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Bob Books Set 2-Advancing Beginners
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Product Description

Your kids can join over 100,000 happy children who say, "I read the whole book!" Bob Books were created specially for the youngest readers. Through the use of decodable text, they allow children a sense of accomplishment, not only in being able to read, but also in being able to finish an entire book. Written by Master Teacher B.L. Maslen, Bob Books are carefully graduated and introduce phonemic elements such as consonants, vowels, and blends in natural progression. Bob Books are the perfect way to bring kids, books, and adults together. All books have colorful covers and simple, amusing illustrations that will delight children and help instill a love of reading.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good second set... but you may not need it
    I give this only three stars, but not because there's anything wrong with it. It's just that, if your child is really ready to read, the first set will definitely give them the tools to do so. But once they grasp the "key to castle" of sounding out that that first set delivers, they may be ready for a bigger leap than this second set offers.

    We did the first set with our daughter, but then we never got more than a book or two into this one before she was picking up lots of other books we had around and checking easy readers out of the library, and completely lost interest in these. We definitely never considered any sets beyond this one.

    I'd recommend the first box, but then as soon as they grasp that they CAN read, if they are anything like my daughter, kids are going to want something with more of a story. I'd recommend the Max the Cat series readers, they have more of a story to each little book, but the same difficulty levels as the Bob books. They are listed on Amazon as Phonics Practice Readers: Series A, Set 1/10 Reader's Plus Teacher's Guide...more info
  • excellent encouragement for beginning readers
    The Bob book series are excellent for encouraging very beginning readers. Each page has only a few words and kids who are just beginning to sound out and read the stories. This makes them want to keep learning. The only thing to watch out for is kids sometimes memorize the books if they read only one or two over and over so you need to mix them up to have them actually read the books.

    I've been using these with my 4 and 5 year olds and they both love them....more info
  • Can't go wrong with Bob...
    This is our first try at Bob Books and I'm pleased with the results. My daughter LOVES to read and I'm sure this series has a lot to do with it. The words are very easy and the pace is appropriate for preschool children. These books are a complement to the Hooked on Phonics program we're doing as I wanted something new to "challenge" her. My four year old is breezing through set 2, so I'm excited about sets 3-5. I will say these types of books can be gotten from your local library, but at least with Bob Books you can pace your child's progression as the library books are all mixed together from different publishers. Bob Books makes it easy for me and the price is affordable....more info
  • My son feels like a big boy
    I bought these books because my son loves to read. He has been reading simple "stories" that I write on the computer but never real books of his own. When these came he just whizzed through the first series. I took them to his Kindergarden class because they were too easy for him. One to Series 2 and 3. These offered a bit more challenge and he loves them.

    The stories really aren't that interesting. I believe he would agree. Each night he gets to read a book to me then I read a book to him. He feels much more involved in bedtime storytime.

    Great series....more info
  • early reader
    My son is 5 and he loves reading these books; it simple reading for building basic comprehension skills...more info


    ENJOY... I KNOW YOU WILL!!!...more info
  • Bob's Books
    These books were great. My son read through them all in a week. I highly recommend these books. ...more info
  • The perfect way to teach reading
    I am on my third child teaching them with Bob books. I have taught all three to read before they entered kindergarten. Best thing I ever did. My older two are quite a bit older and are in the top reading groups. My oldest is in an entire grade above in reading level. It is a great gift to have your kids enter school at the top of their class. Bob books pace kids perfectly. This book is a bit longer sentences, sometimes more than one sentence per page. Perfect. I can't say enough about these books. I would reccommend using them just as they are,in order, without skipping. THey are reasonably priced and it's worth the money to have your kid have strong reading skills forever more. ...more info
  • Highly Recommend
    My daughter has been reading words for a few months, all short vowels, and we started with the Bob Books set 1 and she loved them. We were ready to continue reading but werent ready for so many new challenges. My daughter loves this set because it stays true to the short vowel reading she knows and includes some new things such as 's and !. We continue to like the fact that it is a shorter book and is able to give her a sense of accomplishment and it doesnt give away the words in the pictures that some books do. This is just the right step for that new reader and mastering the short vowels....more info
  • Training the Brain
    I am a Special Education teacher. I help children with learning disabilities (K-5) learn to read. I don't think there are words for how highly I want to reccommend these books to parents and other educators. These books are PHONICS based and they are systematic and sequential. They help train a child's brain to see the patterns in the english language. Learning these patterns is how children learn to read. Other reviews have slammed these books for being boring and low interest. Are they the most exciting and engaging books ever? No, not really. Will they help your child/student learn to read? YES, they will. And the stories have enough content that I am able to monitor comprehension with questions such as "Who was this story about?", "Why did the fox try to hide when he saw the hen?", and "How do you think the animals felt when they saw the fox?". But most importantly, it is just such a thrill to see that expression of astonished pride on the child's face when they finish reading the book to you all by themselves. It's that bewildered sense of accomplishment that makes my students willing to take on new challenges and continue improving their reading skills....more info
  • Two similar sets
    I liked this set but unfortunatly it contained many of the same books as the first set, which we already have. I think they could have done it a little differently. If I had it to do over again I would have either skipped this set or started off with this one and skipped the first one....more info
  • Good Starter Books
    My 5 year old needed something more interesting than the starter books he was reading and this series has been a good way to add some variety. I do wish the pictures were more colorful, however....more info