School's Out - Forever (Maximum Ride, Book 2)
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"Adventure, fighting, backstabbing and love abound" (VOYA) in this action-packed follow-up to the #1 New York Times blockbuster MAXIMUM RIDE: THE ANGEL EXPERIMENT, now available in paperback. The heart-stopping quest of six winged kids--led by fourteen-year-old Max--to find their parents and investigate the mind-blowing mystery of their ultimate destiny continues when they're taken under the wing of an FBI agent and attempt, for the first time, to live "normal" lives. But going to school and making friends doesn't stop them from being relentlessly hunted by sinister spies, who lead Max to face her most frightening match yet: a new and better version of herself.

Customer Reviews:

  • Maximum Ride- Schools Out Forever
    Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to fly? Do you like adventure books? If you do then, read Maximum Ride - Schools Out Forever by James Patterson. This book takes you inside Maximum Ride and her flock of six and a dog's life! This book is the second in a series of three. The first is Maximum Ride - Angles Experiment and the third one is Maximum Ride - Back to Saving the World. This series is science fiction.

    The six kids Max, Fang, Nudge, Iggy (who is blind), Angel, Gassman and the dog Total were all experimented on in a lab in the first book and given wings except Total who can talk. Somehow they escaped from the lab when they were not supposed to. The erasers, who worked at the lab are chasing the kids and trying to kill or capture them. When ever they get into fights the kids always win because they are stronger and better flyers. In one of the fights, Fang gets hurt and has to go to the hospital. There they meet FBI agent and lived with one named Ann for two months. Then all the erasers came to Ann's house and attacked them, and forced them to leave her house. The voice inside Max's head talks to her throughout the whole book reminding her that her destiny is to save the world. At the end of the book she takes it to heart and flew off with the flock to do it! Overall, I loved the book and would recommend it to anybody, especially people who like action and adventure!
    ...more info
  • engaging book, great for teens & older
    Enjoyable, easy read. Passed the 1st, 2nd and 3rd book in this series on to my 12 year old neice. Nice, clean language (nothing worse than crap) and no sex scenes (just first kisses). A very impowering book/series for young girls and boys....more info
  • Maximum Ride:Schools Out
    James Patterson keeps you riveted from the first . The book is very entertaining and quick reading....more info
  • maximum ride: school's out forever
    This is a great series for any age group, and book 2 continues the bird kid's adventures. You can't help but fall in love with Max, Fang, Iggy, Gasman, and Angel. And the dog!! What a hoot! Can't wait to see what happens next....more info
  • Love James Patterson, Maximun Ride
    Well, what can I really say but James Patterson knows how to do it right. Another great story about Max and the gang on their latest adventure....more info
  • Patterson's Series is Great
    Good series. Unfortunately, did not know it was series until after I read one, so I have been reading them out of sequence. Still enjoyed them....more info
  • As a mom and an avid reader.
    My favorite of the three Max Ride books that I've read. THis one seems less repetative and actually made me laugh out loud several times. I give high marks for that. It kept my attention the entire read.

    A less well written "Twilight-type" fantasy series, mostly harmless for the young adult reader. I wouldn't be thrilled if my son read books like this exclusively, though I've read the first three books pretty quickly so there must be something to them. If it weren't so cold I'd call them good "beach books". Fluff with a lot of action and likable characters. The writing is just not demanding or enlightening in the quality of descriptions or the smoothness of the plots. I've read a lot of fantasy and some of them feel real. These plot turns and histories are awkward and artificial. Kind of like a comic book without pictures. THis third one is particularly choppy.

    In sum. Easy to read, harmless, and mildly entertaining.

    A much better series for young adult and adult fantasy is the Bartameus Trilogy. Deep Character traits that grow with each book. ...more info
  • Not much there, but still a lot of fun...
    Maximum Ride: School's Out-Forever, by James Patterson, is the 2nd in the Maximum Ride trilogy.

    Picking up where The Angel Experiment left off, the flock is still on the run from the "white lab coats" and Erasers. Other than the subplots that existed in the first book, there's no real main plot other than that in this sequel. But there is plenty of teenage angst, chase scenes, and fun use of the kids other special powers. But despite the fact that this book is so similar to the first, it's still an exciting and fun-filled romp. Each of the kids has a distinct personality, each with their own quirks and unique gifts. They are a special family that just can't seem to catch a break. As their purpose of "saving the world" unfolds a little more in this installment, the flock must constantly be on alert and outwit adults and their pursuers.

    Though the story doesn't progress very far, School's Out-Forever is still an enjoyable read for teens and adults alike.
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  • Fun, Quick Read
    James Patterson's second novel in the Angel series, Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever, is much better than the first one. Patterson is definitely going with a series here, and you can tell. The background to this series is that kids have had different DNA spliced onto normal human DNA, and in the case of the main characters, theirs is avian. These kids have wings and fly. In addition to that, they also discover that they each may have additional "powers," such as telepathy, acute sight, and other heightened senses.

    In this novel , the characters are better drawn. I felt that this was due to the fact that Patterson allows the main characters to finally have some downtime, when they are not being chased/hunted by the Erasers (a human/lupine combination that are the warriors/hunters - the bad guys). Max and the rest of her flock actually attend a real school where they interact with normal kids. This time off allows the reader, and Max and Company, to catch our breath. Throughout the first novel, they were constantly running. They do a lot of running and hiding in this novel, but the break is well deserved. For all of us.

    That said, you still don't know what this is all leading up to. Max still has a Voice in her head, guiding her, teaching her, talking to her. But who is the Voice? Where does it come from? Another point that was driving me crazy - how do the Erasers know exactly where they are, where they are heading? Do the kids have tracking devices planted in them? Are there spies everywhere? Also, for what purpose were they created? What is going on with these 'visions' that Max keeps having? And Jeb, the Father Figure, what is his role in all of this? Not one of these questions have yet to be answered, and we are on the second novel.

    I really hope that Patterson sees fit to answer some of these annoying questions in the next novel. Perhaps he will take some time to read some other authors' serial novels to discover that each can stand on their own. I think that isn't too much to ask - give us some purpose as to reasons why there is an Angel Experiment. As you may guess, I was disappointed by this novel. The title includes "School's Out Forever," which I thought meant that there would be some answers. Not this time.

    Even with these issues, it was an enjoyable, fast read. Patterson puts the main characters in some normal circumstances/surroundings; we get to see them interact with other kids their own ages, they date, and the kids get to go to Disney for a day. :-) ...more info
  • Awesome!
    James Patterson wrote an amazing, interesting, and exciting book series with the Maximum Ride series. It is nonstop fun from the first book to the last. I would reccommend this book to anyone, from child to adult....more info
  • Maximum Ride is a great ride
    great series, just discovered it and order the newest.
    james patterson is amazing, doing different types.
    this might be a teen book, and im far from a teen, but i love Max and her friends....more info
  • Better than the first
    The second installment in the Maximum Ride series allows for the characters to grow in a way that wasn't possible in the first. While other reviewers are dissapointed in the lack of beginning-middle-end type of storytelling, it was nice to see these kids get a chance to truly be kids for a while, even if it means they go to school and have Thanksgiving dinner with a shady FBI agent. While this hold over in Virginia doesn't make for the most exciting read, it gives these hard running, hard fighting kids a chance to regain their bearings and focus on the hunt for their birth parents. This was a fast fun read....more info
  • A Maximum Ride
    The book Maximum Ride School's Out Forever was a very exciting read. The book starts off right where the first book left off. Max, Iggy, Fang, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel are on a quest to find their parents. About a quarter of the way through the book, Iggy finds his family. He soon finds out that they only want him for the publicity that he carries with him. That is because all six kids are human-avian hybrids. This means that they are half bird, half human. I won't give anything else away, but that the book grabs ahold of you and won't let you go. I recommend that when you finish reading this review that you go and get a copy of this book. Enjoy!...more info
  • Maximum Enjoyment
    I found this book to hold my attention throughout. I hated to put it down and found myself continuing reading whenever I had a spare minute. I recommend it for those whose imagination holds no limits and enjoy something out of the ordinary. I plan to get the first book in this series to get the full story behind how things started....more info
  • A great sequel!
    I read this installment rather quickly. It was a real page turner. Catching up with the group, and taking it to the next level. Some surprises are around every other page it seemed. I won't really reveal any plot, although at this point, most people have read it several times, at least. I find it a refreshing, exhilerating story. I am eagerly awaiting 3. Patterson writes with a style that keeps readers, well reading. I loved the original adult versions, When The Wind Blows, and the Lake House, but when it reinvented the seris for YA readers, I was impressed with them as well. ...more info
  • Boo
    I'll admit, I enjoyed the first book. It was cute, clever, and I liked the idea. But the second book made me angry due, particularly at one character- Angel. A cute, six-year old girl with pure white wings who can read minds and control minds and breathe underwater and talk to fish that everyone loves. I can no longer read this without wanting to bludgeon this Mary Sue over the head.

    Neither Max or Fang are too original either. Max just has an annoying personality, while Fang is the "OMG Dark mysterious pretty boy angst dark angel!!!". Yeah, like that's original.

    And don't get me wrong, I loved Iggy, Nudge, and Gazzy... Iggy had a little bit of page time, but the others? Max mentioned in the first book that she spoke all the time, but I can barely remember her. Gazzy is the worst though. As the older brother of Angel, he holds nothing in comparison to her superspeshulness. While Angel can do so many magical things, Gazzy farts. You heard me... infact, his name is literally 'Gasman' while his sister is some Holy Being to the rest of the group!

    Don't waste your time on this book unless you like unoriginal characters and Mary Sues....more info
  • i've reread this book, IT'S GREAT!!!
    In the second book of the Maximum Ride trilogy the kids find themselves going to school for the first time. I think that this book was a little bizzare but good. I think that the author took the erasers to a whole new level of creepy! Max and her gang are all in school and being taken care of by a woman that they met at the hospital. Max and her gang find out that each one of themselves have a new type of power than before. I think that this book is very revealing about Max nd her gang....more info
  • Loved It, Loved It....and the dog talks, too!
    This second book is even better than the first one...You will laugh outloud at times. ...more info
  • great series
    Great series, it keeps you guessing how are they going to get out of the next situation and if one of them is a spy. Enjoyed this book as much as the first one in this series. ...more info
  • Thriller!
    Thank you James Patterson!

    This book was the thrilling (see above) sequel to `The Angel Experiment'.

    Ari is back, and thirsty for Max's blood. While the Flock is traveling, Fang gets deathly injured by the Erasers, and they are forced to accept help from FBI agents that know suspiciously a lot about them.

    It's a wonderful, enjoyable book that you can read again and again. As always, there are a few flaws, but everyone is willing to put them aside to enjoy this book.

    But I would like to list the flaws, and see if anyone else is also thinking them.

    One, why didn't Max be a BIT more suspicious of the FBI agents? They knew tons of stuff about them, and yet they hadn't done anything about the School or the Erasers of Jeb Batchelder. Either they were cold, callous agents out for no one but themselves, or they were fakes.

    Two, why didn't Max just go ahead and use Jeb and **** as punching bags after the huge confrontation scene, just to let them know why they didn't want to go after her again?

    Three, why didn't the Flock leave after they found out about the School being a ***** before it was a School? The secret tunnel? Come on! They should have left long before they did.

    Four, how does Total know so much about culture, even before he started watching tons of TV while they were at school? Is he a traitor too?

    Five, what up with Max II? First she understands Max's loneliness, next she hates her because she was made to be Max, not the original one.

    And last but not least, why did Fang kiss a girl when he knew Max had feelings for him?

    Beside all that, it was a perfect book, and I excited about the fifth one!...more info
  • Schools out forever
    done with Max. and the ghost writer that wrote this for patterson needs to try something new for a career...more info
  • This one's OK, but the final in the series is lousy - beware!
    I recognize that this book is written for a younger audience, but I thoroughly enjoyed both #1 & this one in the series. However, when I read the third one I was completely disappointed. I really wish I had never gotten started. I'm rating this with 2 stars even though I enjoyed the book because it is part of a series and the conclusion to the series was so lousy I would have wanted to know ahead of time...

    NOTE: My rating is due to the conclusion of the series and not this specific book. I'm not saying I didn't like how the author chose to end it - I'm saying that the last book doesn't tie up loose ends and as such leaves you with a "where's the last 50 pages?" feel...

    If you're interested in why I disliked #3 so much just click the "see all my reviews" button and look for my review of that book....more info
  • Light and fun, and you know what you're gonna get :)
    Ah... a Patterson book with only his name on the cover. Don't see that very often these days! I love the bird kids, okay? I admit it. I actually like Patterson's very short chapters style, it makes it easy this time of the year when I have to grab my reading in short little bursts. These books are easy reading and a lot of fun. This one was no different. A must for bird kid fans :)...more info
  • Maximum Ride
    Great scecond part to the series. Good read for the teens in your life. Exciting,Good read from James Patterson. Leaves you wanting to read more on the characters. Written for the young (teens or tweens) to read. Keeps up with the James Patterson reputation. Even though written for the younger some of James Pattersons followers will enjoy reading the series too. Easy read!...more info
  • Preteen loves it
    I bought the Max Ride series for my preteen grandchildren. I read them first and had some concerns about the level of violence but realize reading a book allows the reader to adjust the violence. My 9 year old made through thefirst Book(Angel Experiment) in less than a week and loved it. She passed it on to her sister and is devouring the next one....more info