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Hold Tight
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The #1 New York Times Bestseller

Mike and Tia Baye decide to spy on their son Adam, who has become moody and withdrawn since his friend?s suicide. The software they install on his computer exposes every website visited, every e-mail and instant message sent or received. But each keystroke draws them deeper into a maze of mayhem and violence that could destroy them all.

Customer Reviews:

  • Harlan Coben "Hold Tight" hardcover
    I was very satisfied with my purchase. The book was in great condition and the price was right. I will continue to purchase through Amazon.

    Diana Varde...more info
  • Better Hold Tight
    This book was intense. There are several storylines and characters in this book. There is are trust issues, suicide, child in need of transplant and others. Each story is never dull and Coben brings them all together at the end quite nicely. The only problem with the book is that the author would intensely write about a situation and the characters involved and then he would quickly switch gears in the next chapter and with the large group of characters sometimes you would forget who was who. I will definitely read this book again in the future....more info
  • Wow wow triple wow!
    Wow, wow, WOW! I challenge anyone to begin this book and then manage to put it down before the very end. Reading it is like eating Lay's potato chips... you can't read just one (page, that is!).

    Gripping, exciting, interesting, unique... what appears to be two or three separate stories weave in, out and around each other until the final pages, when all is wrapped up... but not in an unbelievable, deus ex machina way, but in a "Oh my gosh, so THAT'S what was happening" way. I loved the juxtaposition of modern technology with the age-old concerns of parents -- how to, and how much to, protect our kids.

    Some best-selling authors rest on their past accomplishments, with successive books becoming thinner in the plot and thicker in the page count. Kudos to Coben for raising the bar again and again. ...more info
  • An average novel by an above average author
    Harlan Coben is an excellent author, but to read Hold Tight you wouldn't know it. The characters and plot lines are so numerous that he barely skims the surface. The plot has a number of interwoven story lines, as does most if not all of Coben's books, but this one feels rushed. Like he had a good idea and a limited amount of time to write it, so instead of fleshing out the characters and making you care about them, he just tells you enough to get by. The good news is that since it doesn't have a lot of meat, it is a very quick read, but one that left me wanting. The Woods is an excellent book, one of my favorites really, The Innocent is equally good. The Myron Bolitar series is pretty good, but this one is a definite black mark on Coben's otherwise spotless record....more info
  • Zippy tale and a well-spun yarn
    The novel is set in present-day New Jersey. Coben tackles political issues such as evolution, feminism and nature vs nurture. The narrative involves many families and many lives, and the book gets interesting when everyone starts confronting each other. The book has many points of view, and Coben changes the viewpoints skillfully. The book goes into the relationships people have at work, such as ones between Mike Baye and his colleague Ilene Goldfarb, Tia Baye and her boss Hester Crimstein, and Loren Muse and her boss Paul Copeland. From the outside, this may seem as a crime story about a killer taking the lives of innocent persons, but the book is much more than that. It is intriguing to see how the threads of the story join together to show how the plot elements that are related to each other. ...more info
  • Thought provoking thriller
    A typically great thriller from the master Harlan Coben. This one really makes you think about how you raise your children and how much privacy you should give them. As usual, this is an exciting page turner that will stay with you long after you finish the final page. It give you some closure to The Woods as well, wrapping up the Cope/Lucy story....more info
  • kindle price for this is way too high.
    my mom just bought this at the store for 6.13. the kindle prices are so high its a ripoff....more info
  • Mediocre for the author
    This last book by Coben seems a little lazy in plot. Perhaps the author is trying to hard to be up-to-date -- has anyone noticed that a few authors have been using the 'goth' scene as part of the plot (see Sandford, "Phantom Prey") and it just seems forced to be trendy, but of course it is out of date. There were some parts of interesting dialogue, but overall not a well developed book. If I had not been on an airplane with no other reading material available I would not have finished the book. I asked a friend who has all the Coben books what she thought of it and she told me that she did not finish it because it was so below standard....more info
  • Another excellent suspense thriller from Harlan Coben!
    This was another could-not-put-down read! Coben brings his characters to life and involves you in their story. Keeps you hanging until the end and never disapoints. Always look forward to his next thriller....more info
  • Don't hold your breath
    for Hold Tight. I've seen better Lifetime movies. Very little character development and so random! Could have been so much better....more info
  • Unbelievable
    There are so many unlikely coincidences that interconnect the characters and their actions that this book ultimately becomes downright laughable. Any one of the plot lines is more or less plausible, but for them all to come together in the way that they did is ridiculously unbelievable....more info
  • Should We Spy On Our Kids?
    In his latest mystery novel, "Hold Tight," Harlan Coben explores the dark side of parental oversight. The underlying question is this: What happens if we spy on a teenager's electronic communications and find something shocking, such as drug abuse, murder or a planned suicide? Can we take the appropriate action without destroying trust forever?

    It's an interesting premise with frightening implications. (I have a 16-year-old son myself.)

    PLOT SUMMARY: Mike and Tia Baye live in an upscale suburban community in northern New Jersey. Their teenage son, Adam, is distraught and withdrawn following the suicide of a close friend. Meanwhile, a psychopathic murderer and his accomplice are kidnapping, torturing and murdering grown women for some reason we don't understand. Mike and Tia install a monitoring program on their son's computer to find out what's happening to him. Adam, his parents and their entire community get drawn into a swirling maelstrom of suspicion and crime that nearly engulfs several families.

    As the old saying goes: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

    If you've read Harlan's other novels, you'll find this one particularly grisly and violent. I hope that's not a harbinger of things to come because we certainly have enough blood and mayhem in modern fiction today. On the other hand, you will enjoy the cameo appearances by Paul Copeland and Detective Muse from previous novels.

    Generally speaking, I enjoyed this novel but found some of the characters a bit stiff, particularly the teenagers. Harlan has several younger kids of his own, so perhaps he'll improve the dialogue next time around as he gains more experience with this mystifying age group.

    BOTTOM LINE: A fast summer read, but not for the faint of heart. Harlan gets a solid "B" from me.
    ...more info
  • Disjointed on Kindle
    No matter what font size I chose, too many words were hyphenated, and the transitions to new chapters (or venues) were not spaced properly. It's as if someone forgot to edit the book for reading on Kindle. Hugely annoying....more info
  • Coben is Back on Track
    As a long time fan of this writer, his last two works, Promise Me and The Woods were found to be disappointing. With this work, I was able to see a return to the writing that had been so good. The topic is oe of concern to nimerous parents today and the writer is able to skillfully juggle numerous stories at once with each one is able to hold the readers interest. The charcters are engaging as the writer demontrates numerous double and triple twists throughout the book. This book does have its flaws as the characters are not as well developed as they might have been. Certain elements of the story seem rather far fetched and the ending,though a postive one. appeared a little too pat for me. All in all, the writer has constructed an excellent story that moves along rapidly and will keep the reader questioning the next move in the machinations of the characters. Highly recommended for a rapid and enjoyable read even if it does not meet the high standards of some of his earlier works. ...more info
  • Hold Tight
    Harlan Coben does a great job for most of the book however, the ending is mediocre....more info
    Maui H.S.Overkill! There was overkill in the book and in the drama. This is the third Harlan Coben book on my read shelf. I didn't care for the first two, but I doubt I will ever read another Coben novel.
    The drama was too intense, too bloody, too gory, to extreme, too many characters, too many subplots.
    Yes, it is brought together in the end like the rest of his books, but this was definitely overkill! A teen suicide, drug gothics, A rape victim killing a rapist, a drug club in New York, a teen disappearance, a suburban doctor nearly beaten to death, prescription pads appearing as DEA evidence, a troubled suburb mother flailing between career and motherhood, a divorced wife tortured and murdered, a loving mother tortured and murdered, a latvian survivor turned killer partner, a psycho killer, a girl with facial hair harassed by peers, a girl that takes a gun and kills a psycho murderer, A druggie mama leader, gothic killers and drug dealers, a suburban kid with a kidney disease, psycho catching a loving mommy and a daddy, a teacher with issues,a dectective on the trail of the murderer, ending with a wedding! Yeah, OVERKILL! I couldn't take anymore and fast forwarded to the end. You can keep your books Mr. Coben. No more for me.
    The three books have too much in common. Suburb insanity, ex jock, troubled teens, psychotic murderer. I get bored with writers that have the same theme over and over again. The authors bore me! I'll go on to find another....more info
  • Excellent
    Harlan Coben does it once again...a nail biter that I had to make myself put down to get back to work or other activity. Great weaving plot! ...more info
  • Could NOT stop reading this edge of seat thriller!
    I know that line, "I could not stop reading it" is an old one, but there's a reason it has become a cliche. If I could have stayed awake all night, I probably would have read it in one sitting. This book, like several of his others (Just One Look, Innocent) grabs you by the throat, takes several seemingly unrelated story lines and brings them together. This one explores the nature of what it means to help a friend (in MANY surprising and unanticipated ways!) and the issue of parental supervision (also in surprising, unique ways). Coben does an excellent job of maintaining the breathless pace. Bravo!! The world could use more books like this....more info
  • Very Good Fiction book
    The main story in this book is about parents who put a GPS on their kid's cell phone and also rig up his computer to keep track of what he does and where he goes. There are also other stories in this book that are very well done. You get into this book right away and it keeps you there. If you're looking for a book that's hard to put down and very well written, look no further than this one. I recommend it highly!...more info
  • A page-turning thriller with a personal touch
    Harlan Coben's recent novel, Hold Tight, once again demonstrate his mastery of the domestic thriller almost guaranteed to keep the reader awake in anticipation of the next page. This book moves at a rapid, adrenalin pumping pace that makes it difficult to put down or to forget. While the plot is not necessarily new, psycho enjoys hurting and killing people while teenager gets involved in a prescription drug scam, it is the personal expressions of parenting and relationship developments that give this book an edge over most thrillers. Having read every book by Harlan Coben, this reader considers Hold Tight to be one of his best.

    The writing style, using a nice balance of dialog and third person perceptions, is concise without extraneous description and without excessive analysis. That stated, it is actually the descriptive moments of the people, their reactions to tragedy, and their concerns about their lives that seem to give this story a humanistic and compassionate dimension. Never pedantic, there are plenty of life's lessons that are interwoven throughout the story, giving the reader a sense of benefit from having spent time on the book. The many hints, secrets, and mysteries that surround the people, keep the story robust but also personal. Rather than simply looking for a positive conclusion, Hold Tight, allows the reader to identify and sympathize with the people whose lives are being affected by the events.

    As the book came to the somewhat predictable, yet energetic conclusion, it became obvious that the story was actually about two parallel events that intersected through some of the people involved. At times, the book seemed to be two mini-novels, with two separate stories, and bringing the two ideas together was almost contrived and overly geometric. Furthermore, a few characters seems to have been developed early in the book, only to drop out near the end. We connected with some people, only to wonder what became of them.

    From a literary standpoint, based on sentence structure, vocabulary, and design, this book nearly receives a three-star rating, but from a pure excitement level, it is easy to assign it five stars. Bringing those two criterion together gives us a four star rating and a strong recommendation for those who enjoy this genre. ...more info
  • Hold Tight
    A must read for any parent. Could not put down until I finished it once I started it. ...more info
  • Great Book- Impossible to Put Down
    I love Coben's writing, his heroes are ordinary people caught in extraordinary situations and they wrestle with ordinary issues that become extraordinary. This book focuses on a family with two professional parents-- Dad is a surgeon and Mom is a lawyer and they have a teen-aged son and a pre-teen daughter. Mom and Dad are concerned about the son so they put a snooper on his computer that captures and records his keystrokes. The doctor debates this with himself while the lawyer is more certain-- they should do whatever it takes to get their son to adulthood. The boy goes missing one night and the doctor uses a GPS tracking system in the boy's cell phone to try to track him.

    Coben picks his way through the various plot and storylines with grace, focusing on his theme-- the meaning of family with each different story arc. Not only is this book a taut, suspenseful read, but it is a tribute to the strength of family ties. Whether you agree with the way Mike and Tia Baye go about trying to protect their son, you cannot escape the fact that they love him desperately. The conclusion of the book is satisfying and gratifying, and, if you are a parent, will make you want to hug your kids extra closely to your side....more info
  • Coben's Follow Up To THE WOODS
    Though HOLD TIGHT is not a sequel to THE WOODS is does feature the same setting (suburban New Jersey) with Cope, Lucy and a few other characters who were major players in THE WOODS appearing on the periphery of this novel. HOLD TIGHT follows the same general formula Coben has found success with in his stand alone thrillers. There are a couple of inexplicable tragedies/ mysteries happening and these stories are told by Coben in breathless page turning fashion often with a cliffhanger at the end of a chapter. The subplots and characters all fit together in a preposterous way by the end but I have to admit Coben leaves no loose ends in his plotting. There is a general theme in this year's novel of parents protecting their children and internet and cell phone use and the privacy issues connected with them play major roles. Coben's books are great to read when you need some diversion but are not in the mood to concentrate or think much. I read the first half of this one while getting highlights put in my hair. ...more info
  • not one of his best
    All of his books are manipulative and contrived but the best of his books such as Gone For Good, Tell No One and especially the terrific Promise Me and No Second Chance are a mile a minute roller coaster thrill rides of excitement. Even though you know you've been had at the end the journey was well worth it. This book however feels as if I've read it before and the non stop familly entanglements would be better suited for a TV soap then a mystery thriller. Skip this and read the others. Note to Harlen the villianess in No Second Chance was a great character. I hope to see more of her and maybe even a book built around her. ...more info
  • Love Harlan Coben's books!!!!!
    You MUST read everything Harlan Coben has written. His books are tight, tense, filled with wit, irony and sometimes funny. Start with his first book and read from there. He's got a new one out now. ...more info
  • A thriller
    A thriller!! I kept imagining my grandchildrens' reaction if they were
    confronted with a similar situation, and hoping their parents had forwarned them about this. I truly identified with the characters....more info
  • Moves right along
    Hold Tight is only my second Coben novel and again I was impressed. He has a wonderful effortless writing style that makes the words jump from the page and have fun reading. He allows the reader to follow along with the characters at breakneck pace. One thing I am very impressed with is the way Coben has so many story lines running throughout the novel only to have them converge perfectly at the end. (The novel The Woods was also this way) The story deals with a concerned couple whose son is showing sighs of depression since his best friend killed himself months earlier. The parents install a spy software on their son's computer in order to see who he is speaking with and checking out on the internet. The boy's father then goes on the hunt to see who his son is involved in and what exactly is going on. As the story progresses we are dealing with a host of unsavory characters that are at the center of the novel. Was the suicide really a suicide and is the son innocent or guilty? Along the way Coben introduces many story lines dealing with the various neighbors in the neighborhood, many with skeletons in their closets. I really liked the book. ...more info
  • Wow, what a coincidence... the very same moment that the main character is fighting for his son's life on one side of town, his wife is... For those who have not read the book, I won't finish the sentence. But here's the point: Coben turns a promising premise and entertaining first half of a book into unintentional comedy. After getting hooked and enjoying the first half, I was laughing my head off through the final two chapters because of the absurd string of coincidences Coben asks his readers to accept as even remotely plausible. Anthony just happens to see the kid walk by; sees the goth pull a gun, and omg, Mo figures out what the numbers mean...all at once! And the hot young mom who had such a terrible trauma 10 years ago...turns out her attacker was none other than... Please, Mr. Coben, give me a break. ...more info
  • Hold Tight
    A real page-turner. Harlan Coben brings you directly and intimately into the story. It made you think....more info
  • There's Something Rotten in the Town of Livingstone New Jersey
    Even though this is a stand alone book, it has many of the standard characters from the previous Paul "Cope" Copeland/Loren Muse book "The Woods". It's not a sequel as much as it's a continuation of them and their careers. But do not fear, even though Myron Bolitar's name is never mentioned, his shadow is ever present.

    Almost all of the action occurs in Essex County New Jersey and around Myron home town of Livingstone. The wife of the main character is a lawyer who works for Hester Crimstein's law firm (Myron's so-called Aunt). The best friend of the main character is dating a woman who used to be a wrestler under the name of Pocohontas. Actually, it was Little Pocohontas (and Big Cindy), and in "real" life she is Esperanza Diaz a partner/lawyer in Myron's sports agent agency.

    Now to the story. A few month's ago, a teenager committed suicide on the roof of the local high school. In a span of two days, two woman are murdered after being abducted from the area. Amazingly enough, these two seemingly random events will eventually become part of a larger story relating to pharm parties, drug dealing, homicidal maniacs, retribution and revenge, and the odd rape thrown in.

    I found the ending a little hard to swallow, just too many coincidences.

    Zeb Kantrowitz...more info
  • Loved it!
    Let me start off, this book grabs your attention quickly. Granted its the typical 3 story plot lines that ultimately form into one, but with that said, I still loved this book. Its a combination of murder mystery (which I normally dislike) mixed with psychological troublesome individuals (which I love). You end up trying to form your own conclusions on how each story will eventually link to another, but the author does not make it obvious...and will not until the last couple chapters. Usually i'm so busy it takes me a week to finish a book; however, I finished this one in almost a day. Definitely worth reading!...more info
  • no need for seat buckle with this book
    i found harlan coben summer of 08. I so enjoy his works because he does not write a lot of blood and guts. His stories are easy to read, have some interest with sub plots and an easy vocabulary.
    this one is a little boring. Do like the idea of GPS in phones for parents of teen age kids. True life has "pharma" parties. I think it was too predicable, too many pages, and too suburbia. nice to have the dad as the hero, instead of a mother, as in a lot of books. try again mr coben...more info