the series, but I surely hope it doesn't have this much thinking in it! (p.s. If you want to get into the new series, I think this book will be a must.)...more info
  • Whats with the bad revews?
    Like all the other Feehan fans, I love the Carpathian series. I thought this was a good first book for a new series. "New" being the key word. Some people read this thinking it would be like those books, and disappointed because its not. Well, its not. The book is a good beginning book. It has a good story line, hot like Feehans books are and it gives you a good idea of how the series is going to go on. Its got its suspense and then was so funny I was laughing out loud. Its an opener, a good one. Lily is a sweetheart and Ryland is a good man. I love the rest of the team and will keep reading this series. I have read the second book too, Mind Game and thought it was a good continuation of the Ghostwalker story and loved Nicolas and Dahlia. The series is promising and good. But not like the Carpathian books. They are addicting in their own way. ...more info
  • Not as bad as everyone hints at ...
    The only problem some people have with this book, I think, is the addition of a storyline. In the Carpathian romances Feehan created, the stories was mainly about love, and situations were added for that love to occurr and grow. In this current novel, there's actually a bit more in the telling dealing with pychic powers and struggles for politcal power. Lily Whitney is the daughter of a well known, wealthy scientist. She's brought onto a project of his dealing with the enhancement of psychic abilities, a field in which she knows plenty because she herself posseses them. When her father is murdered, he sends her one last message, telapathically, telling her to free the men of the current experiment and correct his past mistakes. The actual freeing of the men takes place in about the last half of the book, which is a rediculously long amount of time when you take into consideration the extent of the Ghostwalkers' powers, but it allows Lily to do a little bit of the sleuth thing and find out some interesting tidbits about her past.

    While it was interesting and sort of a relief to actually read something different from Feehan, she seems to want to make up for it with excess sex. Towards the end, I felt that she focused more on that than developing the story. And I never really got a feel for the characters. It seemed like Feehan should have worked on making them more understandable emotionally, instead of mainly writing of the central character's intense lust for each other. It got repetative, I am sorry to say, which in a romance novel isn't a good thing.

    This also makes me point out that, here, Feehan has tried to create something like a family among Lily, her hired hands, and the other men. But it doesn't quite work. Lily hardly gets to know any of the characters. Mainly all she does is discover those interesting bits and pieces of her past, enough to ensure some sequels, and then has sex with Ryland, her love interest. It got to be a bit slow, and yet if Feehan had put something like a major linking of the Ghostwalkers' and Lily's minds for even a brief moment, it would have been easy to accept.

    Not that I'm saying this book was terrible. I liked it, yeah, and I'll read the following books, but it had a few flaws that I think the editors and Ms. Feehan really should have smoothed out before this was published....more info

  • Good new series
    I love most of the Carpathian novels, so I was hopeful that this new Feehan series would be good. I wasn't disappointed. I know some people find the story line awkward and convoluted but I enjoyed it.
    I thought the characterization of Lily and Ryland were believable and their love story was good.
    This book does set up the entire Ghostwalker series, so it is useful to start here, even if you don't end up reading the entire series. ...more info
  • Totally unexpected!!!
    I have to admit that I wasn't excited when I bought this book. I've been waiting rather unpatiently for Dark Melody and wasn't even sure I wanted to read this one. But Christine Feehan totally suprised me! I won't write a storyline about this book as several reviewers have done it already but let me just say that I couldn't put this book down! I read it in one night. I didn't expect to like this book so much and it's obvious to me that she's setting up for another series with these characters. I'll be waiting for the next book!!...more info
  • Do not waste your time or money....
    The story was a great idea, but the dialog
    was atrocious. Ms. Feehan should have paid me to read this sophomoric piece of work. Please don't waste the use of your eyes....more info
  • Extraordinary!
    I'm a fan of Feehan's Dark Series, and I must admit to purchasing Shadow Game merely on a whim. But let me say, I'm not disappointed and I've already ordered the sequel Mind Game.
    If you like sci-fi stories with a drop of romance, a whole lot of suspense, wonderful characters and a fantastic,but extremely palusible storyline, this book is a match made in heaven for you. Enjoy!!!...more info
  • Make room on your Feehan shelf, here is another keeper
    The government is experimenting again and you guessed it, something has gone wrong. A specially recruited group of psychic men from the Special Forces headed by Captain Ryland Miller have agreed to have their psychic abilities enhanced, thus the "Ghostwalkers" are created. Greed breeds evil and when mixed with the military you can be assured their inherent need for secrecy will add another layer of problems.

    Dr. Paul Whitney headed up the Ghostwalker project, however, Colonel Higgens has stepped in to take the project in a different direction. Dr. Whitney brings in his daughter, Dr. Lilly Whitney to help discover why Captain Miller's team is dying, and then ends up murdered. Lilly's last contact with her father comes thru her psychic abilities and begins the hunt for who is killing the Ghostwalkers as well as their creator. Lilly and Ryland are thrown together to solve her fathers murder and save the lives of his remaining men. Their psychic link forms a bond that deepens even though the information Lilly uncovers in her fathers lab rocks her belief in herself and any emotions she feels.

    Ms Feehan's new series has murder, betrayal and greed forming the basis of her new storyline. Genetic manipulation, straight from todays headlines, makes for a gritty edge to the first of what I hope will be a long continuing series. I've never been disappointed in a Feehan novel and this one is no exception. Her recurring theme of strong men and the independant women who love them is one of the best reasons to pick up Shadow Game. Be prepared with a drink and time to read as you won't want to put it down until you are done. I've been reading the "Dark" series for over 3 years now and never thought that I would find a better group of men to read about, but I must admit that The Ghostwalkers may give them a run for the money...more info

  • Enjoyable 4-1/2 stars
    An avid reader, I found that Lily Whitney and Capt. Ryland Miller made for an interesting weekend. The book seems more wordy than some of her others; however, the characters are very like her Carpathians: caring and responsible for others, sensual and psychic. (Should I have capitalized sensual? mmmm....) They meet because Lily's father has been experimenting on Miller and his men in order to form a secret military group with enhanced psychic abiilities. The experiment has gone drastically wrong and Dr. Whitney calls in his daughter to assist him. I won't say more, the teaser is already on this website....

    I can see Lily and Ryland as parents of a psychic woman who becomes the lifemate of a Carpathian. I can see additional novels being written about Capt. Miller's men. (Am I psychic or what?)

    Please keep writing, Ms. Feehan. I promise that I will keep buying and reading....more info

  • A good idea but not enough plot
    I bought this book on the strength of the Amazon reviews, and because I had read Wild Rain and enjoyed it (part of a different series by Christine Feehan).

    This book is about a group of special forces men who have had their natural psychic talents enhanced by a doctor but things have gone wrong. His daughter, Lily, finds herself helping the men after her father is killed and her help is successful because she, too, was psychically enhanced by her father. Lily and the leader of the men, Captain Ryland Miller, together work to find out who is responsible for the death of her father.

    I enjoyed the book as I was reading it but I was also disappointed. The reviews had been very positive, but I found that the book lacked depth - not in the subject matter, but in the relationship between the main characters. There was plenty of sex, supposedly there was a meeting of minds and emotions, but it all felt very flat and one-dimensional to me. I suppose the basic problem was that there was no tension within the story - they met, instantly fell completely and utterly in love/lust, and that was that. No confusion, no learning to love each other more, no mistrusting and misunderstanding which tends to be the focus of all good novels. There's little interest in a romance when it runs without a hitch.

    The sex scenes I found boring and there were too may of them. I was reading this book for the view of different possibilities within this world where psychic abilities are enhanced for military reasons - but I found I was reading a book about sex. And someone needs to offer Christine Feehan another adjective to go with "breasts" - she only seemed able to use "generous", and used it multiple times. It jarred.

    I suppose this book was OK but somehow it didn't really connect with me. I'll read the others if I come across them in the library but I wouldn't bother buying them....more info
  • maybe my expectations were too high
    I became an instant fan of Ms. Feehan with the first book I read from the Dark series. I would eagerly await each new book published. However, the last few books she has written have been very disappointing. Shadow Game has been the worst so far. The only thing that kept me turning the pages was the faint hope it would get better. I like the idea behind the book. Handled differently it could have been a winner. I hope Ms. Feehan goes back to what worked so well in the Dark series....more info
  • A little thin on plot and character development to have 5 stars...
    Captain Ryland Miller is a basically a "rat" in a cage as are his men in his military unit. They volunteered for a highly classified experiment to enhance the psychic abilities they each had. Dr. Peter Whitney is the head scientist with Colonel Higgens the military liaison. Several of Captain Miller's men have died of "brain bleeds" and other suspicious causes. They are all separated and can only communicate infrequently via telepathy.

    Dr. Whitney and Col. Higgens come to talk to him and have brought guards and Dr. Whitney's daughter, Lily who is also a doctor and scientist. Dr. Whitney has asked his daughter to consult on the project as he is not sure why some of the men have died.

    Ryland is immediately drawn to Lily and she to him. They communicate telepathically which scares Lily at first. Shortly after she is linked with her father and she realizes he is being killed and almost doesn't separate herself from him in time but with Ryland's telepathic help she does. In the coming days, no one else seems to know her father is dead not just disappeared and Lily becomes worried as she delves into her father's secret laboratory and papers finding secrets about him and herself that are very hard to take in.

    The story progresses as Lily helps Ryland and his team break out and shelters them. Ryland, Lily and his team also work to find out how his other men died and who is responsible as it soon becomes apparent it is not Dr. Peter Whitney.

    My one main problem in this story as I felt there was too much spent on Lily and Ryland falling into bed and/or having sex in dangerous places almost every other page. I would like to have had more time spent on both the "bad" guys and the members of Ryland's team to get to know their characters more and what they had actually gone through being part of this experiment. I have read Mind Game and Night Game and felt those were actually better stories so don't give up if this is the first you've read in this series!...more info
  • Shadow Game or Shadow Shame? That is the Question. . .
    Hmmmm . . .Let me start off with this statement: The book was NOT bad. It definitely wasn't great, but I didn't want to gouge my eyeballs out so that has to mean something. To make this review simple I'm going to list some pros and cons of the book.

    *I Love the storyline. There's just something about Psychics/Clairvoyants that fascinate me. . .even if I actually believe it's a little hokey. However, I was able to suspend my belief to a certain degree due to the (attempt of a) explaination by Lily (the heroine of the novel).
    *There was comic relief at tense parts.I guide REALLY into any book I read (it's as if I'm in the book) and I'm a naturally nervous person so that was good.
    *Jeff - my favourite character (even if he was minor . .at least he wasn't obssessed with sex . . .)

    *Too much sex . .It overpowered the storyline (I think only, like, only a third of the book consisted of the storyline) and honestly, it wasn't even romantic sex.This leads me to con #2
    *the male and female leads were annoying. All They did was pine for each other (mostly in sexual ways). .even when one was in mortal danger . . .
    *If you ask me there was no love in this book . .only lust, obssession,and an infatuation which led to maybe a quasi-love but, even in the end, I wasn't convinced the main characters were truly "in love".
    *Sometimes it would seem as if the characters got out place. A serious character would suddenly become goofy (and/or perverted) or whatever.
    *Grammar issues and some awkward sentences. I would recommend a better editor

    In the end, I give SHADOW GAME 3 stars. Am I being generous? Maybe, but I still plan to continue the series, but only if I can find the books cheap or at the library.
    Good Luck with your decision!!

    -Ronnie <3...more info
  • Caleisto's Review
    Very hard to get into. Entirely too much mind reading going on. I think I'll stick with the Dark ones!...more info
  • One of my least favorite series
    I read this book a while back but I fail to write a review due to the disappointment of this book. Reason being that the plot is far-fetched and unbalanced even for a romance. I could never get the powers straight. At one point Ryland mentions specific talents for each of his men but all anyone seems to use is telepathy and mind control and for some reason they are all telepathic because in Feehan's world psychic and telepathy's are synonymous.
    Even the title seems out of place. By the second chapter, I knew who occupied the roles of protagonist and villain. I failed to find what shadows were involved. the entire story is incoherent and disjointed. The story doesn't flow well and I especially hate the way it ends.
    The hero and heroine are hardly believable in their actions. They fall into bed at the earliest opportunity and the heroine does some pretty dumb things when she's supposed to be a brilliant scientist. The heroine in Dark Desire (a much better book), a brilliant doctor, was much more believable and didn't give in nearly so fast.
    Don't get me wrong; I am a fan of Ms. Feehan -- particularly of her early Dark series but this didn't cut it for me.
    ...more info
  • Exciting military science fiction romantic suspense
    Research scientist Peter Whitney leads a special military project in which volunteer soldiers receive enhanced psychic abilities so that can serve as secret weapons. However, something is not quite right and after one year, the "ghostwalkers" as they are called are held as prisoner of war detainees unable to see one another. Some have died, but their leader Captain Ryland Miller communicates telepathically with his troops. Peter wants to save the men so he brings his psychic scientist daughter Lily on as part of the staff. However, the military liaison Colonel Higgins wants the process finished or else.

    Ryland and Lily communicate via thought waves and though she is able to calm the angry officer down, they also share mounting fear and worry. Not long afterward, someone murders Peter, whose last mental message to his daughter is to save the men. Lily and Ryland join forces unaware that she, not he is the prime target and their mental attraction blooms into a love for another.

    This is an exciting military science fiction romantic suspense tale that never slows down until the final confrontation. The story line is fast-paced and loaded with action though the colonel's animosity seems unnecessary as he would still support continuation of the program if a special weapon can be created. Still readers will need time to finish SHADOW GAME in one sitting.

    Harriet Klausner...more info