The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets: How to Keep Your Portfolio Up When the Market is Down (Little Books. Big Profits)
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Written by seasoned Wall Street prognosticator Peter Schiff–author of the bestselling book Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse–The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets reveals how you should protect your assets and invest your money when the American economy is experiencing perilous economic downturns and wealth building is happening elsewhere. Filled with insightful commentary, inventive metaphors, and prescriptive advice, this book shows you how to make money under adverse market conditions by using a conservative, nontraditional investment strategy.

Customer Reviews:

  • Austrian School Economics
    I found this book an easy informative read. It addresses the dismal current economic conditions facing the individual investor and provides down to earth strategies for making money while the US economy remains in the dumpster. I am currently reading another book by Peter Schiff and find it also an insightful and rewarding read. ...more info
  • Surprisingly low quality
    The first couple chapters of this book abound in grammatical and spelling errors, which I would never have expected from this publisher. At some point around the second chapter the errors cease and the writing style changes dramatically, which is fortunate because I probably would not have finished the book otherwise.

    The author presents the case that the US economy will suffer from high inflation, the dollar will devalue, and gold and other commodities provide a good hedge against this trend. The author occasionally presents some historical facts to back up his arguments, but there are no references to outside material and no counter-arguments are explored. For instance, while it may be true that surging energy and commodity costs caused "real" inflation in the summer of 2008 that was much higher than official government figures suggested, the possibility of this trend suddenly reversing was not investigated.

    The current economic situation is quite different from the one the author was experiencing when he wrote this book. This book was written at the peak of the energy bubble of 2008. Since then, the price of oil has plummeted to one-third its peak price and remains at a relatively low level. The author speculates that oil prices will soar, real inflation will be double digit, and the price of gold will rise to many thousands of dollars per ounce. A major catalyst for this outcome, according to the author, is the devaluation of the dollar caused mainly by the US government stimulus and bailout packages. While this overall scenario certainly still seems plausible, the author does not address the fact that most other major governments are also stimulating their own economies.

    The later chapters of the book provide some suggestions about how to invest in a high-inflation, weak dollar environment. The suggestions basically boil down to buying commodities and foreign equities. Conveniently for the reader, the author mentions several times that his company provides services to assist you in these investments. When I read this, I suddenly understood that this entire book was little more than an advertisement for his investment service.

    This book contains obtrusive grammatical errors (e.g.: "the the"), no references to historical data to back up the arguments presented, a drastic change of writing style somewhere around the second chapter, an argument for an economic outcome that strongly favors his investment company (the repeated mention of which rings of salesmanship), and no consideration of alternate outcomes.

    Given the fact that the current economic situation is drastically different from that of August 2008, is it even worthwhile to read this book? Perhaps, for one or two reasons. The first reason is to better understand where to invest if you are in a high inflationary environment. Unfortunately, this book presents only weak references to historical data and you are forced to either believe whatever the author says or look elsewhere for facts. Some charts and tables with references would have helped a lot here. The second reason to read this book is to learn the importance of diversification. It is easy to believe that the short to mid-term future will look a lot like the present, but as we have seen, the global economic situation can change suddenly. The book does little or nothing to promote diversification, but it is precisely because this book presents arguments for an economic outcome that seems contrary to the current reality that the importance of diversification is felt....more info
  • The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets by Peter Schiff
    A well-written and practical book that helps laymen understand the intricacies of the financial market and come to intelligent decisions on what to do with their investments....more info
  • This guy has been 100% right-
    Peter Schiff does an outstanding job explaining what the economy has done, what it is doing now, and what it will do.
    Then he gives you an idea of what you can do to protect your investments and purchasing power.

    Great book- Great Author....more info
  • Peter Schiff:" Bull Moves in Bear Market"
    Peter Schiff's book, " Bull Moves in Bear Market " clearly states his strategies for our markets today. His clear, precise and economically sound advice is proof that the only one we can rely on to tell us the truth is the much respected author himself....more info
  • Timely and prescient, I've already made money with this
    I have been following Peter Schiff for awhile now. As a result of his first book, I was able to get my retirement out of US stocks before the Oct '08 crash. With this book, I was able fine tune my financial plans and investments and help a number of friends do the same. In the midst of the worst economic mess since the Great Depression, I haven't lost any wealth (I am up 2% overall in the past 6 months) and I am poised to take advantage of further downturns. You can read all the books you want but none of it will do any good unless you ACT, and this book gives you a good plan of action. It is easy-to-read and understand, and Peter's writing style is no-nonsense, sprinkled with some humor. He clearly has a firm grasp of Austrian economics and the crisis we find ourself in. A great read that you will pass around to friends....more info
  • Schiff happens
    Peter Schiff is the most honest investor you'll find. His advice on how to protect yourself in these hard times is invaluable. Rich, poor, or middle class, You must get this book....more info
  • Great choice
    This book is an excellent resource for the lay investor. A practical guide for what to do during the bear markets. Well written and easy to understand....more info
  • worthless sample in kindle version
    i was dissapointed at the sample that the kindle version provides. it goes on and on with copy right notices, forewards, promos for other books in the series, and then finally at the end gets to one page title 'author's note'. after that the sample ends. i would have liked to see the table of contents and the first chapter of the book...more info
  • Misleading title.
    If you have read Crash Proof, don't bother with this book, it is pretty much a repeat. It is not about Bull Moves in Bear Markets, it is about his specific predictions (some of which have gone quite bad so far (Feb 09)) for where he thinks the bull moves will come from this bear market.

    I had hoped for a more general outlook to guide me to my own conclusions....more info
  • Bull moves in bear mkts
    Disappointed what I anticipate the title means - lots of history and unrelated topics to this title. Won't recommend this book....more info
  • Listen to Peter, it will save your financial life
    I have listened to many many people debate against Peter, and heard a total of ZERO arguments that effectively counter any point he makes. If his advice appears to be wrong now, it will become right later. I encourage anyone serious about looking after their own financial well-being to read this book....more info
  • Maybe a book for novice investors...
    Just as a quick intro on my background and financial knowledge: I have been investing for over 15 years, and also worked for Merrill Lynch as a financial consultant many years ago. After seeing this book on the Amazon's bestsellers list, I was expecting to gain some insightful knowledge on investing in a down market. However, after having read this book (which I felt was waste of my precious time) I was compelled to write this review to warn potential readers so that they would save their time and money.

    Overall, the author does an unsatisfactory job of addressing the main topic: How to keep your portfolios up when the market is down. Instead of providing facts and data to support his theory, Shiff spends much of his time on personal predictions based on the assumption that the US economy is destined for doom. He has a chapter "Pack Your Bags" dedicated to how or why you should move out of the US. And if that was not enough, there is a subsection on "Immigration Laws". Below quotes from the book should further clarify my disappointment with this book:

    [Page 258]
    "... If Obama wins, however, while the economy will fare even worse, it will at least be clear that big government is to blame. By the end of Obama's term, the voters will have had such a bellyful of noxious government solutions that the mere thought of any more will put them squarely at the ..."

    [Page 68: Second Full Paragraph]
    "The fact is that stocks, unlike cash and bonds, which have no intrinsic value, represent ownership of assets - real stuff - and therefore have some value, assuming the issuing company remains viable and there is some kind of market in which the assets can be exchanged for value. Of course, that value will change for better or worse as the economics crisis plays out.
    [End of paragraph]

    Stay away from this one, and try the following books for solid education in investing: Random Walk Down Wall Street, and One Up on Wall Street. For solid well written books on economics, try Paul Krugman. His books provide plenty of relevant facts and data supporting his ideas....more info
  • Amazon must think theyre perfect! I cant even send them an email to tell them this book hasnt arrived!
    Well as my title say, Amazon must think theyre perfect because i cant even complain to them that this book hasnt arrived and yet i recieved this email to review the book 2 weeks ago!!! Well ive given it 2 weeks since then. I still dont have my book Amazon how the hell am i meant to review it????...more info
  • Worried about Inflation?
    Although Peter Schiff is a harsh critic of the US Economy and of domestic stock investing, he has been the closest in predicting the current crisis compared to his other pundits.

    For those of you that hold to Austrian Economics, and are looking for an investment advisor who also hold to the economic views as you: Peter Schiff is it. He see the coming inflation crisis by these bailouts and the manipulation of the credit markets, and his goal is to protect your wealth from the coming drop of the US dollar. ...more info
  • Must Read -- Right On Target!!!
    This is a great book to give as a gift -- very true and helpful. If you are seeking financial freedom this is what to do follow Peter Schiff's advice. This pro American is standing by our Countries founding fathers and trying to help the little guys or gals (like me) survive. He is a champion for the middle class. The culture of corporate greed will not be stopped until it collapses. It is so weird to see the "Schiff shift" as I have labelled it -- the news media laughing, degrading and disagreeming with Peter Schiff and Crashproof (another great book and wonderful gift) and now having no alternative but to face the truth that this man is right. One prediction after another coming true -- like dominoes falling. I cannot wait until all of the regular media has to admit he has been right all along. Way to go Peter Schiff. Want to know why our economy is in trouble than read this little book -- easy to read and understand, but hard for many to face the truth. The realism must be faced honestly in order to profit from the collapse so take the knowledge of this financial analysts who lays outthe big financial picture and benefit from his knowledge. The use of his strategies will pay off and you are given the chance to be one who protects your portfolio and actually profits. The book is straightforward, insightful and clear easy to use advice. Thank you to the Schiff's for their committment to help Americans. A must read....more info
  • Proceed with caution.....
    Having read Peter Schiffs books, followed his commentary, researched his opinions, including reading; Smith, Rothbard, Keynes & about Weimar; my opinion in relation to this book are as follows.

    1. This is a very well written book.

    2. The concepts are very well explained.

    3. The diagnosis is solid and rational.

    4. He calls a spade a spade.

    5. Although I think the explanation of the issues is spot on, due to economic complexity, other credible alternative views regarding how (some of) this will play out & the best way to profit from it exist. (hence the 4 stars)

    6. This is required reading regardless.

    Now regarding point 5. Issues that I think could greatly reduce the effectiveness of adopting this strategy now are:

    a) I'm not totally sold on inflation at this stage. Govts have to issue bonds to create money. (this is credit)

    b) Commodity stocks and prices generally tank with the general stockmarket during recessions/depressions (not gold/gold stocks) and do not reliably enter the 20 year bull run until the bottom is reached, there may be some time to wait. (recent market action supports this)

    I would not bet against this man, but I am proceeding with caution........, and with a hint of greed, analysing gold stocks now & commodity stocks for the medium to long term (3-5 years).
    ...more info
  • Are you truley diversified?
    The author discusses a lot of doom and gloom going on in the market right now with many good insights. If you think it's the end of the world, buy a gun and some ammo. If you don't think the end is near, this could be the greatest opportunity in our lifetimes to make create some serious wealth in the stock market.

    I believe he's missing one key point: If you think a portfolio of just stocks and bonds is diversification, you've got another thing to think about. The big endowments and pension funds don't just have their eggs in the Stock & Bond basket. Why should you? Where else can you go? I know. ...more info
  • Time Will Tell
    Like a lot of good investment advice, Peter Schiff's may have come a little early. Commodity prices have gone into free fall since the summer of 2008 when the book was written, while the US dollar has strengthened dramatically. However Schiff's logic is fundamentally sound - much like the gang at The Daily Reckoning, Schiff tells us why we can expect things to turn out as he predicts. It is hard to imagine how time will not ultimately prove his thesis correct....more info
  • Makes you think about your own portfolio
    This book will make self investors think about how to allocate their own investments. Markets have really fallen apart since the book went to press. Of course commodity sectors, international and emerging markets have fallen as much or further and the dollar has risen. I think Peter Schiff's analysis deserves a lot of merit and the selloffs in the overbought commodities and emerging markets areas gives investors a great opportunity to reanalyze their own portfolios. Great read!...more info
  • Essential for the new economic paradigms
    If you believe that there will be a significant change in global economic paradigms over the next 10 years, consider this book as part of developing an applicable investment strategy. Basically the author is focusing on commodities as they will do well in an inflationary period and, reading between the lines, commodities never go to zero (unless one is so leveraged up that one is forced to sell when commodities sell). Fortunately for us small investors the author does provide a road map to utilize his strategy by way of ETFs. With the government rolling the printing presses to shore up and stimulate our economy, inflation will result. This book examines the issues with inflation and how to invest in response....more info
  • A must read
    This book will scare your pants off. It may also save your pocket book. Read it quick....more info
  • Quickly, Cling to your Guns and Religion!
    [Alternative titles to my book review]

    Chicken Little writes Little Book for Big Investors (or)

    United States Economy Implodes Permanently Degrading Standard of Living and Quality of Life of Everybody You Know And Send Christmas Cards To and All I Got was this Lousy Tee Shirt (or)

    Hey Buddy, Thanks a $Million (But in 2008 dollars that's only 25 cents)!

    So my wife woke up this morning and told me about her dream, "We were at the movie theater, and we ordered: popcorn, chicken strips, a hot dog, and two drinks; and it costs $340. I thought that was a lot of money, but we were hungry, so I paid it." Then I involuntarily spit out my mouthwash and laughed. The funny part is that she hasn't read Peter Schiff's book yet. The sad part is that some dreams might come true.

    When I read The Little Book That Beats The Market (Joel Greenblatt), I learned how to assemble a stock portfolio using a long-term winning formula. Now Schiff's book's title suggests that I will learn some great investor kung-fu moves to counteract a crummy market (when I finally do get a portfolio). Nope. No point in reading any of the other Little Books, because the little people like me are in for some big hurt.
    That dream of getting rich by reading those other Little Books evaporated with reality's intrusion as presented in Bull Moves in Bear Markets. As we've heard in the movie Aliens, "Game over man, game over." At least, I'll know what hit me.

    In all fairness to Mr. Schiff, I sought his book out after his numerous TV appearances. I respect his opinion. It's just that I didn't expect him to actually tell me the truth about the undergoing transformation of the United States from the globe's pre-eminent economic colossus to a floundering turd world backwater. So just because I call Peter a Chicken Little, doesn't mean that the sky isn't falling.

    Question (Mr. Schiff or any or you smart people): We learn in money economics classes that a dollar deposited in the bank can multiply to 5 dollars. Well, that was so '80's. Now what with financial derivatives that same dollar can multiply from 10 to 20 dollars. With this $ collapse: 1) aren't those type of lending days over?; and 2) with credit barely being able to pass through the eye of a needle won't this factor into a shrinking of the money supply even as gabillions of paper dollars are rolling off the presses? If so, can this factor offset inflationary pressure?

    Even though there aren't that many shopping days left until Armageddon, I still recommend Peter Schiff's Little Book. Here are some other book recommendations to see you through these challenging times.

    When Technology Fails (Matthew Stein): I haven't read this book yet, but having it in my closet helps me to sleep better at night.

    The Boy Scout Handbook (Boy Scouts of America): tells you how to: identify forest vegetables and cook them with a stick, rappel, tie knots, and treat frostbite.

    The Art of Doing Nothing (Vienne): What with no job and no money, doing nothing might just be the new doing something. The American way is to take nothing to a higher level.
    ...more info
  • An antidote to delusions..
    Peter's book(s) is/are a must read for these simple reasons..

    a. discusses most important metrics that are used to measure productivity, prosperity, wealth (in a contrary fashion) in a way novices like myself can understand and learn to question them in our investment decisions

    b. provides practical advice that lines up with his arguments

    c. assumes risk by stating positions and offering advice, this is perhaps the most admirable thing. Peter is sticking is head out to unveil some of the delusions we have been under... that somehow we can have something for nothing.. i.e. get into debt and somehow renege on it with impunity.

    Wait till Peter's prediction about the next bubble in US bonds to burst... you are going to appreciate him even more....more info
  • Very Relevant!
    I know Peter is a bit of a bear, but this book is very relevant to what is happening now in our economy....more info