ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income
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Product Description is where bloggers worldwide go for advice and information on enhancing their blog's presence. Whether you're just starting out or have been blogging for years, these two professional bloggers show you how to turn your passion for blogging into extra revenue. This practical guide to creating and marketing a blog with the potential for generating a six-figure income shows you how to choose subject matter that works for you, handle technical issues, and evaluate your blogs success so that you can use your blog to generate income indirectly.

Customer Reviews:

  • Comprehensive guide for beginners
    Darren Rowse rightfully lays claim to the title of Problogger. This Aussie stay-at home dad always manages to write informative and thought provoking posts which are a pleasure to read. This book takes the reader through the whole process of starting a blog, providing quality content, driving traffic and finally monetizing the whole shebang. He is careful to point out that although making money from blogs is entirely possible, it takes time and hard work - certainly not a get rich quick scheme. For an experienced blogger much of the material will be familiar but even so will provide insights and information that will be new.

    [...]...more info
  • One of the best on the market
    I am new to blogging and there is so much rubbish on the internet about how to make money from blogging and how to drive traffic to your site etc.....Some of the people giving advice on Youtube look rather suspect. I have only managed to find a handful of books on blogging and none really go into detail about how to make money from blogging. I have read 'The rough guide to blogging', 'Blogging for dummies' and 'Start your own blogging business'. I have found 'Problogger' to be the most professional and detailed of all the books I have read.

    *I have no affiliation to 'problogger' but this book and Darren's website are packed with information and advice for new and experienced bloggers.*

    I think Darren and Chris have written a book which is suitable for complete beginners who want to know more about the world of blogging and ways to monetize their blog.

    I won't give too much away but the contents are:

    1. Blogging for money
    2. Niche Blogging
    3. Setting up your blog
    4. Blog writing
    5. Blog income and earning strategies
    6. Buying and selling blogs
    7. Blog networks
    8. Blog promotion and marketing
    9. Secrets of successful blogs
    10.Creating something worthwhile

    There is an introduction where Darren presents his blogging story and experience.

    Chapter 3 is great if you want to set up a self-hosted 'wordpress' account and purchase your own domain name and self host it. But if you want to set up a free hosted 'wordpress' or '' account and learn how to use them and customize them, Problogger does not cover that.

    Chapters 2 and 5 are the most important chapters if you want to learn how to make money from blogging as they introduce you to niche blogging and provide you with some examples of niche blogs. More importantly they also show you ways to monetize your blog with adverts.

    Chapter 9 is quite short but it contains examples of successful blogs and includes lessons from niche bloggers.

    One thing I wanted to add is that Darren and Chris stress that it can be hard to make a full time income from blogging, there is a lot of trial and error that goes into building a successful blog.
    Anyone buying this book should not be fooled into thinking they can make a 6 figure income in a short space of time.
    Of course there are bloggers who are making a lot of money but they are a lucky hardworking few.

    I have found it a little overwhelming starting a blog as I am not tech savvy. However I think this is a good time to start a blog in these tough depressing economic times, as blogs can be a fun hobby and they can provide you with an extra income.

    My blog life-post.blogspot is brand new and is a personal development blog which I am trying to monetize early on and I am getting lots of valuable advice from Problogger.

    I think there is room for more books like this which are written by successful bloggers who can show you examples of their mistakes and eventual success.

    This book is the best on the market.
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  • Problogging book, for pro or beginner usefull
    I've been blogging for about 4 years now, and know quite a bit, but I still found a lot of useful tips to implement and great reminders of things I've long forgotten. If you are an old time blogger, buy this book to keep you on track and try out new things. I've you are new, start at the first chapter and highlight everything. You'll love this book....more info
  • Blogging for bucks made easy by a real pro
    I've been watching Darren Rowse's career as a blogger since he first gained attention for his content and style. A great example for anyone who wants to make money online doing what they love, Darren makes blogging look easy... and it is! I'm thrilled to see this edition which pulls from Darren's experience and cuts through to the most important things one would need to give attention in order to success as a pro blogger. Perhaps the best book available on the topic, I highly recommend ProBlogger for anyone who wants to share their thoughts and ideas with the world and turn their content into cash for a living. - The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense...more info
  • Great for a Newbie - Not so Great for a non Newbie
    If you have never blogged or don't have any idea about how you should start then this is a good guide.

    If you are a blogger looking for solid information on how to grow your blog and learn new tricks this is not a good buy....more info
  • Great foundational info.
    I bought and read the entire book in a sitting. It is easy to read yet provides some really good foundational info about how to take your blog(s) to the next level. I've been blogging for 5 years, but have only just started taking it seriously in the last year, and both the book and the site has helped me tremendously.

    Putting the principles from the book into action on my blog, I have been seeing a 10-15% traffic. increase PER WEEK.

    There isn't much fluff in this book, but it is still very approachable and easy to understand.

    I highly recommend it (and his website) to any serious blogger out there, professional amateur, beginner or otherwise....more info
  • I am taking off my hat
    Although, I am a newbie in blogging, I am not in much other aspects of internet business life, so, I can easily spot a books written just to sell their own stuff, or written by author who is not a specialist in his own area.
    This is book is perfect in all senses, I can not comment it from a point of view of experienced blogger, I do that for books related to PPC, SE, or SEO, but what can I say here, that book is from extremely talented writers, who invested a great time to write it - guess why? Because it's short and concentrated, and as Mark Twain said - I would make it shorter, if would have a time.
    I would buy this book solely only for 20 different blog post types, or idea for series of posts. It sparked my imagination immediately, and I will have topics for write now for long time.
    Book is great, and even if you - like me are not interested to make money in blog but make it as your passion for topic - hey, after all - if those suggestions can lead to bucks coming - they undoubtedly will earn you anything else you need, of no money - recognition, friends, - traffic after all.
    And it shortens a learning curve dramatically, some of tools mentioned in book was new for me also. ...more info
  • Blog Your Brain
    This is a great step by step guide about what it takes to make money in blogging. It's a slow process and this is reinforced throughout the text. No secret formulas but great instructions on how to succeed. It takes work folks - sad but true.
    Well written and an easy read. Recommended for internet marketers, writers and bloggers and anyone thinkning about starting a blog. Read this first. ...more info
  • Well Written - Provides A Good Foundation
    Motivational, enjoyable and easy to read. This book provides a wide range of useful information for someone getting into blogging for the first time or for someone who has basic experience blogging and is now ready to take it to the next level.

    The sections on starting up your blog and creating quality content were very helpful and well written. Excellent guidance on structuring blog posts and other content.

    One area that seemed rather short on concrete detail was blog traffic and the impact of relative levels of traffic on the success of the blog, especially with regards to monetization.

    Some advertising systems require at minimum of 10,000 pageviews per day, some dramatically more, before allowing you to run their ads on your blog. Even Google's AdSense program is not without its challenges. Level setting on blog traffic for blog newbies with some real world examples would have been helpful.

    Overall, the authors did an excellent job and I would strongly recommend ProBlogger as a starting point to anyone new to blogging or looking to monetize an existing blog.

    ...more info
  • A Fabulous Primer For Starting To Blog For $$$
    I've been blogging semi-professionally for several years as the author of and wanted to ramp up my efforts. I've been reading Darren's site for awhile now and his book puts together in a great, easy to reference package, the essential elements of being successful at blogging professionally.

    This book is not about running a spam type site. It is not a "become a web milionaire" book. It is about running a legitimately useful site that you can make money from for your efforts. Whether you are a beginner at running this type of site or looking to improve your efforts, there will be something in here for you! It is definitely joining my library of essential tools that will be referenced frequently to remind myself of the basics and give me new ideas when I want to go in a new direction. ...more info
  • Killer resource for anyone looking to actually generate income from blogging
    What makes this book different from other books on blogging is it's unique focus on actually turning a blog into a vehicle for revenue.

    So, for example, when it talks about choosing a topic, the focus is not just on figuring what you love to write about, but on find and choosing a niche to blog about that will give you the greatest possible chance to make money by serving a market with a strong demand for information and insight.

    When Darren and Chris talk about the types of posts you can include in your blog, they focus on what readers most want to read and what is most likely to get passed around or go viral, like list and resource posts.

    And, because traffic is the holy grail for monetization, they talk about blog promotion and marketing, from creating strong relationships to figuring out social-media to generating link-bait. It has one of the most detailed marketing and promotion sections I've found in any book on blogging.

    There are many really good books on blogging, but this one sets the bar for blogging for income. Highly recommended....more info
  • Blogging for bucks is just another small business. Think it, plan it, do it, and benefit from it.

    I loved this book. It is the first one I have read that actually explains how blogging can be used to make money directly. Most books I have read, and what I have experienced, indicate that blogging is not something to be done to make money directly.

    In this book the author explains that there are direct ways to make money from one's blog, and there are indirect ways.

    Direct Monetization:
    >>Affiliate commissions
    >>Paid reviews

    Indirect Monetization:
    >>Freelance writing contracts
    >>Book deals
    >>Speaking engagements
    >>Consulting opportunities
    >>Service contracts
    >>Sell your own products

    After reading this book I am still a believer that blogs are not something to consider if you want to make money from them directly. However, it can be done! But probably not the way you would think. It's not done by creating a blog, i.e., one blog and making it popular online. It's done by creating many blogs. Creating an empire of blogs and getting well connected in the blogoshere does it. Writing on any topic that can generate advertisers, sponsorships, affiliate commissions, and paid reviews does it. One blog won't do it. Two blogs won't do it. But a lot of blogs creating little streams of income will do it.

    The authors provide us with some lessons they have learned about blogging:

    1. Blogging for income takes time
    2. Take it one step at a time
    3. It takes hard work and discipline
    4. Follow your dreams

    Does this sound familiar? It should if you regularly read books for entrepreneurs. Blogging for bucks is just another small business. Instead of writing content for an arsenal of magazines, you are writing an arsenal of content for various blogs. Instead of selling paper copies of writings, you are selling through Web 2.0. And you are using Web 2.0 strategies and tactics to make your blogs profitable.

    If you have an interest in blogs, and you want two books on the subject that discuss blogs from completely different perspectives, then read this book and read "Blog Schmog" (ISBN: 078521576X). Both books are well written, organized, and sound. If you read both of these books, then you should have a pretty good idea of what blogs are all about, what you can do with them, and what you cannot do with them. 5 stars!...more info
  • Best yet!
    This is by far, the best book on this subject I have read. The authors give a lot of hands on information and guide the reader step by step through the process. A must read for the person who wants blog for money or their business!...more info
  • Definitely in the top one or two
    This is the 12th book I've read on blogging. The books I've read have run the gamut from marketing brochures clothed in the covers of a book to real sources of valued information. This book is clearly in the latter category and I would place it in the top one or two positions as my favorite so far.

    I appreciated the author's very quick overvew of "what is a blog". Blogs are very easy to understand and the authors who have gone on for 20+ pages just describing a blog have obviously just been shooting for page count. This author gets into the real meat of the topic very quickly. The brief overvier of professional blogging as opposed to just blogging in chapter 1 was also helpful.

    From the first chapter on, it's all about getting your game on. You have to realize that blogging your way to a six-figure income does not happen overnight just like building an email list (in a valid way) that has hundreds of thousands of opt-in emails doesn't happen overnight. This book holds your hand along this prolonged journey....more info
  • Ways to make money from your blog
    I'm new to blogging. Never had a blog until just recently.

    I'm taking a small business class, and one of the things the teacher recommended was having a blog. Search engines love it, and its very easy to update.

    I bought this book and a couple of books on wordpress, and what I like about this book is it covers ways to make money online.

    I bought this great little wordpress book that showed me how to get online, and start blogging, and I started thinking, how can I make money, how can I get more of my customers to use my website, and see my special deals on my flowers.

    This book gave me some good ideas.

    The problem is, it is not as detailed as I would like. It is very much so not step-by-step. I'm a little confused at times. And I do not see how to implement this stuff.

    I'm glad I got the book, I think it is the only thing like it, others recommended it in my class. But I just cant use it right now.

    I think you should buy this book if you want to generate ideas on how to make money, but buy something else to learn how to do it (or pay someone)
    ...more info
  • ProBlogger Book: A Great Introductory Blogging Book
    This book is all about blogging. It is a great book with insights from the authors, Darren Rowse and Chris Garret. They share their experience in blogging ad how their casual blogging interest turned out to be where they earn money out of blogging.

    What I like about this book is that the content doesnt' assume that everybody should blog or blogging is a sure-earn-money deal. Instead, throughout the book, I find that there is a balance input of opinions whether we should blog for money. Even if you are not blogging for money, this book points to many relevant resources and exercises to help you learn about blogging.

    Well, at least it causes me to be interested!

    If you're the super busy kind of person, and doesn't have time to try blogging, then this book might not be suitable for you yet.

    If you enjoy blogging, this book will make you wiser, as long as you apply its insights into practice....more info
  • Good overall primer on blogging
    Darren Rowse and Chris Garret draw upon their wealth of experience with blogs and give us this comprehensive blogging primer.

    While the book is mostly focused on making money from blogs, it starts from the beginning: by explaining what is a blog and how to set one up. This takes about three chapters (if you have already started a blog, you can just skim through those sections).

    Intermediate bloggers will enjoy the book more from chapter 4 on, when Darren and Chris talk about how and what to write (helpful to overcome the all-too-common "writer's block") and how to make money from your blog (both directly, like with advertising, and indirectly, as with partnerships, speaking engagements, etc).

    The last few chapters deal with a topic that was completely new to me: buying and selling blogs. Darren and Chris do a very good job at spelling out the caveats you must take into account when buying and selling blogs, to avoid scams and costly mistakes.

    The comprehensive nature of this book makes it difficult for the authors to go into much detail about any particular topic. The good news is that Darren's blog [...] is chock full of how-to articles that may give you the specific information that you won't find in the book.

    Overall, I found this book to be a very good blogging primer, one that I will keep in my bookshelf for future and constant reference....more info
  • Good book for absolute beginners, boring read for existing bloggers
    I've been blogging for a few years now casually and didn't find this book useful almost at all. The authors don't give away any of their "secrets" or point you at what they have had successes with personally, it's one giant introductory piece of writing that just tips you towards different things to try.

    For someone that has a brand new blog and has never done it before, this is a good intro.

    For someone looking to take their blogging to the next level, this book is a boring read and won't say anything you can't get online by Googling.

    I'd also point out that this book is written exactly like the ProBlogger articles are written -- it gives you just enough to peak your interest in a subject, then never *actually* addresses the question conclusively. Their articles online are very much the same way except every one of those articles point you at buying their book.

    Also don't expect to see any monetary numbers in this book either, they far away from giving indications of how much they make, made, could make or should make... you're on your own there if you are trying to get a feel for your site's value as well (trying to price CPM and such).

    I'd suggest renaming the book to "ProBlogger: Getting Started with Blogging", this book is not full of secrets or any specifics that would indicate how you get a six-figure income....more info
  • Great Reference for Bloggers
    I have been looking forward to reading this book, and I couldn't wait to tear into the package as soon as UPS brought it to my door.

    "ProBlogger" does not disappoint. Each page includes useful tips and techniques for building a successful blog. The chapters include:

    Blogging for Money
    Niche Blogging
    Setting Up Your Blog
    Blog Writing
    Blog Income and Earning Strategies
    Buying and Selling Blogs
    Blog Networks
    Blog Promotion and Marketing
    Secrets of Successful Blogs
    Creating Something Worthwhile

    Reading this book from cover to cover will give you a solid education in blogging. It is the most comprehensive and realistic book I have seen on blogging, but it is not overwhelming. It covers everything from choosing a blogging platform and a topic, through design, what (and how often) to post, monetization strategies, interacting with your readers, using social media and getting links, and much, much more.

    I found several tips that will help me focus my efforts and produce a better blog.

    Once you finish reading the book, keep it near your computer so you can reference it frequently. This is not just a book for beginners. Even experienced bloggers will learn things they can use to gain readership and increase profits.

    If you are going to buy a book about blogging, make it this one.

    Cathy Stucker, [...]
    Author of Mystery Shopper's Manual, 6th Edition...more info
  • For ProBloggers and Beginners Alike
    At first, I was slightly put-off by the title, as I am not really interested in blogging as a source of income. However, after reading it, I have to say that it's also a very practical guide to everyday blogging.

    It covered each of its topics in-depth. The book didn't just tell me what to do, but how to do it, and where additional resources are located. For example, the "20 Types of Blog Posts" section gave me a TON of great ideas.

    The authors also weighed both the pros and cons of implementing each specific piece of advice, which made making choices about how to implement my blog much easier.

    Personally, I didn't like the section on buying & selling blogs. Instead, I would have preferred extended conversations on blog promotion, creating something worthwhile, and social media. (A follow on book idea?)

    In summary, the opinionated authors gave plenty of specific advice. This book is literally *packed* with wisdom!

    Check out my new blog at [...]...more info
  • Problogging book and the six figure income really
    I am a huge fan of Darren's problog web site, and he is an excellent resource for people of all stages of blogging to use as a resource. The thing that sets him apart from many bloggers is that he tries everything he is talking about. You won't find as much hype as you would think you would from the title of the book, he has really tried all this stuff, and his parent holding company b5media also uses his ideas on how to make a better blog. Blogging is hard work, you have to learn to use words to tell a story, and yes you can over time build up your blogging skills and make a six figure income from it, people do it, and people have done it.

    The best section of the book is "creating something worthwhile", and that is the hardest part of being a blogger, how do you create value for an audience you might never meet? The worst section was the bit about buying and selling blogs, while it can be done, and has been done successfully, much like any other property you might buy, there are already a lot of speculators out there, and it might not be the best thing you can do with your money. Working for blog networks is also another way of making money and often can be very profitable (I write for a number of blog networks and profit from them). After blogging for five years myself, I still found the book overall full of interesting bits that I missed on his web site, and that alone made it worth the read.

    Rated five of five stars, it offers a realistic portrayal of the blogging industry, and might just be something that people will want to check out if this is a direction that they want to go in.

    ...more info
  • Medicine for Blogging Blues
    I started blogging earlier in the year to:

    - gain hands on experience to apply in my job
    - provide some insight in a couple of niche topics.

    Recently, I purchased ProBlogger by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett to source some inspiration to renew my commitment to blogging.

    After reading the following chapters, I'm back on track, more motivated then when I started my blogging hobby.

    * Chapter 2: Niche Blogging
    * Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Blog
    * Chapter 4: Blog Writing....more info
  • The best place to start in Internet Business and Blogging
    Watch Video Here: If you think you'd like to create an online presence through blogging to achieve any number of goals, this is the best place to start....more info
  • Solid advice on all aspects of blogging
    This book covers just about every pertinent topic there is on blogging. It has information for the beginner on what defines a blog, the best tools to use to start, and how to pick a topic. It also covers more advanced issues like marketing, relationship building, monitoring traffic to your site, and why you might want to customize your blog.

    The book is well structured and easy to read. The authors cover a broad range of information that make it useful for a hobby blogger as well as a professional....more info
  • Great for bloggers of all experience levels
    Darren and Chris put together a great book - it is not just for beginners or just for experts, people of all skill levels will find useful information.

    For experienced bloggers, designers, writers, developers, and general internet geniuses there are great tips for researching new niches / determining whether or not a niche is worth getting into, details on how to buy, sell, and value blogs, and great information on promoting and marketing blogs.

    If you're a beginner this book has details on choosing which blogging platform you should use, how to get things up and running, etc....more info
  • Great Resource for Succeeding in the Blogosphere
    I recommend this book for any serious blogger.

    Casual bloggers may not be interested, but if you have big plans for your blog, this book will steer you in the right direction.

    Though it's not a big book, it's chock-full of great ideas to help you monetize your blog, optimize it to attract more traffic and generally improve its overall look and feel.

    Although I'm fairly new to blogging, I have several blogs and this book was just what the doctor ordered to help me improve them.

    I have pages of notes and am currently implementing them to help me take the next step in my blogging education.

    The authors advise that blogging isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. But if you're willing to dig in to make it work for you, this book's the one you need.
    ...more info