Bright Lights, Big Ass: A Self-Indulgent, Surly, Ex-Sorority Girl's Guide to Why it Often Sucks in the City, or Who are These Idiots and Why Do They All Live Next Door to Me?
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NEW. Trade size paperback. "A Self-Indulgent, Surly, Ex-Sorority Girl's Guide to Why it Often Sucks in the City, or Who are These Idiots and Why Do They All Live Next Door to Me?"

Customer Reviews:

  • Disappointed
    Whiny sarcasm pretty much sums up this book. I prefer intelligent humor so, obviously, this book did not appeal to me. ...more info
  • A Disappointing Collection of Fluff

    I was really excited about this book. I enjoyed Jen Lancaster's first book so much that I thought her second would just as amusing...WRONG.

    This is not really a book, it's more of a collection of rantings, e-mails and daily logs mortared together with some amusing stories.

    I will admit that I got a chuckle here and there but I can get that from Reader's Digest.

    When I read a book I like there to be a story, some sort of conflict and a resolution of some sort. This had none of that and the events weren't even arranged in chronological order.

    I think some editing here would have been helpful, the quest for a new apartment was entertaining as were Jen's struggles at the gym. But there was no focus in this memoir, it was silly, sarcastic ramblings. Almost like a stand up routine, which in my opinion doesn't work well as a book.

    Really needed editing and a focus.
    ...more info
  • Made me laugh out loud. Repeatedly.
    Thank god I was at home alone while reading this book, because about every third page made me belt out one of those embarassing deep-down belly laughs that somehow always ends with me choking on my own air intake. Sure, it's nothing groundbreaking or hugely thought-provoking, but that's the point! Besides, who hasn't had some kind of run-in with a crazy-in-the-eyes squirrel and the dogs that hate them? I love this book (and her previous work, Bitter is the New Black)immensely. It completely changed my day and refreshed my outlook on life. It's just a simple, funny book and it totally cheered me up. I'm looking forward to many rereads and her next book....more info
  • Loved it!!!!!!!!
    I read her first book and thought it was OK, but this one surprised me. I was laughing aloud and almost crying in laughter at certain parts. I related so much to this book! I recommend it!...more info
  • Awful
    I thought this was going to be a very funny book, but I struggled to get through it. Lancaster is incredibly self-absorbed and annoying. Who calls their husband to ask if it's okay to eat Lucky Charms for three meals? She does. And it's not funny, it's annoying and irritating. A serious waste of money....more info
  • Lacks a common thread through the chapters, first book was better.
    While Jen is still rather humorous, I found her latest book lacking. It still amuses, but its more of a little smile rather than the laugh out loud hilarity that was found in Bitter. Also, there is rarely a common thread throughout the whole book. Jen randomly makes references to Sex and the City, but there aren't enough of these to bring the book together....more info
  • Get in touch with your catty side!
    If you're easily offended, skip this book. But if you love to listen to someone who is not afraid to express their opinions, no matter how crass and politically-incorrect, oh my gosh, Jen will make you laugh like nobody's business. You have to be in the mood for her. I recommend her after a dose of "Ugly Betty" or after you've picked up "People" Magazine at the dentist. I wish I had her guts! And Fletch, my love, you're my hero to be married to a strong, black (okay, sorority blonde) woman. : ) ...more info
  • Sorry Ms. Lancaster, you aren't that interesting.
    I cannot believe this "journal" was published. Consisting of uncensored anecdotes from Ms. Lancaster's life, this book is an unbelievably boring romp through Ms. Lancaster's unbelievably boring life. And, who is this woman, who is afraid to see the gynecologist? What are you 12? This isn't funny, it's stupid and lame. You are not funny Ms. Lancaster, you are stupid, lame and appalling narcissistic. I want my money back. ...more info
  • Funny
    Jen is funny and kept me laughing throughout the book. However, I could have done with out all the political commentary. ...more info
  • Snark lives in Chicago
    Jen is my new favorite person on the planet. Her books are funny and poignant, while she still wouldn't be someone I would want to have behind me in line at Target.
    Her life is funny and she writes about it well.
    Her website is also hysterical.
    ...more info
  • Entertaining anecdotes!
    Enjoyed this book very much because I could relate to many incidents, such as the joys of being a temp, bad neighbours, looking for a new home, husband issues etc. The book is a collection of anecdotes of the author's life in Chicago, and I found it to be an easy read with some really entertaining stories. The chapters are little individual stories, mostly independent of each other as opposed to Bitter is the New Black, which was more of a memoir. Worth reading!!...more info
  • How can you NOT love this girl
    I read alot and I admit I got the first book because the title made me laugh and it was small and cute enough to fit into the beach bag.. I admit it.. I started reading it and that was it I was HOOKED>

    Come on she got me hooked on trader Joes!.. I swear I feel like I could be this girl.. except the langauge.. LOL.. and Fletch, what a wit.. I LOVED her first book, thrilled when I saw this one and have already pre-ordered her third.

    She is funny, self indulgent.. sarcastic.. witty and SMART! Many of us have worked those agencies at those temp jobs.. met some of those same neighbors.. did alot of those same things.. for me she is totally real.. One of my all time favorite authors and I read a ton of books on nearly everything. So for me to mention her as a favorite shows she is in amazing company among entertaining authors...more info
  • Reason enough
    Another reviewer writes:

    "When she wrote about reading an Ann Coulter book, i felt repusled and could not get past it. She would write something funny and i'd think, "but she reads ann coulter!" For whatever reason, that greatly diminished my reading and enjoying the book and will dissuade me from purchasing another."

    I disagree! If she reads Ann Coulter, it only makes me lover her all the more! ...more info
  • Not quite as funny as Bitter - but an evolution of sorts
    While Bright Lights wasn't quite as laugh out loud funny as often as "Bitter" (her first book) was, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book and Jen's take on life. The fact that Jen notices all the little idiotic quirks and bizarre oddities that happen all around us every single day totally makes me feel better. I am not the only one with lunatics next door hiding a battalion of well armed mice behind 3 foot of un-mown monkey grass, rotten fencing and tacky drapes!

    Those who hated this and the other two books or found Jen Lancaster to be shallow, snarky and hateful, well so what? She is a little bit of all three. Aren't we all? The difference is she's also brave enough to be honest about who she is and what her priorities really are or were and where they are heading as she matures. I think Jen represents in many ways, a huge percentage of the women from her (our) generation. We grew up in a material world - Jen's books are an open look at the path through and beyond that world into the bigger picture. If you can carry a Prada bag and be funny while you learn something at the same time, more power to you!
    ...more info
  • I read it in one sitting, now my butt hurts and I can't see to drive!
    There are too few people who can laugh at themselves, and make us laugh when they do. I want to be Jen's new best friend! My only disappointment is that I didn't find this book sooner. My great pleasure is that I got to read it yesterday! I checked it out from the library but as soon as I find out how to order a signed copy directly from her, I am going to order all 3 of her books. Having lived in several neighborhoods that had homeowner's associations, I can truly appreciate Jen Cognito. Only now I wonder, is my garbage can really an "unsightly item" that needs to be removed from in front of my garage or have I been "warned" by someone just like Jen?! ...more info
  • Torn. . .
    While I think Jen Lancaster is very funny, I have a few problems with her. First, she's clearly an intelligent woman, but he writing style is simply sophmoric. All those foot notes? And the incomplete sentences? Got to go.

    Second, she seems whiny, lazy, and annoying. I don't know how Fletch puts up with her. Instead of making changes in her life, she carries on about them. Want to lose weight? How about put the fork down and get moving, lady. She seems smart enought to know better, but is constantly making the same impulsive mistakes (overeating, opening her big mouth, spending too much). While she recognizes this, she fails to do anything about it. And that is sad.

    Besides that, she is funny, and she does have a way of sharing things that makes you feel like you're talking to a friend. ...more info
  • Not as good as her first book
    I LOVED Jen Lancaster's first book, and was looking forward to this one. I was a bit disappointed, as this book dragged a bit and I made myself finish it instead of looking forward to each page and being disappointed when I was out of book to read, as I was with her first book.

    I think the problem here is that Jen is now happy. She was more interesting when she was bitter and hating everyone. Maybe she has to go back to working full time, and then write another book. Or maybe she needs to get divorced and dive into the miserable world of first dates? I can't imagine what her third book will be about--but I do know that I can't take another chapter about her dogs!
    ...more info
  • It just went on, and on, and on...
    I read her first book, and found that is was just "okay". I only started reading her second book because it was my book club's pick. Sadly, I didn't make it past page 50. I just felt like she just kept going on and on about nothing really... At least in the first book things happened. To be honest, by the time I got to this one, I was just annoyed with this woman... Honestly, I am not sure how she has managed to write about three other books past this one because it didn't seem like there was even enough material for a book two...
    I wanted to like it, but it just didn't happen......more info
  • Great Fun!
    I really thought this book was great and very funny in parts. I could do without the preachy parts and WASPy nature, but at the same time that is what made me laugh, so I guess I need to take it as a while. I did laugh out loud and often. When I tried to read parts out loud to my sister on a couple of occasion, I could not get the words out of my mouth because of laughter. The ending was rather deflated and that is my only real complaint. It's a fun entertaining read....more info
  • it's ok...
    this was my first experience with jen lancaster and eh, not so much. there were a few entertaining parts, but to me, she's trying to be funny and over-the-top. it was just ok. i might give her another chance, but i don't think she's my cup o' tea....more info