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Definitely Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 6)
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Product Description

Sixth in the Anthony Award-winning Southern Vampire series.

Spiked with a frothy fusion of romance, mystery, and fantasy, this bestselling series sends the supernaturally gifted cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse to New Orleans, where she has to deal with the legacy of one of her own family and a host of potentially dangerous characters.

Customer Reviews:

  • LOVED IT!!
    I am so thrilled I found Charlaine Harris and her wonderful characters like Sookie, Bill, Eric, Sam, ETC...If you'd like to enter the world populated with vampires, weres and more read the Southern Vamp Mystery Series by Harris. They are all wonderful!!!...more info
  • Stackhouse is my hero....
    The Southern Vampire series is perhaps one of my favorite. Ms. Harris has just the right balance with her heroine, Sookie Stackhouse. Telepathic Sookie is a down to earth Southern girl who is neither "superwoman" nor helpless. All Stackhouse books are well written,humorous, intriguing, and the characters are interesting.

    What's nice is that although this is one in a series, each book can stand alone in it's story and although I urge readers new to the Southern Vampire novels to read them in order, BUT you won't have any problem understanding the action without reading the other books.
    The books also set us up for the next book in the series - not in a ridiculous cliff-hanger type of way, but by providing a nice sense of anticipation.

    Harris is a wonderful writer - definitely one of my favorites - with a very imaginative world. The world she is creating has widened and is rapidly filling with lots of potentially interesting adventures for Sookie.

    Ms. Harris is one of those authors that makes me wish the heroine was my best friend. Usually characters are farily likable. Sometimes the characters are awful but the authors try to coax us along by having them be either misunderstood or mentally damaged, then we forgive them and they get the man.

    Charlaine does not have to resort to such trickery because all the characters are perfect. They have weird quirks, good southern names, and even more charm.

    Whenever I finish a Stackhouse books, I run to go the bookstore.......more info
  • Sixth book in the Sookie Stackhouse series
    For those who've followed Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series, "Definitely Dead" is another enjoyable novel about our slightly ditsy heroine whose life gets more and more complicated now that various supernatural creatures are coming out of the woodwork in the town of Bon Temps. The first couple of books featured Sookie's relationship with vampire Bill Compton but then that all fell apart and Sookie found herself spreading her wings a little within the supernatural community; yes, she's a human, but she's also a telepath and this means that she finds herself in some very unusual situations.

    A lot of books in the vampire/werewolf genre are terribly predictable - you read the blurb on the back and you know pretty much the whole plot. The Sookie Stackhouse series, like Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series, aren't like this - I don't really have a clue what's going to happen next when reading these books and they're a fun ride. There are some darker moments in the stories and "Definitely Dead" has these where Sookie finds out something very distressing which preys on her mind a lot, but there are also a lot of lighthearted and amusing moments, particularly in Sookie's matter of fact thoughts about people and events.

    The previous book to this one, "Dead As A Doornail", was the best of the bunch in my opinion although I was rather taken aback by Sookie's man-attracting powers; she actually has six - count 'em, six! - males after her. Interestingly, in this book we actually find out why that is and the field reduces a little as well. I found that rather more satisfying and realistic; yes, Sookie's a nice young lady but I couldn't quite see the appeal in the last book, especially as murder and disaster seem to follow her around and would surely be offputting to most chaps. This book worked that out a little better.

    However there was a little bit of a disappointment in this story for me. I've been a big fan of Bill Compton throughout the series and I was pretty disappointed when he had his fling in an earlier book; well, he gets a very bad press in this book although with a glimmering of opportunity for redemption. I wish she'd see sense and realise that he's the solid, dependable and safe (ish!) kind of person, as well as her first love, but she seems intent on plouging a different furrow and I find myself, as a reader, a bit annoyed with Sookie sometimes. In these more recent books Sookie has a different beau in each instalment and that can be a little awkward - still it adds for variety.

    We meet most of the familiar characters in this book - Bill, Eric, Quinn the Weretiger, the Vampire Queen, Claudine the fairy and more. Some characters take more of a back seat than in other episodes (Jason, Alcide, Sam) and some threads of the plot are just lightly continued so I imagine we'll read more about them in future books. It's worth reading this series in the right order as the backstory in each episode isn't complete; having recently read the first in the series, "Dead Until Dark", I did find the events with Bill in this book a little bit unlikely - probably the case of the author having a better idea a long way through the series and 'adjusting' the events in the earlier books to fit her plans.

    For those who've loved the previous books in the series this will be equally enjoyable. Murder, mayhem, shapeshifting, bartending, romance, vampires, plotting - it's all there again. I'm not sure how many more books the series will sustain before Sookie starts seeming like a nymphomaniac madwoman but she's not quite there yet - read and enjoy!
    ...more info
  • Exciting
    This book turned out to be one of my favorites of the stackhouse series. There is action x2 so it really gives you alot to read. You really just want to kick Bill in the butt but I will not spoil it but is a must read..
    Lots of things come into play with this book and things are making more sense....more info
  • True Blood fans rejoice
    For all fans of HBO's True Blood, Charlaine Harris' series is a must read! The TV show keeps amazingly close to the spirit of the books, although the story lines vary a little (so expect some surprises after all).

    These books are clever, original, well written and (unlike some other famous vampire series) sexy and a quick read. I know you will enjoy!...more info
  • Easy read!!
    I love this author!! The books are fun, and sexy. I hope that she contiues to write with such wit, and easy humor. I can't wait for the next chapter in Sookies life!!...more info
  • The Mighty Quinn
    Sookie Stackhouse, telepath and barmaid, can't seem to shake the trouble that follows her.

    Sookie is summoned by the Queen of the vampires to New Orleans. The Queen and Sookie's cousin, Hadley, were lovers, and then Hadley was murdered leaving Sookie sole inheritor of all her things. She must clean out Hadley's apartment, so the witch Amelia, who owns the place, can rent it out again. The King and Queen of vampires also require Sookie's attendance at a couple vampire events.

    While Sookie contends with family matters there are a slew of Supernatural matters that pop up and also demand Sookie's attention. Debbie Pelts family wants to meet with Sookie for some answers on the disappearance of their daughter. While in New Orleans Sookie learns a few secrets that will change her views on her life.

    Okay, I love all the Sexy Supernatural Suitors that come 'sniffing' around Sookie, but I am starting to get tired trying to keep all the men straight. For a woman who claims to want a 'normal' life that includes a husband and children, she sure is acting fickle. Quinn, the weretiger, shows up in Merlotte's to date Sookie. Sookie really seems to want this relationship to work out, she is taking things slow, and I hope it does work out. I don't know how she could juggle another suitor or another ex.

    This was one of my favorites in the series, I enjoyed it immensely. It was a quick read and for me helped tie up a few loose ends and unanswered questions. I love the creativity these books showcase. The only real problem I had with the book was the way Sookie treats Bill at the end. The last chapter promises that the next book will be even more exciting.
    ...more info
  • No human or non-human can resist slutty sookie, so silly
    I thought this series started out in a somewhat compelling way. However, as the series has continued the books seem silly. I became weary of Sookie's bad attitude towards almost everything, her smart mouth and the fact the every male she encountered was in her thrall.
    Also I am annoyed that Ms. Harris would make her books so full of sexuality and sexual immorality. A lot of young girls read the twilight series and it is very likely they would find out about the Southern Vampire series. The writing and plot are simple and would be attractive to young girls. In spite of this, Ms. Harris has Sookie sleeping with 3 different males by now and fairly vivid descriptions of sex scenes. It just all began to seem silly to me, Sookie having sex, Sookie being mad, Sookie somehow finding herself the object of every man's affection. I don't know if I will finish the series. I am surprised there have been so many good reviews, because it feels like she just makes it up as she goes along and tries to think of the most outrageous things for Sookie to say or encounter in her life....more info
  • Definitely Addicted to This Series...
    I've loved all the books in this series so far and this one was no exception. As much as this series is all about fantasy Sookie certainly faces her share of "real life" hardships such as loneliness, heartache and financial worries. Like a lot of other reviewers I did find myself somewhat disappointed that Bill & Eric are reduced to cameo appearances in this installment but hope to see more of them in the next book. I highly recommend this series to anyone who wants to escape for a while without leaving their sense of humor behind - great read....more info
  • Enjoy
    I just found this series and have become addicted. I really like the fast pace of this series. I say- enjoy to those who choose to try this series....more info
  • Sookie goes to New Orleans...
    Hadley, undead girlfriend of the Queen of Louisiana, died a second death. She is Sookie's cousin and so the cocktail waitress needs to go to the Big Easy deal with the inheritance. Too bad she now also has to deal with werewolves, vampires, fairies, witches and ex-boyfriends. So many surprises, so many plot twists, so many long scenes where nothing happens.
    If you like Sookie, enjoy the book. If you want a good story, you may wish to skip it....more info
  • why are they hot for Sookie?......
    like many other fans of the series, the increasing male supernatural characters getting lathered up for Sookie in previous books was getting a bit odd and off putting. Finally, in book six, we learn there may be a supernatural reason for their lust-though I will not blow it for you. Needless to say, it was a quirky new addition to the Southern Vampire world built by Ms. Harris.

    Overall, I really enjoyed book 6, though it did have as many flaws as perfections. Like other reviewers, my biggest complaint was the sudden introduction of Sookie's cousin Hadley storyline. The story was introduced like such a "given" that I wondered if I had somehow missed it in a previous book. It seems like it was actually introduced in a short story, so I have to knock off half a star for thoroughly confusing this reader. Bad Charlaine! LOL
    But there was enough supernatural action, laughs, drama, and Southern sexiness to satisfy this reader.
    4.5 stars-recommended!...more info
  • confusing
    I adore this series, but this book was confusing as heck. Throughout the whole thing I kept feeling like I was missing something. I have read the books in order, but the story kept referring to a past adventure that was not clear. I couldn't get over the feeling that I had amnesia and the story kept jerking me around with references to things that had gone before. From other reviews, I see that I missed an anthology story between books. This book definitely needs an "authors note" to explain where that story can be found. It actually made me angry to read this, I felt so lost. Don't read this one out of order!!...more info
  • Best book yet in a very fine series
    While I've loved all of the Sookie Stackhouse novels up to this one, DEFINITELY, DEAD might be the best of the bunch. It isn't just that the novel tells a great story; it contains several game changing elements. Of those in a second. Before I move forward let me issue a

    SPOILER WARNING!! Many major spoilers will arise in the following review.

    Before getting to the spoilers, I'd like to point out something about the nature of the ongoing narrative of the Sookie Stackhouse books. I have a strong suspicion that the Southern Vampire Mysteries or the Sookie Stackhouse Books as they are alternately known are the first novel series influenced more by television series than by other books. I can't prove this, but with one major exception I cannot think of any other books that have the overall narrative structure that these books do. On the other hand, I can think of several TV series that do. The one series of novels is one that is unlikely to have much influence here, Patrick O'Brian's magnificent Jack Aubrey/Maturin novels, detailing the adventures of a Royal Navy officer and his friend Maturin, who is a physician and spy. (I give these books, by the way, the highest possible recommendation.) Each novel begins shortly after the end of the previous novel. Some begin immediately after the events of the previous one, essentially forming a chapter in a staggeringly huge master narrative. The Sookie Stackhouse novels are very much in this vein. Some of the books recommence only a couple of weeks after the close of the previous one. In this way the books resemble TV series like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (unquestionably a major influence on the books). Each season of BUFFY picked up only a few months after the end of the previous season (the passage of time being that of summer). ANGEL, a spin off of BUFFY, is another likely influence. Other series in the early part of the decade that pursued an ongoing, unbroken narrative would include THE GILMORE GIRLS, DARK ANGEL, ALIAS, FELICITY, and SMALLVILLE. I don't know how many of these series Charlaine Harris might have watched (BUFFY and ANGEL are definites -- there are overt reference to the books and Sookie not only owns tapes of both shows, she shows them to Eric during his period of amnesia). Whether or not these shows had the kind of narrative influence that I imagine, there is no doubt that Harris undertakes a narrative strategy not common in long series. Each novel picks up only a few weeks after its predecessor. There will be exceptions -- although DEFINITELY, DEAD was set in New Orleans and appeared in print just after the catastrophe of Katrina, the subsequent novel, ALL TOGETHER DEAD, would move the plot several months ahead to a few weeks after Katrina in order to make it clear that the earlier novel was pre-Katrina. DEFINITELY, DEAD, however, takes place only a few weeks after the end of DEAD AS A DOORNAIL.

    DEFINITELY, DEAD sees Sookie going to New Orleans to settle the estate of her deceased cousin Hadley, who had been a vampire for a short period of time, and the beloved of the Queen of Louisiana. This part of the novel is laced with political intrigue and is crisscrossed with two B-plots, the ongoing investigation of the death of their daughter Debbie Pelt (Sookie had shot her with a shotgun in self-defense in an earlier novel) and the blossoming romance with the renowned weretiger Quinn. (Side note: I absolutely detest Quinn. Though he seems a nice enough soul, he has a habit of calling Sookie "babe," a crime for which he should be imprisoned. OK, just a personal whim, but whenever Quinn talks I get nauseous.)

    During the course of the novel's events Sookie learns two things that are what are certainly game changers. I mean, everything you thought you knew about earlier books is turned on its head. First, Sookie learns that Bill originally came to Bon Temps on the orders of the Queen. She had learned through Hadley of Sookie's telepath abilities and Bill was sent to seduce her so that she could be recruited to do service for the Queen. Learning this almost destroys Sookie's world. A great deal of her self-esteem had been constructed on having been loved by Bill Compton, even if he did betray her later. Obviously this betrayal will feature prominently in the story to come. Although Bill tried his best to explain to Sookie that he had fallen utterly, truly in love with her, Sookie is determined to "abjure" him just as Alcide had Debbie Pelt in an earlier book. The second huge game changer was Sookie learning that she is not purely human. We had earlier in the novel learned that it wasn't an accident that Sookie's fairy godmother Claudine (who we learn is aspiring to become an angel) had been directed to be Sookie's guardian. She indicates that there is a reason, but she is unable or unwilling to explain what that is. So it is no surprise later in the book when the Queen's companion and friend Andre informs Sookie that she has some fairy blood in her. Sookie speculates that one of her grandparents, perhaps, had been either a fairy or part fairy. More, obviously, to follow.

    One other important addition to the cast of characters in DEFINITELY, DEAD, besides the Queen and Andre, is the New Orleans witch Amelia, who for reasons I won't go into returns at the end of the novel to Bon Temps to live for a while away from New Orleans. In the next novel she the term of her residence in Bon Temps is unclear because of Katrina, but for a while at least seems certain to be renting the upstairs part of Sookie's house.

    What has increasingly delighted me in reading these books has been the way that Harris has kept the series fresh by injecting new characters and new twists of the plot, while keeping everything in control with a deft touch. To contrast it with the Anita Blake stories, the latter started off more promising than good, but then got sillier and sillier as new elements were added. Eventually the novels because nothing more than sex books. The work with the police that Anita did for the police that was so important early on in the series becomes increasingly peripheral. I started thinking about ceasing to read the books only a few books into the series, continuing because I kept hoping that it would return to its initial promise and become something interesting again. The Sookie Stackhouse books, on the other hand, have stayed fresh and original and fun. ...more info
  • One of the best of the series
    This book is fantastic. Anyone who's growing tired of the Bill/Eric drama(although with Bill's revelation to Sookie in this book, he may have taken care of that himself!) will love the addition of Quinn the weretiger to this series. The action flowed wonderfully and I loved the addition of Ameila the witch! She's hillarious! Like I said this is one of the best of the series!...more info
  • Great Book! Great Series!
    Charlaine Harris has become one of my favorite authors. This is a great series with a colorful cast of characters!...more info
  • Boring and Pointless...
    Really, I only read this one for Bill and Eric. There was little excitement. And frankly, the series has gotten increasingly boring. My advice? Skip this one and move on to the next book. You will miss nothing and will be 10,000 times better off. Trust me. ...more info
  • A weaker entry in a great series
    Definitely Dead is Harris'6th entry is her wonderfully imaginative and fun Southern Vampire series. Unfortunately, it goes nowhere and does not advance the characters or the series. It reads like a book she is contractually obligated to write or, perhaps, she just needs to slow down her torrid pace of writing and take a sabbatical. I hope it is a bridge book to a super 7th novel, but I'm not holding my breath....more info
  • This series just keeps getting better
    Another great Sookie book.

    I'm trying to remember the details of this one right now since I just went on a binge and read them all.

    The one thing I do need to stress to anyone interested in reading this - everything will be WAY better if you read all of the books in sequential order. I don't think this is a series where each book is stand alone. This is definitely a series with a longstanding story arch - so read them all. Trust me, its worth it.
    ...more info
  • Intriguing
    I love this book, it is written with alot of deatils and it is full of mystery. i give it a 5 star rating....more info
  • loved this book
    This was another great installment in the series. I enjoyed it immensely....more info
  • More please.
    This book is excellent - filled with characters that you can only love. This is the sixth book in this series though, and won't make any sense unless you've read those first.

    I think characterisation is what raises this book above others of its type (and if you're into fantasy there are more than enough of these types of vampire books floating around at the moment.) Sookie is smart and tough without being rude and annoying (see Undead and Unwed for an example of smart and tough going horribly wrong).
    Her boyfriends are three-dimensional and fun to read about. The problems she gets herself into and extracts herself from are interesting and unusual. She also seems to have morals, which is unusual in a book of this type.
    So all in all, a fun way to spend an afternoon. I wish it tied up all the loose ends, but you have to give the author some credit - she wants to write a couple more sequels after all.

    As an aside, I also like the way there is actually a reason for all those guys going crazy for her - most books just explain it away the otherwise ordinary person's extraordinary charm. Sookie, as it turns out, is descended from a fairy, and thus has got the whole glamour thing going. Hey - it's a heck of a lot better than inexplicable sexual magnetism.

    ...more info
  • Great book! Lots of action and twisting plot
    I'd give this a 4.5 if I could, because it's not quite as good as Sookie #4 and #7. But, it's still one of the best in the series. There is tons of action, great character development, and super interesting new characters. I loved all the plot twists and the emotional aspects are intense! Fantastic!...more info
  • Sixth in the Series
    I am glad to read some other reviews as I have been trying to figure out how I missed the 'book' on Hadley and that whole series of events? Possibly it'll be in a novella or other collection? Someone should ask Charlaine what happened there. I also think Quinn is a great new character, as is the Queen, hope we see more of her!

    Off the topic... someone should ask her what the heck happened with True Blood. Did she give up all rights to the series? Other than Sookie and Sam, many of the characters have little to do with thir character in the books (and are much scuzzier looking/acting than we expect from the books) and all the weirdo's that have been introduced.... and the liberties taken with the book characters!! The books have a sense of humor... this series is grim and grimer. Wow. ...more info
  • Definitely Dead
    I love all of her books. I read everyone in a few weeks time. They are addicting and love that the characters follow from one novel to the other. They have a family-like feel to them. Her books are exciting and fun.
    I highly recommend them....more info
  • A Great Read. Couldn't put it down
    I loved this book. It was my first time to read Ms. Harris's books and I was so thrilled with it, I had to go and buy all this series books. You need to start at the beginning to really know what is going on, however, any of the books are great....more info
  • A vampire series better than Twilight
    When I first started this series I was still starry eyed over the Twilight series. However when I read this series I started to realize that Charlaine Harris writes better and her story plot and charaxcters are better, more detailed and more fun than other vamp fiction. I can't wait for the next one to come out and I hope that many more people start and begin to love this series the way I did. ...more info
  • Poor Sookie's in more trouble...
    Definitely Dead is book 6 in the Southern Vampire Mysteries. Sookie, weary and battle scarred, once again has high hopes that her life can return to normal. She has enough stress as it is between her brother's personal life, rebuilding her kitchen, Debbie Pelt's family's meddling, her broken heart, the dead demon left on her lawn, and the murder of her cousin Hadley. As it turns out, Hadley was a vampire and a favorite of the Queen of Louisiana. Sookie must go to New Orleans to clean out her cousin's old apartment, which means entering the paranormal world of the vampires once more.

    On the bright side, she has a new boyfriend. Her new boyfriend is a were-tiger named Quinn. Quinn is tall, bald, patient, and seemingly without drama. Unfortunately for them, they are attacked by crazed bitten weres on their first date. It is all downhill for Sookie from there. Weres and vampires attacking from all angles, oh my. Additionally, not only does Sookie want to clean out Hadley's apartment, but she wants to find out what truly happened to her cousin. That opens up its own can of worms to add to the already smoldering pot of problems simmering.

    I'll be honest with you guys. If this had been the first or second book that I read in the series, I wouldn't have continued. Though it was good, I gave it a lot more credit because I already know and love the characters. If Definitely Dead were my introduction to the Sookie Stackhouse world, I wouldn't have thought twice about not picking up the next book. Don't get me wrong, Definitely Dead is a good book, it just isn't the type of book that would capture my attention and make want to read again.

    A lot of the book just seemed to be... out of character. Sookie is slowly exiting the world of being your average every day telepathic waitress who is cutely modest to being a supervixen special something who has all the guys stare when she flips her hair. And Bill did a total 180. Only Eric was the same, which was a relief because I would take it too hard if he changed at all.

    It is disappointing that there is such an influx of new characters because the old characters, the ones I enjoy, are being pushed to the wayside. I don't need a whole new league of witches and boyfriends and vampire buddies to enjoy The Southern Vampire Mysteries. I just want to read about the world of Sookie and her close companions. Adding too many characters makes things overly complex and complicated. Of course, fresh blood is necessary to keep a book active, and new people are always coming and going in life, but within the limited confines of a book they only end up pushing out other characters since only so many can be in focus at a time.

    Also, a word of warning. If you've ONLY read the books, you will be confused. If this book is to make sense to you from the start, I suggest you read the short story One Word Answer from Bite. The events of that story come to fruition in Definitely Dead and are unfortunately never mentioned anywhere else. So, if you haven't read One Word Answer, you are going to be very confused about Hadley and the Queen and the Queen's request. It doesn't make sense that the story wasn't included as a prelude or a first chapter, but I suppose it makes more money selling in parts.

    I have high hopes for the next one and can only cross my fingers that Sookie and her world will return to how it was when I fell in love with it. I want Sookie to go back to being a normal girl with a special gift, not some half-supernatural creature like everyone else. How can I relate to her that way? And I want more of the old characters, more Eric and Bill and Sam....more info
  • Definitely Dead
    This is the best series I have read so far - It's light hearted and whitty and adds a lot of thriller too! ...more info
  • Definately Dead
    This is another great Sookie Stackhouse novel. Charlaine Harris brings her characters to life. There is plenty of action and mystery surrounding Sookie and the small town she lives in. Each chapter keeps you wanting to read more....more info
  • Definitely Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 6) by Charlaine Harris
    Definitely Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 6) by Charlaine Harris. Another great Sookie Stackhouse novel that you just can't put down....more info
  • Book 6 rocks!
    I find myself really liking Miss Sookie. This volume in the series really gets into her psyche more than in any other volume, she makes a lot more decisions for herself, rather then for a man, or other people. I like it when she branches out and shows some independence and she does that a lot in this book. I am really glad I started this series from the beginning, because book six uses a lot of references from all her other books, and if you haven't read them, you will not understand this book. Also she has been changing the endings... book five and book six both ended the book with a question mark and that is really intriguing, because it makes me want to quickly start reading the next installment. Thank goodness I bought them in a set, or I would be going totally crazy trying to rush out and find book 7. I am sad to know that I must be getting to the end of the series, simply because I have come so far. I know that series can't go on forever, I just really hope that it ends well....more info
  • Definitely Dead
    I have just started reading the True Blood series (over the weekend)and I am in love. I read all the books up to this in two days and I secretly have been routing for Eric and Sookie to hook up and stay together. Eric is very interesting, dangerous and exciting. Bill seemed more than dead, but I gotta say, what the .....?? Who are these were-whatever people? They were fine as friends but did Sookie have to hook up with this Quinn thing?? Yuck!! This thing licking your foot and then coming to date you??? Double Yuck!! Is this gonna be over soon?? Apart from that, I am so involved in this story line and enjoying the format and how the books are presented. I agree with other reviewers that Sookie seems to be the most wanted human being ever which is simply not practical. I have even encourgaged a co-worker to begin looking at the true blood series on the internet and she loves it also. Ms Harris has written a very entertaining and interesting series which I have not encountered in quite some time.I hope it does not end abruptly or predictably like the Twilight books. ...more info
  • Definitely Dull
    This was such a bizarre entry in what has become one of my favorite mystery series. First of all, starting this book will be totally confusing for anyone who hasn't read "One Word Answer," a short Sookie Stackhouse story that Harris wrote for an anthology. How do I know? Because I hadn't read it by the time I began "Definitely Dead," and I was definitely confused. Sookie's cousin was murdered in New Orleans, and the Vampire Queen of Louisiana sent an emissary to visit Sookie in Bon Temps? When? Not in any of the previous books I'd read. I knew I couldn't be crazy, so I did some online research, found the short story, and was able to download it for free. Then the beginning of the book made sense to me. But how unfair is that to readers who either don't know about the story or have access to the internet? At least publish the short story in the paperback edition of "Definitely Dead" so that readers aren't completely lost. Or include a note at the beginning of the book that directs readers to the anthology. Something, anything.

    Second of all, the story involving Sookie's dead vampire cousin, the core of the book, doesn't really get rolling again until around page 130. Before then, the book is strictly filler, with unimportant subplots, one involving Jason and his werepanther girlfriend, the other about a missing child, who Sookie helps find. Those aren't spoilers, folks, because these side stories have NOTHING to do with the book's actual plot. So why are they even there? Who knows? Maybe Harris is setting things up for future entries, but that doesn't make for an involving reading experience this time around.

    Thirdly, I wish Sookie would settle on a boyfriend. Bill, Eric, Sam, Quinn...On the one hand, I've always enjoyed Harris's ability to keep readers on their toes and defy expectations, but Sookie is starting to look like a right little pop tart. And was it really necessary for Harris to give us a plot twist that makes us detest and reevaluate a favorite character? Again, Harris likes to pull the rug out from under Sookie (and us, vicariously), but it seemed excessive and very mean-spirited. Harris hasn't seemed to know what to do with this character for a few books now, and it shows. Fourthly, when Sookie does make it to New Orleans and the book's real story actually begins, it turns out to be an uninteresting, overcomplicated one, with a plot element that was corny when Dumas used it in "The Three Musketeers."

    Lastly, Harris throws us all a curve and gives us a hint about Sookie's family background that's completely inconsistent with the rest of the series, and made for a lot of backtracking. What, is Harris making this stuff up as she goes along? Sure sounds like it. Every writer should take a page out of JK Rowling's playbook and plan a series in advance. It goes a LONG way towards avoiding this kind of sloppy plotting. And if Sookie is a -- well, I don't want to give it away -- then it means she's not a normal woman in abnormal circumstances. Which means she's not us, the reader, and that's a shame.

    And did it bother anyone else that Quinn took Sookie to see "The Producers?" Why couldn't Harris just say "the theater?" There have never been other references to present day movies or TV shows -- not that I remember -- and I found it very bizarre. Maybe I just don't see Sookie liking or getting that particular show. "Rent," yes -- "The Producers," no. Maybe it's just me.

    All in all, if you're following Sookie's story, you're going to want to read this one as well, but prepare to put the book down, as I did, every few days. It's that dull....more info
  • Love Southern Vampires
    After being a huge Twilight fan, I found these books to be a great adult diversion. The whole series has me once again engulfed in the mysteries of the underworld. Be open about the way Charlene Harris writes, as she is more from the traditional side of vampire life. But Hooray for Sookie! I really love they way she covers how average life really is and the trial and tribulations of Sookie Stackhouse!...more info
  • It is so easy to get hooked!
    Sookie Stackhouse is quite a chick!
    Really love following her adventures.
    It is so easy to get hooked!
    ...more info
  • Ms. Harris has done it again!
    I have truly enjoyed this series! The plot twists, the romantic suspence, the paranormal topics... it's all FANTASTIC! I highly recommend the series!...more info