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Plague Ship: A Novel of the Oregon Files
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Product Description

Clive Cussler returns with a new novel in his New York Times bestselling Oregon Files, as Captain Juan Cabrillo and the motley crew of his high-tech spy ship take on their most extraordinary°™and lethal°™mission yet.

Customer Reviews:

  • Cussler's star rises again!
    The Corporation is a mercenary private enterprise for hire by any government agency that can afford its fees. Juan Cabrillo, the Chairman, runs his black ops from a ship called "The Oregon". Disguised as an overused, out of date, non-descript mercantile vessel that's destined for the scrap yard, the Oregon is actually a state of the art war vessel packed with high-tech intelligence gathering equipment, powerful weaponry and a fully muscled set of magnetohydrodynamic engines that, pushed to flank speed, will give virtually any ship on the high seas a run for its money. If you've read any Clive Cussler novels at all, it won't be a surprise to hear that Cabrillo is right over the top - an entirely unbelievable lead character (think Mr Phelps from Mission Impossible on steroids) leading an equally unbelievable crew with uncanny intelligence and virtually superhuman strength and endurance. The missions they accept in Cussler's Oregon Files series are typically of the "save the world from domination by a nefarious lunatic" variety.

    When I reviewed "Golden Buddha", the first in the Oregon Files series, I gave it a grudging single star and swore that I would likely never read another Cussler novel again. Frankly, it was just awful! I abstained for two years but, perhaps it was my past fondness for Cussler's earliest novels that made me relent and pick up "Plague Ship" for another try at Cussler's work.

    OK, OK ... nice job, Mr Cussler! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    This time out, Cabrillo and his team of merry men (and women) are pitted against a cult-like organization called The Responsivists who believe in stern birth control measures and a rigid, disciplined reduction in the world birth rate. In marked contrast to its public pacifist exterior, however, the Responsivist leaders are not willing to sit back and simply wring their hands over the world's burgeoning population problem. They intend to do something about it by releasing a virus that will make the Ebola and Marburg viruses look like a case of weekend sniffles. Bio-terrorism is a frightening, timely topic and this time out, Cussler did his fans proud with a well-written high speed thriller that is easily the equal of his earliest Dirk Pitt novels!

    And, I confess I particularly enjoy a thriller that is spotted with info-dump sidebars of a technical nature that enhance the thriller without distracting from the pacing of the plot. There was lots of these goodies to enjoy along the way - the physics of ELF (Extremely Long Frequency) radio transmission and reception; the translation of cuneiform and the possible origins of mythological flood stories; the philosophies of cults and de-programming; left over high tech weaponry from the US-Soviet Cold War era; and the use of north-south satellite orbits for space based weaponry as opposed to geosynchronous orbits for weather or communication satellites!

    Highly recommended.

    Paul Weiss...more info
  • Entertaining & action packed -- classic Cussler
    Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul collaborate on the next in a great series from the high seas. In "Plague Ship", the one-legged hero Jose Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon discover a derelict ship filled with corpses. During an investigation of the ship, the crew of the Oregon find a sole survivor and work to discover the cause of the mysterious attack.

    The book opens with a signature Cussler chapter describing a catastrophe from the past that has ramifications far into the future. A Luftwaffe reconnaissance plane crash lands in Norway following a mission to locate an allied convoy headed for England. Cussler and Du Brul weave a fantastic plot to keep the reader's interest piqued.

    The main villain in the book is Thom Severance and the group, Revisionists, who believe the key to saving the planet is to practice population control. Jose Cabrillo and the crew chase the Revisionists around the world to stop the evil plot.

    The book is classic Cussler - well-researched, plausible, action packed, & entertaining. It was a great book to read on a round trip flight between DC and Los Angeles....more info
  • Plague Ship
    Another great book by Clive Cussler. I haven't read one yet that I didn't like. I have read 10 so far this year and I am on number 11. They all have a great story along with some history and suspense....more info
  • Plague Ship
    One of the best Cussler novels yet. Could not put it down. The suspense just kept going one problem after another. Good Job Clive Cussler. Keep them coming!!!...more info
  • Excellent plot!
    This must be one of the best Cussler books. A real page turner, with all the bells and whistles that Cussler has got us used to.
    Reccomended!...more info
  • Hokey But Fun
    Some books are dreadfully bad but still fun. This is one of them. It isn't just that the prose is flat in this series of potboilers by Clive Cussler and associates. The story lines are usually predictable, as are the perils that befall its heroes, and the characters never seem more than one-dimensional. But this is formula fiction. What Cussler et al do is what's supposed to be done, although one could wish it was done better at times. The bottom line is that once one starts to read a Cussler thriller, he (or she, but less likely she) will probably read through to the end because Cussler and associates know how to shape a thriller. The gimmick in the Oregon Files series is that somewhere on the world's oceans a disreputable, rust eaten, clapped out aging steamer struggles across the water, but underneath its falling apart fa?ade is housed a state-of-the-art spy ship crewed by ex-CIA operative Juan Cabrillo and a handpicked team of `mercenaries.' They fight to save the western way and humanity (one or both, interchangeably at times). This time, it's a ghost ship: everyone on it except one young woman has died, horribly, of a hemmorhagic plague; someone somewhere is preparing to unleash a crippling plague on humanity unless Cabrillo and crew can stop them. Of course they succeed, but it's fun watching them do it....more info
  • Cussler hits one over the center field fence!
    I have read most of Cussler's nail biters and by far, he's outdone himself with the help of Jack Du Brul. What amazes me is the depth of accuracy and attention to detail he gives down to the tiniest "fact". I consider myself a fairly good Trivia fan, and "Google" a lot of what I don't recognize. This guy is a walking Wikkipedia! He neatly bundles up each and every sidebar, sometimes waiting to the last page. In Plague Ship, you have to wait until the last 150 words to find out what happened to Kyle, the young man who was kidnapped by the bioterrorist cult.

    You know the story line by reading the other reviews. But this one does what the others couldn't quite do. If you try reading it at work, you'll get into trouble with your boss! You can't put it down, even though you know from experience the way Cussler's books always end....more info
  • Plague Ship
    It's Cussler. It's the Oregon Files. It's just what an avid reader needs. My only concern is, sometime new ones will stop coming....more info
  • Oregon Files
    I have always been a Cussler fan. I like the characters he has created, from Pitt to Cabrillo. This particular book touches on a subject that gives me concern and that is the over population of our planet and the ramifications of same.The "bad guys" take things overboard and it is up to the Corporation to straighten them out. In typical Cussler fashion, there is a break neck pace set to deal with them, with last minute escapes and heroic efforts. The book is an entertaining read with a potential message lying underneath. If you like Cussler, you will enjoy it, if you are not familiar with his work, it is a good introduction....more info
  • Plague Ship
    This is a very entertaining book. It was a fast read. It only took me about a week or two to finish it. I would definitly recomend this book to any one who has read the other books in the Oregon series. If you haven't read any of the other books in the series I would recomend reading the other books first. Not neccessarily in order but it is a good idea to read them in order because it helps understand the different characters in the book....more info
  • Rousing Read
    This is a great, fun read to pass the time on a long flight or just lounging around...and especially interesting because of the obvious comparisons between the fictional viral "plague" in the storyline and all the current fears over global bacterial infection. That happens to add an element of realism that ups the stakes for the characters.

    Fans of Cussler's OREGON series will probably enjoy it even more. I just happened to pick it up for a diversion on a long flight and found it most satisfying. The only other Cussler novel I've ever read was "Raise the Titanic."

    It's certainly an entertaining adventure & page turner....more info
  • Plague Ship
    Great book. Cussler just keeps getting better. Looking forward to his next one. The price and fast delivery made it even more enjoyable....more info