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Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Bourne Sanction
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After so many adrenaline-soaked years risking his life, Jason Bourne is chafing under the quiet life of a linguistics professor. Aware of his frustrations, his academic mentor asks for help investigating the murder of a former student by a previously unknown Muslim extremist sect called the Black Legion. The young man died carrying information about the group's terrorist activities, including an immediate plan to attack the United States.

In Europe, Bourne's investigation of the Black Legion turns into one of the deadliest and most tangled operations of his double life-the pursuit of the leader of a murderous terrorist group with roots in the darkest days of World War II.

Customer Reviews:

  • Pretty Lackluster, I agree...
    To agree with a few previous reviewers, I thought this title was pretty mediocre compared to the earlier Bourne books, and others I've read in the genre. The plot was a bit confusing at times, but I expect some of that in an action-thriller. My main problem was that the character of Jason Bourne was incredibly shallow! Much more time was spent developing the character of his nemesis in the book.

    There were definitely a few grammatical errors and typos. Something else that annoyed me: Lustbader seems to be in love with the word "preternatural" and used it every time he could throw it in there. Why use a little-known word so often when a simpler one would suffice? Also, his knowledge of weaponry, spycraft, etc seems very sketchy-- an "HK 1911 .45" handgun is something that doesn't exist, for example. The action scenes and fighting scenes were confusing and difficult to understand as a reader. If you've ever read someone like Clancy, this will sound to you like it's been written by an 8th grader... Lustbader is much, much better at describing beautiful scenery and vistas than he is at describing action and espionage.

    My other problem with the book was more subjective. If you're like me, you may get tired in this day and age of things that smack of anti-Americanism. In this book, the NSA is depicted as wholly evil, and the only military man (the general) is a ridiculous caricature of every negative military stereotype you've ever heard. I realize that there need to be villains, but I found it a bit silly. The subject of waterboarding is raised, and it's treated as the most horrible, inhumane thing that's ever been seen on earth. However, numerous people are shot, stabbed, tortured and maimed in far more damaging and invasive ways without a second mention. ...more info
  • Lustbader is Lackluster
    This was a very difficult read - typos, grammatical errors, etc.

    I found the story line to be okay (at best) and was at least mildly entertained...but towards the end I was in disbelief at the number of resolutions to plots that came about by coincidental meetings, events, and even a child in Munich (with a British Accent) saying, "...right as rain" - Literally this saved the day! Lame...After the first couple coincidences that resolved tension or a dangerous situation I began to be skeptical that the book would end in any kind of dynamic way...I was right!

    Lustbader seemingly tried to put too many plot twists and "interesting" side stories into a book that he was not prepared to write out to any good felt like he was writing and all of a sudden realized that he needed to wrap things up so he had Bourne pull out his lucky rabbits foot to tie all of the loose ends up in a hurry...

    Don't waste your time on this book! Very, Very, Very disappointing ...more info
  • Save your money!
    I hope I can save someone from wasting money on this book. To say it's boring is being very kind. The pace of the story is so slow, the characters are so shallow; including Jason Bourne, and the dialogue is so predictable and trite, that you can begin to read a paragraph and just finish it yourself if you insert some trite, predictable lines. I read 60-80 books a year, I always finish a book even if I find it less then desirable. Not so with this book, halfway through and I deleted it from my Kindle, it was that BAD! I'd rather lose the intrinsic value then waste any more time with it. It is truly the worst book I have had the misfortune to (try to) read in the last 5 years.
    ...more info
  • Page turner
    The Bourne Sanction is a page turner and kept my attention the entire time.No shortage of plot or surprises. Well written and true to the Bourne tradition....more info
  • The Big Letdown
    In over 20 years of listening to audio books this is the first one I didn't finish.

    I felt it was poorly written.

    I didn't care for all the sex and bad language. It was out of character for the Bourne books, not needed. There was more sex than intrigue. ...more info
  • Average but entertaining
    I've read all of the Bourne series and while the Identity is by far and away the best, I would say this is the weaker of the Van Lustbader series, but not as bad as the Ultimatum. At least Bourne here was tough. I think that the author could have done a better job of making the characters multidimensional. The end felt rushed and the fight scenes were almost comical. For the next book I'd like to see more of the realism that Ludlum put in his books. I'd say this one is an average read. ...more info
  • Starts well but disappoints.
    I was hooked very quickly, the beginning of the book had all the makings of a great Bourne novel. Unfortunately, I felt I was let down.
    I found the story lacked the finesse that Robert Ludlum used in writing the Bourne stories or any of his novels. I believe that Ludlum could have written this novel and used every place and scenario that Lustbader used, but would have done it without the "shock" language, minimal as it was, and with a more subtle writing style that would not have needed all the explicit details presented when male characters were interacting with female characters, if you know what I mean.
    I'm certainly not a prude, but the Ludlum style of writing let the imagination work more freely, just like Bourne does. If you like Bourne, read the book. I'll read the next one, too. But if the next one disappoints as much as this one did, then that will be the last one for me....more info
  • Following the series. but felt it was lacking
    Kind of anticlimactic at some points some points were very oh ya thats right and easy to spot. Ending sounded like a bad "to be continued" DIfferent writting styles are great but the book was too long to get to some parts....more info
  • Twists
    The latest Jason Bourne adventure finds him at loose ends as David Webb, linguistics professor at Georgetown University, missing the adrenaline surges of his past exploits. So he quits to embark on another episode, this time involving a Muslim conspiracy to attack a target in the United States.

    Meanwhile, there are conspiracies in Washington involving the Defense Department aiming to take over the Counter Intelligence Agency. As each of the two plots progress with the customary twists and turns, Jason, of course, withstands more physical attacks than anyone else can stand. Not to mention dishing it out as well.

    Written with the accustomed panache of the previous novels in the series, "Sanction" has its ups and downs. It also is fairly long and hardly a light read, but it is recommended.
    ...more info
  • Not His Best
    In the past, Eric Van Lustbader has given us some great novels which were full of action and were very well written. However, particularly in this book, I feel that he has overdone what Robert Ludlum started. Ludlum's plots were fairly direct with twists at just the right moments; Mr. Van Lusbader's storyline is just frenetic. There are too many subplots, and I found that some of the more violent sections seemed to be there more to sell books than because they were integral to the story. Althogh Ludlum did not shy away from violence, he did not make it the focus of the story, which Van Lustbader seemed to do. Although I love the Bourne novels, I would not rate this as one of the best....more info
  • bourne sanction
    A continuation of a great character. Fast reading and i could not put it down....more info
  • A thriller full of murder and excitement
    Reviewed by Gina Holland for RebeccasReads (1/09)

    Remember "The Bourne Supremacy?" "The Bourne Legacy?" Or maybe you remember "The Bourne Betrayal?" Well I am here to tell you that "The Bourne Sanction" is by far the best novel of them all! The author, Eric Van Lustbader, brings back Jason Bourne of course, this time with many more thrills and adventures. Jason Bourne is trying to make a life of normalcy. He is leading a double life as a professor, a friend, and trying to escape the past. Jason's mentor and friend, Professor Specter, is aware of his restlessness and his need for something other than the life he is leading. So he asks Jason's help to investigate the murder of a former student. Professor Specter believes a Muslim Group killed the man. Specter thinks that when the man died, he was carrying a secret about terrorist groups and maybe an attack on the United States.

    This novel is action packed and is unbelievably interesting. It is a very large book, so be sure that you have plenty of time to read, because as soon as you do, you will not want to stop! As in the other Bourne novels, Jason Bourne is an intriguing, risk-taking, and intelligent character. He stops at nothing to get things done. He is always there to help other people and rid the world of nasty elements.

    Eric Van Lustbader is a very informative author. His words were very clear and to the point, and his plot was planned out perfectly until the end of the story. The novel is very well detailed as well. His writing was superb and his brilliance was well noted. I am hoping that Mr. Lustbader will be continuing the legacy of Jason Bourne and write another novel to follow this one.
    ...more info
  • Let Jason Go
    Jason Bourne is one of the great fictional characters created by a great author-Robert Ludlum-albeit he did have a few bombs. This latest Bourne book is well below the Ludlum standards-and I have read every one. This book struggles to find a decent story line, when it does it is so contrived it is pathetic.
    Save your money wait until it comes out in paper back and by the $2.00 used edition. ...more info
  • The Bourne Sanction
    I'm a Ludlum fan and I'm a Jason Bourne fan, but I'm not a fan of this book. Critique #1: Everything drags out, even the fighting scenes. Critique #2: I usually enjoy location description, but there's just too much of it. Enough already, I don't read a Jason Bourne novel to give me a geography lesson. Critique #3: Parts of the story are difficult to follow. Lots of detail but no solid reference points to put to memory. Critique #4: This is my biggest problem with the story: It's not even close to believeable. The good guys could've sent the plans FedEx or UPS or by snail mail; but what did they do? They hand carried it from one courier to another to another to another, slowing the process down just enough to allow the bad guys to catch up and kill all the couriers. The first courier could've taken a bi-plane to Washington DC, walked from the airport to the drop-off point (having a 7-course meal along the way), and found a great place to hide long before the assassin ever received his orders to get the plans and kill all the couriers. When reading suspense I will allow myself to suspend a certain amount of belief in order to have a vicarious experience; but I will not suspend every gram of my intelligence, which is what this plot demands of me....more info
  • Please stop this post Ludlum "Bourne"
    I implore the Ludlum estate to please stop this post Ludlum "Bourne" garbage. It is an absolute shame what they have done with one of Ludlum's greatest characters. Sorry if I'm being too harsh but poor Robert Ludlum must be spinning in his grave over this. ...more info
  • Bourne to be a killer Read!
    Reviewed by Nikki Pringle for Reader Views (8/08)

    When we catch up with Jason Bourne this time around, we find our hero doing his best to put the past behind him and move forward by living his life as his astute linguistic scholar alter-ego, David Webb. Memories of his beloved Marie and of his time spent in Project Treadstone under the direction of Alex Conklin still lurk beneath the surface. Bourne is not sure how much longer her can keep up the fa?ade of a college professor when within him is the heart and mind of a trained assassin.

    First, Moira Trevor requests his assistance with a security evaluation of an LNG terminal being built and readied for its first delivery of natural gas. Any threat to the depot would spell disaster for the United States economy and for the lives of the thousands of people living in Long Beach, California. While Bourne understands her apprehension and the need to review security measures before the first delivery arrives, he is determined to focus his attention on the new life he is trying to build for himself at the university.

    Shortly after, his mentor at the university, Dominic Spector, comes to Bourne with a tale of treachery, international intrigue, and a terrorist threat from an organization long thought to be dead. The Black Legion was bred during the rule of the Third Reich during World War II and unbeknownst to most, it is still in existence and more powerful than ever, working as an unseen force in the dark underbelly of Europe. Spector requests Bourne's assistance with finding out the location that the Black Legion is planning to attack.

    With an interagency war between the National Security Agency and Central Intelligence raging at home, and a mob war happening abroad, Bourne is pulled in a multitude of directions and must use all of his training to fight unknown predators at every turn. "The Bourne Sanction" is full of the pulse-pounding action that readers of the Bourne series have come to expect. Determining who is working for whom and in what capacity will test Bourne's allegiances and the truths he hold sacred. He is in for the fight of his life when the tables are turned and the hunter becomes the hunted. Eric Van Lustbader takes readers on a thrill ride with enough twists and turns to leave them dizzy, breathless, and longing for more.

    ...more info
  • No delivery, no reply to my emails
    I've never recieved this book or a reply to my emails to this company. This is a bad company to deal with....more info