Nikon D90 Digital Field Guide
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Capture spectacular images, even video, with your D90.

Your Nikon D90 is simply revolutionary a?? the first dSLR that also lets you shoot live HD video straight from the image sensor by using Live View. With so much to know about this remarkable camera, you'll want to take this book along on every shoot. It covers all the settings, modes, and menus; explores the applications for every available lens; guides you through lighting essentials; and provides advice for capturing great still and video images in dozens of situations.

  • Learn to compose your photos with the LCD monitor for clear, vibrant shots

  • Shoot high-quality video, even in low light, with excellent sound quality

  • Make the most of the versatile AF-S Nikkor 18-105mm VR lens

  • Use Nikon's Creative Lighting System

  • Explore professional secrets for getting great shots of people, landscapes, products, wildlife, and pets

About the Author
J. Dennis Thomas is a professional photographer and author based in Austin, TX. He owns Dead Sailor Productions and has photographed for many notable clients. He has authored seven Digital Field Guides and has published articles in national photography magazines.

Check Out J. Dennis Thomas's Favorite Accessories for the Nikon D90

  1. GP-1. The Nikon GP-1 is the first GPS unit that was specifically built for use with Nikon DSLR’s. The GP-1 provides “geotagging” information that is stored directly to your images metadata. Using the GP-1 you will always know the exact time and location that your pictures were taken. The GP-1 attains information from global positioning satellites and tags the metadata with latitude, longitude, altitude, and time information. The GP-1 is attached to the camera by siding it into the hot shoe, in the event that you need to use the hot shoe for your Speedlight you can use an accessory strap attachment, which is provided.
  2. SB-900. The SB-900 Speedlight is Nikon’s newest and most advanced Speedlight to date. New features include flash coverage from 10.5mm to 300mm, automatic filter information, a 360?o rotating flash head, and adjustable flash patterns the SB-900 is the most versatile Speedlight ever. The newly redesigned user interface makes the SB-900 much easier to use and quicker to set up whether you’re using it as a Master or Remote unit.
  3. 35mm f/1.8G. This is Nikon’s newest lens. The Silent Wave motor allows fast and nearly imperceptible focusing. This new lens is the first “Normal” prime lens Nikon has ever offered that was designed specifically for its DX cameras. The 35mm focal length gives you the approximate field of view that a 52mm lens gives on a full frame digital or film camera. This focal length is perfect almost all types of photography from landscapes to portraits. The fast f/1.8 aperture allows for shallow depth of field for artistic shots and also allows you to get great low-light shots without the need to crank up the ISO setting. The 35mm f/1.8G also has 7 rounded aperture blades for a more natural and pleasing bokeh.

Photos Taken by J. Dennis Thomas with His Nikon D90 (Click to Enlarge)

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Reference, Some Minor Technical Errors
    I purchased this book when I purchased my Nikon D90 few weeks ago. It is an excellent reference manual and includes most everything that the Nikon manual has, in an easy to ready format as well as tips on composing photos and some advise on accessories.

    I found a few minor technical errors (and was unable to find a feedback form on the Wiley publishing website, so I will post them here):

    1) Page 2 references the Main Command dial but it is not identified in the photo QT.1
    2) Page 18-19 references Bracketing (BKT) button and then cross-references Chapter 5. But there is NO mention of bracketing (a very important subject) in either Chapter 5 or really anywhere else in the book.
    3) Would have liked to have seen some discussion on polarizer rings and filters and how/if they affect the advanced lenses.
    4) I ordered the Echo messenger bag as recommended by Thomas (pg 262) even though Amazon feedback indicates a may be a bit small. I phoned the mfg and they said it should work fine for a D90 with the Nikor 18-105mm kit lens attached.

    If you spent the money for a great camera like the D90 this book is well worth a few extra $$ to get the most from your investment....more info
  • The perfect companion to the D90
    I just received my copy of the D90 Digital Field Guide and I'm ecstatic. Right from the get-go this book is filled with great information to get you out there shooting.

    Once you get the hang of the elementary stuff there is much more information to keep you going. The Real World Applications gives you a lot of information on different shooting scenarios that's really useful for relative newbies as well as more experienced shooters.

    This book goes over all of the settings and buttons giving you a clear description of each function and even offering tips on when you may want to use the settings. That's very helpful. It's written in a much more clear style than the manual.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get the most out of their D90.
    ...more info
  • Challenging for a Total Amateur
    First let me make it clear that I am not knocking this book. Based on the other reviews, it is clear this wonderful book has helped many with the operation of their D-90. In fact my decision to buy this book was based solely on the reviews found here. I am writing just to let others know that this book may not be suitable for a true amateur. I have what I would describe as a very BASIC understanding of cameras - no lessons or professionals to mentor me - just LOTS of time behind various cameras over the past 35 years. As a result, I am able to shoot photos that many rave over. I would call it dumb luck, lots of patience, and having the knack to be in the right place at the right time. This book however was over my head with lots of terminology I am unfamiliar with. Knowing its value to so many others tells me that I need to do some self-teaching or take a photography class to be able to let this book help me. Please don't hesitate buying this book because of my review. Instead just keep in mind that having nice cameras and lots of experience taking pictures may not guarantee you the ability to understand this book. ...more info
  • A must have if you own a D90
    It is a complete guide of the D90. If you think you know your camera, you will find out there are many thinks you didn't know about it. It also give you many tips about lenses and lighting that doesn't only apply for the D90 and are good things to know. Great book to have....more info
  • An essential manual for getting the most out of a D90
    My interest in photography soared after buying a Nikon D40X in 12-07. I loved the SLR part of the experience, but was a bit intimidated by the "digital" part - i.e the huge number of parameters that can be controlled by this camera. The experience enrichened as I acquired an SB600 speedlight, and a few very cool Nikon lenses. It seemed however that the Nikon manual for the D40X was just a dense book of facts, and I was having trouble moving up the experential ladder.

    So when I made the jump to upgrade to the D90, I purchased Mr. Thomas' manual and it arrived a few days before the camera. I bought it based on other reviews posted on Amazon - almost all of which were positive. The book was a joy to read, and used a more casual language that was less technical jargon and more substance. The illustrations and pictures are all color and both basic and advanced techniques are presented in a clear fashion. It was so good that I never even opened up my D90 manual to see what it had to say - until recently.

    Now I can tell you that the "Field Guide" is an excellent companion to the manual and that both should be used by the serious student if you really want to master this amazing camera. The Nikon manual for the D90 is better than the Nikon manual for the D40X, and should be considered required reading along with Mr Thomas' tome. I give Mr Thomas 5 stars and and a "thank you" for your hard work. I am making some fine pictures these days.

    ...more info
  • Great Book!
    This book is an excellent guide to the Nikon D90 camera. It is well written and very clear in its explanations. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has just purchased a D90 camera. There is so much to know....more info