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The Gold Coast
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Along the wealthy North Shore of New York's Long Island, the once-affluent Wall Street attorney John Sutter meets Mafia kingpin Frank Bellarosa and finds himself drawn into a seductive world of money and violence. Reprint.

Customer Reviews:

  • Tarnished Gold Coast
    Tarnished Gold Coast
    Although a little long in the tooth, Nelson DeMille's The Gold Coast still pack a wallop. I read the original many, many years ago, but with a sequel due out this year, and a soon to be made movie in production, I decided to revisit the Gold Coast of Long Island and that irascible character John Sutter of Stanhope Hall. I'm Glad I did. The story is a fresh today as it was in 1990, and just as interesting. The sardonic yet funny wit of the main character, John Sutter, makes for an enjoyable read as he is drawn into a web of mid-life crisis, aristocratic tiredness, and entertaining Mafia intrigue with his next door estate neighbor don Frank Bellarosa. Throughout it all, John Sutter keeps his wits about himself and escapes to what he hopes will be a better and more fulfilling life.
    The tale opens with John meeting don Bellarosa at a local nursery. From there the reader is introduced to John's interesting yet strange wife Susan. The marriage is one of both passion and ambivalence as both partners seek more than just sex. Eventually, unbeknownst to John, he is drawn into don Bellarosa's web of underworld dealings. This will eventually doom both John's marriage and aristocratic standing, but allow him to escape into a new and hopefully more meaningful life. Mr. DeMille is indeed an outstanding writer. His ability to both entertain and inform is exemplified in The Gold Coast. By the time I finished the novel, I felt I knew and understood the Long Island Gold Coast aristocracy and the superficial workings of the New York Mafia.
    Excellent character development. The follow on sequel will be very interesting to see how Mr. DeMille continues to develop the John Sutter character. The Mafia character, don Bellarosa, was very interesting and informative concerning Mafia activities. John Sutter's wife, Susan, was an interesting study in aristocratic upbringing and behavior. All in all good solid characters all around.
    No gratuities sex or language. Some violence but pertinent to the story.
    Recommendation: Must Read. Overall outstanding with saga type quality. Looking forward to the sequel.

    ...more info
  • My first Kindle Book - and it is a winner!!
    I wanted a really good read for my first Kindle 2 book - and this was off the charts. The story is compelling, funny, insightful and truly enjoyable. You will not be disappointed with this. DeMille is a very controlled and succinct writer. The book is well researched (I actually learned some stuff from reading it - and it is a novel. I know the stuff I learned is accurate, because I checked!)

    And the Kindle2 turned out to be the perfect vehicle for reading this fast paced page turner - because all I had to do was push the button to turn the page. I am on vacation in the bright sun and the Kindle (in addition to being a conversation piece) performed great....more info
  • jay Gatsby Revisited
    An eye-opening look at life of the New York rich and famous, The Gold Coast allows the reader an in-depth perspective into the lives of the alter-egos of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan with a new Nick Carroway added into the mix. A good story line, well-developed characters and a "to-be-longed-for setting enmeshes the reader into a money-driven world of love and corruption. A reader knowledgeable of Fitzgerald's Gatsby has a distinct advantage as the book brings depth and reference to the 1920's novel. The follow up, The Gate House, continues the tale and is worth the read.

    Zita Knific...more info
  • Gold Coast
    Gold Coast is a gripping novel that keeps your interest. There is lots of suspense, and turn in events. Loved the book.

    It took me two weeks to recieve the book which was a challenge to get the book read in time for my book club.

    GRHThe Gold Coast...more info
  • A Very Fine Comic Novel by DeMille
    THE GOLD COAST is a pretty remarkable book in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to author Demille's brilliant insights into WASP culture on Long Island. DeMille is simply a genius when it comes to humorous dialogue and description, and I found the prose in this novel to be a real treat to read. If you enjoy comic novels in the spirit of Tom Wolfe, you should definitely give this one a try.

    THE GOLD COAST is not a thriller, and DeMille does takes his time in setting up the story. The action doesn't really begin until after the first two hundred pages or so. If you read this expecting something like THE GENERAL'S DAUGHTER, you may be disappointed. But if you appreciate DeMille's sense of humor like I do, you will most likely be delighted by this book's richness.

    What prevents this book from perfection is the rather outlandish plot, which involves a straight-arrow WASP becoming a lawyer for a mafia don. At some point in THE GOLD COAST, I just stopped believing in the storyline. I enjoyed reading the prose up to the very end, but I didn't find the lead characters' behavior or actions particularly credible.
    Admittedly, this is a comic novel, so that's a forgivable sin. Still, I think this book would have been even better if DeMille had allowed his story to unfold in a more believable fashion.

    Overall, this is a fine work by DeMille, but don't read it expecting a fast-paced thrill ride.

    ...more info
  • Brilliant
    One of my favorite novels of all time. He's a genius and a must read. ...more info
  • Gold Coast Indeed
    One of the most amazing books I've ever had the pleasure to read. I love the characters DeMille creates, the way they interact with each other. One would never think of putting these characters together in a story and yet still have it exciting and incredibly entertaining. I laughed till I almost cried in parts of the story and the ending... Well it was not what I expected, but then I've learned never, ever to expect anything that isn't unusual, yet perfect, in any DeMille novel.

    I highly recommend this novel, along with all other DeMille novels. He's right at the top of my favorite authors list now....more info
  • On a scale of 1-10, this is a 20
    One of my favorite all-time reads!...more info
  • Careful What You Wish For
    Begin this novel with time to spare since you will have a great deal of trouble putting it down. Narrated by the main character, John Sutter, a successful man who seeks a challenge in his comfortable, yet very predictable life. John is comfortable on the remains of his beautiful wife's North Shore estate. Nothing, however, is really his & he's spent years searching for something without realizing it. Enter Frank, his new next door neighbor & Mafia don at the old estate next door. Life becomes quite interesting with his challenge being found. John's life changes forever. Some for the good, some not.
    It's a compelling human novel which is continually peppered by Mr. Sutter's tongue in cheek sarcastic humor. His predictable life shot to hell, he never loses his humor which will have you smiling to yourself more than once.
    Living on Long Island & familiar with the once grand estates, the book is also very accurate in it's rather sad description of what remains of this once grand social era. Don't pass this one up...more info
  • Interesting
    This is one of thw writers earlier books and was found to be superior to his more recent work. John and Susan Sutter are living on the Gold Coast of New York State, an area known for its well known families and OLD MONEY. We are talking about the Astors, Vandebilts and Roosevelts. All is progressing well until a wealthy Mafioso Don moves next door and begins a relationship with the Sutters. The area is decribed well and the characters are richly characterized by the writer. This is an excellent book about existing power struggles as well as human relationships on various levels. It is a complex book and does tend to drag at certain points. The author is most skillful in havin put together a good, although not great read....more info
  • DeMille is a genius
    I bought this novel though I've read it some years ago for two reasons: It was the first DeMille I read, and because of it I became a fan; and I wanted to refresh some details so as to be able to read The Gate House. You cannot stop reading and getting surprised with the incredible ability DeMille has to catch you and make you laugh with his fine irony. A must!...more info
  • Not DeMille's best
    I seldom post a review on a book which already has 181 reviews, and I also seldom read all the reviews of a book which has 181 reviews. But the reviews of this book lead me to think we need some balance here. I have read, now, eight DeMille books:
    2488 By the Rivers of Babylon a novel by Nelson DeMille (read 26 Jan 1993)
    2499 Cathedral A Novel, by Nelson DeMIlle (read 13 Mar 1993)
    3289 Word of Honor, by Nelson DeMille (read 29 Jan 2000)
    3295 The Talbot Odyssey a novel by Nelson DeMille (read 27 Feb 2000)
    3353 Mayday A Novel by Nelson DeMille and Thomas Block (read 24 Sep 2000)
    3362 The Charm School, by Nelson DeMille (read 31 Oct 2000)
    3626 Up Country A Novel, by Nelson DeMille (read 9 Sept 2002)
    4293 The Gold Coast, by Nelson DeMille (read 1 Apr 2007)
    The Gold Coast is, easily, my least favorite. All the others listed above are better, in my opinion, and Word of Honor is probably the best, with Mayday second best. Till now, The Charm School was the least liked but The Gold Coast now has that position. I agree I laughed out loud a lot of times, and parts of the bail scene before the Federal judge were satisfying and well done, but the stupid things John Sutter did so often were very off-putting, no matter how rich his wife was--and unbelievable, as well. What sense is there in sinking his boat? In not even looking at messages he received from clients? In deliberately and moronically insulting his parents and his wife's parents? I thought he was the deranged character. The ending could have salvaged the story but instead it was a total downer. Not my favorite DeMille book....more info
  • Slow and not one of Demille's best
    I usually give a book about 25 pages to get me hooked. This one didn't make it past page 20. I usually like Demille's work from Night Passage, to Wild Fire most of them are a good read. This one I found read like something out of Harlequin romances. The story was way to slow. Action almost nill. I see that some people liked it toward the middle. There are a lot of great authors which I can read so don't have the time to slug my way through a book that doesn't move....more info
  • Great Book
    Great book, I did it on audioCD, sent the book (paperback) to a friend who also liked it a lot. The sequel is also very good, The Gate House. Highly recommended. Nelson DeMille is excellent. ...more info
    I like to finish books that I start. I haven't quite finished this one yet, and I'm having a REALLY hard time getting through it. I keep waiting for something to happen. I'm about 3/4 of the way thru it and nothing yet. This is a really boring book and nothing like Plum Island. I wish I had read the 1 star reviews before I purchased it....more info
  • It's an okay book
    This book is very slow and long winded. I have read other DeMille books and couldn't put them down. This one is so easy to just skip through. There is way too much "history" and decriptions and the book really doesn't get moving until after about 200-250 pages. If you like to read descriptions and history of the Gold Coast you may actually enjoy this. I didn't care for it at all....more info
  • Crossing The Line
    There is a fine line between Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, Friend and Enemy, and Love and Hate.

    "The Gold Coast" is an entertaining novel that places just about every character in the book right on that Line and lets the reader decide on which side they fall.

    Nelson DeMille delivers yet again!...more info