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The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide: Protect Your Savings, Boost Your Income, and Grow Wealthy Even in the Worst of Times
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Product Description

Having an effective financial and personal plan for the future is now more crucial than ever. And with The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide, readers will quickly learn how to create such a plan. This comprehensive guide was especially designed to help people map out a practical financial plan in this unpredictable economic environment, so that they can stop worrying about their money and just enjoy life. Step by step, Martin Weiss--America's Consumer Advocate for Financial Safety--introduces, explains, and helps solve many of the new challenges and risks that face millions of Americans. Throughout the book, Weiss provides readers with sound strategies for coping with the credit crunch, housing bust, and decline of the U.S. dollar. The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide also examines important topics that today's investor must be familiar with--including global investing, foreign currencies, and commodities--if they intend to make it through the decade ahead.

Customer Reviews:

  • Ultimate impression
    This book is an easy read. I am not an investor, just somebody trying to hang on to what he has. Martin's book is an honest straightforward, worthwhile piece of advice for all of us. ...more info
  • The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide
    The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide: Protect Your Savings, Boost Your Income, and Grow Wealthy Even in the Worst of Times

    A well written and understandable guide for protecting your savings, boost your income and grow wealthy regardless of the shape the economy or Stock Market is in at any given time. Well worth the price of the book!
    Everyone should get a copy and follow it to the letter!

    Hal Campbell...more info
  • timely advice
    Timely advice for our current economic situation. HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING wEISS FOR 5 YRS. NOW. hIS PREDICTIONS HAVE BEEN RIGHT ON THE MONEY....more info
  • timely advice
    Timely advice for our current economic situation. HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING wEISS FOR 5 YRS. NOW. hIS PREDICTIONS HAVE BEEN RIGHT ON THE MONEY....more info
  • Excellent
    This book is aimed to guide investors through the current financial crisis and offers broad recommendations how to financially survive the storm. It does not promote any specific stocks or investments and therefore differs from stocks and bonds salesmen advise. The analysis of the financial turmoil reflect conservative views, i.e. promotes interests of the savers, explains role of the credit binge that caused the crises in the first place and forcast the two potential results. Stories and experiences of the author's father who managed to survive and even profit from the Great Depression of 30's are illuminating....more info
  • Financial Crisis Explained
    Excellent, easy to read and understand. Dr. Weiss does a wonderful job of explaining a very complex financial state of our nation. ...more info
  • Guide to Ultimate Depression by. Martin D. Weiss
    This book is a must have for everyone! Why are people just sitting around and not protecting what little may be left of all your hard work?

    This book tells you what you need to know and DO to make sure you and your family have a finacial security for the future.

    dont trust the news or the government... they are in the business of manipulating truth and lies. Havent the recent events proved that?

    I bought this book for myself and for those that I love so that we can start protecting our hard earned savings, and retirement funds.

    Martin's book is very clear and easy to read, you dont have to be a financial wiz or stock broker to do what they advise to protect your nest egg, home and other valuables....more info
  • There is a lot of information in this book
    Dr. Weiss does a great job in covering all aspects of the economic problems in his book. He tells about all the probelms in great detail and tells us how we can make it through these hard times. He is very thorough and very informed....more info
  • light reading on a heavy subject
    This book is a very thorough explanation of our current financial situation. As Yogi Berra said "prediction is kind of tricky, especially about the future." Martin does a good job of explaining how the basic forces that shape our world fit together, and thus helps to clarify the picture of where we are and where we are likely headed. I feel this book is written quite well for the average man, and thus if you have been studying financial matters for some time you might consider it to be an 'introduction' rather than a PHD course in economics. That is to say that 'ultimate' in this context does not mean the most complicated or the most technical, but rather the most important. I found it an 'easy read', and if there is anything in the book that you don't fully understand (and there likely is)It will be well worth the time and effort to increase your understanding....more info
  • Helpful
    I found that this book had lots of good information and help on keeping my money in uncertain time....more info
  • Down to earth and easy to understand.
    I have taken economics courses in college.
    Although I had learned quite a bit, the approach
    was always kind of dry. Anyway, although I was
    quite interested in the subject, I never pursued
    it too far at the University level largely because
    of the way the material was presented and the
    textbooks in use.

    Along comes Martin Weiss with a book that is virtually
    free of "economist jargon" and well organized with
    much information presented for the "layman".

    I especially appreciated his "no holds barred"
    explanation of how we got into the economic mess
    we find ourselves in today. Then proceeds to tell
    how to preserve what you have left and prepare for
    the next opportunities to make money. ...more info
  • Timely On-target Advice
    This book is about a large bear market with bear spikes up as in the great depression. It has sound tips on where to put your money to keep safe and prosper during this downturn. Right now, during the first of the bear ralleys, it looks to be correct. Time alone will tell if Weiss is correct and accurate. Well written, easily read and with web links to more information make it a good choice for these times (5-9-09)....more info
  • Ultimate Depression Survival Guide
    This is a great book that has a more realistic look at the economic facts and possible economic senarios depending upon government actions....more info
  • The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide
    He uses very plain down to earth language to describe financial terms that not everyone is familiar with. He shows the other side of investing and how to hedge against inflation and deflation in the markets....more info
  • Good deprssion advice
    This is a practical guide to guide you to avoid mistakes in a full-blown depression. Good advice....more info
  • Useless and Too Late. Plus Weiss is a Crook
    Weiss failed to warn people about the collapse so what does he do? He wriotes a useless book AFTER you have all lost everything. This book is useless. All he does is tells you to buy US Treasuries; oh and he will be more than happy to sell them to you for a commission of course.

    Weiss is a crook and the SEC agrees. He recently had to pay over $5Million to the SEC for screwing his newsletter subscribers. Google it for yourself. ...more info
  • Helpful
    I found that this book had lots of good information and help on keeping my money in uncertain time....more info
  • The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide
    I found this book to be timely and to the point, with specific advice, direction, and recommendations. In these difficult times sound advice allows one to be more positive about investing and shifting to safer assets....more info
  • Weiss is incredibly insightful
    This is a great book for anyone concerned about making a solid strategic plan for how they manage and grow their money in the future. Extremely well written and easy to understand. Highly recommended....more info
  • Must Read
    This is a good book to read to get information on protecting yourself in today's economic times. It should be part of the information you gather to make sense of what we are facing. A lot of the chapters review and expand on what Weiss recommends in his monthly newsletter. There are other books on the subject. Read them along with this book and pick the investing path that makes sense to you. Some of the books are diametrically opposite to each other and all can't be right so do your homework. ...more info
  • The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide
    A must read to be prepared for the next ("on-the-doorstep") economic disaster. Clear explanations and references to what happened with the last depression in the 30's to substantiate what is coming....more info
  • Ultimate Depression °žurvival guide