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My Man Michael (SBC Fighters, Book 4)
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Knocked out in one world, he¡¯ll take on another.

On the verge of a title shot match, fighter Michael ¡°Mallet¡± Manchester is injured in a car accident. And just as quickly as his career was taking off, it¡¯s over. Then Kaylie Raine appears, offering him a second chance at becoming whole. Even though Mallet thinks it¡¯s the pain medication talking, he accepts her challenge. And on an extraordinary journey with Kaylie, he¡¯ll get a chance to fight again¡ªto save the woman who has saved him.

Customer Reviews:

  • Avid Reader
    Was very disapointed in this Lori Foster book! It did not fit with the series of the SBC hunks. It wasn't even a good time traveler. Where were they. It certainly wasn't believable. Didn't anyone miss him?
    I usually buy anything with Lori Fosters name on it, but I don't think so anymore....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    I am a huge Lori Foster fan! I have loved every book she has written, especially the first 3 in this series. But I have to say that this was a complete waste of money. I loved the other 3 books because of the interaction between all of the characters. I loved being able to catch the other characters in another book and get tidbits on their lives after the story. This had none of that. And personally, I just found it stupid. I finally finished. I would normally read this book within a day, but it took me almost a week. This book is also filled with very VERY irritating characters. Overall its an incredible let down. ...more info
  • overall a good book
    Overall I enjoyed this book. I had expected this book to really be a part of the series, with some of the same characters etc. In that sense, I was a bit disappointed. As a stand-alone this would have gotten an extra star, but as a part of a series, it falls a bit short. It's just too different from the others. It does not really fit, but it was well written and I enjoyed it. ...more info
  • My Man Michael
    Lori Foster continues her SBC fighter series with My Man Michael, and as usual she has a winner! Although a tad different from her other SBC books, My Man Michael will take you on a ride that you won't want to forget.

    Michael "Mallet" Manchester, upcoming extreme fighter in the SBC has a shot at the championship, the one thing he has spent years working and training for. But a sudden and tragic car accident takes that away. Injured, in pain and depressed, Michael "Mallet" Manchester doesn't have a clue what he is going to do with his life. Fighting was his life and it will take him a lot of time and effort to even be able to walk so fighting was out of the question. So what is a man to do? What can possibly bring Michael back to the life he loves?

    Suddenly out of nowhere, Kayli Raine appears, tougher than most women and Michael is instantly captivated. Thinking his pain medicine is causing hallucinations, Michael doesn't believe her when she offers him a chance to be whole again. But to even think about having that chance gives Michael the motivation to accept her challenge. What comes next is something he never dreamed of and a story that you don't want to miss!

    Lori Foster continues to enthrall her readers with her fabulous characters and setting so real it's hard not to feel as if you are in the story yourself. Her outstanding books make her a continuing favorite! Way to go Lori!

    ...more info
  • I was fooled
    I agree with most other reviews. This book was in the trash after the first few chapters. It was bait and switch. To my knowledge this is an author that has never delved into time travel/scifi before, and it should have been acknowledged either in the blurb or on the spine. Why such a huge departure from a winning series? Are we sure Lori Foster actually wrote this? It seems like an intern was filling in for her. I will never again buy a Lori Foster based on the her name alone. I intend to read a few chapters in the bookstore, and if it's another one of these, they can keep it. I can't understand how an editor let this through, and why she'd want to alienate her fans by hiding what it is they were getting. ...more info
  • Don't waste your time or money
    OK, I HATED IT. If it was possible, I'd have given it negative stars.

    The essential: Lori Foster took a great series (The SBC series) and ruined it with this science fiction entry. Yes, you read correctly - science fiction. Michael the Mallet is crippled in a car crash, and an attractive woman from another space time continuum comes to heal him. Aagh! I gritted my teeth and managed to push through about 30 pages before I had to stop. It was so WRONG for the SBC series. If Foster wants to write SciFi, she should start another series to do it, not muck up this one. If I wasn't going to return it for a refund, I'd have thrown it out. I loved the rest of the SBC series, and I'm deeply disappointed in this one. It would be best if she withdrew it from publication and wrote a real story about Mallet, who is an otherwise interesting character.

    Don't waste your money or your time....more info
  • Two thumbs way down!
    Absolutely without a doubt the worst ever Lori Foster book. Like other reviewers, I have looked forward to and enjoyed all of the other books in this series (and this author's books in general), but I seriously feel scammed out of my hard earned money on this one! I for one hate sci fi-- I kept reading hoping the story would take a turn back to reality, but it never does. I would rate this zero stars, and will be a lot more careful in my purchase of Ms. Foster's books in the future....more info
  • What happen!
    After waiting so long for this book to come out I was very disappointed. I had to keep looking at the cover to make sure this was written by Lori Foster. If you are looking for the same storyline from the other SBC books, you want find it here. Not her finest hour.

    Sorry Lori...more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I was very disappointed in this book. I normally love Lori Foster's books, and have enjoyed reading them. I have all of this Series and make a point to keep an eye out for new ones. This one was complete different from the rest of the series. It was not at all what I expected from the series and while I also love Sci-Fi/Fantasy books as well, I did not like this book. However, 1 bad book out of so many excellent ones, will not keep me from buying another of her books (just not this one again).
    For anyone that read this title as a first time Lori Foster reader, I recommend you try one of her many other books. Don't let this one keep you from Reading others. ...more info
  • I liked it and couldnt put it down.......
    This is the first Lori Foster book i have read. A friend of mine absolutely loves her books, i found this one at a used book store and bought it for her actually since she had missed reading this one ,i decided to read it first figuring i'd see why she enjoyed this author so much. I couldnt seem to put it down. I didnt know about the other books in the series so maybe if i read them first i may have felt differently but i'm a vampire story and science fiction story reader too so maybe thats why this didnt bother me with the book taking place in the futere. Yes some things were alittle weird and over the top too but other than that i liked the characters and will look to read other books by the author too now. ...more info
  • Enchanting Review: My Man Michael
    Paranormal Romance
    Sensuality rating: Sexy

    Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

    Michael Manchester, aka Mallet was on his way to becoming a SBC champion, but a devastating car accident took away his chance to ever fight again. Wallowing in self pity Michael makes a deal with a woman he thinks is a hallucination due to his pain medicine. A deal that will allow him to become whole again.

    Kayli Raine is desperate. She knows her people only have one chance at a future and that chance is Michael Manchester. He seems to not think she is real but she must prove to him that her offer is very much a legitimate one. So when he agrees to help her she must pay his price... a kiss.

    Michael is in the hospital facing the reality that he will never fight again. Hell he probably will never even walk again. When a beautiful woman comes to him and offers to fix his leg so that he will be just as he was before the accident, he knows this is not possible so she must not be real. He agrees to do as she wants but she must kiss him. When she heals him he finds himself in a place that is Earth but not the Earth he knew. It is the year 2220, and the colony he is at is run by women. That's right, women are the dominate sex and the men stay at home and raise the children. But a rival colony is taking their women and Kayli as the head of security is out of ideas to stop them. This is why she asked Michael to come and help them. He was a warrior in his time and she is convinced that he can be a warrior for them now. But Michael demands a high price... Kayli as his bride.

    MY MAN MICHAEL was not what I was expecting. I thought this was going to be a contemporary romance that was around a fighter. Boy was I wrong. I loved jumping into the world where women were the dominate sex and the men stayed home and cooked and cleaned. I thought that Michael took the whole idea of jumping into the future really well. I know I would have been a little freaked. I was not too sure about Kayli at first. I could not tell if I liked her or not, but I eventually came to hate her mother for raising her the way she did.

    My absolute favorite character was the computer Hauk. He was a crack up. I only wished that he was a real person so he could have his own story. About halfway through the book, when we met the rival colony's leader, I did figure out the whole plot twist. It was pretty obvious but it was still good. I wish there would have been a little more action in the end but I was satisfied.

    This story really reminded me of a beefed up version of Cinderella. There was Cinderella, the girl forced into a life she never should have had, the two evil step-sisters (okay they were not step-sisters but you get the idea) and a mother that uses her for her own plans. That was basically the premise here. None the less it was a great story and I was quite happy with the ending. I thought it was sweet how Michael and Kayli send a message back to his friends. This is a great paranormal romance for any reader.

    Lori Foster is the author of many published books. She also writes under the pen name L.L Foster. To find out more about Lori and her fantastic books please visit her website at [...]

    Enchanting Reviews
    April 2009...more info
  • Gypped
    Like most people I was excited about the new Lori Foster SBC series book. Like most people I felt like I was gypped. I didn't understand the need to throw in something totally irrelevant into the series. I own all the books before this one and I love each of those, I didn't think she was going to write about Micheal but once she did I was like this is going to be another awesome book...Yea no. The whole trying something new OK fine,I get it, but why throw it into a series like the SBC you don't even get to hear about the SBC fights or about Micheal's life as a fighter(so not fun). I don't just blame Lori but her editor/publisher or whoever. The back of this book is misleading there is nothing to prepare you for what you are about to read. There is no mention of time travel and sci-fi reference at all. I don't like being gypped paying 7 or 8 bucks on a book and reading it to find out that it is not a welcome surprise was no fun for me.
    The only good thing about this book are the characters they are the same great characters that she always has, the chick is a little annoying(2220 I really hope females don't get this naive) and Micheal was wonderful. THAT WAS THE ONLY PLUS ABOUT THE BOOK! That's why I gave it a two it was decent but I felt Micheal and all of Lori's fans deserved better or at least a fair enough warning. ...more info
  • Not what I was expecting
    Ok short summary of the book - Michael is in a car crash that pretty much guarantees he will never fight again. A woman appears in his hospital room and say she needs his help and if he helps her she will give him full use of his legs back. Turns out she is from the future and they need his fighting abilities.

    I have to say I felt like the story of Michael and Kayli was written and then the setting was changed to the future - if just felt disconnected. Not to mention it didn't fit AT ALL with the rest of the books in this series. I wasn't crazy about either Kayli or Michael as characters, and I didn't feel like any of the secondary characters were great either - with the exception of Hauk the computer.

    Kayli's world made no sense - I don't want to give too much away, but by the end of the book you are basically told that the differences between Kalyi's group and the group they are fighting happened in less than one generation - and NO WAY the way that Kayli's society was set up would have changed as much as they claim it did in one generation. Especially without anyone talking about the past. The whole thing felt awkward and unwieldy to me.

    Maybe if I had gone in thinking this was a bad scifi I would have not been as disappointed. I was also surprised at how things were left with Michael and his friends - very very odd.

    Anyway, my suggestion is to check this one out of the library before you buy it. No reason to waste your money.

    ...more info
  • Nothing like the other SBC books
    I was very disappointed with the fourth SBC book. The first three books follow the same type plot and the fourth book includes time travel to the future. Not at all what I was looking forward to with the fourth book in this series. I definitely will not be reading any future books in this series. I am super thankful that I checked the book out of the library instead of buying it. What a waste of money that would have been....more info
  • What the..???? I'm confused....
    I picked up this book without looking at the blurb because I knew it was part of the SBC fighters series and I had really enjoyed those so far. Well that all ended with this one..I say again WTH??? This book was so far off in left field I don't know where to begin. Michael is injured in a bad wreck and his prognosis from the docs is no more fighting because of his messed up leg injury. Kayli is a time traveling(YEP you read that correctly)leader from the future who needs Michael to come and train her group of warrior women to fight off a warring neighbor. In the future men are coddled and stay at home while the women go off to fight. Michael accepts her offer of traveling to the future and the book just gets dumber and dumber from there. My advice is don't waste your time or money on this one. Lori Foster was smoking something when she wrote this one because it has nothing whatsoever to do with the SBC series except Michael was a character in previous books...I wouldn't even buy this one from the used book store....more info
  • Interesting
    I wasn`t sure about the whole time travel thing but book number 4 rounded the series
    nicely. Can`t wait for number 5....more info
    Much like the other readers, I completely felt "tricked!" I cannot believe that this book is the 4th in a series that, up until this one, I absolutely loved! The plot was completely unbelievable and totally disappointing! I used to think Lori Foster could not write a bad story - wow was I wrong! I am not sure who her editer is but they made a huge mistake with this one! I'm sorry I spent money on this. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK - it is a complete waste of time! I don't even think sci-fi readers would think this was worth the read!...more info
  • Not the ususal SBC novel, but still enjoyable
    I read the reviews for My Man Michael before I read it and was a tad nervous to say the least. Now that I have read it all I can say is that the people that gave this book one star need to lighten up!
    So the book was not the usual contemporary romance, that is no reason to completely can a book - it just comes across as petty.
    The writing was still the same funny, sexy and lighthearted style we are used to getting in a Lori Foster novel. My Man Michael reminded me of Dara Joy's time travel novels Knight of a Trillion Stars and Proof of Life.
    Micheal is what we all love in our SBC hero's - Strong, courageous, sexy and loving. While I did have some misgivings about Kaylie's character being so virtuous and naive, I chalked that up to the futuristic morals of the time she lived in.
    My Man Micheal does not deserve the ridicule it has been given just because people can't go with the flow and accept that Lori Foster has added a futuristic novel in the SBC series.
    ...more info
  • Ugh, such a disappointment!!
    I tried to like this book, I really did. I'm a huge fan of the SBC Fighters series by Lori Foster, but this one was a huge no go for me. I can suspend reality with the best of them, but not the case with this one. It was just way too far out there for my tastes. I hope Ms. Foster returns to her "normal" SBC Fighers series - those I thoroughly enjoy. ...more info
  • Not her best but not horrible.
    This is definitely not going on my keeper shelf, as I'm not much into sci-fi or futuristic romances, but I did find that the story still had Lori Foster's style of writing and I am a fan of that, so I can't say the book was horrible, just not that great. Normally I buy her books brand new and read them right up, but when I found out about the story line of My Man Michael, I waited and bought this used and it took me almost a week to finish. If it'd been really awful I wouldn't have finished it at all, but I was slightly intrigued by the storyline, at least enough to see how it all panned out. This is despite the very predictable ending. Overall, it wasn't a bad book, but it definitely didn't do it for me as Lori Foster's books usually do, b/c of the story setting. If she ever wrote another time travel story, I'd read it, but I wouldn't get my hopes up like usual for something great....more info
  • Beyond lame!
    The best part of this book is the hot cover! The description on the back cover made it sound interesting but what it doesn't tell you is that this is a lame travel-to-the-future story. Huh? Even keeping my expectations low when I learned this in the first few pages, this book was ridiculously bad. The author cannot decide what to do with her characters, the science fiction aspect was cliched like you will not beleive, and the love story is totally unbeleivable. Please, another he-doesn't-say-I-love-you-so-he-doesn't-love-me conflict? Whatever. ...more info
  • This is NOTHING like her other fighter books- this one sucks!
    I LOVED her other fighter books (Simon Says, Causing Havoc, Hard to Handle). I really enjoyed the stories, and characters. I was glad to see that Michael "Mallot" had his own book- finally! Unfortunately this book does not live up to the standards of the previous books. I find this sci-fi 'girl from the future' plot to be very lame and stupid. I was not impressed with this book at all, and really regret wasting my time and money on it. The only good thing about the book was the cover! ...more info
  • My Man Michael- A Joyfully Recommended Title
    In a heartbeat, Michael "Mallet" Manchester's future was taken away from him. And in a heartbeat, Kayli Raine gave him a new one.

    Mallet had the world in front of him. He was all set to compete for and win an SBC mixed martial arts title belt when a car crash changes everything. All of his dreams are crushed just like his leg. His pity party is interrupted by a woman who just pops into his hospital room with an unbelievable proposition. Not only is his body damaged but now his mind is playing tricks on him. And on top of that, she affects him in a way no other woman ever has.

    Kayli has come looking for a warrior to help train her defense squad. Her colony is in need of a stronger defense against a neighboring colony that is stealing the women. Kayli is certain that Michael Manchester is the one she is looking for. She can guarantee that he will be healed if he agrees to her proposition. She had not counted on his not believing her. How will she convince him to go with her?

    After Kayli proves she is real, Michael plays along with her story on the condition that he gets a kiss from her. He may as well get something out of the whole situation when she can't accomplish what she said she can. Only, Kayli isn't delusional. And Michael gets more than he expects when Kayli does exactly what she promised. Her promise turns into so much more than either of them ever expected.

    My Man Michael is an old-fashioned love story set in the new fashioned future. Michael is a prime example of extremely toned male flesh and is a very protective, macho kind of guy. Kayli is a very independent woman who has been brought up to think for herself. They clash in a big way and the clash is so much fun to watch. My Man Michael is a sweet story with some definite hot spots and I Joyfully recommend it.

    Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed ...more info
  • Interesting read
    I was not crazy about this book. I really liked the other books in this series sooooooooo much better than this one. I just wonder what Lori Foster was thinking when she wrote this one....more info
  • nybookgirl
    I dunno - I kind of liked it. Maybe not as much as I liked the first 3, but all in all, I liked Michael's story. I read all the bad Amazon reviews before I ordered the book on my Kindle, but I couldn't believe it was that awful and it wasn't. Some people can be so harsh! Write your own story if you think you can do better!!

    Maybe I am more open minded because I have read and enjoyed futuristic romances before - if you focus on the story and not the whole time-space thing, I think you'll enjoy it. It is a sweet story, even if it doesn't match the exact plot-lines of the previous 3 SBC books. It definitely hasn't turned me off of Ms. Foster or the SBC books. I am looking forward to Drew's story. ...more info
  • Sci-Fi Time Travel Romance Set in Well Known Contemporary Series (C+ Grade)
    Michael "Mallet" Manchester is one of the breakout stars of the SBC. At twenty-six he is close to winning the title belt. Michael is on top of the world that is until he is in a car accident that crushes both his legs. Even if he goes through intense physical therapy to help him regain use of his legs his days of fighting are over. He is recovering in the hospital and rightly depressed over his situation. But then out of the blue a young woman appears in his room. Michael thinks she is just a cute nurse, but when she talks of coming from the twenty-third century and needs Michael to come back with her to the future, he blames the heavy duty drugs he has been taking for his hallucinating.

    Kayli Raine thinks Michael can save her colony from an unknown enemy that is stealing all their women. The Earth of 2220 is very different from the present day one Michael lives in. Kayli's world is now full of colonies; there are no states or nations. Women are trained as warriors who fight to defend, while the men are the caregivers. Technology has evolved. Sex before marriage or rather mating is unacceptable. Kayli has the position of the Calviger. She is the person in charge of the defense team and responsible for the good of the colony. She is not meant to mate and have children. But Michael doesn't seem to understand her need to be distant and polite. He becomes too friendly and does things he shouldn't, such as kiss her and speak of his desire to bed her. Kayli doesn't know what to think about this man who is all brawn and muscles, unlike the men of her future.

    Michael thinks Kayli is crazy. But when she vanishes and reappears before his eyes and promises that she can heal his broken legs, he takes the chance and goes with Kayli to the future. As soon as he arrives, he can walk, as if he was never hurt to begin with. He likes this future where everything seems clean and whole. Michael will be in for a bit of shock. Not only is he responsible for protecting the colony, but he is expected to breed with the suitable virgin females that live there. And he is expected to procreate with them. There is no way Michael will accept this. The only woman he wants to breed with is Kayli. And since things are becoming dire by the minute, Kayli's people will do what he wants or he won't help them at all.

    Michael has overstepped his bounds, and there is nothing Kayli can do because without Michael's warrior skills, all hope will be lost. She feels she has lost the respect of her people and her position is only in name only now because Michael has claimed her as his mate. Michael respects Kayli and certainly doesn't want to degrade her. He feels she can have the best of both worlds and will try his best to show Kayli that the passion he feels for her is so very real. He will give her those dreams that have eluded her for so long. She now has a man who will love her with his whole heart and soul. The future is bright for these two as they enjoy their new found love for one another. Their only obstacle is a man who wants revenge because of Kayli's mother has a secret that could destroy her daughter.

    My Man Michael is book four in Lori Foster's popular SBC Fighters series. The main difference with this book is that the past three books in this series have been straight contemporary romances. For some reason Lori Foster has taken a big chance and made My Man Michael a sci fi /futuristic/ time travel romance. I am on the fence about my thoughts on this book. I have always enjoyed Lori's books and have been a big fan of this series, but to drastically change the tone and the genre of a book in the middle of a series doesn't work at all.

    You would never know this wasn't a contemporary from the cover and synopsis by the publisher. I would say that is false advertising on their part and fans of the SBC Fighters series may turn away from My Man Michael because they have been deceived. If Lori had stayed the course with My Man Michael as she had done with the other SBC books, she would have a great book. Why makes this one so different one from all the rest? The story could have worked without making Michael, her hero, travel to the future with a woman who comes across a bit too na?ve and un-worldly for no reason I can really think of. Lori Foster's vision of the future has made humanity revert back to simplicity even though the technology has grown by leaps and bounds.

    Michael is very much a man out of his element, but he becomes comfortable too quickly as he is taken two-hundred years into the future where his outcome is unknown. Kayli has an innocence to her that is at odds with the woman she is expected to be. When we first meet Kayli, she seems too fragile and unsure, even though she is considered to be the top warrior from her time. I had issues with this contradiction when it comes to Kayli. Perhaps that is what attracts Michael to her?

    As a romance, My Man Michael is a lovely one. Michael may come across as this tough, bulging he-man, but he treats Kayli with a great deal of respect and devotion. I could find no fault with that and their love scenes are sweet and tender. Their bantering back and forth is the highlight of the book as well as Kayli trying to figure out she feels for Michael.

    I did enjoy My Man Michael regardless of being disgruntled with such a big change with the series. Some readers may not mind the switch in the genre. Unfortunately because of the change in the direction with this book, I had to lower my grade.

    Katiebabs...more info
  • WHEN will I learn???
    LISTEN TO THE OTHER REVIEWERS. They are totally right. Because I enjoyed this author and the series plus I was desperate for something to read I bought this turkey. You know how publishers offered money back on that famous biography of lies by James Frey? This should have the same deal. I was so disappointed--within the first ten pages I knew I was ripped off. The lead female character "return to the shuttle" was the giveaway. At least I will recycle the book to the library but I am certainly mad. ...more info
  • Very disappointed
    I looked forward to reading "My Man, Michael" but was sooo disapponted. I'm not a fan of time travel stories, but because I like Lori Foster's books so much I read it anyway (well, at least I tried to read it). I couldn't get past the time travel (found it quite unbelievable) and Kayli was not Ms. Foster's usual heroine (she was supposed to be a warrior but was ruled by everyone, not strong at all. I have enjoyed the other 3 books in this series and hope that #5 is along those lines....more info
  • Another great read!
    Loved, Loved, loved this book. Sure it was set in the future but the story focused on the couple in the book. So there is computer who talks with them and they ride thru the air on things that I will probably not see in my time but that wasn't the focal point of the book. The building of a relationship with Michael "Mallet" Manchester and Kayli Raine was the real story. I thought it was great...every single page. I went into it with an open mind, not having any preconcieved ideas, other than that Lori writes a great romance, and I was not disappointed at all! There are a few twists you don't see coming and I loved that part as well.
    I have told many of my friends to read it. I have never before read a futuristic book or one like Lori's other Servant books before..never really interested me, now with My Man Michael and The Servant series I have that much more to look forward to in reading material.

    Do yourself a favor and check out My Man Michael!...more info
  • Not what I expected or enjoy
    I have enjoyed all of Lori Foster's books (excluding her L.L. Foster books). I was very disappointed in the choice of an unrealistic setting that lead to an unrealistic storyline. I do not enjoy futuristic science fiction. Now I will be wary of prepurchasing Lori Foster's books unless I am sure it is not another one of these. Probably best to keep the two genres separate....more info
  •'ve gotta be kidding me!
    As a rule, I absolutely ADORE Lori Foster's work. This book cannot have been penned by her hand. I refuse to believe it! As a devoted fan of the SBC series, I eagerly anticipated this book's utterly disappointing. Don't waste your money...nothing like the others in the series, with some weird contrived paranormal angle that had me slapping my forehead with my palm and squeezing my eyebrows together in disbelief. A freshman English student could have authored this, and for my peace of mind, I'm going to choose to believe that this is the case....more info
  • Not a Lori Foster book!!!!!!
    I was excited for this book. I loved the previous books in the series!!! About a third of the way through the book, I actually checked to make sure it was written by Foster. I hated this story. By itself I probably may haven't given it another star, but since it was part of this great series it SUCKED. Not sure what Foster was thinking when writing this! This was a huge hole in the road of great books prior to this. But this will not keep me looking forward to her next book. I just bought "Caught!" on my kindle.....I hope it is better....more info
  • If You Like the SBC Series Don't Bother Reading this Book
    I was extremely bummed with Lori Foster's My Man Micheal. I was really excited to read the newest of the SBC series, but this wasn't anything like the other SBC books. It makes zero sense to me why she screwed up the SBC series like this.

    This would have been a wonderful book if she hadn't used the SBC series to bring in her paranormal world.

    I'm very bummed....more info
  • "So Unexpected"
    I read the first chapter and put it down. I love Lori Foster's books, but this one not so much!!! I will probably go back to it when I have nothing better to read. The SBC series is one of my favorites!!!!!! She could have done so much better with this book, I just don't get it!!!! ...more info
  • WHY? and what??
    I'll just gloss over the premise of this book. It is Michael's story from the SBC series and how he meets and falls in love with a heroine from the future and another world. Now dont get me wrong. I love futuristics and paranormals. And while I wasnt expecting it in the SBC series nor from Lori Foster, I could have loved it if it made sense but seriously. There were so many holes and unbelievable "sci fi" created parts that it was actually painful to read. I warned my sister in advanced when I passed her the book and she didnt get past the 1st chapter. As another reviewer mentioned, this story could have been better in the present and with future girl being a natural healer of some sort.


    What irritated me even more was the ending where clearly he is not going to see his friends again and with a lame note and some pictures they are ok and accepting that he is in the future or living elsewhere. WTH? Nothing was believable about this and I'm not sure if this was a test foray to cross over or not but it was not a good read at all ...more info
  • Unexpected but very readable.
    I pre-ordered the book and when I first received it was saying "you have to be kidding!" But I decided to try it and while not up to the "Say No to Joe" standard it was an enjoyable read. I read her stories more for the characters (relationships) and humor than I do for the specific milieu and I think that might be why there was such violent reaction since this was billed as an SBC story. I think fans have to give their favorite authors a little leeway and let them try different venues. ...more info
  • disappoint but not enraged
    Boy, that was a shocker! I have to admit I was really looking forward to Michael's story. I'm partial to series' where a minor character in one book become the subject of the next. I enjoyed Lori's books about the brothers (sawyer, gabe, etc), and the winstons, etc.

    The SBC series really reeled me in and I was having a ball, but Michael's stroy just so doesn't fit. Yes, I read it all. No, stories about virgins are NOT my faves to begin with. Personally, I think Lori was able to pull it all together, give good background info on the future world and such. In that sense it was up to her usual standards.

    BUT- this was so out of place in the SBC series...and such a major disappointment. The fact that the reader has no clue this will be "sci-fi" really did feel like a bait and switch (as another reviewer pointed out).

    I regret buying it and it's certainly not a keeper....more info