Windows Vista All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))
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In Windows Vista All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies Book, Windows expert Woody Leonhard starts off this everything-you-want-to-know-about -Vista guide by helping you choose one of the eight versions that fit your needs. He follows that with minibooks Two through Nine, each devoted to one specific area — setting up, securing, and customizing Vista, going online, adding useful hardware, getting the most from multimedia, exploring Vista video, and setting up a network.

  • Ripping and burning discs of data, music, or movies
  • Controlling users, making backups, and maintaining your system
  • Locking down your system to deflect spam, scams, spyware, phishers, and viruses
  • Adding hard drives, printers, key drives, USB hubs, and other hardware
  • Exploring alternatives to Internet Explorer

Customer Reviews:

  • Vista Bound
    These days, everyone knows how to purchase a computer. Yet, while everybody does know how to get one, they just really don't knwo how to operate one. There are so many owners who've thrived at this point with Windows XP on their computers as the main operating system whether it is the original operating system, or the now popular media center edition, which is currently standard on all Windows XP computers. Yet, there has been so much hype now with the next operating system, Windows Vista. Nevertheless, it does work very well for some, others might not know whether to upgrade to the next edition. This book will help you decide that choice.

    Windows Vista All-in-one For Dummies is a much more decresptive and reflective look into the next edition of Microsoft Windows. The version covers all the versions from the basic Vista, to the popular Media center edition. This book reflects on every aspect for the premium Vista user. The book teaches you how to operate on all the new chapters and changes in operating programs like the newest Internet Explorer 7, which including phishing filters for identity theft protection, and Windows Media Player 11, which includes the ability to download music from new music and video sites like Urge. The photos and the graphs give die hard wannabe Vista operators a real reflection of every aspect of knowing how to use anything for the system including the new interface, and the method of programming earlier programs that aren't as compatable to Vista.

    All in all, Windows Vista All-in-One is a comprehensive reflection on the new upcoming operating sytem that is sure to give Windows users a run for their money. Before you decide to get the new version, you definitely should consider buying this and see how easy it can be to operate on your computer. I definitely recommend buying this a whole lot.

    Price: B

    Convience: B-

    Photos and Graphs: B 1/2+

    Overall: B...more info
    Windows Vista For Dummies
    I have read alot of these books and find this one actually more complicated than the rest. Vista is fairly new anyway!. I bought the TEACH YOURSELF VISUALLY / MICROSOFT WINDOWS VISTA after this book and found it to be a much better learning tool than this one. I prefer visuals anyway and will probably not buy anymore dummy books without visuals. I think most of them are text anyway, so unless they change some of the future content to visual, they can keep the rest. I wish I had saved my money on this one....more info
  • Vista for Dummies
    There are many pieces of information that one would never know without a handbook like this. It is easy to find specific information and just assumes I don't know anything at all (which is true in some cases)....more info
  • informative, thorough
    I haven't completely finished the book, but it has answered all my Vista questions so far, and I am very computer illiterate. It is very user-friendly verbage....more info
  • A Lot of Info, and Little Microsoft Hype
    Let's see.

    Vista is shipping to selected large customers, and in today's paper there is an article on a major security hole having been found. I guess Vista has made it after all.

    So here's one of the big giant books on Vista. This is a For Dummies books, although a true dummy couldn't make sense out of it. I happen to like their style, and I happen to like Woody Leonhard's way of writing. For instance in discussing the various versions of Vista (there are eight) he says about 'The Ultimate' edition: 'Sure, it's a cool toy, but can live without it. Unless you absolutely have to get one of the games.'

    It's nice to see an author who isn't totally committed to everything Microsoft says.

    One point, Vista is going to require a fairly powerful computer: 1-GHz CPU, 1 GByte of memory (and 2 GByte is much better), and a DVD drive. (Vista comes on a DVD, not a CD.)

    These are the kinds of things that abound in this book. It is organized as nine books, bound together in one volume. This enables you to find your way around fairly easily. If you are not interested in Multimedia, skip Book VII. If your first task is setting up a network -- Book IX....more info
  • Excellent Book For Learning
    I have not yet switched to Vista, but plan to soon. I always like to be prepared, ahead of time, though, and this book is helping me to do just that. Later, it will serve as a excellent source of help and reference.

    I am very pleased with this purchase....more info
  • Poor indexing for new users
    This a physically large book with lots of stuff in it. I found it difficult to find the information that I needed. The info about the administrator account did not work on my Vista Home Premium. ...more info
  • Great book
    This is a great book for people who do not understand vista and it's complicated GUI. This was great i got it for my grandparents and now they are asking me about things i have no idea about, and I'm a CIS major. Great book really suggest it...more info
  • Not a Vista Book you'd expect for techies nor for novices
    at least one-third of the big book is about genereal threats and Microsoft bashing that could have been saved for another book about "activism on MS Bashing". I am totally disappointed....more info
  • Insite into the secretes of Vista
    This book has become an indispensible reference that remains on my desktop constantly. Vista has changed many ways that we work with Windows and this book has become my key to unlocking the power that is waiting in Vista. This book covers everything from the mundane procedure of burning a CD or DVD, to unlocking the power of automated system maintenance. I couldn't do without it!...more info
  • Windows Vista All in Desk for Dummies
    Received book on time paged through it a few times lots of good info been too busy to actually use it sure I will though...more info
  • Very Helpful Book
    I found the book Windows Vista All-in-One Desk Reference quite helpful in learning the new features of Vista. I wish I could say the same for Vista. It is a memory hungry, slow dog of a system. It was definitely released before it was ready. If I knew what I know now about drivers, slowness, and lack of a great deal of backward compatibility in the 32-bit version, I would have stayed with Windows XP Pro. Anyway, the book is a great help for me to use when I encounter some the silly built in features of Vista. Buy the book, if you plan to use Vista. It will help keep you sane....more info
  • Lots of chatter, but neglects too many nuts and bolts.
    I took an afternoon and went through this book from cover to cover - admittedly not all topics drew my careful attention. Too many operational details are missing: hit this key, then go to x and enter ..... etc. In sum, although my system is up and running (and was before I bought the book), I am missing instruction on many basic operations.
    Try somewhere else....more info
  • Windows Vista for Dummies
    Good for people who are intimidated by Vista or have fallen for all the negative publicity. Gives good explanation of major functions, but does not go into as much detail as I would have liked. For instance, there is no explanation of how to partition a hard drive. Nice humor used through the book....more info
  • Windows Vista - for Dummies
    Hats off to the persons who write this book - you are all wonderful - Vista was a mystery to me - not any more - I now understand Vista! Thank You...more info