The Camel Club
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Conspiracy theories--everybody has one. The difference with this conspiracy is that it's all too real. David Baldacci's The Camel Club takes readers inside the Beltway as four unlikely misfits struggle not only to survive, but to save their president and their country from a plot that will lead to nuclear disaster.

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Conspiracy theories--everybody has one. The difference with this conspiracy is that it's all too real. David Baldacci's The Camel Club takes readers inside the Beltway as four unlikely misfits struggle not only to survive, but to save their president and their country from a plot that will lead to nuclear disaster.Bestselling BaldacciLast Man StandingThe WinnerTotal Control The Simple TruthAbsolute PowerSaving Faith

Customer Reviews:

  • Camel Club dissapoints
    As I read this book I was rollng my eyes and thinking that it had to get better. This novel doesn't get better unfortunately, it just gets more hackneyed and contrived with an unmistakable antiAmercan slant that drips from the page after page. It seems as if Baldacci wrote ths one in about as much time as it took to read it. Wow was this bad. ...more info
  • Fun characters
    David Baldacci's Camel Club introduces us to the quirky fun characters that give the book its title. The fact that the "club" lives on through 3 subsequent books illustrates that this is a winning formula. The Camel Club is a group of eccentric middle aged men who enjoy meeting and investigating conspiracy theories. They happen upon a murder and are quickly thrown into the middle of the biggest conspiracy theory of them all.

    The author introduces a lot of characters to the mix, but he does a good job of bringing everyone together for the finale. My only complaint about the book is that much of the dialogue between the club members sounds like something out of Scooby-Doo. At the end, I was expecting someone like Velma to pull off the bad guy's mask. However, don't let that discourage you from reading this fine novel....more info

    If you see the name James Naughton on an audiobook you can count on a noteworthy performance. Actor, singer, director; he can do it all. He's a two-time Tony Award winner (Chicago and City of Angels), plus his debut solo album was recorded in 2003. Naughton directed the production of Our Town starring Paul Newman for Broadway and PBS. Now, if he directed Paul Newman, you know he has to be better than good.

    If you need further proof, don't miss hearing his narration of The Camel Club. I've listened to it twice and would happily do so again. His voice is distinct, deep, resonant. His reading is almost understated as he narrates with calm confidence as suspense mounts. It would have been easy to over dramatize the following intense opening lines - Naughton doesn't make that mistake. In modulated tones, letting Baldacci's words stun we hear: He was running hard, bullets embedding in things all around him. He couldn't see who was shooting, and he had no weapon to return fire. The woman next to him was his wife. The young girl next to her was their daughter. A bullet sliced through his wife's wrist, and he heard her scream. Then a second bullet found its target and his wife's eyes widened slightly. It was the split-second bulge of the pupils that signaled death before one's brain could even register it. As his wife fell, he raced to his little girl's side to shield her. His fingers reached for hers but missed. They always missed."

    So begins David Baldacci's tense story of four men obsessed with conspiracy theories. They meet one evening on an island in the Potomac River. The group, led by a man who has taken the name of Oliver Stone, had intended to share ideas. So much for good or bad intentions. They witness a killing, staged to look like a suicide.

    Before long they join forces with Secret Service agent Alex Ford to combat an evil that would cause ultimate destruction.

    There have been odder heroes but few such compelling scenarios as Baldacci laces his narrative with contemporary issues and events, all of which serve to make his chilling premise alarmingly real.

    - Gail Cooke

    ...more info
  • Action packed!!
    Love Baldacci!!! This was my first but I have now read most of his works....more info
  • What a glorious ride!!
    You can read the reviews of others who write much better than I to get ideas about the plot and so forth. I just wanted to get in here and comment that this book is well written and kept me caught up in the story all the way to the end. It is escape in it's purest form. Don't look for reality here but get caught up in what COULD happen! Lot's of intensity at the end and entertainment all the way. Getting ready to start reading the sequel 'The Collector's' right now. Enjoy!!...more info
  • What a diatribe!
    I did think something was going to happen to overturn the pro-terrorist leanings of the book. But it never happened, and I'm more than 1/2 way thru. I'm done. I will never finish this book....more info
  • offensively idiotic
    I did not believe that anybody could match idiocy of J.Patterson's books, now we have a very strong contender in the field.
    ...more info
  • Great book and a new FAN!
    I had the honor of meeting David Baldacci a couple weeks ago and I must say he is a very nice person and considerate of others. Because I needed something for him to sign, I picked up a copy of The Camel Club, didn't know what I was getting, just picked it up because I had never read one of his books before! Well, let me just say that it is a great book, quite the thriller for someone who doesn't normally read thrillers. I ended up buying the entire series.

    Enjoy it, it's very good!

    I am the author of:

    One Boy's Struggle: A Memoir: Surviving Life with Undiagnosed ADD...more info
  • Too Slow
    When the author when into a two+ page tangent on the Library of Congress he lost me. The first 100 pages don't move. I quit at p. 107. Several of his earlier works were much better....more info
  • Baldacci Outdoes himself!
    This is a don't miss book. Not only has Baldacci created a plot with such twists and turns as to make the reader absolutely giddy, he has created characters that are at once believable and quite amusing. This page-turner grabs the reader from the first paragraph and keeps the reader turning pages until the last word....more info
  • Camel Club gets 4 Humps!
    Great story. Baldacci uses a great sense of world affairs and superbly wrought characters to keep the pages turning in this espionage, political, action story. The only thing I would critique would be the passages where Mr. Baldacci attempts to educate his readers on the finer details of Islam. At times the story got a bit textbookish in that regard. Also, some of the foreshadowing ended up tipping the writers hand so that I was able to predict the events before I read them. Notwithstanding, the stiil was well conceived and was a real page-turner....more info
  • Forced myself to finish this book.
    I only bought this book because I mistakenly picked up Stone Cold not realizing it was a series. I started reading it and felt like I was missing something so I looked online and realized there were 2 books I should have read before reading Stone Cold.

    Anyways, I never would have finished this book if it wasn't part of a series. I forced myself to read it because from the little I read of Stone Cold I was hooked and I wanted to get to know the characters so I wasn't confused about who they were. I can normally finish a book this size in 2 to 3 days. This book took me 2 weeks to finish. The storyline is confusing and all of the abbreviations made my eyes cross. I had trouble keeping certain characters straight. It was just a long, drawn out book that needed to be shortened and simplified.

    Really the only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because I love the characters. Olive, Reuben, Caleb, and Milton are refreshing and insightful. I enjoyed their personalities and different quirks. Milton's OCD had me laughing and feeling incredibly empathetic for him. Reuben strikes me as a giant teddy bear who would do anything to protect the one's he loves.

    I'm currently reading the second book in this series, The Collectors, and I will say the pain of finishing The Camel Club was worth it because The Collectors is wonderful. I'm zipping threw it like I do most books. ...more info
  • Eccentric Group of Guys, Interesting Times
    A great book about an eccentric group of buddies in the Washington DC area. They could be any group of friends, like you and me, that just happen to be in very interesting places, during suspicious times. They use their individual talents to thwart the bad guys, who are very real and dangerous. The story line is more than believeable and makes you wonder. The liasons they make, leave you waiting for the next installment, but very pleased with the way everything is tied up in the end. I can't wait to find out what they do with Jerry Bagger in the next book!...more info
  • Mystery Lover
    Camel Club is a book that can not be put down. The author holds your attention, a page turner. ...more info
  • The Camel Club
    Great characters - a story that spins and twist and is so well resolved in the end. I want to read about these four main charaters ("The Camel Club") again...more info
  • Writer sympathizes with Middle East/bash USA
    This writer is not even close to Grisham in story telling talent. He uses shallow characters and a lame story to spout his USA bad/Middle East innocent opinion. It's all very tiresome. I stuck with it hoping the characters might blossom but they are way too weak. Don't waste your time. Get a Vince Flynn or John Grisham and enjoy a good story with interesting characters....more info
  • Just curious...
    When Hemingway met with the man referred to as just the Arab in Frankfurt, were there any leftist talking points the Arab missed? I literally laughed when he said, "You have only 5% of the world's population but consume 25% of the energy." That was one of about twenty liberal talking points he managed to get out in about two pages. I felt embarrassed for the author after reading that exchange....more info
  • The Camel Club
    This novel is the best among the best in terms of plots. I could not put it down once started. Strongly recommend....more info
  • Great Seller
    Book came super fast, condition was as is stated. Will definitely look forwards to doing business again...more info
  • The Camel Club
    This book arrived on time. It was a little smaller than a standard book but is no prblem reading. I'm half way thru it.
    ...more info
  • Camels?
    This was a very enjoyable book. The story line was entertaining and the book was well written. Excellent read!...more info
  • Poor
    The blurb on the back states that Balducci is "one of the world's most read writers", 20mil copies sold blah blah. If that's true, you would think that he would be at least a half decent writer......

    Problemo Uno: How many freakin cardboard "characters" do we need in a cheap thriller?
    a. The Camel Club itself has four or five members
    b. Then there's a bunch of cops and Secret Service agents - Alex Ford, and his female (tough, Southern, daddy's little girl - original this ain't) partner, Simpson, not to be confused with his love interest, whatshername, who works for the Justice Department.
    c.Then there are the bad guys - some arabs, some Americans, some soldiers, some CIA, some on the inside, some on the outside - and some other good guys.
    d. Then there's also the president, who life is in danger, and his national security advisor, also key to the plot.

    If you're not a lazy dumbass like me you can probably think a little and try and remember who everybody is. You could probably also add some non f-words to your everyday vocabulary too, but what's the point?

    Probleme Deux: Sure many tomes in this genre are derivative, but this just feels like the taped together fag end in the bottom of a Friday night trash can. There is not one jaunty, original thought or sentence in this whole slock. For instance the Camel Club go to an old bookstore. "Reuben was inside reading a Dickens masterpiece". Right, buddy. Inspiring. Next time take the two minutes to Google a few Dickens titles and find one that might link to your plot. Paste it in. Or is it that they just go to the museum and look at a Van Gogh masterpiece, a John Moore masterpiece, read a Tolstoy masterpiece and then retire with some "fine whisky and a nice smooth cigar".....

    ...more info
  • You Really have to Suspend Disbelief to Enjoy This Novel
    David Baldacci is an entertaining writer, but his plots border on the absurd in many cases. THE CAMEL CLUB isn't terrible, but the plot is so overblown and silly that I ultimately didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. In the end, the reader is expected to swallow too many silly events and coincidences that would never happen in real life.

    Another problem with THE CAMEL CLUB is that it begins too slowly, and has too many characters to keep track of. The first 200 pages really consist of little more than Baldacci introducing his large cast of players. Things improve considerably after the first 200 pages, however, once the story gets moving. The last part of this book is quite fast-paced and exciting, if you can tolerate its sheer level of absurdity.

    As many other reviewers have commented, Baldacci has an agenda in THE CAMEL CLUB, and he's not subtle in how he expresses it. He's very critical of US foreign policy, and American ignorance of foreign affairs in general. Many of the Americans in this book are caricatured as narrow-minded buffoons. While I don't necessarily disagree with some of Baldacci's political points, I was turned off by the heavy-handed way he expressed them in this book.

    In short, THE CAMEL CLUB is a subpar effort from Baldacci. If you've never tried his work, I recommend ABSOLUTE POWER as a superior alternative.

    ...more info
  • Another Baldacci Great
    David Baldacci manages to tell a serious story against the backdrop of the nation's capital in a sort of different way. In 'The Camel Club,' Baldacci introduces us to several friends who make up the Camel Club, a small club that is dedicated to uncovering the conspiracies of the government. They are all interesting characters (the leader calls himself 'Oliver Stone') who start out investigating a murder that they witness. This plunges them headlong into a conspiracy at the highest levels.
    On the side, we are introduced to another group of characters preparing for something in the small town of Brennan,PA which is named after the fictional president that Baldacci made up. He gives you some details of what they are preparing to do, and you know that it's going to be something BIG. It takes two-thirds of this long book to set up the murder mystery by the Camel Club, and the events shrouding Brennan, PA.
    When the stuff goes down in Brennan, the book REALLY takes off. I won't spoil anything, but the story takes some major turns.
    Another excellent book by David Baldacci....more info
  • Liked the trivia - dislike the political views
    I had a tough time keeping the characters and names straight in the first few chapters. The story line was ok - although fairly unbelievable. I did read it to the end and definitely thought that was a bit foolish....more info
  • The Camel Club
    I was very pleased with the book, its condition, and the service from the seller....more info
  • B Movie
    When I first started the book I thought it was interesting. I thought the characters were decent. Most of the secret service protocol stuff and how the president travels is accuarte. Baldacci knows his stuff or it seems anyways but the book becomes a B movie you see on Showtime. The president travels with a thirty car motorcade with some of the most sophisticated communication and weapon arsenal fathomable. Theres no way ever terroists could accomplish whats accomplised in the book. Besides the 4 suburbans of secret service agents, personal militia, snipers, air support and everything else theres backup in case something like this happened. It was entertaining but unrealistic. i thought Oliver Stone and the camel club were great but even Stones back story is still hidden within the text. I found myself getting lost at murder mountain trying to keep up with the circus atmosphere. I wouldnt have even blinked if Baldacci mentioned clowns on stilts kidnapping the president. The author had me fooled from the beginning. The book was too long and drawn out with sub par dialogue. Still enjoyable but could have been a lot better with less words and characters....more info
  • okay, not great
    I had a tough time keeping all of the characters straight when I first started to read the book. Thought that some of the story lines were a little far fetched and somewhat boring. I kept wondering when the book would come together, there seemed to be 3 different plots going on. It's an okay book, not great, I almost gave up on reading it, only reason I kept on going was because I wanted to get my money's worth and atleast finish the book....more info
  • Held my attention to the end.
    Like most Baldacci books this one is longer than it should be but it held my interest on a long drive. With the distractions of driving while listening, the unabridged book is best as you can 'miss' some of it and still keep the flow going. Well spoken audio book worth the money....more info
  • The Camel Club plods like one
    Nobody loves a conspiracy theory more than me. But not this one. Mainly because its not a thriller so much as a thinly disguised attempt to tell us we really are the Great Satan, and that Americans would be better off with a Socialist government, and that peace is attainable only if we give half of our wealth to the Muslims of the world.

    First, the book. It seems that there's a conspiracy within Homeland Security, and that only 4 or 5 well placed people there can actually dupe the whole multi-billion dollar system. Ok. I've had to suspend belief beyond this chidish assumption, so let's soldier on. Then, we plod along for almost 400 pages, where we learn the following:
    1. The world's resources should be doled out equally to the world's inhabitants like a plate of Grandma's tasty pastries, because she'll never make another one, and that's the only fair thing to do.
    2. Good decent Muslims only came to hate us because of Iraq.
    3. But for the first two points, there would be peace in the middle east.
    4. Mentally deranged geniuses and hobos can save the world, without telling anyone.
    5. Our government officials, gloating over our superiority, are kept from raining nuclear weapons on the world without provocation only by the slimmest of fortuitous events.

    Good lord.

    The Camel Club has an unnecessarily confusing beginning, a tediously, plodding middle and finishes so abruptly and implausibly we're left with the impression Balducci either tired of writing or his editors forced him into a timeline.

    In the last 100 pages, we're introduced to new characters of such malicious, evil stupidity that the whole book could have been written about them. Here they are only used to bring some strange and bizarre ending.

    In the Camel Club, we give Balducci virtually 600 pages of our precious time to prove why Americans are at fault for 9/11 because we really are the Great Satan. He does a terrible job, and ends up revealing the argument for the tragic parody it really is.

    I've tried to like David Balducci. I really have. But really, this guy gets rich doing this? Please. And in the middle of a war yet. What an insulting time to display his insidious and childish sermonizing....more info