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Persuader (Jack Reacher, No. 7)
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Jack Reacher.

The ultimate loner.

An elite ex-military cop who left the service years ago, he¡¯s moved from place to place¡­without family¡­without possessions¡­without commitments.

And without fear. Which is good, because trouble¡ªbig, violent, complicated trouble¡ªfinds Reacher wherever he goes. And when trouble finds him, Reacher does not quit, not once¡­not ever.

But some unfinished business has now found Reacher. And Reacher is a man who hates unfinished business.

Ten years ago, a key investigation went sour and someone got away with murder. Now a chance encounter brings it all back. Now Reacher sees his one last shot. Some would call it vengeance. Some would call it redemption. Reacher would call it¡­justice.

From the Hardcover edition.

Jack Reacher, the taciturn ex-MP whose adventures in Lee Child's six previous solidly plotted, expertly paced thrillers have won a devoted fan base, returns in this explosive tale of an undercover operation set up by the FBI to rescue an agent investigating Zachary Beck, a reclusive tycoon believed to be a kingpin in the drug trade. The novel begins with a bang as Reacher rescues Beck's son from a staged kidnapping in order to get close to his father--and trace the connection between Beck and Quinn, a former army intelligence officer who tried to sell blueprints of a secret weapon to Iraq but was murdered before he could pull it off. Or so Reacher thinks, until he spots Quinn in the crowd at a concert in Boston. As usual, Child ratchets up the tension and keeps the reader in suspense until the last page, although his enigmatic hero hardly ever seems to break a sweat. In the tough guy tradition, Reacher and his creator are overdue for a breakout, and this muscular, well-written mystery might be the one. --Jane Adams

Customer Reviews:

  • Surprisingly good book
    This book takes off right at the beginning. Reacher is an interesting character who is still haunted by the past. This was my first Reacher book that I read, and can't wait to read the others . Yet, the book was still understable even if it was the 7th book of the series. The book has wall to wall action and well written. It contains lots of great twists.Reacher is a likeable character, who is very human....more info
  • Tough going in, but the payoff is great
    It took me three weeks to slog through the first chapter of this book; I simply wasn't engaged. The first-person POV narrative reads like the 40-yr-old version of the kid in your junior high science class, the one who already had a full beard and a big scar across his cheek. I picked up this book only sporadically and trudged through the prose, which is loaded with remarkably passive language that "tells" rather than "shows" the reader what's taking place. That's sooooooo distracting to me as a reader; I love getting sucked into a story without big glaring reminders that it's only a book.


    This being flu season, I hauled the book along to pass an hour-and-fifteen-minute wait at my doctor's office. Managed to finish Chapter One that day, and the final sentence blew me away. Three days later, I've finished the entire thing. I'm online tonight, shopping for more Jack Reacher titles.

    Mr. Child's writing style may not appeal to everyone, but he's an amazing storyteller. His characters are so real, they practically flip the pages for you....more info
  • Another winner from Child!
    Just read this book in two days. That makes it the second Jack Reacher book in the past week. The other was "Die Trying". I can't put them down. (I have also listened to "Without Fail" on tape.)

    Child is what I think of as a "man's" writer. Tons of detail about weapons, fighting, and military stuff. And yet, as a middle-aged woman with little interest in this, I am never bored and feel enlightened after these descriptions.

    I am very fussy about writing style, but aside from glaring grammatical errors, there is little to criticize about Lee Child's writing. He may not be the best writer around, but he's not annoying and I love his pacing, his characterizations, and the all-out implausibility of it all. There is a surprise on almost every page and you just want to keep turning them.

    Jack Reacher is a superhero with a soft, endearing side. I like him very much and will be rushing out to buy every book about him that I haven't yet read. Thanks a lot, Mr. Child. I STILL haven't got my vacuuming done....more info
  • women love him, men admire him
    What can I say. Each Lee Child/Jack Reacher book is better than the one before. You read one and think it is the best, then go on to the next and its the best. Great characters, fantastic hero, and complex plots. Each and everyone is a winner....more info
  • Ok but not brilliant
    I`m a huge Jack reacher fan and this is a good read. If you like Reacher books try the `Soft Target` Novels by Conrad Jones, same genre, very exciting.Real thrillers...more info
  • No "Persuasion" Needed. Good Read!
    Since reading the most recent Jack Reacher novel a while ago, I have been reading every one of Lee Child's novels featuring this character. It has been a real treat and this book is no less of one.

    In the first chapter Reacher describes his involvement in foiling a kidnap attempt at a small Massachusetts college of a student during which, in addition to dispaching the kidnappers, he also accidently shoots and kills a police officer. Unable to go to the police because of this, Reacher drives the student to his home on the coast of Maine. The home, located somewhere near Portland is more of a fortress as it's owner is involved in gun running among other things and we quickly learn that the whole kidnapping scenario was a staged event in order to get Reacher into the home by the federal government.

    His mission is multi-faceted. A federal agent who has infiltrated the gun running ring has gone missing. She needs to be found and brought to safety. Another bad guy who is associated with the operation is a man Reacher thought he had killed ten years before. That job needs to be finished. Complicating the effort is the fact that the federal team running the operation is doing so "off the books" because of errors they have made earlier in their handling of the matter.

    There are numerous "bad guys" to contend with, flaws in the plan that develop at the worst possible times and plenty to keep you turning the pages to see how Reacher gets out of this one. There are some minor errors in describing the Maine landscape which are annoying, but only some one who lives here would notice them. I still have a few more Reacher books to read and I am looking forward to each of them. If you have not added Lee Child's books to your reading list, what on earth are you waiting for?...more info
  • My First Reacher Novel
    Very action-packed from beginning to end. Reacher is on a mission to seek vengeance for the death of a former female subordinate in the Army. As usual, he has many hoops to jump through and is working with the FBI to hunt him down. The FBI has an altogether different motive to locate this individual because he might be responsible for a missing undercover agent whose cover was probably blown.

    Really good story. There are surprises in this one until the very end. ...more info
  • Ready, Aim, Fire!
    I am not very prone to read "thriller" books. Nevertheless as I'm recovering from a surgery, my sister gave me some books to read while I get well.
    Amongst these books was Lee Child's "The Persuader".

    Now I know it is the seventh volume of Jack Reacher series.
    Jack is a ruthless ex-PM officer that reminds me of Spillane's famous Mike Hammer. May be Jack is not a womanizer as Hammer but tough, merciless and single-minded as Mike was, yes.

    The plot is well constructed, full of action and enough twists as to keep the reader running from chapter to chapter. The author provides minute description of many side arms and looks knowledgeable on the subject.

    The story is as follows: Reacher is looking for a bar when he suddenly passes by an old enemy who should be dead long time ago.
    When he tries to pick a lead to follow him a couple of DEA agents pop-up and propose Jack to help them to rescue an endangered agent.
    The team skillfully plots a fake abduction of the Boss' son, allowing Reacher to enter his mansion-fortress and be hired as a bodyguard.
    From here on an action rollercoaster evolves, going faster and faster with corpses cooling down in each chapter.

    The last part of the book is structured in two time layers the present and ten years before when the first confrontation between Reacher and Quinn took place.

    "The persuader" is a very good "thriller" deserving to be read by every true buff! I most certainly will read a couple of books from the series.
    Reviewed by Max Yofre....more info
  • Charles D. Richardson, author, pilot, Air Traffic Controller (Ret.)
    Lee Child would drive an english professor out of their mind but he sure knows how to weave a fanscinating tale. The largest problem I found with Persuader, was it stuck to my fingers and I couldn't put it down until the last page was finished. His description of characters, events, scenery, objects, weapons, sounds, etc is electrifying.

    Charles D, Richardson author of The Pact and coming soon, Flying Machines....more info
  • Great start, so-so ending
    I was completely entranced for the first 3/4 of the was fresh and different and suspenseful. But then the ending felt like a typical hollywood action movie ending....more info
  • Too much of Reacher the cold stone killer
    I have enjoyed several in the series, but in a couple of the books, this one and Killing Floor, Reacher is too much of a conscience free killer for my tastes. Shoot 'em when they're not looking, dispose of the body, and move on to the next guy. Hey, they had it coming. In the better ones in the series a bit more of Reacher's human side is developed, and the bad guys fall when they are gunning for Reacher or his friends. A bit more heroic that way....more info
  • One of Lee Child's Best Reacher Novel
    Heading to the beach? In need of some excellent entertainment? Persuader, by Lee Child, is just the ticket. While this isn't a recent Jack Reacher novel, it is one of Lee Child's best.

    Child starts the novel with ex-Army MP, Jack Reacher, thwarting the kidnapping of 20-year old Richard Beck, son of powerful and affluent businessman Zachary Beck. The elder Beck has made his money importing Oriental rugs, but that might be all that is coming in with the shipments. It isn't until the end of Chapter 1 that you realize that this wasn't a kidnapping, it was an elaborate setup to get Reacher inside the fortress Beck estate. Reacher has been contacted by some federal agents to help find one of their own, presumed incarcerated within the estate.

    But that isn't the only story that Child is telling; through a chance sighting on a Boston street, Reacher believes that he has seen Quinn, a person that Reacher thought he killed, years ago. As the book unfolds, the story arcs concerning Beck, Quinn, and Reacher come to a boiling point. The rescue of the missing agent, while important, isn't as meaningful to Reacher as the resolution of the Quinn issue.

    With this novel, Child is at the top of his game. The suspense and action pull you through the book. The story lines keep you guessing about relationships, allies, and enemies. As the reader, you are shown a side of Reacher not seen in previous novels; He seems to be hesitant concerning one character - Paulie. When first introduced, you know that Reacher and Paulie are going to fight, but the description of the character makes both you and Reacher anticipate the pending battle with a hint of fear. But the one thing you can count on: Reacher will deliver his own brand of justice to the bad guys. Persuader is one of those novels that grab you within the first few pages and won't let go until the last page has been read. If you were thinking of reading a Reacher novel, this is an excellent introduction. If you are familiar with the character, you will not be disappointed with this book....more info
  • My Favorite Jack Reacher Book...
    If you haven't read the Jack Reacher series, start now! They are my absolute favorite books - nobody can beat Lee Child's writing in this thriller/ex-military genre. Fast-paced, just unbelievable enough to be exciting, and Reacher is the best character out there. Persuader is my favorite of the series, so far......more info
  • 'R' is for Reacher, Righteous, Readable, and (a little) Ridiculous
    'Persuader' is the seventh novel in the Jack Reacher series and it is standard fare - for good or ill, it's about as good as this series gets. `R' stands for Reacher and Righteous and readable and a bit ridiculous. An NYT reviewer has compared him to Don Quixote, quite a stretcher, but one that makes the point about Reacher's noble motivations. Reacher's standard traits are on display: remarkable physical stamina, unbending will power, and a willingness to sacrifice himself rather than do evil (a term which he defines for himself). Reacher is still the wise-cracking loner with both a deep capacity for violence and remarkable killing skills. And once again the entire story is utterly implausible.

    In this installment, Reacher is recruited by a DEA unit and the ex-military cop is off and running on the trail of the bad guys again. In fact, it turns out he's gunning for his own personal main bad guy and let's just say nobody holds a grudge like Jack Reacher. The book is at its best when Child keeps the action rolling while mixing in a parallel story from ten years in Jack's past that explains just why he hates this guy so much.

    The Reacher books are certainly readable, but don't stop and think too much or the wild implausibility that keeps popping up will drive you to distraction. Good examples of both the readability and the implausibility occur right off the bat: a wild shoot-out turns out to be both more and less than it seemed and leads to Reacher quickly earning a place of great trust in the heart of a criminal enterprise. Huh? A guy with world-class killing skills just happens to pop up at just the right time and place to save your kid from kidnapping on a school day afternoon. Gee, would a criminal chieftain find that suspicious? Heck no, you give him a job in your security detail!

    If you like the often-violent action and can suspend disbelief, then the Reacher books are a fun read. I have read three of them and while I enjoyed them, there are just too many other better mass market books out there with plenty of action and better stories. Try Dennis Lehane's Darkness, Take My Hand (Patrick Kenzie/Angela Gennaro Novels) or George Pelecanos's Right as Rain (Derek Strange/Terry Quinn) or Harlan Coben's Gone for Good. ...more info
  • Satisfying
    I received the book in excellent condition and it is as good as advertised. I like this seller because the prices are fair, the service is excellent and I expect to use them again and again.

    Richard Marsh...more info
  • Solid pacing, terrific ending for a Reacher novel...
    I have read the majority of Lee Childs' Reacher novels. They are always enjoyable. Reacher is a fascinating character...brutal, engaging and entertaining.

    The story starts off with a bang. You are immediately thrown into Reacher trying to save a kid from a firefight on a college street. It is an interesting situation where you thought you knew Reacher and you are surprised by how he handled the situation until you hear more about it as it is retold early on in the book.

    Reacher is faced with going up against an old aquaintence that he is shocked to find still kicking around causing trouble. To say that Reacher hates this man, Quinn, is to put it mildly and you can sense and feel Reacher's desire to do whatever it takes to take him down hard.

    The novel takes Reacher undercover in search of another undercover agent who has gone missing in this family of rug dealers whom Reacher and a part of the government obviously feel is something much more than just selling and importing rugs. The story is slow building and the 'mystery' begins to unravel as Reacher imbeds himself as security detail for this family.

    The final 40 pages are riveting, brutal and face paced. Overall, the novel for me was a 3-star effort, but the solid ending and solid beginning make up for the often slow moving middle of the story. Another good Reacher novel......more info
  • not up to par
    I have enjoyed all of his books so far except this one, I have to agree with those who have panned it. Too confusing, too much unnecessary detail. I find myself skipping pages of filler that adds nothing to the story. So far my fav was Tripwire - this one doesn't even come close. Hope the rest are better....more info
  • Persuader
    Mr. Child provided an excellent story with good action and suspense. Mr. Child can spend a very complicated tale quite smoothly.
    ...more info
  • Great Book
    Great book. I'm very impressed with Lee Child. A friend loaned me "One Shot", which was great, and very tactically accurate, so I bought this book.

    Very good book. I find Jack Reacher very compelling and engrossing.

    Without giving anything away, I was also very impressed with the sub-polt of looking back at Jack's military career, which gave a very interesting insight into possibly how Jack REacher ended up the way he is today.

    I highly recommend this book. I've cleared a space on my bookshelf, right next to Lucas Davenport.......more info
  • Thrilling novel at parts
    This was my first Lee Child books I read with Reacher. At first I was engrossed in the story. Child has a good clipped, clipped action packed style that keeps the story going. Though, by the middle of the novel things definately slowed down and I had to push myself to get through it since I wanted to read the whole book. The end definately picked up again, going back to that gritty action. The ending was a bit abrupt and predictable. Overall a good rainy day read....more info
  • Reacher undercover
    The story starts with Reacher intervening in a kidnapping attempt and mistakenly wounds and kills a local detective. Now what? Well, he can't go to the police with his story since he killed an officer, so he dumps the van he's using, hot-wires a car parked at a mall and goes into hiding. The story develops from there.

    I don't know where or how Lee Child comes up with these story lines, but they're like eating peanuts -- once you start you got to stay with it until you get to your limit. I haven't found my limit yet with these stories.

    This time we learn a little about smuggling, arms deals, a little bit about playing Russian Roulette, Colt Anacondas (along with the price of their ammo -- .44 cal), magnum shotgun shells, the physical side effects of steroid abuse, and how to make a field-expedient lock-pick. "Light" reading? Hardly.

    You'd think Reacher's luck would be stretched thin, but somehow he keeps coming back.

    And watch what you say if he's holding a sharpened chisel behind your ear....more info
  • The most action-packed Reacher thriller yet!
    This is definitely one of the best thrillers in the series. Why? The action is non-stop. Reacher goes undercover for the DEA to rescue a captured agent, expose the operations of drug importer, and find a man named Quinn, a criminal believed to be dead for ten years. The most impressive part of this novel is that Child creates two adversaries worthy of Reacher: Quinn and a steroidal giant named Paulie. The flashbacks to Reacher's MP days fit perfectly in with the plot of his current undercover assignment and ultimately reveal Reacher's motivation to locate Quinn. Highly recommend! I loved every minute....more info