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Investing For Dummies, Fifth edition
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Product Description

Investing for Dummies is a good, all-around investment guide for the rest of us. Author Eric Tyson covers all aspects of investing, from stocks and bonds to real estate and collectibles. Tyson points readers towards investments that actually work and raises warning flags about strategies you should avoid. The book also considers whether starting and running your business can be a good investment option. If you're looking for a good place to start building a secure financial future, this is it.

Become a savvy investor with this updated Wall Street Journal bestseller

Want to take charge of your financial future? This national bestselling guide has been thoroughly updated to provide you with the latest insights into smart investing, from weighing your investment options (such as stocks, real estate, and small business) to understanding risks and returns, managing your portfolio, and much more.

  • Get time-tested investment advice -- expert author Eric Tyson shares his extensive knowledge and reveals how to invest in challenging markets
  • Discover all the fundamentals of investing -- explore your investment choices, weigh risks and returns, choose the right investment mix, and protect your assets
  • Navigate Wall Street -- understand the financial markets and the Federal Reserve, avoid problematic buying practices, and evaluate investment research
  • Build wealth with stocks, bonds, and mutual funds -- use indexes, understand prices, minimize costs, and diversify your investments
  • Get rich with real estate -- find the right property, evaluate the market, finance your investments, work with agents, and close the deal
  • Start, buy, or invest in a business -- write a business plan, finance your business, and improve profitability
  • Manage college and retirement savings accounts -- establish your goals, evaluate your investment options, and tame your taxes

Open the book and find:

  • Recommendations on the best stock, bond, and money market funds
  • The best times to buy and sell stocks and bonds
  • The scoop on exchange-traded and hedge funds
  • Tips for reading and analyzing financial reports
  • The best online brokers
  • How to make safe and profitable real estate investments
  • A wealth of information on the best investment tools and resources

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Read
    This book is written for even the most uneducated of people. The author does not use any fancy math or terminology only common sense ideas on how to invest money and keep a "cool head"....more info
  • Money management
    Second time around. I bought one of the first editions of this book back in 1997 or 1998. The 4 th edition is a little more up to date as far as the mutual funds/bond funds. This is the best book out there for someone who is about to be in charge of there financies(ie. graduating from school or getting married). If you can discipline your spending this will help you accumalate assets....more info
  • I have to say
    This is a great book and I use some of the methods for my subscribers....more info
  • Know nothing about investing? Start here.
    I didn't think reading about money/investing could ever be this fun or interesting. Straight talk and clear definitions for all the finance jargon....more info
  • Author is longwinded - too many pages
    For you folks who don't understand investing at all, it may be the book for you. For experienced folks, there are better books to be reading. Eric Tyson the author seems quite longwinded, convoluted, and I get impatient with the fluff in his books. His book demonstrates mainstream/general knowledge, and offers little new knowledge. He seems to fear taking risks in demonstrating unconventional strategies....more info
  • Lots of Throat-Clearing and Caveats
    The "Dummies" franchise is built on giving accessible information quickly. This book has the information, but loses points on the "quickly" portion. There's a lot of writerly throat-clearing. Some good advice: Skip the first 3 pp of each chapter and the first couple of chapters. Save yourself the time. The writer is just warming up his computer. Also, you've got to deduct a few points for the lengthy caveats. The writer spends an inordinate amount of time warning the reader not to be overly-enthusiastic about the market. At least 20% of the book can be synopsized as: "Don't be heedy; the market goes down as well as up." Okay, we get the point. That said, once you get past the throat-clearing and caveats you get some information-dense material on investing. Worth reading. ...more info
  • Get Ready for a Strange Agenda
    When I first picked up this book, I assumed that it would explain the basic workings of the stock market and give me some tips on investing in stocks. Based on the title, it seemed obvious. But the author, Eric Tyson, strays from this focus so much that you may consider looking elsewhere.

    Much of the book is devoted to the in's and out's of owning real estate and running your own business. Which is fine, unless you simply want to learn about the stock market. Also, Tyson spends ALOT of ink taking bizzare tangents that add nothing to help make his point, and reveal a strong liberal bias in his thinking. He takes shots at everyone from Rush Limbaugh (he's refered to as a "loud mouth"), to Ronald Reagan and George Bush (Tyson doesn't think Reagan had anthing to do with the collapse of Communism). Tyson also implies that we didn't really "win" world war II because we had to drop the atomic bomb to end it.

    What does any of this have to do with investing? Beats me!

    If you're looking for political tangents that are gratuitously divisive in a book that spends only part of its pages discussing the stock market, then this is the one for you! Otherwise, you'd do better to look elsewhere. Happy hunting. :)...more info

  • A True Textbook
    I received the book at the library. I have never read a "Dummie" book. I certainly obtained a real education. I have been an investor for many years but in todays world there are so many new "Words" and jargon I thought it would be a good read. As I progressed I realized the book was older and ordered a up to date from Amazon. I will always use it for reference and will read it again as I have this one. I would suggest anyone wanting to understand how to purchase stock and operate in the market read this book. You will understand a lot when you do. ...more info
  • Very good book.
    Eric Tyson's Investing for Dummies in broad in scope, but still written in plain english. Even the most naive to investing can understand and apply what he writes.I also recommend Personal Finance for Dummies and Mutual Funds For Dummies.You will find these books more informative than Jane Bryant Quinn's books. What is the love affair with her anyway? I made the mistake of buying How To Make the Most of Your Money and found it to be a complete waste. Couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Read and apply Eric Tyson's great work. You'll be glad you did....more info
  • un libro sencillo
    es una obra con un lenguaje sencillo, no altamente tecnificado, donde el autor ofrece un particular punto de vista de la planificaci¨®n financiera personal, haciendole opocision a otros autores como r kiyosaki.

    lo recomiendo altamente,...more info
  • Book Order
    Great service. Condition of book was stellar and it was delivered in a very timely manner....more info
  • Definitely "for Dummies"
    I've read several "for Dummies" books, and in general the entire series is well written, concise, and gives you what you really need. However, I was very disappointed in this one. The book is really dedicated to the three methods of building wealth: equity (stocks, mutual funds, etc.), real estate, and small business. But there isn't enough info on any of the three subjects to do much with. You're better off getting a separate book on real estate if you plan on pursuing that. And nothing he says regarding small business is of much use to accomplish anything. That leaves stocks, bonds and mutual funds, which is what most users would purchase this book for. Regarding that, if you are completely new to mutual funds then this is the book for you as it will explain the basics. However, if you are beyond the very basics (i.e.; "What is a mutual fund?"), and are looking to seriously invest, then I think you'll be disappointed. And if you are looking to get into buying stocks directly, then this book seriously falls short. The entire section on stocks really just explains a canned stock report from a given company. Utterly useless unless you plan on subscribing to that service. No talk of forward PE's, valuation, etc.. Also, the author's continual insistence that you should stay in mutual funds because you "can't beat the market" since there are so many pros out there is utterly ridiculous. There are many gurus out there that have proven track records of generating higher than average returns. Just emulating Warren Buffet's portfolio will do that.

    I was looking for a book to dig more into stock valuation, company analysis, etc. and this book barely even touched on any of that beyond definitions. I wouldn't even call it Finance 101, since there is very little about monetary policy, bonds, interest rates, etc.. If you've picked out at least one mutual fund in your life (or purchased a stock directly), then this book is way too simple. If you tremble at the thought of picking a mutual fund and have no financial sense whatsoever, then this is your book.

    ...more info
  • no substance
    There was so little substance in this CD that I'm sorry that I bought it. Judging by the reviews I see here, I'd guess that the book teaches a lot more than the CD....more info
  • Buyer beware - Eric Tyson will harass you if you don't praise him
    Tyson's not just financially conservative, but lets his personal and political bias slip in at times when it's not appropriate. He decries the entire Social Security system, indulges in the favorite right-wing hobby of bashing the New York Times's journalistic credibility (everyone else who makes incorrect market predictions is simply honestly mistaken, but the NYT is an evil liberal machine, apparently), and urges parents NOT to pay for Junior's college education because "kids don't appreciate it."

    As it's a "Dummies" book, there are many sections that just scratch the surface. None of it is really explained satisfactorily, and Tyson's poor narrative skills don't help. At one point he references the facts you bring to "bare" [sic] on your financial situation. Investing for the Nude would be a catchy title indeed.

    [NOTE 4/11/08]: I have edited this to alert all potential readers/buyers that Mr. Tyson will contact you through your Amazon profile if he doesn't like your review. I don't know about you, but I do not consider this the behavior of a rational, balanced man, let alone a professional....more info
  • Investing for Dummies
    I bought this for my daughter, who is taking this a college course.
    She seems to be happy with it. She asked for this book it as the instructor told her she needed it for the class. Sorry I can't give you more info but I am sure it's a good book.

    Kathy in Las Vegas...more info
  • Very Good Book
    I wanted to start investing and read somewhere you should first do some studies. That's when I came across this book. Very well written, and in simple to understand language. I used to dread 401K, IRA, Mutual Funds, Bonds. Now I am confident I know about them and what I am investing into.
    Showed new ways to look at debts, as to if I clear my debt sooner, I am investing in something which gives be interest equal to the interest I pay the bank.

    I would recommend this book to all who want to get into investing but are hesitant or don't know where to get information from....more info
  • Great!
    Great book, lays it all out in terms I can understand. I started investing based on this book, and I refer to it often....more info
  • Arrived on time in good condition!
    This product is exactly what I need to start my financial journey. The Seller got the book to me in due time and it was in good condition. Anyone interested in gaining financial literacy and getting their money in order...get this book....more info
  • A great primer for Investing newbies!
    Like many of the Dummies books, Investing for Dummies really provides a great overview into the market, and various securities. A great starting book for people interested in expanding their knowledge of how the market works. I highly recommend, especially paired with the Wall Street Journals Guide to Understanding Money and Investing......more info
  • Examining Your Investment Choices
    I found this book to be outstanding. It helps to dispel many investment myths and provides sound advice, while setting forth the essential information that will enable you to become a well-informed investor. The book mainly covers the basics, but it is an excellent and comprehensive starting point. I have taken much from this book and have already begun making changes in my financial life. I have begun building wealth rather than simply saving my money.

    Main areas covered include real estate investing, stock & bond investing and small business investing. There are tips, warnings, reminders, technical information icons on every page that usher you through the book. If you pick this book up, you're already proving to be more than a "dummy", as it is explained early on in the book that being confused by and ignorant about investing is one of the main reasons that people don't live as comfortably as they could or should be....more info
  • This Dummy is ready to graduate!
    I've always loved Dummies books. I own three of Eric Tyson's books, including Investing for Dummies, which is my favorite. My dilemma, however, was where to go after I read the beginner Dummies financial books. What I wanted was a book that delved far beyond the basics, but was just as reader friendly and dependable as the Dummies titles. I was delighted to find three books that fit my criteria--Making the Most of Your Money by Jane Bryant Quinn and the Investing Bible and Retirement Bible, which were both written by Lynn O'Shaughnessy. Quinn's book is a big fat tome, which covers nearly every conceivable investing topic exhaustively. It's a great book, but there is one slight flaw. It was released in 1997, which makes some, but certainly not the majority of information outdated. Interestingly enough, The Investing Bible and the Retirement Bible, which were both released in 2001, are new books launched by none other than the Dummies publishers. O'Shaughnessy picks up where Tyson leaves off by exploring such topics as college investing, saving for retirement, as well as investing during retirement, and choosing and analyzing mutual funds and individual stocks. The Retirement Bible, I've got to say, was the first book I've ever seen that made topics like estate planning fascinating to read. I'd say you can't go wrong with any of these books. But if you already know something about investing, Quinn's book, as well as the Dummies spin-off Bible books will be a better fit....more info
    I enjoyed this book and found the investment information certaintly more practical and useful than what I found in Jane Bryant Quinn's "Make the Most of Your Money", that book, leave alone.I disagree with the author suggesting that you mimic the stocks in top mutual funds though. Just buy the mutual funds. Mutual funds are safer than stocks (check out LU, CPQ, CPN, KM) and the no load funds don't charge a commission. I also recommend ETF's.The author does a good job explaining on how to find and pick a good mutual fund and is definitely a better read than Quinn's book....more info
  • Negative Negative Negative
    I bought this hoping to get some basic info on investing and all it seemed to reflect on is what not to do. His advice on not buying individual stocks was somewhat insulting. He constantly writes about how no one reading the book could have the expertise to pick stocks like the "pro's" and should only buy mutual funds after years of research. The "years" part is snitty on my behalf but that's the kind of feeling you get from his positions.

    In summary of what I got out of this, we are all too uninformed to do anything other than pay off our credit cards and then possibly, with correct research, put that extra $50 a month into a mutual fund. Buy "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" before you buy this and THEN see if you still want to purchase it....more info

  • Personal Finance for Dummies is better
    In and of itself, this is a good book.

    However, the vast majority of the information presented is merely a repeat of the information presented in "Personal Finance for Dummies" (also by Tyson). This book goes into a little more detail regarding the stock market.

    However, if you are an aspiring day trader, or if you interest is very specifically focused on stocks and bonds, then you will probably be disappointed with this book. Tyson's approach is very broad, and not very deep. His target audience seems to be a group of people who have almost no knowledge of the types of investment vehicles that exist, rather than people who have basic financial knowledge, and are looking to focus on a specific area. If you fit into his target audience, however, you will probably find "Personal Finance for Dummies" to fit the bill even better than this book.

    Tyson's approach to money management is classical and conservative. It will keep you afloat, but it will not make you rich. If you are interested in a more aggressive approach, I would recommend "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," by Robert Kyosaki....more info

  • Investing for Dummies
    This is a clear and concise book for people like myself who are starting to look closely at investing and it gives very good advice and assumes that the reader has no knowledge of investing (true in my case). It warns of the pitfalls as well and can be read straight thru, or by any chapter that you wish to know more about. I would recommend this book to the beginner.
    ...more info
    I thought this book was extremely informative and well written, I especially like how they worded it so the average layman could understand it in plain English. In my humble opinion we need more books like this thats why I gave it five stars. I've read all of the authors other books and I've always received them well, can't wait for the next one....more info
    If you want to know the pros and cons of any investment(Mutual Funds,franchises, bonds, stocks, real estate, money market) this is the book for you. Helps you make the investment decision that is best for you as an individual!
    The best investing book I have(and I have a lot)...more info