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Dance upon the Air (Three Sisters Island Trilogy)
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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author-the first book in the reissued Three Sisters Island trilogy is a tale of friendship, fate, and the mysterious ways of the heart.

Setting: Three Sisters Island, coast of New England, present day

Sensuality rating: 6

Perennial New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts's new Three Sisters Island trilogy is pure magic! No, I mean really magic. An intriguing combination of The Witches of Eastwick and Sleeping With the Enemy, Dance Upon the Air introduces readers to the idyllic town of Three Sisters Island. Reputedly conjured by a trio of sisters seeking to escape the Salem witch-hunts, the island remains a place of quiet refuge for one and all, including pretty Nell Channing who arrives in town afraid of her own shadow, with few possessions and no past. But the warm, sunny days and cool, windswept nights, as well as the loving concern of new friends--especially hunky sheriff Zack Todd--soon lure skittish Nell into a much-welcome fresh life. Nell's new boss, the captivatingly lovely bookstore owner Mia Devlin (look for Mia's story, hopefully, in the not-too-distant future), wonders from what or whom Nell is running. Mia treats Nell as she would a sister, which isn't too far off the mark, helping Nell discover and explore her inner resources while Zack's romantic attentions bring a rosy glow to Nell's cheeks and to her future. But something wicked this way comesˇ­ Will Nell be ready to face and conquer her past? Even with the love and support of Mia, Zack, and Zack's fellow police officer, his peppery, down-to-earth sister Ripley, Nell has the fight of her life--the fight for her life--on her hands. Roberts continues to delight fans and create new believers with her talent and imagination. --Alison Trinkle

Customer Reviews:

  • I very nice read
    I enjoyed this book immensely. It was easy to read and had enough suspense and colour to keep me going until the end. Be warned though it is a very simple story written with simple style. It is a great book to curl up with on a winters day and be entertained without getting the grey matter working too hard. Give it a go - you will find it worth your while....more info
  • The first of the series !
    This book starts the journey of three women , magic and the men they will love. If you love romance and mystery pick up this series and enjoy !...more info
  • Love and witches...
    This is just a superb book. I really fell in love with the characters. Poor Helen/Nell just needed an escape and a chance to find out who she really is. This had just the right mix of romance, humor and mystery. The way the author described the island and the people--it just made you feel like you were there. I look forward to following the tale of the other 2 "sisters" in upcoming books....more info
  • Dance Upon The Air
    Nell Channing is on the run! She has had to go so far as to fake her death to escape her abusive wealthy husband. When Nell lands on Three Sisters Island, she finds the place she feels at home. She finds a job at a caf¨¦ owned by Mia Devlin. The two hit it off and become fast friends. Mia is a witch. This is something she neither hides nor flaunts, but when it comes to light that Nell also possesses powers, Mia helps her develop them. While developing her gifts, Nell makes another friend of Ripley Todd, Zack's sister. Ripley is also a witch, but doesn't actively practice.

    When the local sheriff, Zack Todd, meets Nell, he is determined to get closer to her. He plans to break thru all her barriers. While she likes Zack, she doesn't disclose her deception because she is afraid of being found. When her identity is revealed, her life is at risk. It will take the strength of the Three Sisters - Nell, Mia, and Ripley for her to survive.

    I enjoyed this first installment of the Three Sisters. The practicing witches were a new aspect for me and interesting to read.

    ...more info
  • A Bumpy Start
    Here Roberts takes a lame conventional plot (escaping an abusive psycho ex-husband and falling in love, while lying to, a super-honest man) but puts a supernatural spin on it.

    This book has little of the supernatural, which is much better explored in the next two, and it is used mostly to show Nell getting self confidence and growing as a woman.

    She comes to the remote Three Sisters Island to start a new life and becomes the star chef at the bookstore caf¨¦. Owner Mia Devlin quickly befriends her as well as her estranged childhood friend Ripley Todd. Mia reveals that they are witches, and lo and behold, so is Nell, completing a triumvirate that will end some vague and never fully explored curse upon the island, provided they all fall in love with some man to be named later.

    The main story is between Nell Channing and Ripley's brother, sheriff Zach Todd, super hunky and something of a naughty boy scout type. The two main characters are very fleshed out and brilliantly written, but the dialogue can get a little wordy and the sexual attraction between the two is never explosive but always simmering.

    Nell comes into her own; starts a catering business, seduces Zach, and takes witch lessons form Mia. But then her identity is revealed and she fears losing Zach at the exact moment her ex-husband steps foot on the island to kill her.

    Instead of the conventional hero-riding-to-the-rescue Roberts has the three women forming a triumvirate of power to fight the foe.

    This book isn't quite sure what direction to go on but the writing is superb and the magic story enthralling. A good start to a good trilogy, a gentle initiation to the paranormal for those who haven't explored it....more info
  • Roberts does it again!
    Nora Roberts is the queen of light, airy romance. If you are looking for a series to curl up in front of the fire and feel warm and cozy with, the Three Sisters Island trilogy is a must-have.

    Ms. Roberts does not disappoint in this first novel in the series. Dance Upon the Air is a great read in which we are introduced to the quaint Three Sisters Island and its wonderful year-round residents. A new arrival on the island revives old legends and lore, and the tail begins.

    We are introduced to sweet Nell, running from something, but no one knows what. She is soon accepted as a permanent resident on the island, thanks to her fabulous cooking skills, and friendly personality.

    But, will Nell's past come back to haunt her? Does she have a deeper connection to the island?

    You'll have to read Dance Upon the Air to find out. The read is definitely worthwhile and an enjoyable Nora Roberts novel. If you are unfamiliar with Ms Roberts, this is a great way to become acquainted with her reading.


    20 Nov 2002...more info

  • Nora Roberts Dance Upon the Air
    This, the second in the Three Sister's Island trilogy is just as good as the first. Miss Roberts moves you right along with her wit. Once again I was sucked right into the story. Great little book....more info
  • Nell won't sleep with the enemy any more
    This is a very charming book, the first in a trilogy. The heroine, Nell Channing, had to fake her own death to escape an abusive husband, but her trials aren't over yet. Landing on Three Sisters Island, she gradually finds friends, creates a career, meets the perfect man...but she has to deal with her past before she can enjoy her future. Along the way, she also finds out that she is an hereditary witch, and will play a part in averting a 300-year-old curse. I have read this book several times, and always loved it, but I have one small quibble...the silly rhymes used in witchcraft wouldn't convince a toddler, much less the powers of Air, Earth and Fire....more info
  • wow.
    okay, when i first picked up this book, i though, 'oh god, curses? witches? PA-LEAZ' and automatically left the book back on the shelf. but when i found there was nothing else to read, i picked it up once more and brought it home. from the first page to the last, i fell in love with the characters and plot. nell channing, a woman looking to seek shelter on an island from her abusive husband, developes and grows to be who she wants to be and not who she's suppose to. this is about love, and the strength to turn away from the only place we know....more info
  • Nice romance.....
    This was my first Nora Roberts book and I did enjoy both the plot and the characters.
    However, since I'm originally from Salem, Mass. (the official Witch City) I was a little disappointed to discover the island she refers to is ficticious. I misunderstood and thought the novel setting was going to be in Salem, Mass. But putting that aside.....well done story about domestic abuse and characters that were easy to know.
    I'm now heading to purchase book number two in this trilogy....more info
  • Not what I expected...
    After all the "You gotta read this series" comments I've read I may have gone into this with my expectations set way to high..."Dance Upon The Air" wasn't spectacular, and it wasn't a disappointment either. All in all this is a fast/easy book to read... Now onto the 2nd novel in the Trilogy.
    ...more info
  • Magickal, but stereotypical.
    I thought this book was great. I am a witch myself and it struck home with me. I love Nell's mentor and I think their practices are beautiful. The trouble here, as with all Nora Roberts books, is that the "beautiful heroine with a haunted past finds comfort in the one man she never dreamed would be hers." They're really all the same storyline, after all.
    Despite the flawless heroine and the overpowering male chauvinistic actions of the hero, I did enjoy the book. The ending, however, was far too quick and even a little confusing. I would have liked a bit more information....more info
  • Wonderful,Im Now Addicted To Nora Roberts!
    I actually went to the library to get this trilogy(Dance Upon The Air) being the first. It was so good I decided to purchase the entire trilogy so I could keep it.I almost felt I had to buy it or I might not be able to feel the island and cozyness of this story again,didnt want that lol.It really draws you in and makes you feel like your watching the people from a cozy spot in the cafe smelling all of Nells great cooking! Get it, read it,I personally like audio books this was wonderful on audio. ...more info
  • The Beginning of another great trilogy!!
    Nora Roberts has done it again! Nell is running from her husband, and if he finds out she didn't really die, she's sure he'll finish the job. In her zigging and zagging a crossed the country, Nell comes to Three Sisters Island. It is here on the otherside of the country, that she will finally find what she has been looking for, home and family. She will learn on this little stretch of land that blood is thicker than water, the power of love, and that sometimes the magic was the last place you ever thought to look, inside yourself.

    It is here on Three Sister's Island that Nell must stop running, for if she doesn't more than she could ever imagine will be lost forever. For something more evil than an abusive husband is stalking this quiet little island and the sister's three that protect it. It has waited 300 years for the protections placed upon this little island to fade and now the fate of the island, the sisters three, and all those that live upon the island are in the hands of a battered woman who is only just beginning to remember how to live again....more info

  • Swept Away
    I bought the book for my mother. She told me how much she loved the book. I bought her the rest of the trilogy soon after that. She told me that it was a quick read. I began to think that I was missing something and used the look inside the book feature. At the end, of those few pages, I was saying where is the rest of this and I need more. I bought the books for myself and I have thoroughly enjoyed the trilogy. I was entranced the first chapter. I wanted to see Nell get away from the horrible Evan. I loved the romance and the hot and steamy moments that were so perfectly written. It was interesting to see some supernatural powers involved in the plot. I tried to read it in one night but my dear husband told me that the turning of the pages were driving him crazy so, I had to go to bed. I could not wait until I could crawl into bed and read it again. I am planning to read the whole trilogy again. I felt like I was living on Three Sisters Island. It was truly romantic....more info
  • Nora Roberts at her Best
    I love Nora Roberts and this book was no disappointment. I hav e read all three books in the trilogy and I love how all the characters are different and yet have a bond that is unbreakable. This is, of course, a romance book, and I suspend my reality in order to enjoy it. The amazing pull between the characters is sizzling, and Nora Roberts knows how to play it up to the fullest. I loved the heartbreak in the past and the way that these characters heal with the possibility of a future between them. This was my favorite book in the series, and as always, Nora Roberts delivers exactly what we want before we even know what that is....more info
  • Great Book
    I have only just recently become familiar with Nora Roberts. I enjoyed this book so much I made sure to recommend it to another friend of mine....more info
  • The first of three sisters ....
    I was drawn to this trilogy because the three sisters of the island are witches. When Nell Channing arrives on the island all three of the positive forces are back on the island together - the three descendent daughters of the sisters have come together as the fable says they will. There is Nell, who escapes to the island to start a new life after running from her abusive husband. She comes to the island and finds work as a cook in Cafe Book, owned and operated by Mia. Mia is a modern day witch and becomes Nell's older sister in friendship and witchcraft. The last of the circle is Ripley, who is the Deputy in town - once a close friend with Mia she now has turned her back on witchcraft.

    I look forward to reading the next two installments in the trilogy; 'Heaven and Earth' and 'Face the Fire' and learning more about Mia, Ripley and Nell....more info
  • A lovely romantic fantasy
    Nora Roberts has the ability to create with words towns and places I would love to escape to forever. Three Sisters Island is a beautiful setting for the main character, Nell Channing, to resolve her painful past and find herself and true happiness.

    I love Nell as a character. Although she is very similar to many of Ms. Roberts's other heroines, something about the way she wrote Nell really brought her to life for me. I can relate to her, sympathize with her, and root for her to succeed and be happy. Her love interest, Zack, the sheriff of Three Sisters, is also another Roberts stock character. But, like Nell, he seemed so real. It was wonderful to watch Nell find herself and fall in love with Zack against her will. In so many romances it's hard to believe the couple has anything deeper between them than lust and hot sex. But it was easy to see Zack and Nell falling for each other through the story, and when the first love scene finally came, it was deeply satisfying and just beautiful. The love scenes in this novel never felt superfluous, but were a needed part of the romance and helped to move the story along.

    The supporting cast, Mia and Ripley, were also well-developed and interesting characters. The way they were portrayed added depth to Nell's story and set up their respective stories perfectly. Mia guides Nell with her strength and wisdom, and helps her to find her inner powers. Ripley is fun, though somewhat less developed. She is Zack's sister, and becomes a good friend to Nell. Her little verbal battles with Mia added some humor to the tale. Each of the minor characters, while too many to list, also felt real and gave the town life and color.

    The first part of the story moves slowly, and tends to meander about the town as we watch Nell settling in and becoming a part of Three Sisters. But it's never boring. The magical aspect is introduced gradually; the details of Nell's past and future destiny are fed bit by bit to the reader, keeping an undercurrent of suspense through the rather mundane happenings. Toward the end, when Nell's abusive husband shows up in town to claim her, the pace picks up suddenly and the story becomes intense and suspenseful.

    So why the four stars? Well, there were a few things that kept me from fully enjoying DANCE UPON THE AIR. First of all the main characters did not seem quite true to the ages stated. All three were supposed to be in their late twenties, but they acted, spoke and dressed like they were at least ten years older. According to the author, Nell's story begins in June, 2001 but all of the clothing and fashions described, especially Mia's, sounded like the eighties-like styles still worn by women in their forties. Yes, it's a minor quibble, and this probably won't bother most readers.

    Secondly, the paranormal aspect of the story was just not well developed, in my opinion. Nell comes into her powers too easily and suddenly. All a witch has to do to cast a spell is make up a rhyming poem that ends with "As I will, so mote it be" and poof, it happens. There's no discipline, no learning, no preparation. Nell is able to do major things like creating wind and fire too easily, considering she'd never had any psychic experiences in the past, and there are no after effects such as exhaustion for such great works of power, nor is there a believable explanation as to why. I would have found this much more convincing had these phenomena occurred throughout Nell's life, especially during times of trauma... like when she was so brutally beaten by her husband. I personally think the whole magic aspect would have worked far better had it been kept a far more subtle, natural power that worked in less obvious, more mysterious ways.

    But all in all, DANCE UPON THE AIR was a delightful read, and a keeper. If you haven't read it, I suggest you consider giving it a chance. I'm glad I did.
    ...more info
  • 4 stars
    I never like the victim heroines. At least Nell did fight back and escape, so that helped somewhat.

    I also didn't like that Zack was more upset that Nell was still legally married than he was that she hadn't confided in him. The Trust Issue isn't my favorite romance plot, but in this one it was okay--Zack & Nell had been together long enough for it to make sense.

    And since the witch stuff was plot-related, that was okay, but paranormal is right up there with math--not Nora's strong point. I winced every time they said a spell--it was so cheesy.

    But other than that... I sounds like I hate the book. I don't. Nice characters, nice family/friend relationships. Good dialogue. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I expect all those things when I read a Nora. That's probably why I'm so picky about the parts I don't like....more info
  • Nora at her best
    I've read all of Nora's trilogies and this is one of my favorites.
    I found the connection of the characters and their witchcraft very interesting. I stopped several times to research the use of stones and crystals. ...more info
  • how does she do it? :)
    "Dance in the Air" Nora Robert's first book in her Three Sisters Island trilogy is an amazing beginning to a complex and idealistic community. The amounts of characters that are developed in Roberts' books engender that sense of a small island town.
    My review for "Dance.."? I loved it. The main character Nell is a beautiful example of facing huge odds and overcoming them, all the while building a reputation for a stunning cafe and catering business. This book made me want to travel to New England, find a small bookstore/cafe, and cozy up to enjoy the next in the series....more info
  • One of Roberts' Best!
    The Three Sisters Island Trilogy is one of Nora Roberts' best collections! While you can almost guess how this story will end, you love the journey!...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I hated it when I was finished reading it!...more info
  • WOW!
    I fell into the third book on accident while on a trip and wanted something to read. I fell in love with the three sisters in this story. The characters are so real and the imagery that you get when these women are working their magic is wonderful. She did wonderful research on the occult terms that are within the book and are used correctly. I enjoyed this book so much. Although, I do have to say the third book in the series is a bit better than this one. But, in the first we are getting to know the characters and so in parts in it is a bit slow and tedious. But well worth the read. I love how she can just write about magic and make it seem so romantic and your heart goes out to these women in the story. Everyone can associate with the characters. We all know a friends like these ladies in the book. Get this series and read it!! ...more info
  • dance upon the air
    This is the first of Three Sisters Island trilogy by Nora Roberts. I have read some of Nora's novels and didn't think much of her works but this trilogy is her best. This is magic reading indeed. I finish all three books in 3 days.The description of the island, the characters and the feel of the whole book are so vivid. You can feel the wind on your face, smell the soup bubbling in the pot and feel the pain of loneliness in the heroine. A must for those who like romance and magic.
    ...more info
  • Great start to a great series!!
    This is a great start to what is sure to be an interesting trilogy. Dance Upon The Air has just the right mix of magic, romance, intrigue and suspense. This trilogy will revolve around the three main female characters: Nell, Ripley, and Mia. This book focuses mainly on Nell. She is a wounded soul, yet she soon learns her true inner strength. Nell's romance with Zack is truly beautiful. He is such a beautiful man (inside and out!)
    The only criticism I have of this book is that it begins a whole lot like the movie Sleeping With The Enemy. It does not detract from the book, but I wish the details would have been a little more original and not followed the movie SO closely. I cannot wait to read the second book and find out what happens to Ripley! She is such a cynical and dynamic woman, her romance should be very interesting!!

    ...more info