The Final Detail (Myron Bolitar)
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Myron Bolitar is a fascinating character--a guy in his 30s who just moved into his own New York apartment, and who still looks forward to dinner with his parents in New Jersey. A former pro-basketball star and Harvard Law School grad, he now runs his own sports agency, and also dabbles in the private investigation business. He is helped (and sometimes hindered) by his rich, blond, preppy friend Windsor Horne Lockwood III. Win has some awesome lethal powers hidden under his Brooks Brothers suits!

In The Final Detail Win and Myron are looking into the murder of a client--a troubled New York Yankees baseball player called Clu Haid. Clu was apparently shot to death by Esperanza Diaz, who just happens to be Myron's best friend and partner in the sport's agency. Esperanza is hiding something, but Myron isn't sure if it has to do with her job, or with her private life. His search for the truth takes him back to a shabby incident from his own past, and to times he would rather forget. Author Harlan Coben casually drops in dozens of poignant moments of humanity that keep us--and Myron--firmly grounded in reality.

Other books in this excellent series include Backspin, Deal Breaker, Drop Shot, and One False Move. --Dick Adler

His heart is broken. His partner is in jail. And someone is trying to kill him.

Then Myron Bolitar gets some really bad news....

For sports agent Myron Bolitar, it seemed like the perfect vacation. A tropical beach. A warm breeze. A little uncomplicated passion with a woman he barely knows. Myron is almost in heaven when his friend Win shows up with a message that blasts him back to reality: Esperanza is in trouble. It's time to come home.

Now Myron is back in New York, determined to help Esperanza, his best friend and partner, who's been accused of killing one of their clients. But Esperanza isn't talking. Neither is her lawyer. And to prove his friend's innocence, Myron must trace the rise and fall of the victim, a pitcher who had been making a comeback with the Yankees. Suddenly the investigation is leading Myron to places he'd rather not go: into a family's agony, through the city's sexual underground, and to a moment buried on the dark side of a brilliant sports career.... Twelve years ago a young agent named Bolitar tried to help an up-and-coming athlete. It was a fatal mistake--and now Myron will have to pay the price....

Customer Reviews:

  • Getting tiresome and bored
    I think that reading a "Series" would just like writing a "Series," sooner or later, the business-as-usual, same-old-same-old xxx feeling would inevitably knock on your door. The most obvious sample is the "Spencer Series." This Myron Bolita one is also alike. I'm getting bored as the writer himself, both came up to a bottle-neck jaming point. I'm tired of kept reading Coben's repeating descriptions of those key characters' resume' again and again; tired of his endeavor of trying to create a "Hawk"-like "Win;" tired of his going-nowhere romances... But still, this series could go a longer way if Coben could reconstruct this Series comprehensively. You don't have to re-introduce these characters' backgrounds or family histories again and again just trying to give all possible new readers an "orientation." You really don't and shouldn't need to repeat these kind of crap again and again. Because if a reader like me who happened to randomly grap one of your "Bolita Series" and found it interesting, he or she would go thru to buy more of it-old or newest ones. It doesn't matter. These "Re-Runs(Cut&Paste)" would only slow down the pace(tempo, flow) and the continuity of a should-be-well-told story; just like the phone rings when you're doning bed romance. Got it?...more info
  • Enjoyable
    I liked this much more than The Darkest Fear, and wonder if there is a disadvantage in reading the series backwards. Maybe I should have begun the Coben series from the first book instead of the last....more info
  • lost sleep
    Just can't put his books down once you have started reading. Good thing I don't have to go to work in the mornings as lost sleep would prevent me from doing my job....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I absolutely adore this series. I feel as if I know all the characters. Rarely has there been an author so able to bring their books "to life"....more info
  • Best Mystery Writer Around...Case Closed
    Harlan Coben is the most gifted mystery writer to enter the literary world in quite some time. In this sixth book of the Myron Bolitar series, Coben is, again, nothing less than sensational.

    Bolitar, owner of MB SportsReps, has taken a vacation in the Carribbean, without telling anyone. While relaxing on the tropical beach for three weeks, his company goes to pieces, and his partner, Esperanza, is arrested for the murder of Myron's first ever client, major league relief pitcher, Clu Haid.

    Myron is rushed back into the limelight, as a potential suspect as well as an accessory. He is forced to scramble to keep his agency afloat, clear his best friend's name, and deal with his competition, which is run by the mafia. To make matters worse, Esperanza wants him to back off, something that Myron just can't do.

    All of the loveable characters are back, and fans of Big Cindi will really get to know her a lot better in this novel. A few new interesting characters are introduced as Myron travels through New York's sexual underground for answers.

    There are so many wicked plot twists, the book becomes a wild page-turner instantly. Coben's gifted writing talents shine through remarkably, and the character dialogue is perfectly snappy. The storyline is impressively complete and well-defined. This is simply another super effort by Coben, and one entertaining read....more info

  • The Final Detail
    The final detail was a wonderful, fast moving book. This story really proved two friendships. The friendships of Win, Myron and Esperanza. Esperanza is in jail...but she won't talk to her two very best friends. I recommend all of the books in the series. The writing style is great and you won't be able to put the book down!...more info
  • Love Coben!
    What can you say about Harlan Coben? He's great. I love the character of Myron Bolitar. ...more info
  • My first book by this author but not my last - a great novel
    Myron Bolivar a sports agent has disappeared. Two weeks later his closest friend, Win, manages to find him on a remote island in the Caribbean and interrupts his secret vacation. Byron sees Win approaching on a boat and tells Terese, a luscious brunette and anchorwoman for CNN that he met just weeks before, that it must be important for Win to have tracked him down. Later Myron finds out that - a client has been killed - his partner has been arrested for the murder and will not talk to him - clients are jumping ship and going to another agency, and Myron detects that someone is watching his every move. This dangerous and twisted tale follows leads back twelve years to totally discover and understand how all the pieces fit together.

    An excellent book that draws you into the middle of the action. You are there. You see it. You feel the emotions. I tried to warn Myron several times but he didn't hear me and then Win appears out of nowhere to rescue him.

    If you like multiple layers of suspense where each layer points in a different direction then this book is for you.

    al-Qaeda Strikes Again...more info
  • Typically Coben
    Myron Bolitar was in his 30's,had an apartment in New York City, a former basketball player with promise, a Harvard Law School graduate, had his own sports agency and in general was a nice likeable young man who remembered his Jewish upbringing in New Jersey. The kind of guy whose mothers friends would want to fix up with suitable females. Myron's best friend was the shrewd, wealthy, waspy and ruthless Windsor Horn Lockwood, III. Myron dropped away for a quiet retreat on a Caribbean private island with a beautiful cable tv anchor. All hell broke loose in his absence. It seemed as though his partner Esperanza Diaz had murdered his number 1 client, a baseball pitcher trying to make a comeback overcoming past drug problems. Plenty of action along the way. There are baseball team owners who have their own strange agenda, the missing daughter of the same said baseball team owners as well as a competitive sports agency trying to take away Myron's clients. As one has come to expect from Cobin
    another quick moving solid read....more info
  • Good, but not the best.
    Myron Bolitar has messed up and run away to the Caribbean to try and escape his guilt. He told no one where he was going but three weeks later Win has tracked him down and Myron realises that this can only mean one thing, trouble.

    Esperanza, Myron's close friend and business partner has been arrested for murder and she's refusing to talk to anyone but her lawyer. Convinced that no matter what the evidence seems to point to Esperanza is not a murderer, Myron is determined to prove her innocence even if she doesn't want him to get involved. But the more Myron discovers about the crime, the more questions he has. Who killed Clu Haid? What is Esperanza keeping from him? And what is the connection to Lucy Mayor the missing daughter of the billionaire owner of the New York Yankees?

    In this sixth Myron Bolitar mystery, all the usual characters put in an appearance, fans of Big Cyndi will be able to get to know her a little better, and there's the usual witty dialogue between Myron and Win all of which makes reading this novel like putting on a pair of well worn comfortable slippers or talking to an old friend.

    This novel would probably have got a five star rating from me but I can't help but compare it to the other Bolitar novels, some of which I thought were fantastic. In my opinion, this is good but no quite so good. Nevertheless, this is a great read which I would recommend....more info

  • The world of a sports agent
    This is an older Myron Bolitar novel. Myron disappeared for several weeks to an island hideaway, and things happened while he was gone, including the murder of his oldest client. The case is a murky tangle, going back to events early in his career as an agent. He has been known to cross the line while representing the interests of his clients, and things can come back to bite him.

    This is a well written novel with some interesting sidelights (how to cheat on a drug test) and some digressions into Myron's family. You will find a few details about cross dressers and such, and Myron picks up a few scars. Life goes on, but maybe not quite the same....more info
  • Good stuff, good stuff (4.5 stars)
    This is the first book by Harlan Coben I've read (it was the only one of his on the library shelf). All in all, most enjoyable! The wry humor is right on key; the characters are wonderfully drawn and empathetic; the wisdom sparse, but good old down-to-earth common sense; a fast read with great dialogue.

    Mr. Coben incorporates amazing humanity into his characters -- even the 'bad guys.' As Myron learns about right and wrong, rarely is the delineation between the good guys and bad guys without a little fuzziness. They're all people doing the best they can given their particular circumstances. In the end, even Myron himself wonders if he's no longer one of the 'good guys.'

    So why only 4.5 stars? The ending was a let-down. Also, there are references to past events that don't make much sense. Certainly, I don't expect the whole story. But often, just one more sentence would've satisfied me. Eh, minor complaint.

    Will I read the rest of the Myron Bolitar series? You betcha!...more info

  • The Final Detail
    The final detail was a wonderful, fast moving book. This story really proved two friendships. The friendships of Win, Myron and Esperanza. Esperanza is in jail...but she won't talk to her two very best friends. I recommend all of the books in the series. The writing style is great and you won't be able to put the book down!...more info
  • A Great Read!
    The Final Detail is the 6th book in a growing series. This is a wonderful book. It is a fast moving, funny but serious novel. In the beginning of the novel Myron returns from an extended vacaction to find one of his best friends Esperanza is in jail. She will not talk to anyone but her attorney. Myron and Win(the other best friend) want to help Espernaza out but she doesn't want the help. I definitly recommend this novel to anyone who is interested in fast moving novels....more info
  • Myron has become a bore
    What's up with Myron's indecisiveness? I don't get it. In this volume, he's almost cartoonish in his pining for Jess one minute then claiming he cared for Brenda the next. I don't buy it. In previous volumes he was endearing and compelling, drawn by the author as someone with great courage and pathos. In this volume, Myron is a blithering idiot trying to get sympathy. Half way through the book, Myron's sniveling finally got on my nerves, much the same way it seemed to get on Win's nerves several times in this episode, and I put the book away for a few weeks to keep from burning it without finishing it. The author seems to be getting tired of Myron, so Myron has become tiresome. I read all the other books in the series and feel that Coben has created a fine group of characters, but lacks the guts to let them really explore themselves and the world. Why doesn't he let them take any real chances? Can you imagine the possibilities if Myron had married Brenda or Esperanza? We would be in uncharted territory.

    Coben seems to have a problem opening Myron, Win, and Esperanza, and exploring them. They don't develop. They don't grow. Take for instance, Coben's treatment of Myron's reactions to Big Cyndi. His reactions to the woman have been horrible and mean since Big Cyndi was introduced. It's indicative, in my opinion, of a lack of imagination. There are no surprises in this book. No matter how many plot twists and unexpected connections are manufactured for the characters, none of them seem worth saving. I kept hoping every one of them would die like Brenda in the previous book.

    Another example of Coben's loss of fire is the so-called deep friendship between Esperanza and Myron. What friendship? I've never seen any indication that he likes her very much. Myron's preoccupied and turned off by her bisexuality, but keeps trying to make it look like acceptance. Most of the time she's annoyed at him and he's patronizing her. Regardless of what the author tries to make us think, it doesn't feel like they even like each other, much less love each other. While I'm on the subject of mixed emotions, why would Coben create a fully realized, attractive, interesting character like Brenda Slaughter and then kill her off? She was a med student and a basketball player, attractive, sexually adventurous, smart, and funny. She was a far more three-dimensional character than Jessica, yet the fact that "the witch" will resurface throughout the series mystifies me. Jessica is Not interesting. She doesn't do anything but make quixotic decisions that send stupid Myron into a tail spin. So what if she's beautiful. She has as much literary appeal as road kill. As described, she is neither beautiful or intelligent, just bookish and opportunistic. She's a typical yuppie puppy (with connections) who seems to have no empathy or compassion for anyone, and, on many levels, seems to like to keep Myron around simply because she can count on him not having the fortitude to drop her. He's her lap dog. In my opinion, Coben's trying to make the reader believe Myron loves her just because he wants us to think of Myron as loyal. Hey, Coben, its been on and off for 10 years and Myron can't make up his friggin' mind? It's not worth the ink, Coben. Let Myron have an ounce of pride and give her up or marry her or kill her or something. Anything but more of nothing. Even if Myron's not through with her, I am. I haven't read the latest book, and refuse to spend a dime on it if Jess is in it, but I am curious if Myron shows any of the backbone we glimpsed in some of the earlier books. I'm also curious to see if Coben will ever provide more solidity/depth to his characters and their stories....more info