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Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson, Book 3)
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When her former boss and mentor is arrested for murder and left to rot behind bars by his own kind, it's up to shapeshifting car mechanic Mercy Thompson to clear his name, whether he wants her to or not. And she'll have to choose between the two werewolves in her life-whether she wants to or not.

Customer Reviews:

  • I love the Mercy series
    A little shocking towards the end, but I love how strong she is. I can't wait until the next book....more info
  • Hooked on Mercy!!!
    I never thought I would find a series that I liked as much as the Twilight series. I am so excited I found Patricia Briggs! I read both book 1-Moon Called and book 2-Blood Bound and loved both of them. All the characters in the book are so likeable and you really want to read on and find out what happens to them. There is suspense, magic, werewolves, vampires, withches, and a little va-va voom chemistry with some of the characters and Mercy. Cant wait to read them all, and keep them coming!!!!...more info
  • Finally, Mercy gets some strength & bravery!
    Zee calls in the favor Mercy owes him. She has to walk around murder scenes on a fae reservation and use her coyote senses to try to sniff out the scent of the murderer. She figures it out, and Zee and Uncle Mike go to confront the murderer, but find him dead instead. Police arrive and pin the murder on Zee. The fae are content to let Zee rot in jail and be executed so humans will not probe into their world. Mercy cannot let Zee go down for something she knows he didn't do, so she investigates on her own ... and in the process angers the Gray Lords, the fae leaders. She also stumbles upon some very dangerous people and creatures, but will not stop her search for the true killer, even though her life is in danger.

    I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but Mercy grew on me. I didn't care for her in the first two books, but in this one, boy oh boy, it changed. I loved Mercy. She has a heart of gold and is loyal and brave and loving. She will walk through fire for someone she cares about. I'm really happy she finally made a choice between Sam & Adam. Towards the end, Mercy went through a very horrible experience, and I cried all the way through it and straight through to the end of the book. What happened to Mercy is something that's very hard for me to read about, but it was handled well and helped me to relate more to Mercy and truly care for her character. Iron Kissed was a roller coaster ride from start to finish and I definitely recommend it....more info
  • What???
    If you've read the first two books in this series and really enjoyed them as a diversion from a world where everything is too violent and too real (after all you're reading FANTASY for a reason, right?) I've got news for you, with this book Patricia Briggs has completely and irrevocably changed her main character and the nature of these books. Unless you enjoy reading the kind of violence to women with which our society is already overly saturated DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. You'll have to find some other extremely talented author to read; one who doesn't get tired of her character and takes the easy way out for the last 50 or so pages of her book. By the way, good luck with that search, let me know how that goes. Oh and by the way, don't you think publishers should give you your money back when you buy one thing and get another? Kind of truth in packaging?...more info
  • Daring and Heart Wrenching
    In Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson Series, Book 3), Mercy is called in to help yet another set of magical creatures- the Fae. A murderer is on the loose on the Fae Reservation and the secretive Fae know they must find the murderer quickly or the non-magical press will be breathing down their necks. Hence their call to Mercy- she's got a good nose and a vested interest- her mentor and beloved friend Zee is fae.

    When Zee is arrested for the murder- the ante is upped. Mercy must find the true killer or the Fae will let Zee to take the fall- because they've got some secrets of their own.

    As things are falling apart for the fae, things are solidifying for Mercy. The Samuel-Mercy-Adam love triangle is settled and just in time too because when the killer figures out Mercy is on to him he'll stop at nothing to stop her and she'll need her true mate to pull her through what happens in the ultimate confrontation.

    Although this entry into the Mercy Thompson series seemed shorter, it pack quite an emotional wallop. Just when you thought there was nothing our feisty heroine couldn't handle, Briggs throws a set of circumstances at Mercy that not too many authors would dare do to a beloved, MAIN, character.

    I read some reviews that slammed Briggs for doing what she did to Mercy, calling it a clich¨¦. Clich¨¦'s are clich¨¦ because they're true- over and over again. And the reality of what happened to Mercy made the novel work for me. No I didn't like what happened- but that the author dared to go there- well, it made the novel that much better. And when a pack mate lets her man know what's really going on? It wrecked me. LOVED it.

    Daring and heart wrenching, the author "went there" and Iron Kissed is all the better for it.
    ...more info
  • Have Mercy
    Pretty much the first words of a review for this book are "Holy crap!" I've enjoyed the Mercy Thompson books for the werewolf faction and that Mercy is a strong, independent female lead character. She has fended off werewolves, vampires, and demon sorcerers. Here she is called in by her mentor Zee to the fae reservation to try and help identify the being that has killed seven fae there. From beginning to end, I found this book intriguing and feel it is the strongest book in the series. Not only is Mercy dealing with the fae-murders but she must come to a decision between Samuel, her past love, and Adam, the pack Alpha and next door neighbor. Once you reach the half way point, there's simply no putting the book down. It's much darker than the previous two books and there are some disturbing scenes also which will upset some readers. Can't recommend this book enough. Blows away Carrie Vaughn's Kitty Norville #3&4....more info
  • Enjoyable, but a bit of a cheat
    IRON KISSED is everything a reader of the previous two novels has a right to expect. Although elements of the plot are completely predictable -- Mercy will get involved in a dangerous magic-related situation, she will do it against the advice of friends and enemies, she will require the assistance of her friends, and this will put some kind of strain on her relationships with her hunky, handsome, much-much-older, paranormal sort-of boyfriends -- many of the details and some of the plot twists are not predictable. The latter are enough to keep a fantasy reader who is not a romance reader happy, but the romance portion is enough to make even some romance readers (I would think) a little bit queasy--not simply because the romance is important, and not because it is pukey (which it isn't, although it may come close), but because of the undercurrent of violence against women and capitulation to that violence.

    When I talk about violence, I am not referring primarily to the rape that some reviewers have made negative comments about. I am talking about the violence that, Mercy tells us, is implicit in male-female relations among the werewolves she was raised with and hangs out with now. Females are expected to defer to males and they can be subject to male violence at any time, particularly when they don't show due deference. Females are not allowed to live alone--and trying to live alone could be a death sentence. Females may be able to choose their own mates, but only within certain constraints, and they must choose someone. Mercy is not technically subject to these constraints, but she would have to leave her current life and her business and friends to escape them. In making a choice to be with a werewolf -- which she does, although I won't say who -- she capitulates to violence.

    Returning to the topic of rape, given the sexual subjugation of female werewolves and the constant undercurrent of violence, it would not be surprising if one of the male werewolves commit a rape. To have Samuel or Adam rape Mercy, for example, would have been much powerful (albeit devastating and cruel), and it would have followed logically from what has gone before. I think, however, that Briggs is actually fond of the violent edge of the werewolves and ambivalent about their sexual politics, and she doesn't want to spoil their edge by having one of their leaders commit such an atrocity. Instead, the rapist is a secondary character we have little or no attachment to. While virtually everything else in the novel reveals something about the world Mercy inhabits, this rape seems more like an opportunity for Briggs to be didactic. She gets to teach us that rape is at least as much a psychological violation as a physical violation, and that a woman who knows her attacker and doesn't resist is nonetheless not guilty of inviting the rape. Those are important lessons, but given the pervasiveness of violence (actual and threatened) against women in Mercy's world, they are (narratively) almost beside the point.

    Anyway, my "real" rating is 3.5. It's a (mostly) enjoyable book with some interesting plot twists, but not more than that. People mostly satisfied with the series should pick this one up, but those who got bored with book 2 can safely leave it alone....more info
  • Better than the last
    This was a good one, better than Blood Bound, because the key supernaturals in this one live up to their hype, unlike the mostly-likable evil vampires in Blood Bound. The Fae are mostly insular and private, wanting to keep their secrets and using their magic and an inhuman ruthlessness to accomplish that. But since humans now know about Fae, there's no way the Fae can live quietly enough to keep humans from sticking their noses into Fae business, because that's what humans do: when we discover a new animal, we need to observe and record it. When we find a new star, we need to map it, name it, and figure out its composition, color, strength, age, height, weight, and hair color. When we find a new element, we have to mix it up with other things to see if it'll explode. And, because our fascination with newness and our insatiable curiosity are results of our fear of the unknown, we also tend to form hate groups opposing the very things we have discovered. Like people who think of the snowy owl as an enemy, because it represents the conservationist movement. I mean: they actually hate a fluffy little owl. Along with the bleeding-heart liberals who protect it, but still.

    So this one focuses on a string of Fae murders. Mercy is brought in to help investigate, because she has both a coyote's powerful nose and a human's mind and memory, and so she is an excellent scent tracker -- which makes sense. I also liked the comment that there are not many Fae who could do the same, because that was a gift mostly given to the beast-like Fae, most of whom are gone. Mercy figures out the culprit, and Zee and Uncle Mike, the two Council members who brought Mercy in, go to take care of the problem -- only to find the problem's already been taken care of, because the murderer's been beheaded. Uncle Mike vanishes, but Zee is left to take the fall for the murder of the murderer, and the Gray Lords, who have that wonderfully pragmatic and evil policy of sacrificing any individual in order to protect the group, want Zee to die in prison just after he confesses: an open-and-shut case.

    But Mercy won't let it go. She investigates, and pokes her nose in, and fights for Zee even when Zee doesn't want her fighting for him -- Zee accepts the Gray Lord's absurd policy (Absurd because the line becomes ever more blurry over time: you sacrifice one person to save the lives of many, and then sacrifice two people to save the lives of five -- and then one to save one? Or you sacrifice one to save lives, then one to save homes, then one to save Christmas presents, and then one to save -- what, lawn ornaments? At some point you lose what you're trying to save.) and is willing to die for the Fae. Though I notice he didn't kill himself as the Gray Lords would surely have preferred.

    And, of course, Mercy gets to the bottom of it. One of the greatest strengths of these books is in the climactic action sequences: the fight with Littleton and the hunt for Littleton's creator in Blood Bound, and the last few chapters in this one. They are a great strength because Briggs doesn't overdo it; as well as she writes an action scene, the character is not action oriented; she's a mechanic with a kinda screwed-up love life involving her neighbor and her roommate (I was also glad to see that resolve in this one, and now I'm eager to see where it goes from here). Mercy wouldn't be in the thick of things all day every day, and so she isn't; this book starts out with her watching "Queen of the Damned" with Warren and Kyle, a hilarious but quiet and peaceful scene. But the final fight in this one was fantastic, both in terms of how Mercy wins, and also how Mercy suffers at the hands of the villain -- please note that I mean it was well-written and therefore fantastic; it was extremely hard to read because it was well-written, but that is ever a strength for me, particularly in books that can so easily fall into sensationalism or fluff. And, of course, the resolution was fantastic, as well. And we also got to meet some seriously scary Fae, and Zee with his cloak off, which was super-sweet. It was a great book, and I will be reading more of these....more info
  • Iron Kissed is Awesome!
    This book is awesome. I forgot I was reading, it sucked me into it's setting. I could visually see the characters, feel their emotions. I couldn't stop reading! ...more info
  • Gotta read this one too.
    Patricia Briggs succeeds again with Iron Kissed. Great story that swiftly moved me into book 4 in the series. This was shorter than 1 and 2, but just as good....more info
  • Perfection!
    Iron Kissed is the third installment in Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson series. This one grabbed me from page one and I read it straight through in one six hour sitting.

    Mercy Thompson, the mechanic and occasional coyote, proves just how gutsy and caring she is when she risks everything to save her fae friend Zee, who is imprisoned for a murder that she knows he did not commit. She wades deep into fae territory and uncovers some of their secrets, which makes her a target for murder by many in the fae community. In the end, Mercy is badly hurt, but I believe it will make her stronger as the series goes on. The steamy Adam-Mercy-Samuel triangle heats up and comes to a perfect end, but I won't spoil it by revealing who she chooses.

    This book was perfect, I can't think of one thing that was wrong here. Briggs achieved a perfect blend of paranormal mystery, storytelling, emotional realism and romance in a story full of twists and turns. In addition to creating a world full of magical, but believable characters, Briggs perfectly captures the depth of human emotion. The scenes between Mercy and Adam after Mercy's horrible ordeal were so touching that they drew a tear (or two). And when Ben started talking and we finally saw what happened to him, the tears really started to flow.

    If you're new to the series, I highly recommend that you start with book one, Moon Called. It was a little slower for me than the second and third books, but the payoff is well worth it. Enjoy!


    Some reviewers have griped about what happens to Mercy at the end. While it was graphically described and the violence that followed was brutal, I think it was handled well by the author. This is a character that surrounds herself with violent, dangerously magical beings and I have to admit that I feared something like this was coming for Mercy - I actually thought it possible in Blood Bound. It was hard to read, and yes, I do think it odd that after all of the chemistry building, she finally gives in to Adam days after a rape. But I was glad to see that she rebounded and think she will come back from it stronger than ever - she will not give her attacker the power over her that he sought by running away or stopping her life after the attack. All in all, I think that the scene with Adam should have come much later, but I think Briggs handled it well.

    UPDATE: I just read the first few chapters of Bone Crossed (Book 4) and I have to take back what I said above. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but the scene between Adam and Mercy at the end is not at all what we thought. Adam is much smarter, stronger and more considerate than I gave Patricia Briggs credit for.

    ...more info
  • Really good book by a really great author
    I don't know why it took me so long to get to this one, because I've really liked all of her other books. I think it was sold out whenever I passed the bookstore and I had to wait to be given as a Christmas present before diving in. It was well worth the wait. The series reminds me of the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris because the paranormal stuff is less important to the story than the believable regular world and the people who inhabit it. It gives you the feeling that, even if the Were stuff was taken away, there would be a basis for a good story here. Recommended to romance and fantasy lovers....more info
  • I love this series, it is great.
    Mercy is a shape shifter, but she shifts into a coyoto. She it also torn between two men, Sam who she grew up with and Adam her neighbor. Adam is the leader of the werewolf pack. The book is the third in the series and her former mentorMercy is a shape shifter, but she shifts into a coyote. She it also torn between two men, Sam who she grew up with and Adam her neighbor. Adam is the leader of the werewolf pack. The book is the third in the series and her former mentor is accused of murder and left to rot behind robs for a murder that Mercy knows know he didn't commit, she sets out to prove his innocent. Along the way, she runs into some serious trouble, toward the end of the book, the situation, becomes violent toward mercy, will she survive? Can she be she healed? I looked forward to reading the next book in the series? Do yourself a favor and read this series, you won't be disappointed. Mercy is a shape shifter, but she shifts into a coyote. She it also torn between two men, Sam who she grew up with and Adam her neighbor. Adam is the leader of the werewolf pack. The book is the third in the series and her former mentor is accused of murder and left to rot behind robs for a murder that Mercy knows know he didn't commit, she sets out to prove his innocent. Along the way, she runs into some serious trouble, toward the end of the book, the situation, becomes violent toward mercy, will she survive? Can she be she healed? I looked forward to reading the next book in the series? Do yourself a favor and read this series, you won't be disappointed. is accused of murder and left to rot behind robs for a murder that Mercy knows know he didn't commit, she sets out to prove his innocent. Along the way, she runs into some serious trouble, toward the end of the book, the situtation, becomes viloent toward mercy, will she survive? Can she be she healed? I look forward to reading the next book in the series? Do youself a favor and read this series, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • About time !
    I will admit, I wasnt a big fan of Moon Called. I think it lacked a lot of detail with regards to character interaction. Mercy went about her business in saving Adam but I still felt a lot was lacking and all the detail went into Mercy's attempt at solving the crime. I would have put the book down but given all the reviews of this series I felt maybe things may get better in the second book. And Im glad I took the chance. They really do get better and better.
    Blood Bound was great but Iron Kissed is by far my favorite. The characters are well fleshed out. We are given more of an idea about each characters personality. A lot of the underlying emotions and political ramifications are also allowed to come to light. The author really did a delightful job of with this book. And the last couple of chapters were particularly heart wrenching. Not to spoil it for any one but there were a few parts where I wanted to jump through the book to strangle Tim and really really felt for Mercy. Good thing theres going to be a book four, book three's cliff hanger doesnt ask but demands for more....more info
  • An Introduction into the Fae
    I decided that instead of back-posting all of the reviews back to when I read them, I would just slowly post the reviews in the here and now so that we can keep a review going every day even though it usually takes me a few days to finish a book.

    Today's review is on Iron Kissed, the third in the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Mercy is a Walker possessing the ability to change into a coyote at will. Unlike her adoptive family and occasional guardians her change happens quite quickly as opposed to the longer and more painful process of changing into a wolf. Mercy definitely has the quickness of a coyote, both in physical function and in wit. She's smart, funny, and has quite the ability to kick some serious butt!

    Iron Kissed brings us through the world of Mercy Thompson to visit the Fae, a very visible set of characters, yet one that we haven't got to visit in much detail yet in the series. When Mercy's former boss and current friend is indicted for murder, life turns topsy-turvy for Mercy. She finds herself in the position where she wants to help but is being kept from doing just that. What's worse is that the force keeping her from investigating the crime and freeing her friend are the Fae themselves. They don't like outsiders meddling in their affairs and despite Mercy's ability to change into the mischievous coyote, that includes her.

    When Mercy ignores the warnings surrounding her and delves farther into the mystery, she'll be confronted with much more than she is able to handle. Will she be able to conquer the Fae magic in order to protect those she cares for or will their own stubborn nature keep her from doing that? How far will she go and what exactly is she willing to lose to find the truth?

    As always, Adam and Samuel are very present in this book. Really, there's nothing better than a spicy love triangle to sweeten things up. Who will Mercy choose? The man she loves but is afraid to lose herself to or the man she loves but can never forgive? It's a difficult choice, but one that has to be made soon to protect the sanity of the entire pack.

    I will give warning: there are adult themes in this book. There are a few scenes that may be difficult for younger readers to handle. Although I LOVE the Mercedes Thompson series, I would suggest parents scan through the book first before giving it to their younger readers.

    Warnings aside, I will say that I thought this was a truly fantastic book! I loved the story and I loved the development of Mercy, Adam and Samuel especially. We really get another look into these characters and come even closer to understanding what's truly going on in those minds! By far my favorite character is Mercy. In fact, I'd have to say that she's right up in my top five favorite female characters. She's beautiful without being overly so, strong without being invincible and she has her own set of flaws. Mostly I love Mercy because she is a survivor. She shows us that life can go on after tragedy and although it's not easy, although life may never be the same, she can go on. Okay, enough spoilerness from me! The last thing I have to say is that it was great getting to see a little bit more of the Fae part of the world. I'm super excited to see where Briggs is going to go with the tidbits she left us with....more info
  • Paranormal Reader will LOVE
    So I started with Twilight, moved on to Sookie Stackhouse, then onto these. They have filled the void for paranormal romance and have become a favorite. I don't like to watch movies more than once or read books more than once. So to say that I plan to read her series again says alot. They are whitty, have a strong female character, and are very well written. I really wanted to get to the 3rd after reading this. Samuel or Adam??? I gotta know!...more info
  • Iron Kissed
    Once again Mercy gets tangled up in trouble. The action starts when she agrees to help Zee and Uncle Mike sniff out the murderer on the Fairyland reservation to end a debt she owes the fey for helping her end the vampire demon from the last book.

    Mercy determines that the murderer must be a human man named O'Donnell who works as a security guard at the Fairyland Reservation. This is puzzling news to Zee and Uncle Mike since no human should be able to kill the fey like O'Donnell managed to. Uncle Mike and Zee go to talk to O'Donnell but when they get there their suspect is already dead and the human police have just arrived and take Zee into custody.

    Since Zee is a personal friend and Mercy knows that while her old gremlin friend is capable of murder that he did not kill O'Donnell. Mercy hires the best lawyer she can find and starts digging for evidence herself.

    As usual the plot is complicated and Mercy gets in way over her head. The werewolves and her fey friends help out a lot but there is no mention of the vampires in this particular book. Once again the tension between Adam and Sam is present but in this book it comes to a head and Mercy has to make a choice.

    I particularly appreciated the last few pages of the book where the author takes some time to ponder feelings of guilt that sexual abuse victims may carry. I was almost ridiculously pleased with the revelation about Ben (the snarky, usually snarly werewolf that was abused as a child and stood up to protect Mercy). I knew there was a reason that I liked him/didn't hate him as we were obviously supposed to. That part was also particularly heart-wrenching and added a whole new human emotional depth to the story that doesn't usually find it's way into urban fantasy novels.

    I think this was my favorite of the three so far and now consider myself to be well and truly hooked on Patricia Briggs....more info
  • Bravo!
    A truly excellent third book, wether the author chooses to continue the series or end it here. Personally, I'm hoping I get to read more about Mercy, Zee, and the pack....more info
    I have read all of the Mercy books and I absolutely love them! The books and characters continue to develop and the plot is intriguing. I would definitely reccommend that you buy this book....more info
  • Another great peek into Mercy's world!!
    Well, at times this was a hard book to read...what happened to Mercy hurt me as I have really come to care about these characters. Over all though, this is a solid addition to the Mercy universe. Some felt the resolution between Samuel and Mercy wasn't quite right. I disagree. I felt it was perfect. Enabling them to stay together yet keeping her romantically with yummy Adam. I am getting ready to start Bone Crossed and I look forward to another home run from one of my favorite authors!!...more info
  • Loved it!
    The third book in this series about mechanic Mercy Thompson is a great continuation. That's saying something, since there are a lot of paranormal books out there that have good beginnings and just lose their way (or their inspiration!). Not Briggs. I was very pleasantly involved in the story as Mercy gets called in by her old boss and mentor "Zee" to investigate some murders on the Fae Reservation. Soon, Zee is in jail for the murders and Mercy knows that she is the only one who cares enough to try and clear his name. Meanwhile she is still torn between the two werewolves who love her; Samuel, the lone doctor who was her first love; or Adam, the local pack alpha who ignites her body as well as her heart. Briggs knows just how to play this and finally has Mercy make her decision. (And she chose the right one too!) Overall, these books work because Mercy is not only sympathetic, but she captures the reader's heart. I would put Briggs right at the top of the paranormal writers because even though she's on book four, she is skimping on quality or plot or heart. ...more info
  • Hooked on Mercy
    This book hooked me in and didn't let me go. I had to stay up late while my husband and daughter slept just to finish the book. My tears of sadness turned to happiness at the ending. I cannot wait for the next book to come out. I really love this series and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good werewolf/vampire/fantasy series. I am definitely hooked on the Mercy Thompson series now....more info
  • Stronger plotting than other series
    I like the world building and plotting of these books. The werewolves are more believable than in some other series and Briggs has created several very strong characters to move the story along. Mercy is refreshing in her realism. Finally, while there is romance throughout these books, you don't have to wade thru pages of tedious sex to get back to the plot, as in so many others of this genre. I rate Patricia Briggs with Kim Harrison and Kelley Armstrong for writing interesting stories that you can immerse yourself in again and again....more info
  • In the genre of "Women kick butt too"
    I'm loving these series with women who have special powers and kick butt too. I love it that Mercy is a mechanic, covered in tatoos, and isn't remotely a girly girl. This is one of those series where you can go ahead and buy all the books at once, and not be disappointed.

    There's a nice amount of romantic tension in the love triangle, but no real sex to speak of. That's only a minor flaw in my opinion, because everything else is so good. ...more info
  • Enjoying This Series
    The third book in the Mercy series, Iron Kissed, is darker than the first two. Again, I thought the strength was in the character development, but I really liked what she did with the bad guys, it was unexpected. Some readers may not like the ending - it gets a little dark and could possibly change Mercy for the worst, but I liked the author taking it somewhere different. Briggs was brave in taking her story somewhere most authors wouldn't go, and I'm glad she did. ...more info
  • A Beautiful Novel
    This was a beautiful novel. There are times when an author shows extraordinary skill and talent- this was one of those times. I have read the previous two books in the series and though I liked them, I won't go into them because this is the review for Iron Kissed. Suffice to say that Mercedes Thompson as a character has, for me, become The character above all others.

    I loved this book. Yes, the author deals with a serious issue but the manner it is done, the emotional and physical upheaval, the way the characters handled it... I am in AWE of this author. I NEVER could have written with such sensitivity, such skill. The book kept me hooked cover to cover, and I have to say that I see so many future possibilities for not just Mercy but the other characters. I feel I know Ben so much better now and am hoping to see more of him. Not to mention Zee and the Nekane. And seeing more of Adam and Mercy in an actual relationship just thrills me to no end. (I was rooting for Adam) who does not hold her back in any way and in fact, encourages her to be who she is.

    Sometimes an author hooks you on the basis of a book- well, I am well and truly hooked. I will buy her work from now on based on this one book and I am sure that I will enjoy it. Thank you, Ms. Briggs, for this foray into the world you created. ...more info
  • The Best in The Series.
    I look at Mercy as a strong independent woman. Patricia Briggs' story shows how even the strongest individuals, after such an emotional traumatic event, need someone to lean on. She won't let them take care of her forever, but for a while it is nice to know you have people willing to do things like that for you.

    Ben's explanation to Adam at the end of the book is some of the best writing I have ever read. The emotion in those few pages will stay with me for a long time....more info
  • Series keeps getting better and better
    In the latest installment of the Mercy Thompson series, we find Mercy, a walker who can turn into a coyote, in more trouble. During a night out with some friends, Mercy receives a call from her mentor Siebold Adelbertsmiter, better known as Zee. It turns out that someone has been killing the fae, so Zee enlists the help of Mercy, hoping that her nose might pick up the scent of the killer.

    The investigation leads them nowhere. Zee decides to investigate more, while Mercy heads home. Hours later, she receives a call later informing her of Zee's arrest. Mercy is determined to find out who the real killer is, even if the whole fae community wants to kill her for poking her nose in fae business.

    I just finished this book and I have to say this is the best book so far in the series. The books just keep getting better and better and as each book finishes, my love for the character Mercy continues to grow.

    Mercy does end up going through a traumatic event in this novel, which did anger some people. I was spoiled about this, so the shock value didn't hit me as hard as someone who didn't know what was going to happen. That being said, it's still shocking and hard to read. I didn't mind it so much, simply because it did show that no one is ever safe, not even supernatural characters like Mercy.

    So many female characters in urban fantasy novels rush into action alone and without back up, leaving them open to any attack, most of the time they never suffer any consequences for their action. So reading that Mercy actually didn't leave unscathed, made me love this novel even more, though I still wish she didn't have to go through that.

    The aftermath of it was heartbreaking, but it solidified my love of Mercy. I wanted to find her, give her a hug, and tell her that everything will be okay. I do understand that some people might not like this, but to me it brought the human side of Mercy and it showed that she isn't invincible. Sometimes when we do risky things, we get hurt, even if you are not human like Mercy. While it brought the human side of Mercy, I loved how it also brought the human side of Ben, who we've seen as just scary. The event, really humanized a lot of characters.

    Mercy also chooses between Samuel and Adam, which pleased me greatly. I don't mind love triangles, I just hate incredibly long love triangles that span through many, many books. If a love triangle goes through more than six or seven books, I just lose any love I had for those characters. Also, I use to watch Passions and that kind of killed my love for incredibly long love triangles. It killed my love for many things actually. Thankfully, Mercy didn't make me suffer and I was pleased with her choice.

    My only disappointment to this great novel is the lack of vampires and Stefan, but that's okay since I don't think they would have added anything to the story.

    This is an awesome book. Make sure you grab yourself a copy....more info
  • Angieville: IRON KISSED
    Wow. So this series just keeps getting more and more intense. And in such unexpected ways. I love it when an author has the ability (and the guts) to slip in a real shocker without compromising her characters or the story as a whole. In a series, that's particularly hard to do without making it seem like a gratuitous plot twist inserted merely to keep the series going. Patricia Briggs has a 7-book deal for her Mercy Thompson series and book three has shown that not only does she know exactly what she's doing, but that we can trust her. To keep her characters and her world consistent. To take them down the right paths and introduce them to the right people...or werewolves and vampires in this case.

    Mercy lives in a world where werewolves, vampires, and the fae exist side by side with humans. The first book, Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, Book 1), focuses on the werewolves. The second, Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson, Book 2), centers on the vampires, including Mercy's quirky Scooby Doo loving friend Stefan. In this third installment, coyote shape shifter and VW mechanic Mercy Thompson is called in to help the fae solve a series of murders on the local fae reservation. Soon after, her friend Zee is arrested for the murder and, just like that, Mercy's in the thick of it, determined to clear Zee's name no matter what. Add to that the increasingly imperative choice she must make between the two werewolves in her life: Adam Hauptman (the Alpha of the local pack who's already claimed her as his mate) and Dr. Samuel Cornick (the wolf she fell in love with at 16). In what is becoming classic Briggs style, IRON KISSED combines an intriguing mystery with a streak of compelling romance, interspersed with glimpses of your worst nightmares. The combination is the height of entertainment. And what holds it all together is Mercy herself. The girl doesn't know the meaning of the words back down. I absolutely love these books....more info
  • Super Reader
    Mercy the mechanic is again asked to stick her nose in it to help out a supernatural friend. That old anomalous no hulk-out coyote skinwalker condition gets you into a lot of trouble.

    Someone is bumping off fae in significant numbers, but when one of the human guards for the faerie reservation is found with his head ripped off, investigations get more urgent.

    Especially when Mercy's friend Zee gets tapped to go down for the crime.

    So, lots of googling of old fae legends to be done - and a time to be happy that several blokes interested in her happen to be werewolves with all the superpowers that that particular condition entails. More than one monster around needing a big, furry helping of canine shapeshifter justice.

    3.5 out of 5...more info
  • She destroyed Mercy. Don't waste your time or money!
    -SPOILER ALERT- I just completed reading "Iron Kissed" and I can't tell you how devastated I was. It really seemed that Ms. Briggs really hated her characters and it seemed to me after reading the first 100 pages that she was just trying to fulfill her obligation of pumping another book out, instead of respecting the characters that she worked to create. I really enjoyed the first two entries in the Mercedes Thompson series, but "Iron Kissed" was painful to read. She repeated herself over and over again to fill pages. But the real indignity was what she did to Mercedes: Date Rape. I know bad things happen to good people in real life or otherwise, but after all that she's overcome and been through, she put her through that. All I can say is wow. It seemed like Ms. Briggs took great pleasure in breaking this character down. The first two books she was confident and excited about who she was. This last book left her broken, unsure, and acting like a 16-year-old high school girl hoping that someone will love her. I think my interest in Mercedes Thompson ended with this last entry. I real cherish her first two escapades. But I'm absolutely done with the series....more info
  • Werewolves, Fae, murders, oh my...
    Gee, how many times do I use that title? Anyway, Mercy is in deep trouble. Because somebody has been killing Fae and the Fae are not happy. But do they want help? Do they want a spotlight on them and their doings? Heck no. How do you solve a crime when it may mean becoming a victim yourself? A very action packed yet mature story. And while it may seem the final book in the series it is not. Number Four is already on the way!
    Only problem I had - no vampires. Bummer....more info
  • Overall good book -- but why is sexual assault suddenly popular???
    I really like Patricia Briggs as a writer. I really liked the first two Mercy Thompson books -- the characters, the setting, the backstories, everything is thought out and well written.

    And there were even a lot of things I liked about _Iron_Kissed_, like finding out more about Zee and the fairy reservation.

    But for some unknown reason, dark urban fantasy (or whatever this particular genre is called) has developed a fixation with rape. Some series seem to have escaped that, but far too many (the first book in Kate Daniels series, both the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series, others as well) seem to have some sort of contractual obligation to write in a rape or near-rape of either the main character or someone who the main character is close to and helpless to save. I'm not sure why it's showing up in so many series, if it's suddenly become a fad among writers or if somewhere there is a group of editors who think it's the next hot thing, but I personally hate it.

    So, trying to not completely spoil everything, I'll say someone gets sexually assaulted in this book, and it's devastating for them, but I won't say who. Patricia Briggs does a good job dealing with it, in that the actual assault is not overly dwelt on in too much detail, the villain gets punished and there's a lot of good writing where the other characters help the victim deal with the trauma and get back on their feet. But I'll be a lot happier when urban / dark urban / contemporary fantasy gets over its fascination with this....more info
  • Iron Kissed climatic center was one of the best written treatment of women and rape ever done.
    First things first, this is definitely the best Mercy Thompson book so far. Just bought the 4th hardback so I may change my mind. Each one of my reviews concludes that it was the best one so far!!
    It you are too faint hearted for blood, gore, body parts, monsters, terror and rape crimes, you are in the wrong paranormal crime solving world of the Native American/shapeshifter Mercy Thompson.
    I agree with the dozens of favorable reviews, so I don't want to go over the same areas of excellent story telling, character treatment, mystery writing, thrilling pacing that Briggs brings to her Mercy novels.
    What completely blew me away was the amazing way she wrote the scene between the EVIL Tim as Mercy makes her deadly and dangerous discovery of his crimes. Back in the 70's, Susan Brownmiller wrote the groundbreaking book, AGAINST OUR WILL, which educated a generation of Americans about the ugly subject of rape and what it does to a woman and why a man would rape her. For all the good men in the world, for all the fathers, brothers, husbands who love and cherish their mothers, sisters, daughters and wives; there are indeed men who rape and pillage women. It was a hard message to read in Brownwiller's book and it is hard to read about rape in Mercy's book. It is one thing to beat up Mercy physically, it happened in the earlier books, but it was another to rob her of her emotional inner strength and will destroy her spirit with guilt, remorse, self loathing so that she was completely defeated by his vicious rape against her will. I was riveted to Mercy's agony and how the super macho werewolves needed the education that only the bad boy Ben, another abused and traumatized werewolf could see and understand. It was a terrific chapter and can be used in rape recovery groups. I never read anything so true, so real about a woman's experience with rape.
    Whew! More Mercy, mechanic, friend, lover, protector, detective, investigator, shapeshifter. More about her Native American roots please!! ...more info
  • Such a great book
    "Iron Kissed" is so much better than the other two Mercy books, which is to say a lot since both earlier books are well crafted, well written and the characters are so likeable. However, in this book, Mercy comes up as a real heroine, not because she is the main character, not because she kicks butts (she doesn't really), but because she puts true values above and beyond everything from intimidation to fear. For her friend, she is willing to walk distances, even when it leads her places no woman should have to go. And without regrets too!!!!
    As a couple of reviewers put it, Ben's plea for Mercy put tears in my eyes and will stay with me for a while.
    Patricia Briggs introduced me to the world of warewolves and I couldn't ask for a better introduction.
    You can't go wrong with the Mercy Thompson books. Get'em!!!...more info
  • Still my favorite urban fantasy series
    Still my favorite urban fantasy series so far. With each successive
    book, more of Mercy's world is revealed (about the Fae this time), and
    more hints about Mercy herself. We also see her making a decision
    about her increasingly complicated love life.

    *SLIGHT SPOILER* The assault that occurred at the end of the book
    surprised me (I had to go back and re-read the scene to make sure it
    had even happened). I thought the whole thing was handled as tastefully
    as possible, but I'm not sure why the author chose to do that. It
    feels unnecessary at this point. Maybe the author will justify the
    assault in the next book. It necessarily affected the tone of the
    book. I don't know if the author will be able to recapture the
    lighter tone of the earlier books or if she should even try given
    what's happened. We'll have to read book 4 and find out.

    Sexual Content:
    A rape is alluded to, though never described. The emotional (and, to
    a lesser degree, the physical) consequences of the rape are discussed.
    There is a reference to child abuse as well....more info
  • Obsessed with Mercy!
    Book 3 is only a week in the life of Mercy Thomspon, Walker and Mechanic extraordinaire. Mercy owes a favor to Zee after using his vampire slaying kit a 2nd time. So, she helps Zee investigate a slew of murders at the Fae Reservation. Using her coyote nose, she discovers the murderer and a few Fae secrets. Zee goes to confront the murderer only to find him already dead where the police show up and pin him for the murder. The Gray Lords want Zee to take the fall so humans will leave them alone, but Mercy isn't so keen on her friend and mentor rotting in jail. So, Mercy does what she does best: Whatever the hell she wants. As Sam put it, "Contrary is her middle name." She follows the trail and her instincts to the true murderer and makes several other discoveries along the way: She discovers her true feelings for Sam and Adam; She discovers her strengths and weaknesses; She discovers her friends.

    I could not put this book down! I love Mercy! She isn't whiny (Didn't Bella just get on your nerves? Ugh!) She has powers of her own. And even if they aren't as powerful as all those around her, she sure knows how to use them to her advantage and to undermine others. She has her own life to live. She isn't afraid to do what she wants. She can think through the mystery without worrying about too much. She still has her weaknesses, though, which make her real. And, she still manages to piss people off, including a Gray Lord. =) But Mercy wouldn't be Mercy if she didn't ruffle any feathers. I love how the Gray Lord tells her, "I like you. You play an underhanded and subtle game--and like Coyote, you shake up the order of the world." That sums up what Mercy does in this supernatural world--she shakes things up.

    The book has lots of action, lots of intrigue, lots of passion between Mercy and her chosen, and lots of heartache with a disaster at the end. I applaud Briggs for allowing her heroine to win some and lose some, and she lost some in the end. It was handled very well. I was a little concerned with the end of the book, until I got a sneak peek at Chapter 1 of Book 4.

    All in all, if you love the Mercy Books, you'll love this one as well. I can't figure out which one I like the best, they are all very well done....more info