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Salvation in Death
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Ancient church rituals meet cutting- edge crime solving in the latest novel in the #1 New York Times?bestselling series that?s ?Law & Order: SVU?in the future? (Entertainment Weekly).

In the year 2060, sophisticated investigative tools can help catch a killer. But there are some questions even the most advanced technologies cannot answer.

Ridley Pearson has praised J. D. Robb?s suspense as ?taut? and ?nerve-jangling.? Her latest thriller sets a new standard for suspense, as the priest at a Catholic funeral mass brings the chalice to his lips?and falls over dead.

When Detective Lieutenant Eve Dallas confirms that the consecrated wine contained potassium cyanide, she?s determined to solve the murder of Father Miguel Flores, despite her discomfort with her surroundings. It?s not the bodegas and pawnshops of East Harlem that bother her, though the neighborhood is a long way from the stone mansion she shares with her billionaire husband, Roarke. It?s all that holiness flying around at St. Christobal?s that makes her uneasy.

A search of the victim?s sparsely furnished room reveals little? except for a carefully hidden religious medal with a mysterious inscription, and a couple of underlined Bible passages. The autopsy reveals more: faint scars of knife wounds, a removed tattoo?and evidence of plastic surgery, suggesting that ?Father Flores? may not have been the man his parishioners had thought. Now, as Eve pieces together clues that hint at gang connections and a deeply personal act of revenge, she believes she?s making progress on the case. Until a second murder?in front of an even larger crowd of worshippers?knocks the whole investigation sideways. And Eve is left to figure out who committed these unholy acts?and why.

Customer Reviews:

  • This was Robb's best
    This was a smart and well thought out plot. I wasn't able to put the book down. The pages just flew right by....more info
  • My favorite author!
    I couldn't believe that I had missed one of the "In Death" series books! When I realized it, I sent for the book that day, and could hardly wait for it to arrive! When a Nora Roberts book arrives, I read that book in the first three days of receiving it. She's the best!...more info
  • Couldn't put it down! Can't wait for the next one
    I don't know how she does it. This is the 27th book in the series (more if you count the novellas) and by now I should be bored silly with them, especially at the rate the author writes them. After all, they share the same basic elements: Eve Dallas & sidekick Peabody investigate a murder; Eve & Roarke have hot sex and are amazed at how much they love each other; Eve works with the team down at cop central and carps at Peabody and McNab for smooching on the job; Roarke helps; Eve has flashbacks to childhood trauma; various friends of Eve make guest appearances; Eve solves murder. But somehow J.D. Robb keeps coming up with new ways to put those basic elements together so they not only don't feel old and trite but so I would notice and be sad if one of them was missing. Only the need to sleep and work kept me from reading this straight through.

    This book is one of the better ones in the series. I agree with author Lisa Scottoline's jacket blurb that this book would be a good place to start if you haven't previously read any of this series. In a continuing series like this, it is always best to start at the beginning and having read all the rest does help follow the emotional nuances in the plot. But the author does give enough background so a new reader will understand the reasons Eve gets emotionally upset over certain things that come up in the investigation. And if you start with this book, you will want to go back and read the rest.

    The book starts out with 2 murders in short order. The victims' professions, method of death and venue make it appear as if they are the work of the same killer. Eve digs deeply into the victims' lives to learn the truth. Because the first victim is a priest, Eve and Roarke have several discussions about Catholicism, which make Roarke very uncomfortable. It will be interesting to see if the author brings this into future books. Solving this case makes Eve think deeply and have discussions about her own past, vengeance, and justice. Those more introspective moments make this book more intimate than some of the past ones where Eve is in danger or racing to stop a killer.

    My only complaint (and this is very minor), is that I miss some of Eve's friends who made only brief appearances or got only quick mentions. As Louise and Charles have a wedding coming up, I suspect one of the next books will make up for this....more info
  • Just OK
    I've read all the "In Death" series and loved all but this one. I found this book extremely hard to get through due to the many characters. I found myself re-reading parts to remember who was who. Ther was very little in the book about our other favorite personalities whom we've grown to expect in the books. Perhaps it's time for Eve and Roarke to start their family and for Eve to get the well deserved and earned promotion. She could also work for Roarke on the side as a security consultant. After all, he's worked enough as a civilian consultant for the police force. Think of Somerset as a care giver for the Roarke children!

    Tmckinsey...more info
  • An "Okay" Addition to the Series
    While I may agree with some previous reviewers that Salvation in Death is not the nail-biting, rip-roaring intriguing reading material I have come to rely on with the series, I do give it a thumbs up for creativity. J. D. Robb has come up with a plot involving a murder at the very moment a priest turns wine into the sacred blood of Jesus Christ in the Catholic burial mass of one Hector Ortiz, head of a most cherished family in the neighborhood parish of St. Cristobal's Church. Eve gets right into the murder investigation, starting with trying to comprehend the basic rituals of the Catholic Church. At times I found both she and Roarke (who Eve claims is a "sort-of" Catholic) to be a little rough around the edges in their statements on religion. This did turn me off somewhat; however, looking at the big picture, the novel was well-written but not as exciting as J.D. Robb's previous stories. I find that the more recent books in this series do not have the same edge to them that the earlier stories had. I did enjoy this story but found it to be easily resolved and not hitting that "wow" factor when the killer is finally unveiled. The Jimmy Jay Jenkins storyline somewhat remindful of a Billy Graham revival meeting was somewhat unclear and seemed to be filler for the book. Nora, get back to the old days with Eve. Make her rough, tough and independent. Have her stand alone and not with Roarke holding her hand throughout a sting operation. Please put that spark back into this series that I saw time and time again in the earlier novels. ...more info
  • Salvation in Death
    This is an excellent story. It is classic Eve Dallas but with a twist that shows respect for faith not her own....more info
  • One of the best "In death" - books so far - a must read
    "Salvation in Death" number 27 in the In Death - series is one of the best so far. There are two cases (one especially seizing), Eve and Roarke at their top and a lot of Peabody, McNabb and co. - so there's all a good "In Death"- book needs.
    "Salvation in Death" starts with the murder (through poison) of a catholic priest during mass. The priest, a highly appraised member of the community, seems to have no enemies and besides the church no real family. He cared especially about the youths in his community and every member of the church looked up to him. But when the autopsy of his body brings some old scars and a covered tatoo to light, Eve starts to realize that the priest may have some dark secrets in his past. And when the tatoo points to a ruthless gang of youths that terrorized the people in the community years ago Eve is no longer convinced that the priest really was the one who he posed to be.
    When another religious leader is killed in a similar way Eve and her team have to investigate if there is a serieal killer on the hunt or if this cases have nothing to do with each other.
    Especially the first murder case is gripping and up until the end you don't really know the reasons for the murder. Case two is interesting as well and both show the reader that under the cover all can be different and that humans are experts in being pretenders. The combination of the church and Eve is really interesting and Eve is at her best although she is unsure about how to handle the catholic rituals and all that is going on in a church. But with her approach to respect people for what they do and not for what they are Eve handles the situation without too many complications.
    In this In Death Eve really seems to get a better grip about how to handle her past and I felt really happy when reading this. Roarke and she are hot as always and Roarke has some funny moments for which I adore him even more. He is there for her when certain aspects of the case trouble her but she is also there for him when he has to fight with some bad memories of his past. They just are a perfect team and I can't wait to read more of them and how they try to handle themselves and the relationships with their friends (especially Louise's and Charle's upcoming wedding) .
    All in all this is a "classic" In Death - book that enthrals the reader from the first moment right to the end.
    So enjoy your copy of this fabulous book.
    S.M. ...more info
  • Great Series!
    The "In Death" series is by far one of my favorites, and this installment doesn't disappoint. I recommend starting at the beginning with "Naked in Death", but each book can stand alone as well. I ALWAYS eagerly await these releases. ...more info
  • Great writer
    Whether Nora Roberts is writng as herself or J D Robb, you get lost in her books. She writes so descriptively that you can see exactly what she is describing. I can't put her books down until I finish it! I recommend her books to everyone who loves a great mystery...more info
  • Eve's teeth have been pulled
    Gone is the hard, precise scalpel like honed edge of Eve's character. Nora Roberts/J.D.Robb has reduced Eve to a hologram of the simpering female characters with which she populates her "romance" novels. The author has Eve becoming "gooey" over Roarke having white petunias planted in the yard. She has reduced Eve and Roarke into white trash behavior having sex in their car and yammering about b.j.s and other vulgar, crude and low class sex talk. Long gone is the amusing and snarky repartee between Eve and Peabody. Delia has devolved into a sullen, sulking glutton with her sole focus upon cramming food into her fat face and having sex with Mc Nab.

    I was once such a fan of this series, but the author has wrecked the futuristic vibe with the same, maddening repetitiveness with which she wrecked her romance novels. NO ONE talks in such truncated and circular dialog unless they have a malfunction of their nervous system and speech centers in the brain. Robb has her characters repeat, repeat, repeat the same words multiple times in sentences and paragraphs until you want to throw the book at the wall. One can hope that by the year 2061, people would have graduated to a more sophisticated and elegant style of language and manner of speaking. The author has taken away the brash, steely toughness which WAS the essence of Eve and holds her up to mockery of what she has been in the prior books of this series. Maybe that is the answer: The real Eve is now a has been. Robb harps on the same old issue of Eve's childhood rape by and murder of her father in each and EVERY story. This time it was just too much of the same cut and paste junk. I found myself skipping pages until it was done.

    Eve's caffeine addiction and constant sucking up coffee while looking haggard or fighting over eating various foods is old and tired as well. Worse, Feeney, Mira, even the tiresome Mavis are rendered flat and boring. The story line could be interesting if it hadn't gotten lost in blah, boredom and the mishmash of too many one dimensional characters. The copycat murder of a fundamentalist christian preacher lost in lust and alcoholism along with the murder of a hispanic priest during mass made it difficult to sustain even the slightest bit of interest. Murder and Mayhem in Spanish Harlem? Yawn. Like other reviewers have noted, Salvation in Death was "phoned in". Too often drek like this is what happens when authors take their audience for granted. In this case, Roberts/Robb could take a page from the peerless Mave Binchey and take a sabbatical from writing before she generates more of the same....more info
  • Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. -Matthew 7:15
    This is the 32nd book, when including novellas, in the In Death Series.

    In the year 2060 during the Catholic funeral mass of a popular figure in Spanish Harlem, a beloved priest raises his cup of wine, drinks, and falls dead. Homicide Lieutenant, Eve Dallas, and her partner, Detective Delia Peabody, are brought in from the New York Police and Security Department to investigate the death. Who would kill a priest during mass? And more importantly, why? With every step of the investigation, more questions than answers arise, as all isn't as it appears on the surface.

    The reasons this series remains to be my all time favorite are numerous. I can read and reread the 30 plus books and I am always guaranteed a cleverly written and imaginative book. I feel the characters in J.D. Robb's world are some of the greatest and most colorful characters in today's fiction. The mystery, the suspense, the killers and their victims, Eve and her friends, the passion on the pages... all contribute to great book after great book.

    Eve and her husband Roarke don't always see eye to eye where the law is concerned. He deals in various shades of gray while Eve tends to see the world in black or white. This is one of those rare times when she is forced to see the gray, and I think it makes her character stronger.

    Running alongside with the compelling case of the murdered priest with a mysterious past is a shorter similarly related case regarding a larger than life reverend and his traveling evangelical troupe.

    As always I am constantly amazed at the stories Ms. Robb creates and consistently pleased with the way she delivers them. This is another winner in a series filled with champion books.

    Cherise Everhard November 2008...more info
  • J D Robb does it again
    As in all of JD Robb novels, there is suspence, humor & romance. Always as excellent read. I particularly liked the development & resolution of the second murder. I look forward to her next novel before I finish each current one as her character development is fabulous. Eve, Roarke, Peabody, McNabb, Somerset, Feeney, Galahad-excellent. ...more info
  • Worst in the series
    I've read every book in this series and enjoyed all of them except this one. When a friend told me not to waste my time reading it, I thought she must have been having a bad day. Unfortunately, I had to slog my way through it, hoping it would get better. I was very, very disappointed in the book....more info