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Naked in Death (In Death, Book 1)
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In the very first novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, Eve Dallas gets involved with Roarke, a suspect in her latest murder case. But passion and seduction have rules all their own.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not that convinced.
    I see that a lot of readers have fallen head over heels for this book, which is a part of my reason for writing.

    While this book is a fine way of spending a few hours of your time if you have nothing better to do, I was desperately hoping for more depth to the characters. The story is ok and I like the idea behind this series, but I end up feeling somewhat cheated as there are so much potential in this book that has not been explored.

    At the moment this leaves me with the question whether I should go for one more or just let the series rest....more info
  • Good Light Read
    I love the futuristic world she's created here. Take one edgy cop with a chip on her shoulder and match her up with the sexiest man ever created and then make them both believable. Pop them both into a future world that is intelligently extrapolated from our current one and set them head to head. THEN... let's have the most impossibly perfect man stick around and marry her and you've got the sub-plot of the entire series. In the foreground, you've got great cop mystery complete with a unique serial killer in each book.

    The blend of characters and plots is enchanting, but bring your rocky road ice cream and fuzzy slippers out for this series....more info
  • Creative Futuristic Romantic Suspense
    In the beginning... Eve met Roarke.

    This is my FIRST Nora Roberts/JD Robb book! I finally broke down and got Naked in Death on audio from the library. I am so glad that I did. While I didn't think I would enjoy a Futuristic Romantic Suspense, I did. The future that JD Robb made is quite creative and was very entertained. Let me just say that the reader is THE BEST reader I have ever heard on audio. Roarke's Irish voice is amazing and she brings life to all the characters. I don't know if I would have liked this book as much if had I read it. I am already listening to Glory in Death and got Immortal in Death from the library, I want to find out what happens to Eve and Roarke.
    ...more info
  • Great start to what promises to be a very interesting series
    Thanks to the posters on Amazon's Fantasy Forums, I got introduced to Eve Dallas. She was recommended by more than one poster as one of the best heroines in fantasy. Okay, technically Robb's novels are mysteries with a science fiction angle.

    Eve Dallas is a cop in the near future. She's tough, but she's got a tender side that manifests in nightmares over a case gone bad. She thinks she's off the streets and headed to get a Psych referral when she gets a top security case. It seems, the daughter of a US Senator has been killed in a brutal and sexual manner. When she arrives on the scene, she realizes the victim is one in six.

    "Naked" is a great start to the series. It's well-written. Robb really knows how to hook a reader. I like Eve Dallas and her world. I feel strong sympathy for the victims, particularly the second girl, Lola.

    My reasons for not giving this book 5 stars is my objection to Dallas sleeping with a suspect during the course of the investigation and the fact that I figured out the murderer pretty quickly in the game. Knowing 'whodunit' didn't stop me from reading the rest to find out how he got caught. I spoke to a reader further down the series than I am and was told the mystery element improves as the stories go on. I'm looking forward to that! ...more info
  • Good and Bad, but Well Written
    I didn't think I'd like it, but it wasn't bad. A friend wanted me to give it a try, because the Eve Dallas books are her favorite series. Nora Roberts/JD Robb is a talented writer in that she develops likable characters, manages a dynamic plot, and paces it successfully enough to create a page-turner. She's a best-seller for those very reasons.

    The things I didn't like about the book are as follows:
    - I'm very annoyed by shifting points of view. I want a consistent narrator within scenes, not what he feels, what she thinks, what he wants, what she wants, etc. Sometimes Roberts was switching between three characters in three paragraphs.
    - Despite the fact that this is a futuristic thriller, we only know that it's futuristic because she tells us. There is no futuristic ambiance, there is no proposal for challenging inventions or lifestyle changes other than standard near-future sci-fi tropes. It seems that the risks of futuristic forecasting were too challenging, so her murder used the motives of present-day killers - the familiar which took the potency away from the futuristic setting.

    When I need a quick read for entertainment only, I'd consider reading another. I hope in subsequent books, Roberts and Eve Dallas don't fear the future, but embrace it.

    - CV Rick...more info
  • Naked in Death by J.D. Robb
    Naked in Death I enjoyed this book immensely! I started the J.D. Robb books a year ago and finally got around to her very first book in the series. Her futuristic crime solving techniques and Eve Dallas' life with Roarke have always kept me entertained. ...more info
  • A very good beginning to a GREAT series
    This book combines Nora Roberts wonderful, sexy romances with a good solid mystery novel. I love how strong Eve, the lead female character is. And how she is not made perfect and beautiful, but flawed and vulnerable like the rest of us. Of course Roarke is exquisite, as all fantasy men should be. I enjoyed the byplay between all the characters and I love the mystery aspects. I own all of the series so far and have been rarely disappointed. If you love this one you will love them all. Nora Roberts keeps each book fresh and moving by not repeating ANYTHING. Be that plot line or love scene....more info
  • Back to the beginning
    An avid Nora Roberts fan, I decided to read an ebook version of Creation in Death and loved the characters. So I purchased this book to start from the top. What a read! I love the characters, the gritty writing and the futuristic view of the city. Hard to put down, and hating it to be over, it just cemented that I have a lot more reading to do! So many books, so little time! ...more info
  • A very good start.
    When I first heard about this series I was a little taken aback by it being set in the future. As someone who hasn't really read any futuristic/sci-fi books, I didn't quite know what to expect.

    After reading the first couple of chapters I was hooked, and the futuristic tones of the books just seemed to flow with the book, and did not become a distraction at all. I actually found the new technology parts very intriguing.

    This is an excellent first book in the series that had me rapidly turning the pages to find out what would happen next. I can't wait to continue this series. Happy reading!...more info
  • Naked In Death/ J.D. Robb
    Wonderful ! This is the first book where Eve meets Roarke.. GREAT !...more info
  • I know it's a mystery, but I was hoping for more romance.
    This is not a romance novel. It is a mystery. I don't like the mystery genre, and I try not to read them. The only reason I read this was because it was written by Nora Roberts, a romance novelist. I really liked two of her romance novels, so I thought I'd try this. It's not for me. Readers who like mysteries would probably like it and would rate it much higher than I did. Since almost all of my reviews are for romance novels, this 2 star review is meant to say that this book will not satisfy readers looking for romance. There is a subplot of a romantic relationship that begins, and apparently, will continue to move forward in future books. A few sex scenes were good. During the reading, I wanted the book to be over, but that may be because it is a mystery and not a romance. I'm not sure.

    Story brief: Three prostitutes have been killed by a serial rapist/murderer. Eve is the cop investigating. The first victim is the granddaughter of a senator. The senator exerts political pressure on her. She meets Roarke, who is a suspect in the case. He is attracted to her and helps her.

    Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: six. Setting: around 2058 New York City. Copyright: 1995. Genre: mystery.

    For a listing of my reviews of other Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb books, see my 4 star review of "Angels Fall" posted on 6/30/08....more info
  • J.D. Robb Caught Me: Hook, Line, and Sinker
    Call me bi-curious. No, not in that way. I'm talking in the way of romance books.

    I'm a red-blooded American male. I write mysteries, I read mysteries, SF, thrillers, history, food tomes, almost everything but romance books. Up until now, I've always thought of romance books as trite throwaways that contain a couple of good sex scenes. Read those and forget about the rest of the book.

    But something happened about a month ago: I actually noticed, really, for the first time, how many romance books there actually are in a bookstore. Hundreds. Thousands? And, for the first time, my countenance faltered. I realized that I might actually be up to read a romance. But which one? I asked a fellow writer who she liked and, among the names was Nora Roberts. I know Nora Roberts just like people who don't read horror stories knows Stephen King. I went the local library, picked up a few Nora Roberts books, but none of them really caught my attention.

    Then I remembered J.D. Robb. I knew that Roberts wrote stories as Robb so I checked them out. And I found my beachhead in the field of romance books. Lead character is a police detective. I'm writing a book about a female lead detective. Stories take place in 2059. Hmm, that sounds like SF. I like SF. The books are characterized as romantic suspense. I like suspense. My first novel was a suspense novel. And I'm a romantic. What's not to like? I verified which book was the first in the series, Naked in Death, checked out the audiobook from the library, and inserted the CD.

    The first disc was not even halfway through before I was hooked. And not just mild interest but hook, line, and sinker. I was all in. The book has a nice pace, not slow at all. Since the book was written in 1995, it is interesting to note some of the futuristic discrepancies but just as cool to note the stuff Roberts got right. Eve Dallas, the lead character, carries around a device that will surely be what the iPhone is going to be: the all-in-one gadget that basically does everything. I also appreciated the more mundane aspects of 2059 NYC: cars that don't fly. Sure, I want my flying car. Who doesn't? But we're probably not going to get there in 50 years.

    Back to the story: Eve Dallas must investigate the murders of a licensed companion, a prostitute, who just happens to be the granddaughter of a prominent US Senator. It was pretty interesting to read this book, with legalized prostitution, during the week NY governor Eliot Spitzer resigned for being with one. Roberts really let us readers get into Eve's head and thoughts. I found myself being mad when she was and happy when she was. I'll admit the POV shifts that frequent this book is not the style in which I write. It was annoying at first but then I got used to it.

    The story was great. But what about the romance? This was a romance book after all. Rourke, the all-everything Irish guy who starts as a suspect and becomes Eve's lover, is the kind of guy, I'll admit, seems to inhabit romance books. Now, I'm saying this purely from a stereotypical standpoint. But, hey, the first romance book I read has one of "those" guys in it. How's a regular guy supposed to compete with that? Anyway, the romantic aspects of the novel seemed even, believable. Even the sex scene--there's one main one, with intimate details--was good and hot. I give a hat tip to Ms. Roberts in the many ways to describe sexual intercourse without using actual physical words.

    The final testament to reading Naked in Death is this: I have already checked out the second book, Glory in Death, on audio. I can't wait to start.
    (taken from [..])...more info
  • Booklist for JD Robb
    I really enjoyed this book. I will continue reading the series since it is so much fun. However, I was frustrated that I couldn't easily find the order of the other books in the series from my kindle. So, I am adding it here for myself and for others.

    Naked in Death

    Immortal in Death

    Rapture in Death

    Ceremony in Death

    Vengeance in Death

    Holiday in Death

    Silent Night "Midnight in Death"

    Conspiracy in Death

    Loyalty in Death

    Witness in Death

    Judgment in Death

    Betrayal in Death

    Out of this World "Interlude in Death"

    Seduction in Death

    Reunion in Death

    Purity in Death

    Portrait in Death

    Imitation in Death

    Remember When

    Divided in Death

    Visions in Death

    Survivor in Death

    Origin in Death

    Midnight in Death

    Interlude in Death

    Bump in the Night

    Memory in Death

    Born in Death

    Innocent in Death

    Dead of Night

    Creation in Death

    ...more info
  • CD Packaging Has Changed
    Ten stars for the actual stories, but only four stars for the formatting. I'm a big fan of the In Death series, have all of the books, have all of the cassette tape versions. I'm in the process of collecting the CD versions. It is very annoying when the packaging starts out in one format, and then gets changed midstream to another. Originally the CD packages were 3" high by 6" wide. Now they've swapped to 7" high by 5" wide. The larger size is not as good, as the CD's slide around inside the box. Very annoying. They did the same thing with the hardcover editions -- started off with one jacket design for the first three books, and then came up with a different design for later books. Who makes these crappy decisions???
    Regardless -- Susan Ericksen does a terrific job of reading them. I was delighted when the unabridged version of Vengence in Death came out -- the abridged version cut out one of the very best scenes -- I was furious! Glad to have it back. (I won't mention which scene, for benefit of those who haven't read the book yet. But those who read the full-length book, then listened to the abridged tapes will know exactly which scene I'm referring to -- I'll just say "explosion".)...more info
  • Excellent and exciting
    I love this series and have read all of them todate.I purchased this first one for friend to start her reading them.Bravo J.D.Robb (Nora Roberts) for writing this series....more info
  • The Beginning! Now I get it.
    I have read several of the books in the "In Death" series, specifically the later installments and for a while, have intended to read the beginning to see how the series evolved. "Naked in Death" was a wonderful building block for a series that I have grown to love. This books starts the evolution of the passionate relationship between Eve and Roarke. We see their acceptance of each other and their desire to find in each other something that they desire. They are willing to risk their hearts for love.

    We are introduced to other characters that appear frequently in later installments, but who I had no idea of how they joined the cast of a well developed series. It also explains that when we first meet Eve, she has hidden her secret in her subconscious and has no idea the impact that it would have on her future. We meet Mavis (Eve's best friend who is not yet the hip "Vid" star yet, but whose career is on the rise); Dr. Mira, who is pushing Eve to remember a past that she has chosen not to remember; Charles Monroe, a licensed companion (i.e., high class prostitute) who is later the love of Louise's life (Louise being one of her dearest friends). Sideline...I never would have known that Charles hit on Eve first, in a million years, called her Lieutenant "Sugar Pants" and even offered to give her a "freebie". [For those who follow the series, you will find that extremely surprising.] And finally, we meet the ever present Feenie, Eve's mentor and father figure (He even treats Roarke like a father who is dating his daughter. It is cute and they eventually come to an understanding). We see Summerset and how his relationship with Eve evolved, and find out how she comes into possession of Galahad, the peculiar cat, that is throughout every novel in the series. And most of all, we see Eve evolve into the woman that she becomes in "Innocent in Death".

    I guess I should mention the whole murder angle in the story. Eve is out to determine who is killing licensed LCs with antiquated weapons. The first victim is the granddaughter of a well connected Senator. On top of that, the man that Eve finds irresistable is a suspect. However, following her heart and believing in someone for the first time, is not easy. Unprepared for love, Eve navigates unchartered waters.

    I do intend to read a few of the others because I know that Peabody and McNab have to make their appearances in the next book or two because I see her in Immitation in Death. This will be the summer of fun reads. ...more info
  • Good characters, not good writing
    If you hate Conservatives and everything they stand for and want to read a book where the author shares the same opinions, (even though it is supposed to be a novel about a woman cop in the future) then this is the book for you! Robb's overzealous rip of all things conservative was so annoying that I painfully made it through this book and will never read another book of hers again. I ACTUALLY believe I would feel the same way if it were against Liberalism as well! I thought the character development was fantastic - but Robb's underlying feelings just never went away throughout the book. Also, her use of the F-word - although I don't mind sometimes, was a bit much. I can't believe that in the future when every other thing has been "fixed" in the mind of Robb - they haven't found other language to "frak" (for the Battlestar Galactica fans). Ha! Enjoy it if you must - but beware of author's partial writing!...more info
  • I want to be Eve Dallas!!!
    I've got a crush on Roarke! Oh, man, he is HOT!

    Okay, now, the book. J.D. Robb, pseudonym for Nora Roberts, has written a series of 25 books about Eve Dallas, the finest of New York's finest and a homicide detective, and Roarke, her incredibly rich, incredibly sexy, incredibly handsome, incredibly smart lover from Dublin. What a terrific combination!

    Now, we add a weird element. The setting is NYC in the year 2058. I don't really care for sci fi, but this element only makes this yummy series more appealing. The stories and people are not extreme in sci-fi weirdness, but the future brings cool new conveniences and interesting changes to their lives. People travel off-planet now and them; robots provide household services and security; cops use laser guns; cars have auto-pilot settings; prostitution is legal and regulated; and, food is supplied and prepared by machines that people stock.

    Eve and Roarke are two lost souls who make each other whole. Eve is so independent, good at her job, beautiful, full of compassion for victims of crimes, and emotionally needy. Roarke is so good at everything he does, particularly taking care of Eve. They fall passionately in love and simply cannot live without each other.

    The plot is incidental. The real story is about Eve and Roarke, and it is wonderful and fun. ...more info
  • Naked In The Death....

    A futuristic story of passion, murder, and good old fashioned morals
    In Death takes the readers on a journey to the future where you can fly to outer space in a matter of moments get from point A to point B in a blink of an eye and fall in love with a suspect in a murder investigation.
    Eve Dallas is female detective in the year 2058, she has a shady past that she doesn't want to remember, a career that is her passion and a ruthless killer on the street that she needs to catch before another murder takes place. The killer knows that Eve is the lead investigator thus leaving packages in her high tech home revealing the murders . The Killer is killing prostitutes, licenced champions one which has a famous Senator as grandfather On the way through the future we meet scandalous government officials and sneaky sidekicks and a handsome business man with secrets of his own As the story unfolds we see Eve mistrusting the main suspect Roake then getting to know him better in passion , hot sex and love.
    It's a good book I knew the outcome of who done it though before it was reveled
    In Death has all the qualities of a great book ,Sex, Murder, and a female who doesn't take any crap from no one
    A Quick read that will keep you turning pages .......more info
  • Good romantic suspense.
    Having read about a half dozen Roberts books of very mixed quality, this is definately my favorite so far. It starts out with the murder of a prostitute, who also happens to be the granddaughter of a conservative senator. The killer has left a note, "One of Six", suggesting a serial killer. Eve Dallas is on the case, and more bodies pop up. While investigating the case, Dallas falls in love with a mysterious businessman known only as Roarke.

    This time, Roberts doesn't waste any time on irrelevant subplots. The story starts from page one and keeps its pace throughout. The romance does not feel gratuitous as in some romantic suspense novels; it's well connected to the main plot. "Naked in Death" is a quick, entertaining read for romance and (non-romance) mystery readers alike....more info
  • Great new series, four and a half stars
    I am pleased to have a new, good detective series to read. This one kept me up until 3:00 am and even then I forced myself to put it down. The futuristic picture of New York is interesting, and the murder mystery is well constructed. Eve is another emotionally damaged but lovable detective as is Harry Bosch in Michael Connelly's books. Keep these coming! ...more info
  • Page Turning Mystery & Hot Romance...
    I came to Amazon last week searching for a book with steamy romance, a good murder mystery and an interesting plot...and I got exactly what I was looking for!! From the very first page, this book held my interest and I could not put it down. It kept me up way past midnight and I enjoyed every second.

    The story is set in 2058 New York City. Guns are relics of the past and so it is a surprise when a high class prostitute and grand daughter of a senator is found shot to death by a .38. Det. Eve Dallas is assigned as lead investigator and soon the body count starts to rise. There are many suspects, and Eve takes a particular interest in Roarke, a tall, dark and handsome millionaire. As the mystery grows, so does their romance and Eve must battle with her desire for Roarke and her duty to solve the case.

    This was my first introduction to Nora Roberts (aka JD Robb) and now I'm asking myself what took me so long! The writing is superb and she's a master at mixing HOT, steamy romance with mystery and suspense. Eve is a tough, complex, vulnerable and respectable heroine, and I found her to be a layered and deep character, unlike some of the perfunctory, one-dimensional heroines in other novels. And I can already tell that there's more to Roarke as well. This is the first book in the series and if it is any indication of what's to come, I can't wait to read more. Great read!
    ...more info